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Thank you for testing it !

I followed you on  and Twitch.

Don't worry, I have projects coming soon ;)

Thank you a lot !

Thank you for your comment !

Don't worry, an extended version is planned, so you can still follow me on ;)

A lot of people wants a visual indicator like this.
Don't worry, I'll work on this game after the jam, so you can still follow me on !

Also the level 2 is way too long.

Thank you !

Nice story. It's a shame that the game is unfinishable without the walkthrough.

Thank you !

Thank you a lot for your feedback and your compliments <3

I know there is a problem with the difficulty curve and I should  indeed change the background of "Dance of the Blind"

A creation tool ? No tutorial ? Why ?

Cute graphics, but it's too difficult for me.

I unzip it and I didn't find the game.

Thank you !

This is a simple but relaxing game. Good job !

Thanks for the reply, but I think I have just a problem with the gameplay itself (too much ennemies, I can't reload correctly...)

But great job anyway !

This version is better. But I think you should change totally the player's controls.

Same bug.

Okay, thank you.

Good concept, but I never know what is the good timing to attack...

The controls really needs improvements.

That's...artistic...I guess...Neat idea !

Really funny concept, but the gameplay really needs some improvements.

Also, it's really difficult.

I'm stuck. What should I do after escaping the ghost on the roof ?

No tutorial, no story (even not a basic one), no explaination, no feedback when we achieve something, no objectives.

It's a shame, because the game itself is pretty nice.

It doesn't work for me.

It would be an awesome game with better visuals and less difficulty

(also I keep confusing the X and the Z keys because of my AZERTY keyboard)

Actually, I think you should show where the platforms are going to appear (at least three seconds before they become solid) and when they're going to disappear (for example, the platforms get darker with time, and they disappear when they're black)

Original concept, but there are too much bugs.

Why is there no music ?

What am I supposed to do ?

I understand nothing


Nice concept, but it's really difficult !

I would like to have an option for azerty keyboard.

Great game ! Good job !

Really too hard

Great concept, bad gameplay.

Great game ! Good job !

So I can win just by not pressing a key ?

Simple but fun ! Good job !

Simple and beautiful.