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So Nice, gonna make something out of it

Amazing sound tracks, reminds me of Metroid for some reason

Great job!! So many animations <3

It's so satisfying to throw a room full of stuff in the air :D The game mechanic is very fun and relaxing, the physics is very fun too, I really liked it.

Loved it, crisp visual and sound efffect, simple idea but very addicting :D

The new version is a lot easier, but still pretty difficult, sometimes the fireball spawns right next to you, so there's no way to dodge, but the idea is very unique, and some sound effects would be nice.

Thank you for the feedback!! I will definitely take your suggestion into consideration, it's brilliant!! Glad you liked the game <3

Thanks glad you liked it <3

Great polish and feel on the game, the one bullet mechnics are used plenty of times but this execution is very good, some minor complaits: sometimes the enemy spawns right next to me and I died instantly.

Thank you!! Glad you liked our mechanics <3

Thank you for your feedback, glad you liked it!! Difficulty is a hard one, some say it's ok, some say it's too easy, will try to find the perfect spot <3

Very nice level design, the controls felt great!! This is one of the better execution of the one bullet idea, great job !!

Thanks for the feedback!! I understand the concern, for the game jam I purposely make the game easier, in hope to not frusrate some player, after the jam I'll bump up the difficulty and try different mechanics, once again thanks for the feedback it means alot to me <3

Smart idea on the dual purpose mechanic!! I made my game in GMS2, too!! Good luck on the game jam :D

Very interesting and original idea!! The level design and difficulty curve is perfect :D

Thank you, I'm planning to add more stuff in the future, glad you liked it<3

Fun little exploring game, without explaination it's kinda confusing at first, but good use of the concept for using only one shape!!

Great suggetions and thanks for the feedback, I will try both of the suggetions and see how it plays out, really like the risk vs reward system, glad you liked it <3

Wow thank you for the feedback and suggestions!! It mean a lot to me, the jam build certainly didn't explore the potential enough, I will add more stuff and take you suggetions, glad you liked it <3


This game is an entry for GMTKJam 2019, made in 48 hours.

You use your light to navigate the dungeon, seek out spikes, scare away ghosts, and find your way to the exit!

Light - Use your mouse to control the light, make sure to avoid those spikes!

Movement - WASD to move your character

Stun ghosts - Your light will stop the ghosts from moving, just like boos in Mario!

Link to the game:

I would love to hear your feedback, if you have time, rate it on the gamejam page, too. Much appreciated <3

The idea is really neat, but a little explaination woulb be nice. In the first level you said bounce on the wall "once", I assumed you can only burst once, I spent whole 5 minutes trying to do level 2. The mechanic is really clever, but kinda frustrated at times, it's too easy to die because the trail is everywhere.

But overall it's very good for what it is, great job :D

Very cute game and simple idea, there's some game breaking bugs tho, the white and black dots sometimes spawn on top of each other, so I'll die no matter what, if the bugs are fixed it could be a great mobile game!!

Visuals and gameplay is great, the idea is there, but the execution could be better, maybe some screenshake or sound effect to give the player feedback when I do a succesful attack.

The game plays very similar to Dance of the necrodancer, but without the rhythm part, the enemy moving to the beat is a nice touch.

The upgrade after every level doesn't seem to work, but still, great job :D

Probably, I have many ideas in mind that I want to implement :D

Glad you liked it, will check it out in a bit

So it's kinda like paper please, but aliens lol. The only complaint is at the beginning, I don't really know what am I supposed to do, may be a short tutorial or explaination would be nice.

Really hard, furthest I can get is room 6, control is a bit slippery for me tho, great game!!

Well dual purpose with one mechanic haha, thanks for the feedback <3

I try to make is easier for the gamejam, I will try to bump up the difficulty and add more stuff in the future, thanks for the feedback :D

Neat little game, spamming the barrier usually do the job. Could use more variety.

The control and visuals are great, and the level design is amazing too.

After knowing what's going on the game is very fun, I wish there's more level, and maybe a short tutorial, the mechanic is very simple but with out context it's very confusing at first. Great job

Thank you, your game is amazing too, planning on more stuff in the future <3

Glad you liked it, thank you <3

Wonderful game, very tight controls, I like that you can stop time mid air to plan your next move, if I can change one thing, I make it so after you touch the coin, all your abilities come back without pressing X again, would be much smoother!!

Thank you!! Glad you liked it <3

Very cool concept, but since it's a rather complicated concept, I feel like a tutorial is needed, I spent 5 minutes on the first level confused, but after figuring it out it's really fun.

I like the part where you zoom in the bullet, but I feel like the bullet can travel faster, waiting through the bullet every time is kinda tedious, but it's satisfying to kill everything in one bullet, and the difficulty curve is perfect, good job

Thank you for the feedback, I just want to make the game simple for the game jam, but I will add more stuff in the future!! <3

Not spawning stuff makes later gameplay really awkward, the idea, is great tho, maybe some tutorials or explaination would be nice, I was a bit confused in the beginning