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Yeah, I should have made this more clear. Thanks !

Thanks !

Yeah, the game is kinda broken. Glad you enjoyed it still!

The rules are a bit weird but the art style is so pretty that I truly dont care

Oddly relaxing. I liked it !

The idea could work and make a really fun game, but I'm not a big fan of the execution. The robots are slow and waiting  to be shot at just to generate a new one isn't really interesting. Great work still!

The concept is interesting and the polish around it is really good,  but the game itself could be more fun. It's a shame we spend most of the time waiting for the next balls rather than avoiding them.

The visuals and the music are great, but the character's controls are really floaty

This is the cutest idea ever

I LOVED this game. The controls are so simple and intuitive, the concept works and is fun and the amount of polish is insane! How did you even think of pausing the game when the window lose focus in 48 hours ???

A bit too hard at first but a great idea still! There might be more to with this concept.

The level of polish on this game is insane, but it's a shame it feels so RNG based. I often found myself succeeding at a level just by repeating the exact same thing with different results. To me, part of the problem comes from the fact that the level are designed like a puzzle game while the game is way more enjoyable as a nervous beat-'em-up. Just my opinion though, great work !

I really like the idea of using challenges to unlock choices

This is simply awesome. The idea, the visual, the humor. It's just so clever. Congrats to the whole team!

By far the most creative use of the theme I've seen so far !

Really! I'm impressed by the amount of polish and effort you managed to put into this game. It's just a shame the music is this  repetitive

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the idea !

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Merci Patrick Jacquemont

This is the best use of the theme I have seen this far. Congrats !

I LOVE the art style

I LOVE the art style

Why do we only play as the monster in the final battle though ?

Honestly, the 2D art and the concept itself carries the whole thing. It's so adorable !

Cool concept with an awesome art style and a great level of polish. Great job!

Very simple but very effective !

That was good! A minimalist yet great management game paired with nice pixel art. Great job!

An interesting mechanic that could still be exploited a bit more. Great art still !

I was NOT expecting that. Thanks for this x)

The concept is cool but I don't see how I'm supposed to do anything if I don't even know the dimensions of the next shape. I like the art style though.

Need more feedbacks on what's currently happening but it's a nice game! I love the boss face !

I agree. I made sound and camera effects but I should have added more. Glad you liked it still!

Glad you liked it! Thank you for the follow!


2) It's not only you, the difficulty does need some adjustment. I'll work on that for the post jam version.

3) This has to be my 10th game jam and I've been in a video game school for 4 years, so me being fast isn't really impressive -v-'

Hi ! I'm pretty new to RPG Maker plugin usage. How can I modify the Actor Speed parameter during the game?

You're right, this kind of situation is really frustrating and it's a tough design problem that I need to fix. I'm not sure if removing the damaging bullets would work as the entire game design is based around that, but I do need to find a solution.

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it !

The art is pretty and you clearly put a lot of work into this game but this is way too hard, especially without checkpoints. It took me an embarassing amount of retry to understand what I was supposed to do and even then I still died to the reaper without knowing how I was supposed to avoid him (attracting him with the resonator of sadness didn't do anything)

The rewind mechanic works pretty well but it's a shame the game just end after the first checkpoint

The idea of having echoes of your past attempt is interesting, it's a shame it hasn't been implemented.