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You can use three distict RGB values in your games (which includes black and white)

Black and white would be counted as colours, yes.

Unfortunately the idea for the discord server was scapped so there won't be one this year.

Three colours refers to three distict rbg values so different shades of the same colour are discouraged.

Well for my honest opinion, I think the mouse sensitivity is a bit too low, the explorable area feels quite empty. I did like the atmosphere and the retro feel the game has. The game has a lot of potential it just needs some more work.

Liked the gameplay. Graphics are good too. Only thing is that the rewind function seems fairly useless most of the time.

Firstly the art looks great so well done on that. Not the biggest fan of having to use the mouse wheel to control the rotation, though I can't really tink of many alternatives. Liked the concept, good execution. Well done!

It's a good concept but I think it could be executed a bit better. Firstly, the game could really use a tutorial. Secondly, it's annoying how you can't jump when standing on blocks.

As for the positives: I liked the graphical style of the game. The music also fit well.

Level design could be improved somewhat but it's still ok the way it is.

Overall could just do with a little bit more work to make this a serious contender.

Liked the speed of the movement. Somewhat challenging. Liked the artstyle. Good job overall.

Liked the gameplay, music and graphics. It's a fun game to spend a few minutes playing. Good job.

While it's a good game overall there are quite a fewe drawbacks thata I can't ignore.

Firstly though, the positives: The art design, the music, and the controls.

The negatives: there's no incentive to keep all generators safe, you can just stay at one and save that one. The game also gets a bit boring after a short while. This wouldn't be the case if there was more variety.

Still a great game overall though. Well done!

Liked the effects even if they can be a bit much at times. The music fit well. Would be nice if there was some indication before the triangles came into the screen. Still good job though.

Liked the concept, something different from  most of the others I've played . Music was fitting to the game too. Graphics were good. Overall it's an enjoyable game,  well done.

Gonna go play your game now.

Here's a link to my game if you get the chance to play it:

I wouldn't consider it the best game I've played so far but it's far from the worst. Firstly not the biggest fan of the artstlye. I think the player moves a bit too slow. It's a good concept but I think it could have been expanded on better. Music was decent. Could just do with a little polish that's all.

Liked the concept. Feel like it could definitely benefit from some music. Liked the graphics but think that they could be improved upon. Apart from that though good job!

Liked the concept. Game was fun to play. Graphics were decent too. Good job!

Just rated it there and left my opinions on the submission page.

Liked the concept of rewinding the toy. Liked the graphics, especially given that the game was made in a week. Overall good job!

Like the concept. Controls are a bit slow though. Don't like the chromatic aberration either. Still not a bad game though.

Really liked this game. Found it quite enjoyable. Dialogue was good, art & music were good. The only advice I could give would be to maybe have some sort of indicator to show what character you're currently in control of. Great job overall though.

Nice game. liked the concept & artstyle. Only issue is that the jump can be a bit floaty. Other than that though it's a good game. Nice job!

Just rated & left feedback in a comment on the submission page. 

Would appreciate if you would play my game whenever you get a chance:

Liked the concept. The blocks seem to appear a bit slow which can get annoying after a while, though apart from that I found it to be a fairly good game. Well done.

Rated the game and left my feedback in a comment on the submission page.

Here's my game if you get a chance:

I do enjoy point and click games so I might be a bit biased here but I found it to be a decent game, especially for the time alotted. I think the game could really benefit from some music though.

Enjoyed the game. liked the graphical style. Scroling can get a bit annoying at times but othet than that nice game, good job.

Liked the rewinding casettes idea. Just a few issues: the enemy sprites seem a bit blurry (not really an issue just a minor annoyance). At one point I came  across what seemed like random spiked floating in the air. I think the jumping could do with a bit more work. Apart from that though it's a good game and has good level design, good job!

Liked the idea. One issue I had is that controls seemed a bit slow. Other than that decent game, good job.

Took a minute to figure out how the game worked. Not too bad of a game. I would recommend moving the text in the opening in a bit from the side of the screen, just to make it somewhat easier to read. Overall good job.

Fast and difficult. Not sure if the typo in the rewinding screen is intentional. I also think the game might abe a bit too fast. Not a bad game though. Well done.

Game is quite difficult, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. Liked the upgrade system but thought the UI could maybe do with a bit of work. Overall not bad for a game made in a week.

I'll rate and comment on your games if you rate mine:

Just leave a link to your game in the comments.

Liked the idea of rewinding a vhs tape. Kind of hard to see the gaps between shelves though. Overall a decent game. 

Your game dowwsn't appear ot have the 'Submission for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2' badge in the top right so there may have been a problem when you submitted your game. Seeing as the badge isn't there your game is not in considered submitted unfortunately.

I found that at times there were too few shurikens for the number of enemies. Not a huge issue but I think it could be balanced out a bit more.

Controls took a second to figure out at first. Overall it's a decent game. liked the art and music. The character did move a bit slow. Other than that good game.

Goog game. Liked the audio and visual style. One issue I had is that the camera would be too high up for me to see what is below me before Iand on it. Apart from that it was a good game.