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Big apology for the confusion. We're definitely in agreement that the game needs more clear instructions. 

You essentially got it in that each ghost pairs with another ghost. They key is that once you know which ghosts are a pair, you also have to figure out which SINGLE piece of dialogue from each fits together. So to take the artist as an example (spoiler/hint ahead) the two artist ghosts are telling different parts of the same story, but each one has a piece of dialogue that directly references being old and crippled. Combining those two will make a ticket. Same case for each other pair of ghosts; you're looking for the pieces from each story that most closely resemble eachother.

It's nut's that this was made in 48 hours. There's a crazy number of levels that all feel really well designed. There's lot's of different puzzle mechanics all stemming from the main system. The art and music are all super solid. Frickin impressive.

The gameplay is pretty fun. Zipping through half a dozen enemies at once to take them all out feels pretty damn cool.

Definitely  needs some balancing. Even when they started appearing in much greater numbers, it never really felt like the enemies had any shot of getting close to me. I only died once once spawned literally on top of me.

This seems programmatically really impressive. Idk how the hell you made the cursive checking system work but I'm betting it was a pain. Art is really good. Biggest surprise was the narrative. It was simple but really effective, not something I've seen much in these jam games. 

Really like this interpretation of the prompt, not something I've seen yet or would've though of. For me it wasn't really playable; The soldiers didn't really seem to be stepping to the beat and there was no way to anticipate what they were going to do. With alot polish and usability features though this could be really cool and fun.

You're right, very unfinished. Cool interpretation of the prompt though, would have loved to see how this could turn out with more time. 

Really creative core mechanic, but a bit too unpredictable to really use practically. I feel like this would have benefitted from the ability to control yourself midair. As it stands, it's to hard to tell just from the swinging of the puppet how far you're going to throw yourself. That, on top of the fact that you usually can't see the landing spaces ahead of you makes it really frustrating. 

This is definitely one of the most creative interpretations of the prompt I've seen while still being really faithful to it. The mechanic is really fun, and the game is really well polished. A tutorial would have been nice, but I was able to figure it out pretty fast without one. The puzzles are just a tad easy. This is one where I definitely wish there were more levels.

At first I though this was just gonna be another puzzler where you move two characters at the same time through different mazes, but the added mechanic of swapping out different mazes makes it much more original and much more interesting. Some of the levels were a bit trial-and-error, but the last level was really well planned out. Decent amount of polish too. Fantastic job overall.

Pretty good concept, and pretty fun too. One of the first games I've been able to play through till the end. Definitely needs some more design thought put into it. The enemies are more annoying than dangerous, and the puzzle's mostly consist of "Find all the hidden cubes." Great base but with a lot of growth potential. Also cool to see an Unreal game.

Fun concept with some really nice art and polish. However the difficulty comes entirely from how difficult the ship is to control, which is much more frustrating than it is fun.

The concept is fun. I like the twist on a classic .io style game where you have to be a bit more active and thoughtful to score.

There were alot of times when I'd stab another snake and I would die instead of them. Idk of that's an intentional mechanic that I just don't understand or a bug. 

I think binding your collection of letters to number keys would have made it alot easier to maneuver the environment and make words at the same time. 

Also fantastic job of making it seem like multiplayer when it isn't.

Cool concept for a combat mechanic, but the controls and overall implementation are just too clunky to use effectively. You need more precise control over where you're going to dash, and a control scheme that's more intuitive. That, on top of the fact that the enemies after the tutorial are extremely fast and come at you from all sides, it's not very playable in it's current state.

Fun concept, but the cat's navigation seems pretty buggy. I couldn't get him to move to a balloon reliable and at times he'd start trying to wander off the edge of the screen and get stuck. Bug's are definitely to be expected in a jam game, but a restart button would have been nice so you can reset and try again without closing the game.

You can hold shift to go faster! Sorry we forgot to mention it anywhere :)

The joined together thing is an prompt interpretation I think I'll se alot, but the magnetic ends make this so much more interesting. Really inventive while still staying close to the prompt, and well explored. Couldn't get past the fast spinning platforms 'cause the chain started glitching out.

It takes awhile, just wait, the screen should start to turn black after awhile

exe didn't run for me, sorry :(

This game is so much fun! And the song on Rhythm Tappo is incredible. Fantastic job