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Some great feedback I definitely agree with x) Thank you !

Really ? I never encountered that bug ! It's a shame I can't fix it 😅

Yeah, the screenshake is a bug (a really stupid one on top of that). Thank you for playing the game on stream !

Glad you liked it, thank you !

I did get scared by the monster, well done !

I just exported it ! Thank you !

That was really great! Congrats to the whole team !

The limb detachment thing works great but it doesn't have much to do with the jam's themes

The level generation can stuck you with a mass of really-long-to-destroy ground. The music is great !

It's a shame there is no sound, walking through the ruins feels great !

Where did you find that trashy version of "Rude Buster", you're not the first one in this jam to use it

Simple, but really fun ! Great job !

The hit feedbacks are really good !

Yeah, we kinda ran out of time to implement this x)

Thank you very much !

The concept is really and the ambience is great !


The gameplay is surprisingly fun once you get the hang of it !

The concept is interesting and the visuals are amazing ! Great job !

The pixel art is really good!

Something in the gameplay makes it not as satisfying as it should be, but this is one of the best concept of the jam I saw!

What did you do to Rude Buster

The game is really cool, but the turrets are completely overpowered

The ambience is really great, but yeah this is way too hard at the beginning

The concept is really great but having to spam keys gets old really fast

This was awesome. Would be better with a retry button instead of a Q button right next to the WASD that crashes the game

It's reaaaally hard to notice the branching path one the cards, but the concept is really great !

Putting the shoot button on the same finger as the move buttons makes it impossible to shoot while moving

There is no attack button ?

Is it just me or is the player constantly turning right ?

Une option pour changer la sensi et inverser l'axe vertical seraient des must-have sur un vrai projet, mais en 48h j'avais vraiment pas le temps x) Par contre je suis pas sûr de comprendre en quoi changer la FOV aiderait à mieux comprendre le fait de redevenir grand.

Mais en tout cas, merci beaucoup et bravo pour les 415 secondes !

Merci beaucoup !

Que dire à part merci !

Merci beaucoup !

Merci énormément ! 400 secondes seulement ? GG !

Content que la maniabilité ne t'ai pas dérangé, merci beaucoup !

Ahah, merci beaucoup !

The tank game in the arcade cabinet is easy, not the game itself x)

Merci beaucoup !

Je pense pas pousser le concept plus loin, mais merci beaucoup !