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Hi all! Vibration, which is my first bigger project, was just released for free. It is a first-person stealth game in which you see sounds. Game is based on echolocation. It is short, around 30 minutes, but I hope some of you will find it enjoyable! I would love to hear some feedback as I am a starting game developer. You can play it here:

Hello, sorry but I don't think we can help with that ): One of my friends also had the same issue on Windows 7 so I think it is some problem between the newest version of UE4 and Win7, that really is beyond my comprehension sadly, as this is our first game ever. I searched on google and tried different things but no good results came from this. It just appears to be an engine bug that hopefully will be resolved in the next update of UE4.

The idea seems really nice, and it could definitely lead to a fun game, though I feel it lacks a bit of polish and content to reach its full potential.

Good game. The limited control you have, could be a little bigger, but still nice. When I once avoided a mine by milimiters due to my shot it was very satisfying. Also even though it gets out of control, the fact that all mines dissapear when you get hit, ensures that you don't just get unlucky and lose, very cool

The game was incredibly fun to play. However, I'd say that around the end it got a bit too out of control to be fun, other than that though, really nice game.

Even though the game has some problems, like the ball falling through the ground, it feels really nice to play. The only thing I had trouble with was getting the possibility of shooting the ball. I thought I understood how it works, but it still felt a bit random

The main mechanic is such a good idea. The puzzles really nicely introduced new concepts just to later need the mastery of them. The playing this just feels so nice and the game is very polished

I really like the idea, but the game is really hard, especially for someone like me who doesn't play many simmilar games and struggles with timing the jumps. The idea itself kept me interested enough to try a lot though.

The game is nice and enjoyable. I think it could even work in some local coop when you give one player control of one twin and as it is now they can only act when they are allowed. In general it could also use some improvement in pacing, cause when the only thing left is pressing buttons and you get the shooty twin, it gets a bit stale. Also the player feedback could be improved a bit, I only fully realized enemies do damage when I died the first time.

At first I thought it was just a simple clicker. Then when tasks started popping up and anxiety reached high levels, I undersood it was a simulation of my life. Very nice game

Game was fun and it quickly got out of control. It was easy to figure out. Maybe with a little bit more control it would really flourish and get more depth.

I really enjoyed this game. The artstyle and story kinda reminded me of FAITH. The gameplay is really simple but enjoyable, and theme is nicely conveyed through the way story events unfold.