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GMTK GameJam by Lost Kids
Submitted by Lost_Kids — 20 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Player is joined together with Anchor balls

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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I just stuck in 3-d level with the "kill all enemies" mechanic. I mean it's good when you can't shoot and must kill enemies with level's environment. This is a worthwhile thought-provoking mechanic. This one made me sweat a lot.

Maybe low the difficulty a bit in 3-d level, and add few extra levels after - would be nice.


Interesting ideas, but very tricky to play. Maybe it would work better to have the movement mapped to keys instead of the mouse.


thanks for the feedback, was thinking of removing the anchor ball and dash controls away from the mouse, and have the mouse only be for movement.


That sounds like it would work well - maybe just 1 button to send out the ball, then hit it again to dash


It's a fine little jam which a solid idea, but the controls were a little wanky and difficult. 


Excellent presentation. Interesting mechanic.


This was fun! Having the ball collide with the enemies seemed weird at first but made for some interesting gameplay. Would've been nice if you could right click without hovering the ball, it made steering difficult. Good job! :D


Nice concept, this dash mechanic is very satisfying! great job!


Good game. I enjoyed the harsh difficulty. The game also seemed fairly polished for two days of development. Good job on this.


Pretty fun once you get the drill. I was surprised by the speed of the moving enemies at first (you don't have that much time to react), but I got used to it!


Fun game and cool concept. I have the same thought as others regarding the difficulty and controls. But I enjoyed it more because of the challenge. Maybe keep the first level at a later stage as some would be discouraged to go past the first level itself due to the difficulty. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot more fun.


Cool idea but could use some balancing, the enemy fly way too fast, barely any time for me to get away from them to perform a good dash, still a very cool game!


I loved the choice of art and music but the method of killing the enemies seemed a little out of place when compared to the other mechanics of the game.


I feel like the acceleration-based movement doesn't really mesh with the dash. You have to use your mouse to both steer and to aim, forcing you to pick aiming your anchor shot to kill the enemies or to survive and boost away. And because aiming can kill your momentum you feel like dead weight directly after dashing, making it harder to survive it. However, the problem wasn't too bad until level 6 where there was a ton of enemies and the rest was fun.


Beating a dead horse saying that the concept is really but, but the dash needs some tweaking, but those are my main thoughts! The biggest issue with the dash is that, for the most part, I want to move my ship away from the anchor until I'm ready to dash to it. It requires some fairly sharp reaction to point to shoot the anchor, then point and move away, the snap my back to the anchor to warp to it.

The concept is really cool, and I can definitely seeing this work well in different levels (which then brings some interesting design questions for you, for example: will the anchor go through walls, stay at the wall, or disappear when it hits one?). This is definitely something I was to see more of!


Very difficult bt very polished, i like the art too!


A really cool concept, i would love to play a version, where you don't have to click in the circle to dash, but maybe just pick the nearest anchor in angle? The enemies being able to turn on a dime feel a bit unfair. I also think when you shoot the anchor it should move noticably faster than the ship, so that you can shoot forwards to move faster.

Overall, i really like this game, and would probably love it if it had better dash controls.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

A cool concept! Loved that acceleration-based movement, but agree with others on the dashing controls, clicking the circle is pretty much impossible (especially if it is already off-screen). As others have said, right-click to shoot and right-click again anywhere to dash would probably be fine, but it needs testing, of course. Managed to kill a streak of about 5 enemies on the first level but always got killed immediately after that, so I’d say the difficulty could be a little lower, or maybe there should be a difficulty setting. Anyways, fun game, good job!


Cool idea. My feelings about the controls are the same as everyone else though, needed to be more intuitive. I think if it was just right click to shoot and then right click again to dash to it, it would have been a lot more fun. Clicking on the circle again was a little annoying. Still though, the level design was cool and the game as a whole was nice. Great job


Cool concept for a combat mechanic, but the controls and overall implementation are just too clunky to use effectively. You need more precise control over where you're going to dash, and a control scheme that's more intuitive. That, on top of the fact that the enemies after the tutorial are extremely fast and come at you from all sides, it's not very playable in it's current state.


Thanks for the feedback, it's pretty clear that the game needs some massive difficulting balancing. The first level really ought to be somewhere in the middle of the game. Changes to the dash mechanic definitely need some working on too. Thanks again!


Great game, but extremely difficult. I was unable to get past level 6. 


Appreciated the quick optional tutorial and liked the game's look. Had some trouble balancing clicking away from enemies to run and towards them to click my warp, but really enjoyed the core concept!

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