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So cute lol, I love the name you gave them

That level is trick haha, glad you liked the game, I'll try yours after work :D

Thank you glad you like it :D I'll try to play your game after work!

Thanks glad you liked it!!

Thanks for playing my game !!

Thank you glad you liked it

Thank you !! Glad you liked it :D

The inverted camera is too difficult to get used too lol, still a really cool idea!!

Such a cool game, though it's a little bit hard to hit the enemy, especially the second level, give us a crosshair would be better.

thank you for the review and kind words!!

Thank you!! I would love to add more challenges and twists after the jam :D

Thankyou!! I tried to keep the game simple and focus on the polish, glad you liked it!!

Sounds like a good idea!! I actually did not thought of that, thanks for the suggestion!!

If there's more time I really want to add more sfx and particles, thanks for the feedbacks!!

Haha just a light hearted joke ;P Glad you liked the game!!

Thanks for the detailed feedback, the levels actually went through a lot of versions, this is the one that I settled after countless play tests, but  I agree there's definitely room for improvements.

Thank you!! Your game is very fun too :D

Try to keep the mechanics simple, and polish around it, thank you for the feedback!!

Thank you!! Glad you liked it!

Thank you, focused a lot on the aesthetics, glad you liked it!

Thank you glad you liked it!!

Cool idea but could use some balancing, the enemy fly way too fast, barely any time for me to get away from them to perform a good dash, still a very cool game!

Cool mechanics, very difficult gameplay, should make the hazards appear less at the beginning so the player can get used to the control, great job overall!

Those level designs are simply spot on!! Really suited for a great mobile game, love the visuals and art style, great job!!

The story is so cute, level design is pretty neat, great game!!

Fun game, the physics on the two players are really weird if they jump at the same time

Cool puzzle solving and creepy atmosphere, the lighting issue in third level actually made the game feel like a horror game.

The goats sound effects are so cute lol,  tho the strategy is very simple, it's still a fun game

Pretty neat idea, though I got stuck in the ground for some reason and can't progress. I really wish the enemy can respawn after you die because you lose all your dna. Had to start all over again.

Cool idea, got 830 points and the flies just stop spawning :(

very cool and addictive, could see this become a fun mobile game

Pretty great idea!! The tutorial section could be a little bit more specific, I was really confused at first.

And during game play shouldn't there be a planning or wiring phase so we can do the wiring first, then start the flight? My ship got destroyed immediately after wiring the boosters XD

Glad you liked it!

Thank you, hope it's not too hard

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Thanks glad you enjoyed it!!

Thank you glad you liked it!!

Glad you liked it, yours is really great too!!

First rhythm-ish game I've played in this jam, at first I was confused why the character moved itself, then I realized after collecting dancers your movement will be affected, very cool idea and it fits the theme so well!! 

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Thank you for the detailed review!! Yeah in my mind I had so many idea, but I spend my remaining time focused more on the aesthetic because how simple the art is :) I loved your game too!!

Love this one, the souls all have a personality and they really hate you lol, very cute little game.

Very fun bullet hell game, the copy mechanics are so cool, and all the screen shake and dramatic effects are very well polished, love this one