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Thank you for your review! It took some time to polish music part of the game, so we only made 3 wall materials.  We will certainly modernize the environment in near future and will make them functional :)

Thanks for your honest feedback!
We interpreted the theme in a different way. Name it "coordination overload". 
Coordination is the same feeling like sight, hearing etc. 
We take off the player's ability to coordinate himself, so he needs to try and think hard to understand his surrounding.

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Thank you for your honest review! We are glad you tried it on your stream! :)
It was fun to play your game too :P

No worries, you made a nice game :)

Had a problem with opening the archive. WinRar and 7-zip say the file "unityplayer.dll" is corrupted.  "Checksum error in UnityPlayer.dll. The file is corrupt".
Couldn't run the game without it.

So many times I missed and hit the wall... Half of the map made of turret made me sweat +)

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I ended up in invisible walls few times, ones inside the wall and unlimited times crashing from losing control. Great job)
Lack of energy for drone functions - nice idea :)

Had some serious FPS drop after third room. But still, it was nice experience)) The textures made from worms/gut were especially pleasant :)

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We interpreted the theme in a different way. Name it "coordination overload". 
Coordination is the same feeling like sight, hearing etc. 
We take off the player's ability to coordinate himself, so he needs to try and think hard to understand his surrounding.

And sure! We are glad that our game can inspire.

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We were really surprised by the quality of the opening cutscene. I mean, after that I expected some solid gameplay and storytelling))

Sadly we couldn't taste it properly because of hard FPS drop.
According to screenshots, it should be very fun. It reminded me of crazy Japanese shows style.
Hope we ll have a chance to play it after an update :)

It was... hell of experience)))
Was really hard to find all of the items with SUCH visual. Greate job))
Btw I didn't notice in the end that I found every last of it. I wondered what I did wrong, but then all of the sudden the end crow apiece. Made me happy that I made it +)

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed it ^^
We will try out best to improve it after jam and make it more variable :)

You have a high-quality game for the first release. Great job. Keep it up! ;)

Thank you! We thought about our gameplay more like something between melodic harmonious game and horror, where you can only run or hide from enemies.
But you are right, that would be nicer if there could be at least something that you can do with enemies. Guess we will add it, something like disabling of enemies. Thank you for your honest opinion!

We definitely will add some along with a new improved map, indicators and interaction with surroundings! :P

Thank you! We tried our best on this one :)

We definitely will wait for it)))

"They stole his sausages, and he will revenge!" There must be a sequel!!! :D

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Nice and calm game! I am not sure if it hits a theme of the jam, but it sure will do for the mobile community! 5 for enjoyability. Hope you gonna do a version for google play and app store :)

I broke my mouse knocking on alarms. And after a mistake in the notes, I just fell out of reality...
Well, it's differently frustrating and... hitting the topic of jam... I guess? +)

Thank you for hosting the jam!
Will it be any streams from judges who will play jam's games in next few days?

Thank you! We tried our best :)

I love to play with myself! Was a fun expirience.
Sad there is no online multiplayer.

Couldn't play the game. After pushing "play game" redirects to the page with the text "arrow keys to move". But no game loads out :(

There is no windows executable. Only apk file for Android..

I am not sure if using third party software is a good idea for the jam. Yet, I will try it with my friends using hamachi or something like that. Thank you for tip!

This "bullet hell" made me sweat a little. Made it to the wave 14 and yellow teleporting enemies.
At first, I didn't realise how to shoot, so I ran in a circle until I had 14 hp left +)
It would be nice to add a simple note inside of the game about controls. I thought "hold space" do something. But in the end, it was just a feature to start a game.
Yet, very nice game. Good thing it has pause. Thank you for it :)

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Sadly there is no online-multiplayer. I would love to play  it with some friends, but can't :(
It looks fun...

In my experience, there is always community voting.
Yet, it is up to jam's admins to designed winners of jam, based on their own critiques.
Rules of this jam say "the judges will gather to determine the winners", so it's up to them in the end.

Well... it is sensory overload)) The whole UI is jumping and spinning. 100% hitting the topic of jam's theme +)

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There is no game executable. Only installer. And windows-defender does not allow to run it. Sorry. 

Well, the animation errors were not in the game itself. The windows console opened, and there was a wall of error-text that says something about "error - animation is missing". Yet, it didn't make me angry. Still enjoyed playing it)

Tony Hawk with crazy colours. Nice! Animations could be better, but yet it still enjoyable to play.
I got stuck in wall ones, after acceleration from 3 rings. But after it I already new what I should not do, so it was fine)

I made it until the stone sector only.. 
Nice to see "crash bandicoot" type of game nowadays :D

Couldn't figure out how to play the game. The executive file didn't run. OS says there is a wrong path of executable.

The game does not load in the browser. says "There doesn't appear to be anything here..."

At first, I got endless animation errors  ... But overall I managed to play it.
Got seasick from jiggle from movement. Well made!
But still, I didn't figure out why I missed so many times to targets witch does not move at all...

This ghost screamer got me... Definitely triggered sensory overload :D
PS1 visual is nice too. Love it! Nostalgy....

Fun concept. But you should really add something to prevent players stand near walls. That way you can just stand there unlimited time until another player moves you with his collision.
Another type of bullet maybe that will be rare but will bridge your shield 100% if you will not dodge it. The visual is great tho! :)