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Heroes Bound Together
Submitted by Squid Squad — 29 minutes, 7 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 54 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
The heroes are joined together as are their abilities.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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Great idea of combining three play style together : range, aoe and melee.  Maybe limit the enemies detecting range could make player movement more cautious and give the melee class a better chance to close the distance without being hit.


A fun game! Maybe explain the different abilitys a bit more. Also the credit page was zoomed in. The visuals looked good and I really enjoyed playing the game.


Cool idea! I struggled a bit with all the different controls, it was a lot to try to master all at once. But really great execution of some unique mechanics, I had a lot of fun with once I got the hang of it.


Interesting game idea, at first I was thinking of making something very similar but with zombies and regular human survivors. Nice to see you guys made it into a fantasy game.

My feedback would be to improve a bit on the enemy AI since they are quite tough right now, lol. They were killing me from miles away, so a quick fix would be to only let them shoot at a specific distance from the player, just to make things more fair for the player. Or if you want ranged units that can shoot from very faar away, maybe ad some sort of visual queue of when the are going to shoot you. 

Other than that the game is pretty fun and challengin, thanks for sharing and keep up the goood work.


Interesting game idea. Kind of reminds  me of a Sonic Game which allows you to switch between three people with different abilities. Keep up the great work. Only thing I would add is to make it twin stick shooter controls.

Submitted (1 edit)

Concept is great. For sure points on originality. Id love to see an exploration/battle game with the idea. 


There is a lack of feedback on the current mana of the current hero and switching between them is a bit hard, but the concept is really cool


Really cool! The art was really nice (the guys kind of reminded me of cyanide & happiness) and the switching between characters so the others could rest was nice. One small improvement would be to change the unity default scrollbar to something custom. All the other artwork was really unique and cohesive so that might the scrollbar really stand out, haha. I kind of wish the others gained stamina back gradually while I was attacking or not, but that's just a minor thing. Overall, really good game and impressive for a game jam!


Originally we had it where both characters would recover stamina, but we found that it didn't really feel like you needed to use all the characters. We would have people just swap between the two they really liked. And yeah that scroll was sort of just as we were nearing the end so we didn't really have time to make art for it. We are all programmers and designers mainly so we all had to split art duties since we didn't have a dedicated artist on the team. Thanks for taking the time to play our game though. We'll take the feedback about the gradual return into consideration


The mechanics make the game feel at the same time an RTS and a management game. The mix works great! The enemies are quite challenging and the difficulty curve is very high, but is enjoyable. Nice work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for letting me to play your game! Reminds me of Great mechanics, has a bit of  characteristics RTS games where you need to micro your units to do their actions individually.  Probably would be better if HP bars of enemies are shown. Also, as you progress through the level, the amount of enemy projectile increases too much to the point that there is no point in dodging - at least just from my gameplay experience.


Cool concept! With some balancing and possibly new enemies this game could be really good!


As the others have mentioned, balancing was the only issue for me, particularly with the knights attack being so short ranged compared to how fast and how hidden some of the archers were. Found myself draining the wizard a lot and then getting stuck xD

Aside from that, great game! A refreshing, unique take on the party system and awesome interpretation of the theme! Also loovvveee the art style!

Well done!



You can use WASD to move your characters =)

This was missing in the controls explanation so I thought I point that out here for other players^^

The concept fits the theme very well and the art is nice - well done! =D


I really like this whole concept, having the "ammo" between characters linked and each having multiple unique abilities makes for a pretty dynamic gameplay loop! I think perhaps some of the enemy attacks might be a bit much in how accurate they are or how big some of the wizard aoe's are, but, all in all it's a pretty fun game. Nice job!


Yeah Balance is definitely our number one feedback currently. We are planning to have the enemies not be as "sticky" to the player's position


I like how each character had a special ability, not just one! It was fun to switch between each and just DESTROY hordes of enemies! You have created a very enjoyable game! Well done!


Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to check our game out


No problem at all! I love giving feedback on great projects like this one!


Very cool concept! Each character had unique powers, and the waves were fun and challenging! The only thing I noticed was that it was a little hard to avoid oncoming attacks! A blocking button might be a cool addition! Other than that though, nice game!


Yeah block was an ability of the knight, but it could have been made more clear. Thank you for taking the time to play our game!


Oop- Duly noted!


Very solid. I like the concept, although I found the controls slightly difficult to get a handle on. Overall great work!


It's amazing that you managed to implement three different characters in such a short time. I tried that too, but unfortunately i couldn't manage it anymore. That's why you already have my respect on that.

The presentation is very simple, but decent. Kind of reminds me of castle crashers, i don't know why.

Very creative that each character only has a certain number of moves, before you have to change and then attack enemies to fill the bar of the next character. You force the player to rotate the characters constantly, which is very nice.

The arrows of the archer however, were a bit too fast for me, i could never make use of the block.

Overall i think this is a good submission. Great work.


Yeah Balancing enemies is our next prerogative Post-jam. Thank you for the feedback and for taking the time to play our game


Pretty fun game. I liked the graphics, even though they were quite simple. The combat was enjoyable, and I feel the balancing did prove to give the game a good amount of depth. It was not too complicated to grasp, but was ideal to give me a bit of a challenge and learning curve. Nice job!


Awesome, thank you for taking the time to play our game!


This is really neat! I like the limited stamina forcing you to switch things up. I'm not a fan of the speed of the arrows though, as its hard to react with a defensive ability in time, meaning it's almost guaranteed that you'll take damage. Overall, great job!


Yeah we definitely have some balance changes that we  need to do. Thank you for playing the game we appreciate it

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