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I agree, physics-based controls aren't a good idea.

Well, the block skill is useless, there is only one attack skill and the ennemies have all the same behaviour, so you only punch ennemies without thinking to anything else. But that's just my opinion !

The player's movement is physic's based, so I can't control evrything, but I understand what you're saying.

There is just one fight ?

The pixel-art is very well done, but the game itself...

It's extremely weird and the non-moving camera is quite frustrating.

The concept is interesting, but not very fun, and the music is a bit repetitive.

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Game available here : https://fledered.itch.io/fort-knight

Hello everyone !

Our team (fledered, jtn191, SLG , and uncookedtoast) worked hard on this game and while I'm writing these lines, there's only 3 votes for our games. 

So, don't hesitate to rate us for the Mashup Jam !

I hope you'll like it !

But what is this game exactly ?

Fort Knight is a platformer like Mario Bros with multiple endings like Undertale : you can choose to kill, or spare monsters.

There is three different runs based on your actions : pacifist, genocide and neutral. There is an awesome boss at the end of the two first ones !

So, would you be a pacifist, or a killer ?

The gameplay isn't very impressive, but it's a nice game.

If the goal was to make something weird, it's really well done.

The realisation is really good, but I hate clicker-games.

No audio. Is this normal ?

It's a nice game with a good concept but it's uncontrollable. (why there is no sound ?)

The shoots don't trigger all the time, but it's a nice game.

I'm on an AZERTY keyboard, so it's impossible to control for me, but the game seems cool ! (maybe a bit too difficult)

It's beautiful but I don't understand...What am I supposed to do ?

"Ununderstantable" is the consequence of "Dark" and "Buggy" (good job for your first game, by the way) :

It's dark, so I don't know what I'm seeing, I can't recognize my environnement.

It's buggy, so when my character fall to the ground, I'm totally lost.

And also, I have no idea of what I'm supposed to do.

Maybe you could try to make something brighter and use the FirstPersonController from the Standards Assets the next time ?

I'm waiting for your next work !

Too long, didn't finished.

There is no game, but it's fun anyway.

It's nice, but I wish there was automatic savepoint (and no labyrinth).

A nice addictive game, but I think there is a problem with the music.

It could be nice if the gameplay was better.

That was really awesome (even if the white screens were really long).

I'm waiting for what you'll make in the future !

It was really fun until I met this frustrating robots. Well done for the time mechanics !


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The character is very slow. The throwing darw mechanic is pretty fun, but very chaotic. The music is nice. The font is difficult to read. The graphics are nice, but not very impressive.

There are also many bugs. (I made an Out Of Bound)

With more work on it, it could be a really cool game !

The ambience is very well done. (The ennemy in the closet really scared me).

But I got killed because I didn't know what to do and I don't to play it again because it scares me too much.

Dark, buggy and ununderstandable. It's just normal beginning's mistakes.

There is a good potential. But for now, it's a bit unplayable. 

But the art is nice.

The dinosaurs pushe me into the void and when I'm above them, I can't do anything.

The concept is nice, but this game is obviously unfinished : no sounds, buggy, no lives, no scores. Keep working, and you'll make great things !

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The game isn't very fun and I don't have sound, but if it's your first game, it's a great start !

(Also, I don't get where is the mashup)

The dowload is now visible !

Oops, I forgot to upload the correctes version.

Also, could you precise what you didn't like in the controls please ?

Thank you for  your comment !

I didn't notice the numbers at first, and to be honest, I found the first fight already difficult : the arrow are fast, and you must have all of them. Maybe you could just make fight easier (slower arrow, monsters with less life) and add a sound feedback ?

It's fun.

I really like the meta aspects of this game ! Like the movie (I guess), the whole thing is just a big joke, and we don't care about quality anymore...

The concept is really interesting, but the gamefeel is really frustrating : no feedback on damages done, only attacking seems effective and the difficulty is very high. It's a shame, because I quickly quit the game.

Ahah, no it doesn't count, but it's funny ! Thank you !