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Nice puzzle game, I got through the three levels after a couple attempts. Nice go for a jam game, I'd be interested to see more levels added.

What a satisfying game! I really liked this one, it's in the top 3 games I've enjoyed this jam. Looking forward to seeing if there's further development here - I'd like the game to get challenging enough that I struggle to finish the level, I enjoy typing games. Thanks for the fun time :)

This is just the sort of game that scratches an itch for me, it's similar to many games with incremental upgrades (e.g. Learn To Fly), but in this one I felt in complete control of how far the character could travel in one sitting. I think with more upgrades and game mechanics, this game could be as fun as the classic Flash games in this genre I like so much. Nice job

What a simple idea that’ll greatly improve the gameplay experience! Thanks for the tip, we’ll add this. Thanks for checking out our game!

A great idea, added to our to-do list. Thanks for playing!

Lovely aesthetic. I was looking forward to more levels, to see how you'd expand upon this mechanic. Great effort, I had fun playing what was here!

Ambitious idea for a short jam. I haven't played a game about stage directing before, the idea would interest me more if you made extra levels. For what there is here, your team did an awesome job!

I got through all the levels. A nice puzzling experience, there's strategy involved in the later levels.

I'd say if you're going to add more levels to the game, a move queuing system would be useful. Click somewhere far away, and the game simulates all the turns that it takes to get there. Instead of having to click for every single movement.

I got to the end in 216 turns (most of that brute forcing a door as a goblin..) Fun distraction, I like the mechanic. Good job

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It'd be cool to see some polish like seeing poker chips shift around the table, players busting out, the dealer having to quickly choose who the winner of any given hand is.. Maybe calling security on rowdy players who bust out, before they can disrupt the game.

I could see this being a fun reversal of games like Poker Night at the Inventory, where instead of enjoying the atmosphere and calmly playing Poker, you're the dealer who has to be pinpoint accurate and quick at all times.

Nice effort for a jam, I'm happy you'll be coming back to it to develop it some more.

Simple gameplay & adorable artwork. Made me smile, good job :)

Scary design on the snake, both in the visuals and voice acting work, heh. I played this one for quite a while, only ever managed to get to 18 at most. Great game, one of my favourites this jam.

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The premise is interesting. Maybe there could be other foodstuffs in the level to expand upon the lore of what snakes should and should not eat - avocados slow em down, cucumbers make it bigger, etc. Great presentation and idea, not the sort of gameplay that keeps me around but still a nice effort!

Cute puzzle game, I'd be interested to see more levels, just how large and complicated the puzzle could get while still being solvable. Nice job!

Hehe, the game's premise made me giggle. It was a fun spin to have Pac-Man become a horror game of sorts. Nice interpretation of the theme!

Interesting that the controls can be swapped, with mouse and keyboard changing responsibilities. I like space shooters, and this one's no exception. I could see myself playing it more if there's different enemy types added, upgrades made available... Great effort for the jam, I had fun playing it!

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Kinda reminds me of that mobile game Reigns, how you've gotta get the best situation for yourself while minimising how much other people suspect you for corruption. Your project is a nice game :)

The game was good fun, eventually it just becomes impossible with the amount of bullets on-screen though. Nice fun concept for a jam game, great effort :)

Good idea, unfortunately I felt the games like the chest one were too unforgiving, and in the Find The Ninja game, the computer instantly spawned their flashlight on the ninja three times in a row for me... Cool art and presentation, but not something I'd play without retooling and extra games added. I'll follow to see if you do anything more with this game, nice effort for the jam.

Incredibly high production value, such a feat to get 24 people involved in a project with such a short time limit! I enjoyed playing it, however once the hunters split up I found it impossible to keep the entire house under control.

Good effort here. My main problem is the movement speed, and the camera control could be better - scroll wheel to move the camera forward/backward would've been appreciated.

Reminds me of the Luigi's Mansion minigame in NintendoLand. Your game is cute, plays well.

I'd just say that I was expecting a consequence to having the flashlight shine on the ghost, so I was avoiding it at first. I thought it might've been how the game was balanced - breaking things super close to the guy scaring him more, but being caught by the flashlight meaning it was over. But nah, I found out being touched by the flashlight doesn't do anything to the ghost. Maybe something to consider?

The game could use polish, the idea is interesting though, I could see myself playing an entire game with this premise. Obstacles that get more difficult, tools in the level like fans and magnets to drag enemies around. I like that the PC components all had their own voice. Nice job

I could see this being a special enemy in Undertale or Touhou. The concept is interesting, make the attacks just hard enough that the enemy AI can't dodge it, but you can. Nice jam game :D

A fun game. I could see it going further than these levels, I had a nice time playing through em all. The comments from level to level added personality :)

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Thanks for the feedback! (As for mobile compatibility, AFAIK any Unity WebGL template will work on mobile, so I'm unsure what troubles you're having specifically. We have a custom WebGL template that makes some slight changes, but nothing special about it that improves mobile support..)

Cool idea, it's cool to essentially have a free-cam to strategize the level, then come back to control the character by influencing which direction it'll run. Good bit of puzzling, I'd like to see this expanded if you're going to make more levels.

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I was pretty busy toward the end of the dev process, and hadn't read the prompts my teammates had come up with until release time. Glad to hear someone has the same sense of humor I do :D Thanks very much for stopping by & giving our game a go.

We appreciate the compliments! Our team's made 4 GMTK Jam games now, it's become a yearly event for us. Always a great time :) Thanks for playing!

Fun concept. Unfortunately the moving platforms are buggy, applying an attribute doesn't work much of the time. I reckon this idea could go far if you subtly came up with ways to balance the game, despite the premise being you're a developer with infinite powers... Something like, placing spikes in areas to avoid players cheesing with the high jump attribute, or the fast run attribute coming with ice physics that make it tough to slow down.

The fact your game can be so hilarious with only one soundbyte is pretty amazing. Cronch.

I was giggling the whole time I played this. What a great idea for role reversal, cute sprites, and the game mechanic itself is great bite-sized fun. Liked it a lot!

Was interesting to hear a game with voice acting. The premise is kinda cool, like a survival game where you can choose your own difficulty. Nice coding, premise, and art/sounds for a 48 hour jam. Very polished, well done!

Incredible polish for a game made by one person, and the gameplay immediately hooked me with the same "Oh yeah, I could play this little timewaster for hours" feel as some successful mobile games have made me feel in the past.

Thing is, the game doesn't seem to get harder. It's too forgiving. I wanna feel stupid, I want my mistakes to really count hard against me, and the victories to offer just enough recovery to quickly do the next puzzle. It'd feel very satisfying with a shorter time limit. Add more TNT's with bigger buildings, oh, I wouldn't be able to stop playing...

Such an awesome job!!

I enjoy games where strategy and prior planning has to be made, so this game appeals to me. Nice effort for a jam.

Nice game. I would've played for longer if the spells could be chosen with the mouse. Nice effort for a jam, I had fun going up against these wannabe MMO heroes interrupting the dark lord's vacation

Nice concept. I would like to see more levels, I enjoyed this game :)

It's a fun little experience here. I got 3 endings, I assume that people being bored to death of the International Games is the best ending - the judge didn't get jailed or fall out of a window.

Polished, fun, requires strategy... It's a great jam game!

I like the choice of going with Pico8. I mostly caught the sneaky characters toward the top of the screen, though. Can kinda camp the top of the map and go back & forth. Nice effort

Cute art style. Shame there's no gameplay per se - seeing some ants exploring their new home would be interesting.