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Join blocks together to escape the rooms (puzzle game)
Submitted by Crom (@CromFr), roma_p — 2 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 76 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
Join tetris-like pieces together to reach the objectives and exit the room !

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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It was a lot of fun, loved it <3


My only, very small, critique is that it was a bit hard to predict where the character was going to walk, it would maybe have been easier if it only followed the grid and didn't go diagonally? It was still a lot of fun and a good progression with new mechanics and the puzzles getting trickier. I really enjoyed it, great job!


I always enjoy a nice puzzle game and this deffinetly had me scratching my head a couple of times. Really fun and interesting mechanic, nice and simple visuals and a funny Hey greeting you at the end of each level kept me clicking on the next level.

Great work, I hope you have some time to review my game as well.


I really like puzzle games, so this was cool to play. I think this is a cool mechanic with good potential to at least be explored further. Even just from seeing the beginning puzzles, there were already some clever scenarios, and I found myself thinking and having "ah-ha!" moments when I found the solutions.

I'm not sure how I feel about the skull mechanic, though. I'm not sure it adds much to the game other than complexity.

Overall cool submission!


Man I loved this game! It's a very good concept you have here, I would love to see a full game with this concept. Very good job


Pretty fun and I like the concept! Could be have a lot of potential, good puzzles! I suggest to add a button for undo the last action


Was definitely laughing on the sound effects. Good job! The puzzles were pretty good and required some thought. I was enjoying and it was a cool use of player navigation that you had as well.


Great concept (and voice acting!), I think this has potential to be a full game. The level design was kinda hit or miss, for example level 8 was brilliant but levels before that I couldn't put pieces to the end without thinking. Perhaps using varied amount of hearts can fix this.

Some other small polishing tips would be to allow movement of blocks after they've been placed and better pathfinding but I understand you can only do so much in a weekend and it's still an amazing submission!


You did a good job on the puzzle design! I enjoyed the game. Would be great if we can undo a move instead of the restart the level.


Reminds me of some old cave paintings... I love the sound effects, too! The puzzles are really tricky, so I appreciate the level selection.

It was a bit annoying having to reset if you misplaced a tile in the room--being able to undo a move or take a tile back from the map would be helpful. It might be cool if you could rotate pieces or something, too.


Sorry but you made updated the game after submission so ill call it has a disqualified so I rate like wise... Sorry dude your mistake

Developer (1 edit)

I think you misunderstood what happened.

The final version of the game (the one you can play right now) was uploaded 11min before the original deadline. You can also check for yourself on your game page that you cannot upload new versions of your game, because it is currently being reviewed for the game jam.

The date you see at the bottom of the game page is the modification date of the game description & information (as allowed by the rules), not the game itself.


I understand... but yeah cool I have changed the rating SORRY MY


Really nice game! A bit more polished and it would have been perfect 😁 I love the puzzles and the fact you build your terrain. However sometimes the character doesn't choose the better path (and kill itself 😅)


It’s actually quite hard to automatically find the best path for the character (take an item, heal a bit, another item, heal more, take the exit).

We considered that taking the first available route was a decent alternative, since you can decide yourself which objective are available first with the order of the pieces.


Yes indeed, I image it's complicated! 😅

Can't you do something with A* path finding and you give higher bias to dangerous spots on the road (so it naturally try to avoid it if possible) ?


yes, I think you’d need some kind of A* that allows to backtrack once you reached certain points of interest, taking into account that you cannot have over 3 hearts, that monsters disappear when killed with a sword, etc.

Some people can probably do this in a few minutes, but it’s not something I would tackle in a 48h game jam :p


Really loved this game! Quality game design and very cool ideas! If you ever expand this with longer levels, an undo button would be cool 😅


I really love the concept and mechanics.
But I feel like this could be so much better with just a few quality of live changes like allowing the player to reposition the tiles  and a flatter learning curve.
If I were you I'd polish, juice it and bring out a little post jam version to see how people like it!


We totally agree, we just run out of time, but we will correct all of this after the jam voting period.


Very creative!


Nice puzzle. Well Done.


Great little game :) I love tetris puzzle pieces, so this is a plus for this one^^


A great little prototype! More puzzly and fun than you'd expect. A lot of potential for different pieces, enemies, traps and such :)


Very well explored mechanic for the short time period! The puzzles were pretty hard, but not impossible. Great job!


Really fun! With some chill music in the background and some visual polishing this could be a very nice puzzle game. I feel like some levels were way too hard for where they were (example level 2). Still, very nice job!

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