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My own engine in C++ & SDL2 & OpenGL.

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I’ve submitted my entry on time, but then realized it is missing a few quality-of-life features (like saving progress when quitting, pausing music when the window isn’t focused, stuff like that). Is it acceptable to update the build with such non-gameplay changes after the deadline, or is it better to wait until the jam voting ends?

Great, thanks!

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Is bitbucket fine? I host everything there including my own engine, would be weird for me to use GitHub for that.

I agree, this was a very bad design decision.

A hilarious game, loved it! :D Aiming was a bit hard - the bullets seemed to move a bit off the place where the crosshair was. Also took me a lot of time to realize you can move the bullet itself. Anyways, fun game, good job!

Not sure what I’m supposed to do: at first, I was to stop the player, but I failed; next, my family was kidnapped and I was supposed to let the hero win, but the hero didn’t move - he was stuck at the left corner of the level in a running animation, but didn’t actually run.

I liked the gameplay, it’s new and fits the theme really well! The UI felt a bit clunky - many times I was just unable to click on a waypoint for no apparent reason, and at the start I didn’t understand what I’m even supposed to do. Maybe, when the player have selected a car, you could highlight the possible road nodes that can be clicked? It would also be cool if you could skip clicking through all the intersections along a straight road and let the game figure out how to place a straight path. Lat thing about UI: when another car is moving close to an intersection you want to click, it’s basically impossible to do since the game selects this car instead, so you have to painfully wait until it moves away, which is bad for a timer-based game :)

A very nice game! A bit hard to understand what’s going on at first, but eventually I figured everything out. Definitely needs some music and sound effects, the game quite empty without them, they’d add so much to the juice. A bit frustrated that you can misclick sometimes and apply glue to empty bricks, or apply “spawn bricks” card to the black border brick, which doesn’t do anything. I feel like this just shouldn’t be possible for the player to do? I also noticed that you compute the selected brick by intersecting the mouse ray with the plane going through brick tops, but which works confusing when placing new bricks (because you see the bottom layer, not the top layer). It would also be useful to highlight the area in the bottom where you can’t place bricks - maybe have a different color there?

The wave effect is really cool! I guess you didn’t actually solve the wave equation, but just added together the contributions of the surrounding impacts? Still, it lagged quite a lot when there were a lot of waves, maybe some optimization is needed.

Anyway, I felt like the game keeps going forever - I reached 4000 points and it didn’t look like I’m ever going to lose. Some difficulty progression would be nice :) I also didn’t understand how exactly the score is computed - it didn’t seem to be connected to either time or destroyed bricks.

An unusual game, in a good way! At first I couldn’t make it past the first area - I bubbled the aliens, stood on the red button but didn’t notice what happened due to a bad camera angle. I tried moving the box on the button and it didn’t do anything (since I’ve already stepped on it before, duh), which got me a bit confused. Then I re-read the description and realized what to do :)

The aliens felt both too hard and too easy at the same time - they almost surely kill you if they see you, but they have a very narrow viewing range. Maybe make them less strong but at the same time less dumb would make it more interesting to play?

The movement & camera angles made it a bit hard to navigate and orient sometimes.

I also couldn’t figure what to do in the end. I got the spaceship, sucked all the aliens, but nothing happened after that. The spaceship also sinks in to the ground if you fly over empty space for too long, and doesn’t get up ever again (1st screenshot).

I’ve also found a bug where the cow can glitch through the terrain (2nd and 3rd screenshots - before and after sinking; I’m pretty sure the cow didn’t just fall from the cliff, it was clearly sinking in the process).

A nice game, really enjoyed it! Loved the swift and smooth movement and shooting. A very nice & novel weapon mechanic. The difficulty level rose a bit too fast, to my taste, as if it grew exponentially with time; I think a linear difficulty growth would fell a bit more fair :) Cool entry, good job!

Reminds me of the first game I ever made for a jam almost 3 years ago :) I like the realistic acceleration-based spaceship movement. Very nice touch with the particle trail - a good way to tell the player where the ship is going. Agree with others that the role switch happens a bit too rarely - I can easily imagine a player who never survives long enough to even reach the switch :) Filling the space with a bit more stuff would be cool. Also I tried accelerating like crazy and quickly hit an invisible wall, which felt a bit sad - I’m in space, after all!

Nice visual style, funny gameplay, although quite repetitive. Nice job! :)

Nice idea, but I didn’t really get how to get 2000 blood - your owner gets killed pretty quickly no matter what you do. The tutorial was hard to grasp since it’s so much information in one go. Also I think I had a bug - when you click “Replay” and select a new owner, it appears as being already dead - lying on the floor, being all red.

A nice game! I was thinking of making a platformer as well, but ditched the idea, glad to see someone pull it off. I’ve noticed one bug when sometimes I couldn’t pick up a jumping platform I’d placed and I had to restart the level.

A fun take on the theme, though the “reversion” of roles doesn’t really affect gameplay that much - you’d play exactly the same way as the driver :) The gameplay gets repetitive soon. Would love to see some score or similar.

I really like the idea and the chaotic simulation & visuals, but the gameplay gets really repetitive fast, and the whole game is just clicking everywhere really fast, with no apparent strategy.

Nice touch with filling the 12 pentagons with water :)

A very funny take on the theme! Mouse sensitivity was way too high for me, it was hard to target specific objects. The gameplay gets way too repetitive with time, I didn’t find enough patience to finish the third level :( Also inventory scrolling felt a bit weird, I’m use to it going in the other direction (scroll down moves to the right, scroll up moves to the left, like e.g. in Minecraft).

Interesting take on the theme! To me the game felt painfully slow, and the zombie’s movement was quite frustrating - sometimes they take questionable routes to the destination, and sometimes don’t respond to commands at all. I get that this is part of the idea, i.e. zombies are chaotic and don’t follow commands, but it makes the player quite frustrated.

Made me laugh! A really funny take on the theme. Agree with others that it’s a bit too easy, and there seems to be no end goal or at least score.

Interesting idea! I’ve found that rapidly oscillating left-right is a pretty good strategy :) Would love to see a counter for how many bugs I’ve eaten and some progression or challenges. Also when you die (move off the plane) the screen just freezes, which is a bit confusing.

A very nice idea! Sad that there are only 3 levels (unless I missed something?).

A very cool game, loved it! Quite confusing at start - I didn’t really understand what the Q and E buttons do, it seemed like Q makes the player pick up coins nearby, E makes him open doors, something like that. So, a longer and more gradual tutorial would be cool.

Nice difficulty curve, I had to think for a while before I could pass some of the levels.

I stumbled on a bug when if you end the level while in object selection mode (after pressing Q), the whole game is slowed down, including the level transition, so I had to wait something like 20-30 seconds for the next level to load :)

I reached the thing where the player just stands on a plate, not sure if this is the end?

Very nice idea! Unfortunately it’s really confusing as to what the player should actually do. I’ve read in the comments that you kill the hero by jumping on her head, but I tried this and never managed to do that. Although at some point the hero just died, seemingly without my intervention.

There’s also a spot where you can “trap” the hero (first screenshot).

The font in the text is beautiful but also quite hard to read for people with vision problems.

I’m on Linux, so I tried running the game using Wine, and it immediately crashes. Not sure if it’s helpful, but here’re the crash logs:

Nice idea! Quite sad that there’s too little content. A tutorial would help, I found the battle system really confusing - right from the start you have a few dozen actions to choose from, with no idea on what you’re supposed to do.

Anyways, looks promising, nice job.

Nice little game! Would love for it to have more content, but, of course, 48 hours is a harsh deadline :)

I got a bit confused at some point, when a knight appeared, it moved to the center of the room and didn’t seem to do anything. I now realized it must’ve been attacking me, but there was no indication of an attack. Can you even die in this game?

Also the bullets seemed to pass through the enemies the first few seconds after they entered the scene, which was a bit confusing as well.

A nice take on the theme! Lovely art (though I see from the description that you didn’t make it, still nice though).

I stumbled on a bug when a creature would reach the chest, make it’s way back and then get stuck at the exit from the level (first screenshot). I waited for about 15 seconds and nothing happened, I had to restart the level.

In the same scenario the second spikes sometimes appeared way too long after I clicked on it (so it didn’t kill the creature), and sometimes they wouldn’t react to clicking at all.

The buttons in the description are swapped: it says 1 - moving wall, 2 - spikes, but it is actually the other way round.

Finally, I’ve found a strategy that allows you to pass any level easily: using two moving walls you can block the passage, wait for the creatures to accumulate in a single tile, and kill something like 5-6 of them in one go (2nd screenshot).

Of course, I had a lot of this planned, but, you know, 48 hours :)

Thanks! There’s a health bar above them, just like for other entities. But yeah, I imagine it can be hard to see when so much is happening on screen.

That’s interesting! The simulation happens in a background thread (or threads), so the GUI and camera should always be smooth, that’s working as designed. If you’ve built the project via CMake with Release build type (CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release), the build options (e.g. optimization level) should’ve remained the same. Otherwise, CMake might have selected a default non-release build type, which will be slower.

Another cause might be the compiler. I’m using MinGW 10 to compile Windows binaries, and using a different compiler (e.g. Visual studio) might explain the slowdown.

Hi! You can tweak the sliders more precisely using the mouse wheel.


Thanks! Yep, internally it stores a grid of values (just something like a hash map with key = grid position and value = float), and uses marching squares to produce the terrain. Shooting the terrain simply subtracts something from the grid values and causes the terrain to be recalculated.

Thanks a lot!

Right, this was one of the major problems in the game balance :)

Yep, level design could definitely be improved :)


Thanks! :)