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Thank you very much !

Well for example, if you want to spell "râle", " élève" or "aïe", you can't because there is only the letters a, e and i.

The art direction is neat, but mixing sokoban and scrabble just make a scrabble that is hard to play.

Also the multiple dictionaries is a nice feature, but french words with accents can't be placed x)

Yeah, having to wait 1 minute before restarting a level is really frustrating, but the concept is cool and the narrator is awesome !

The concept is very cool, and the music very groovy

It takes some time to really understand how to play, but this concept is incredible, I love it !

The rotation is very slow, the connections sometimes imprecise and the movement is a bit floaty. It's a shame because this is by far the best concept of the whole jam, with brilliant execution. Well done !

(You forgot to specify to that your build works on windows)

Thank you ! They may have bugs with the card's description, sorry x)

My bad ! The drone deconnecting all the time and the unskippable cutscene at the beginning  was really frustrating,  but the overall game was really fun and well polished. Good job !

This feels like a game that was made by an expert in metal trying to share their knowledge through video games

Literally an underated entry. The puzzle design is really great and really well explained. The presentation is minimalist but great (I love the level selection screen !)

The game lacks an "undo" button and a way to move units on long distance without having to press the same key 20 times, but overall, great job !

This concept could be awesome, but unfortunately, right now, I just saw 1 enemy and the jump doesn't trigger most of time

I'm glad you liked it, thank you so much !

The idea is awesome : this gives a whole new dimension to the platformer genre, separating the health and the hitbox in a really intuitive way. However, the level design doesn't really do it justice : a lot of the challenges feel luck-based by putting the player in situations where he has little to no control (which is not helped by the physics aspect of the game).

A great entry overall

The glow effect is nice, but combined with this weird pixelated effect, it really lowers visibility. Also avoiding really slow slimes while waiting for your random buddy to kill them is a bit boring.

The concept is cool and the art direction is great, but the game needs some tweaking

Wow, wow, wow so many compliments, thank you so much !

I always love seeing gameplay videos of my games, I'll watch your reactions !

The idea is cool but the surprisingly low gravity (is hell located on the moon ?) makes things really difficult. I could pass the first level

Thank you !

I'm glad you liked it, thank you so much !

You're actually the first one to compliment the game's visuals x)

Thank you very much !

Joining two pairs of key binding basically leaves you with two weird actions: attacking the left and jumping on the right. The level design doesn't really seem thought for being played with these two actions and their limits : because you can't combine these two keys, you can't jump on the left and you can't attack on the right. So you end up playing with a weird and hard-to-use mechanic in a game that doesn't give it any potential to shine, which is just really frustrating

Thank YOU so much for the kind words !

The concept is great and works well, I love how the menus are integrated in the game itself.

But yeah, the bugs really ruin everything : not only there is a permanent restart button, but it also add another layer of music, resulting in a huge cacophony.

I really love the art direction and the concept is nice, but it's so hard to keep track of everything that winning feels a bit random

Thank you !

Thank you so much !

when you edit your game info, in the builds sections where you can see your build, there is a checkbox with the windows logo on it

It's really easy to recreate, it happens when both of your splitted parts fall in the void

You're welcome !

The player is blocking the view, my character fell without dying, went through the floor and ignored the turn many times and you forgot to tell to that this was a windows build.

I liked the music though

I loved it ! The puzzles were just challenging enough, the concept is simple and works well and the dezoom feature is very handy !

The connecting part is lacking a bit of juiciness (and you forgot to tell to that this was a windows file) but overall, you did a great job !

There is a lack of feedback on the current mana of the current hero and switching between them is a bit hard, but the concept is really cool

You should add coyote-time to avoid the player using a double jump just because he jumped a bit too late

(Also you forgot to say to that this was a windows build)

The art direction is awesome and the concept is great (although it didn't really looks like things that are "joined together"), but the level design and the character controls make things really frustrating

How can I make these slimes go in differents directions if they're having the same movement ?

The art direction is great and the game itself is really fun, except when you get stuck inside a ship so all your health is depleted in 2 seconds and you're too slow to react.

(Also you forgot to say to  that this was a windows build)

The atmosphere is great, but the game itself is very repetitive

I feel like sometimes, planets aren't triggering the targets or the goals

I spent SO MUCH TIME on these puzzles, but I can't blame you for it. Everything is great about this game : the art, the feedbacks, the music, the level design. Congratulations to the whole team

I saw this mechanic quite a lot during this jam, but the gravity twist and the introductions of portals bring the concept to another level. Great game, and great polish !

(Also I see you're a fan of the Free Casual SFX pack from Dustyroom as well ;) )