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Thanks for playing!! Glad you liked it :D

Yeah only got enough time to implement the most basic AI, thanks for playing!!

Haha you noticed the Brackeys layout, thanks for playing :D

The balancing could use some work lol, thanks for playing!!

Yeah would love to have some music but didn't find a good one in time, thanks for playing tho :D

Thank you!! Glad you liked it :D

Thanks glad you liked it :D

Thanks glad you liked it!! If you want add me on Discord I can give you the source code :)   Chowdog#0135

Agreed, some background music would be nice too, thanks for playing!

Thanks glad you liked it

Thanks for getting all the endings!!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Bro this game is insane, actually had to look through game files to progress the game, and you even made another 'minigame' for the last code, very creative stuff.

Great art and music, surprisingly amount of gameplay, and very FUN!! The only two thing I wish the game have is maybe a in game description of what the turrets do, and maybe pause the game when buying turrets and stuff, Great job!!

Thanks glad you liked it :D

Yeah there are 1 good ending and 4 bad endings, but the bad endings are kinda similar

Thank you, glad you liked it :D

This fits the theme really well, good job!

Can't believe I actually got rick rolled in a game jam lmao, Cute and fun game none the less!!

One of the best I played so far!! Truly an AI controlled robot, very well done!!

Thanks lol

Thanks for playing, drawn some inspiration from Portal and Undertale :P

Thanks for playing, drawn some inspiration from Portal and Undertale :P

Cool visuals and nice concept, reminded me of the Mario Maker coop levels

Very simple and classic idea, the maze could be simpler, or maybe a mini map, or it'll get tedious very fast.

Thanks, watched the stream but unfortunately can't listen to your reaction because I'm at work, again thanks for the detailed review!!

Thanks glad you liked it :D

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it

Thanks for playing :) Glad you liked it!!

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!!

Lol the title is kinda crap, had to craft it in the last minute :P Thanks for playing

Thanks glad you liked it

Ok I get it now, need to make sure they dont jump over the block.

Thanks alot!!!

Wait I just realized the rating has not started yet, I'll fix it now

Hmm weird, I made the trigger really wide, will fix after the jam period is over

This visual and simplicity is really well done, I've played a few game with this exact same idea but with minor difference, but yours is very polished, and it's really hard tho. Great job!!

Many games goes with this idea but this is a well made one, there's some depth to the gameplay and various strategies to go, great job!!

Thank you for your review, it's made in Godot so it's very light weight, glad you liked it :D

We'll keep the suggestion in mind!! Agree on the controls and battle pacing, thank you for the suggestions :D