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A die and retry ? no thanks.

Interesting, but there is no checkpoint and it's too slow. I gave up.

Posted in Gameplay! :D

There wasn't enough checkpoint for me.

Very challenging ! I gave up...

I know, but I can't. I haven't Android phone ! Sorry.

Seems interesting : )

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Hello everyone ! Let me introduce you Chiptune :

Chiptune is a blind-test (a quizz where you must recognize musics) about the video games musics. But not any musics ! Only the best or the more mythics !

The game has beautiful graphics, and is playable until 4 players or 4 teams. Chiptune is as good for fans of musics of video games that for the one who know nothing about it.


The final version is out ! You can play to Chiptune here !

Don't hesitate to give feedbacks !

And if you have a video games's music in mind and you would like to see it in Chiptune, you can go here!

Ready to plunge in the world of the music of video games ?

You can also flee him during all the level. It works.

Here's the release ! I hope you'll enjoy !

Sorry for this ! There will be an english translation and a better tutorial in the next release. And yeah, this game is a quizz, you must recognize video game's music. Thanks a lot for the video anyway

I found an interressant bug : if you have a "fast" effect, and you take the exit when the counter show "1", you don't have the "fast" effect in the next level, but you are still really fast. It's a cool bug for speed-run, but it also work with the "slow" effect ; )

It could be cool to have a tutorial but who care ? This game is really fun ! The gameplay is great, there is a lot of item and the music is just awesome ! Good job !

The game lag on my PC ; (