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Really great game. Loved the puzzle design. Well done.

Really liked this game. Very polished. Good job.

Very polished game. Great work for 2 days. Well done.

Liked the concept. I think the starting node being on the left might have made more sense. Sound effects were good. Good job.

Good concept. Music fit well. Good job.

Unique concept, fairly good execution. Good job..

Really interesting game concept. Loved the puzzle design even if it was a bit hard at times.

Really liked this game. Always love to see a good visual novel in a game jam. The sound effects and art were really good for 48 hours. Well done on this.

Great game. Really enjoyed playing it

The cpntrols weren't the easiest to grasp but once I realised how to play I found it great. Well done.

While there wasn't much there in terms of gameplay you made up for it with atmosphere. The visuals and animation were great. The sound design fit very well. Great job on this.

Nice artwork it fits the game well. Music also fits quite well. The colliders on the walls were way too big and the movement speed seemed a little slow compared to the size of the levels causing me to lose interest quickly. With some small improvements you could have a really great game. As for the positives I did like the mechanic.

Very well polished game. Liked the core mechanic. The lighting effects looked great. only problem is that the game feels a bit harsh at times. Maybe a bit more balance could help. Still a good game though. Well done.

Nice idea. The controls weren't the best, it felt like I had no control over anything in the game. The art was good however as was the main mechanic. Good job.

It's a good mechanic once you figure it out. Good job on the art as well. I encountered one or two bugs with the bomb along the way forcing me to restart but it wasn't a huge deal.

Good game. I enjoyed the harsh difficulty. The game also seemed fairly polished for two days of development. Good job on this.

Interesting concept. Great job on the artwork. Good work in terms of story as well. Decent game for the 48 hour time period. Well done.

Well done on this one. The art and music really elevate this game above the others. Maybe having some more levels with harder difficulties could have imrpoved the game further. Still a great job for 48 hours though.

Good game, though it's a bit unclear what you're supposed to do at the start so maybe some sort of tutorial could help? Interesring game concept though, unlike any of the other games I've played so far. 

Great game mechanic. It was difficult in some parts but not overly so. Good job on this.

Simple but fun game. As others have said maybe a remapping of controls or allowing the player to change controls themselves could help. Still a  good game though.

Fun game. Only issue is that it took a while for it to recognise me 'signing' the first document.

The movement can be a bit off at times and the graphics could use some more contrasting colours, at times it was hard to see teh player and the walls. The concept was good as was the music so good job on those.

Great job on this one. Very enjoyable. Good puzzle design, and the art and sound design really helped to tie it together.

Good game idea. I think sound effects could have improved it a little bit, though it's not a major thing. The controls were fairly good though there may have been too much time spent accelerating/decelerating when you first start moving or change directions so it sometimes felt that the player character wasn't completely in your control. Other than that it was an enjoyable few minutes spent playing it so well done.

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At first I didn't realise that you had to charge the warrior so an animation to give the player feedback that their input is being recognised is necessary. The art was good, the character design was a bit reminiscent of Celeste. One thing that could really make the game stand out is some music. There are a number of different libraries of copyright free music that you could use. The gameplay was good overall though I feel it could have done with a bit more development. That being said this is a great game for just two days of work, especially solo so well done on that. Good job overall. 

Thanks for pointing it out. WASD controls were added quite late into development and weren't tested before submission so I didn't catch the error in time.

Liked the artstyle but the effect may have been a bit much.  I also liked the idea of spending lives to progress however at times the game felt a little too easy.

Well polished and simple game. The only issue is, as many others have pointed out the sensitive controls. Sound effects were good, as was the presentation.

While the concept and game are good, better feedback needs to be given to the player. make it clear what they can and can't interact with, make it clear what new abilities are unlocked.

Nice concept. I think the player's movement could be sped up a bit, also maybe some music might help the game. The grpahics were simple but looked good. The platfortm level was a bit annoying. Good game overall.

Not really sure how it fits the theme however, the game looks and feels great. A very polished and fun game, well done!

Great job on the art in the game. I'm not the biggest fan of the text replaying every time you die, though that's only a minor complaint. Good job overall on the game.

Interesting game. Liked the ability to intertact with other objects. Not sure how to (or if you're able to) win though.

Controls are quite good, but I think the jump might be a bit high. My main criticism with the game is that the camera seems too zoomed out. Otjher than that while it's fairly short the game plays well, good job.

At first I wasn't sure how the game fit the theme, until I got to the end and realised. I liked the idea of having to get the key and backtrach to the start. I also liked the art direction and the music fit well with the game.

Liked the concept. Art and music were good. Player movement could be imporved slightly, maybe the player should be less floaty. Good job.

Liked the idea, especially with the combined colours. My only issue with the game is that the jump is too floaty. It can make moving around seem like it's taking too long.