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Nice game overall. I found the intro to be a nice touch. Graphics and audio were good too. I think the main thing that the game is missing at the moment is a tutorial. 

Creative interpretation of the theme. The music and graphics also fit well together

The main issue with the game at the minute is that it's not very polished. If this was fixed, I'd say you'd have a quite solid prototype for a game. Overall it was good though I would have liked some additional sound effects maybe.

Interesting game. Would be nice if the cursor was hidden, and currently is seems possible to get stuck. Good job overall though.

Nice game overall, it'd be nice if the player's movement abilities were better explained at the start. Art was decent and the music was good.

There's some issues with balancing, but once those are sorted out, I feel like this could be a great game. The graphics were good, and so was the music. The UI could do with a bit of work. Good job overall though.

This game definitely manages to stand out. It's unfortunate that there are so many bugs. Without those I feel as if this could be a very strong entry. I did like the music and graphics. The dialogue was also well-written. Overall it's a good game, well done.

Very fun game. I think at the moment it's kind of let down by lack of clarity about what you're actually supposed to do and how the main mechanic works. Once I figured those out, I had a fun time with this. The presentation of the game was really good, both graphics and music. Overall one of the better ones I've played so far.

This was probably the best game I've played in this jam so far. I loved the voice acting and the puzzle design was very good, if a bit easy. I'd liked to have seen a bit more development of the mechanics, especially the timer in the puzzles. In the one puzzle that does involve the timer, the puzzle can be easily solved without actually using it. I liked the music and the visuals. The humour was good too. Overall, really great game, well done.

I'm not sure how you managed to co-ordinate such a large team but you all definitely managed to create a great game. The graphics are where the game really shines. I think the gameplay is maybe lacking a bit of variety (but that's understandable, it is still a game jam).

Really liked this game. Idea behind it was quite creative, and I definitely appreciated the undo function.

Nice game concept. At first I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do in the game, so adding the controls / objective to the game itself might be a good idea.

It's an interesting concept but I'm not entirely sure what the objective of the game is.

Good game overall. Graphics and music fit nicely. Also liked that the game included audio settings. Good job.

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Good concept. I feel like some improvements could be made to the character controls. I also think that maybe a health system would work better than the game restarting every time the player takes damage.

Surprisingly fun game. The controls could maybe be improved a bit. Graphics were good and music fit well.

Good game. Liked the graphics, and the audio fit well. Good job.

Really liked the intro sequence. The gameplay could use a bit more development. I also think that a better indication of remaining power would make the game better.

The game is kind of buggy but the graphics are good and the music fits well.

Surprisingly fun game. Liked the special ability, graphics and audio worked fairly well together. Well done on this.

Yeah, I probably should have specified. 

I was referring to the character you control. I wasn't a huge fan of having to press 'G' before shooting, also the jump feels very stiff. A smoother jump curve could help this.

Of course, these aren't huge issues by any means, just small little things that I think could maybe be improved.

Very interesting take on the classic snake game. Well done.

Nice game. improvements could maybe be made to player movement, (not that it was bad, it just could be better). Presentation was decent. Good game overall.

Nice game idea. The contols seem to be a bit off. Graphics suited the game well.

Overall a good game and nice take on the theme. One main criticism I have is that the player is bombarded with a lot of text as soon as they start the game. I think maybe it might be better to have more mechanics slowly introduced over time. Good job overall though.

Very enjoyable game. The idea behind it was good and it was executed fairly well.

Great submission. It was interesting seeing another game with a similar idea to ours and comparing the differences. This game had good graphics, good music, and good gameplay. Probably the best one I've played in this jam so far.

Nice game. Would have liked some music to really bring it to life. The mechanic of switching protagonists was a good take on the theme. Overall a good game, well done.

Like the game overall. The presentation is fairly good, particularly the music. The controls could maybe do with a bit of work, but good job overall.

Nice game, I feel like the idea could have been expanded on a bit more. Would be nice ot actually have a reason to place some of the other level elements. Given that it's a game jam, that's understandable though. Game could also maybe have done with a bit of music, but overall it was good.

Liked the concept. The presentation is great. The controls could maybe do with a bit of work, but good job overall.

Nice take on the concept. Well done.

Very creative idea. Was presented well and liked the humour. Well done.

This is the most unique take on the theme i've seen so far. The game could probably do with having some music rather than just silence.

As others have mentioned here, there were a few minor bugs, though that's understandable given that it's a game jam. Liked the concept and it was pulled off fairly well I think. Also liked the audio design. Well done.

Very creative and quite enjoyable. Well done.

Really good game, the puzle design was good, and I liked the graphics too. (It's also the first GBA game I've seen be submitted to a game jam).

Nice, creative theme interpretation. It's a fairly simple mechanic but it's pulled off well. Maybe music could make the game even better? Overall good job though.

Quite an interesting take on the theme, and it was fairly enjoyable. The only real criticism I have is that it can be kind of hard to read some of the numbers.

This was a great interpretation of the theme. Really enjoyed it, well done.