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The music and art is charming. Once you've implemented the feedback I'm reading here, I'd be keen to come back and play it more. As it stands there's a few undocumented features that Deeperbeige brought up, so I ended up just brute forcing the answer.

Perhaps fill out just one space, to give people a head start, and possibility to figure it out from fewer guesses. Also, the fact that a token can be in the right place, but also considered adjacent by another token is confusing. E.g. guessing two ravens next to each other, only one of them actually exists - the other one says that it's adjacent, which confuses me and makes me waste a guess, when really the 'adjacent' token is the one I correctly guessed. (It especially makes omens where "pieces must be adjacent" difficult to use as hints)

I love Mastermind, and I could love this too. I'm staying tuned to this game's updates :)

The art is interesting, I like it. Unfortunately the game seems to stop functioning at random times - the movement, weapons, and End Turn buttons won't work. I'd like to have seen if there's more levels and different enemies, but at the moment I'm unable.

I like the aesthetics. The gameplay was interesting, but my main criticism is that rolling the dice when you take them out of chests just seems to waste time. Maybe if the character had a single slot, and chests contained dice that were infinite in uses, but could only roll certain numbers. That way you'd have to backtrack to use other dice. That may be unfun, so perhaps two or three slots, with each dice weighing the character down, making movement not impossible but much trickier if you carry every dice for every optional path.

Knowing to keep the scope small was good. Many games, my team's included, tried to implement too many ideas and not quite finishing the initial vision. Your game was pleasant to sit through and didn't overstay its welcome. I'd like to see more when the gameplay is fleshed out more, if you're going to continue development. Nice job.

So glad you had a good time. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for giving us that idea, it’s something to think about. Making the AI smarter would be less of a priority, because pieces actively trying to protect each other wouldn’t be required and therefore have no chance of being overpowered… Yes, yes I like this idea. We may add enemy respawners to later levels. Thank you for playing!

During development, I definitely felt the game had come together when the music was added. We’re going to make Bingo easier to get in a patch. Thanks for playing our game Frozen :)

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The expressions on this poor, poor dice as I tormented them with endless volleys of objects... Made me almost feel genuinely bad for it! I could see a full game being made from this - the dice becoming shapes that are more and more difficult to tip, level geometry to help out with the task... Oh man, I'd play such a game through to completion! What you've got here is an adorable slapstick simulator, and I love it!

I like the art! Couldn't manage to win after a few tries though. Nice work.

Thank you for your feedback! We'll be increasing the Tokens that spawn each round to make scoring Bingo more viable. After your comment, we'll speed up the bingo wheel animation too. As for the AI, to improve would require reprogramming how the board state is interpreted behind the scenes. and potentially make the pieces overpowered as they'd protect each other more often. We'll consider our options. I'll pass the compliments to Darelt, our Music/SFX guy.

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Ah, yeah toward the end of the jam we lacked time to create instructions before or during the levels. On the Help Screen and project page we clarify that enemy pieces can be destroyed. There are two win conditions, destroying all pieces or scoring Bingo. We can definitely increase the tokens that spawn, but not too much, we don't want scoring Bingo to be too easy.

Thank you for your feedback, we've got a hot-fix coming when the voting ends that will address Bingo balancing and lack of in-game instruction.

Unfortunately, pressing Space to jump doesn't work. None of the buttons on my keyboard performs a jump. I am stuck.

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The main problem is a lack of control, which I understand is the point of the game. However, in my opinion some out-of-the-box thinking needs to be applied to make this lack of control into a fun experience. As it stands, it's a cute minimalist top-down navigation puzzle, but just unable to get anywhere anytime quickly.

Since the idea of making randomness determine the movement isn't fun for me, I'd instead give the player complete control, but the dice rolls automatically and changes modifiers about the player (inverse controls, disabled after next button press for 5 seconds, fast motion, slow motion, etc).

What I can't deny is that finally getting to the goal does feel satisfying. Perhaps the concept has some fun appeal after all, but the level design might need to change to accommodate it (wider hallways, bounce pads on some walls, stuff like that).

Since the game isn't in 3D, it's difficult to place the exact combination on top of the exact spot where the other dice is. Seems that you coded the dice well at least.

A simple dice rolling simulator with purchasable modifiers. If you want to go the "idle game esque" route like the modifier menu suggests, I'd say make the rolls much quicker, many more dice be on screen, add different types of upgrades, go mad with the idea!

We'll make a change to that, it is indeed difficult to accomplish. Would starting the game with 3 tokens on the board, then an extra token each time an enemy is defeated be enough?

Nice little game. I could see myself playing something like this on the phone. The mechanics are clean - I'm impressed.

The only bug I found: Getting the victory state (correct number on the top) but immediately rolling the dice somewhere else will not count the victory. So the player needs to pause for a moment when they land the correct number.

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The enemies don't hurt the player. It wasn't efficient to decide which dice ability I want to use each turn - instead, I'd rather move around and see random effects happen. So that mechanic may be somewhat flawed.

Perhaps if there was a health bar implemented, and half of the effects were negative, the player would need to be careful about how they move around the map. Show a display around the player of which ability is next, instead of in the UI at the top left, and make the enemies move on their own timer, so the player needs to rapidly change their route while they're playing to avoid Black Holing too many enemies close to themselves.

Can't understand how to move around without soon dying, let alone defeat an enemy. Perhaps show the player if they're capable of defeating an enemy, then give a ton of points in that category to the player. As well as nerfing the amount that is lost by moving around. That'd make for an interesting game of gradually defeating harder and harder enemies.

If the gun had limited ammo, the levels were larger with multiple enemy spawners, and the enemies shot their own dice at you, I could see the game being interesting. Nice demo for the time being.

The art is nice. The chicken is the most usable weapon in my opinion, although I did like the concept of that Lego brick gun.

Zoom the camera out or prevent enemies from shooting off-screen. I was suffocated by enemy fire that can't be dodged because the player character is too large.

Good start. Add a couple more levels and fix the overpowered enemies, you'll have a decent little project here.

Outstanding aesthetics, compelling gameplay, decisions to make with each upgrade impacting the gameplay in its own way... This game is an absolute winner! I love it!

I would play it for a lot longer, however at some point I ran into this bug where an enemy spawned out-of-bounds. I assume it fell to a lower Z-level than the table is on. I couldn't shoot it and it couldn't shoot me. If that's the case, a ten second fix would be to ask Enemy.Update() if the enemy is on the usually inaccessible Z level 0. If it is, delete it and spawn another enemy.

Fix that bug, and you'll have a game that I'd want to play for hours. Amazing job, team!

I'm impressed that you built the game using Python. Next time, publish the game to .exe so that more people will be able to try your game.

The game itself is overly simple, but considering that Pygame is less robust of a tool compared to what Unity/Unreal offer out of the box, I'm happy that you put effort in to make a game using it. Increase the scope next time, and publish it so peeps can play it easily.

I found out that by pressing J+S, the player can essentially double-jump. With that, I could progress a little. I got stuck part way through Level 2. Overall, the 'bouncy grenade' projectiles would be interesting with some more work put into it, as they currently are I don't use them, because the double jump is easier to use.

The explosion looks cool. Besides that, one enemy, one level, not much more to say.

Decent idea. I can see promise in a game that's like Bloxorz, but instead of trying to get the block into a position where it falls into a narrow hole, the player aims their weapon in certain directions.

Unfortunately this build is incomplete, I couldn't finish off the enemies with any amount of bullets, and the grenade didn't seem to function.

This game's pretty fun. I enjoy stacking minigames, and this is no exception. Some suggestions I have:

  • The tiles should speed up as the game progresses.
  • Play a sound that changes in pitch, depending on how large the chopped off section is. Therefore, the player will hear a sound that correlates to how much they lost that turn.
  • The stacking tiles should start at random distances away from the playing area to avoid macros cheesing the game. Using a macro, I could get 50 points even though the tiles had gone off-screen (my highest legit score was 38).
  • Speaking of... Fix the camera bug. Tiles past 40 don't render at all. Maybe move the camera up with each tile, so the game could theoretically go on for as long as the player could last.

The idea sounds like a good one, unfortunate that you couldn't work on it for long during the jam's duration. Plan on working on this another time? Get well soon, by the way.

I liked this game. The cutesy simple art style, the mechanic of needing to think about what abilities to use before you jump to reroll the platforms which will be solid, the level design encouraging that mechanic...

My major problem is that the dash makes you sink like a stone at the apex of the jump, and the character is slippery when they're on the ground. Making for a difficult time trying to land on smaller platforms.

Nice job, I could imagine a full game being based around this idea, with more levels, platforming fixes, and music.

The art and background looks nice.

My main problem with the game is its speed, and lack of variety. Automated battles don't make for an interesting gameplay experience. Make the dice rolls & movement quicker - as well as letting the player throw their own dice, so they feel somewhat more in control. Having the pieces bounce only once per tile would be a nice aesthetic change too.

No menu option works besides the 'Credits' button. Unfortunate.

I love this take on a platforming game. The death sound made me burst out laughing, the contrast between the cutesy art style and the defeat sequence was just too hilarious! The only criticism I have is that Jump is required for some areas, but the dice don't give it to you very often - or if they do, it may be too low of a level to be useful.

This game is pretty incredible! The mechanics remind me of Puyo Puyo or that one Mario Party minigame moreso than Tetris. Comboing with the dice feels very satisfying - I managed to get the best combo mentioned on the side after trying for a few rounds!

Suggestions I have (because I really, really want to keep playing this game!):

  • The dice should spawn in the center at all times. Having it appear on random columns caused unexpected game-overs.
  • The dice should have some forgiveness for sliding off placed dice, like in Tetris or Puyo Puyo.
  • The re-roll should be a bit faster or instant.
  • Getting a certain score could add 'bonus spins' to use whenever the player likes, to encourage long-term planning of massive combos.
  • Add a gamemode where the field is bigger! The existing playfield is quite small for wanting to pull off big combos.

This is my favourite game I've reviewed so far. Absolutely amazing job on the gameplay & graphics. I'd regularly play this aftera few improvements!

I enjoyed the game. The rocket launcher feels underpowered & some weapons run out of ammo too fast. Besides that, this top-down shooter is pretty cool.

Some other fixes I'd suggest are to prevent enemies from spawning too close to the player at the beginning of rounds, show ammo count on the cursor (where we're looking at to shoot enemies), and add a few seconds with no clickable elements at the end of rounds to prevent buying upgrades by accident.

The storytelling is cool, and the game's mechanics are interesting.

Unfortunately, dice that are close to the player's side can be touched with the current roll being held. So the CPU's dice can be made into skulls without actually throwing the dice.

Fix that exploit, add a skip button for the dialogue after seeing it once already, and tune up issues with detecting the dice (sometimes a dice would disappear when it wasn't a skull).

(3 edits)

The random movement mechanic premise is interesting. However, the camera is too close to the player for them to be able to make decisions about what's coming next. I'd suggest zooming it out, so that level completion doesn't require trial & error.

Another suggestion is to tweak the coding for '2' mode, where pressing Space launches the character toward where an arrow is pointing. Currently, if the player aims lower, it will still jump up and then go in that direction. If the player could slide along the floor when they aim low, or be able to repeat the jump in mid-air, that would be enough to make '2' feel like a more fun choice to get.

Nice little arcade shooter. I'd suggest making the enemy bullets a different colour and reducing how much they shoot. It's difficult to track at a glace which bullets are mine or the enemies'.

I can't figure out how to roll the dice more than once, and as a result finishing some of the levels seems to be impossible. There are sometimes stutters when the dice hits the sides of walls.

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Lower dice rolls could be remapped to alternate abilities, such as a mid-air dash or ground pound. As the game is currently, rolls of 1 or 2 are useless, wasting time. Replacing 1 / 2 rolls with a move that actually helps the player would make the experience less frustrating. I think that change could make this game much more enjoyable.

Sound effects, reducing the time it takes between jump attempts, and automating the dice rolls would make this game cool to play through. Playing the game with a macro spamming 'R' to recharge the dice has doubled the appeal of the game.

There's also a bug where pressing the character against the wall in anticipation for a jump will cause the wall to 'eat' the jump. The player must jump and then move.

Nice job with what you have. I'd like to see a version with such tweaks in the future.

The idea for this game is a good one. If the dice were thrown at the start of a turn in random directions and the fly had to change the numbers BEFORE hitting the ground, I could see the game being a challenge.

As it stands, the dice can be changed once they touch the ground, and the score/time limit mechanics don't exist. I'd like to see the game be finished, couple of sound effects put in, and the human players off-screen to make comments every time a favourable combo appears. I think it'd be funny to see them reacting to this fly rigging their game.

I love this concept! The art and music/sfx are very well done.

I hope that the full release could include a two player mode, one player having ever changing armies as White and the other player being the lone king as Black.