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Kill the Man in the House

Kill the target and get out alive. A short, free game.

Play here:

gameing time 😎

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Is there any chance you can add this asset to your PSX Bundle?

Also, if you're taking requests, I would love packs for: weapons (suitable for FPS), furniture (bonus points for destructible stuff as well like pots, chairs, tables, lamps, etc), themed packs (laboratory, office, apartments, prison, alleyway, warehouse, military, Victorian (think Nightmare Creatures for PS1), etc), modular kits for stuff like ventilation shafts, modular characters (also themed based on locations like prisoners, guards, hoodlums, homeless, etc with swappable clothing, accessories, textures, heads, and hair).

P.S. Really looking forward to Rewind or Die! Good luck with the launch!

Awesome! That sounds like a great variety. I'm probably going to wait until the next itch creator day to pick up this asset since I don't have an urgent need of it, I just really want it, haha.

Are there any plans to extend this asset with more outfits (women's blouse, men's suit/button up, jackets, additional hairstyles, blendshapes for additional body sizes)? Thank you!

Just beat it. Really cool concept I haven't seen in a sokoban puzzle before. I saw on Discord you're working on turning it into a commercial project so I look forward to the full release!

Nice bite-sized indie horror game!

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Yes, you made it in. You can search for your game here and it shows up: (top middle of the page has the search bar)

Both of those links go to the same page.

My game Déjà Vu is in the bundle and it gets really good reviews. (well at least the Xbox version does, haha)

All of your links point to the same URL.

I uploaded a full playthrough of the game to YouTube: 

Good idea for a game! This could be fun as a phone app. My current high score is 75. A good way to improve the game might be to make there be a delay before you can place another object. This could help get around the strategy of just clicking as humanly fast as possible to get a high score without really strategically thinking about where to place your next block.

Play here:

Fight your way to the top of the tree!

Attacking enemies increases their instability giving you a higher chance of knocking them off the branch. Make sure to time your jumps over incoming attacks or risk being knocked off the tree yourself. Wobbly Warbler is a 2D fighting game with birds.

Nina's games always feel very personal and raw and Last Call is no different. If you've played Nina's other games like Freshman Year or Cibele then you'll have a good idea of what to expect. Overall, Last Call is a short game with good presentation that respects your time as a player and tells a very personal story.

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Really nicely designed puzzle game. The switching place with rocks mechanic was unique (or at least I've never seen it before, haha) and felt really well explored. The difficulty scaled up nicely as the the levels progressed. Great job!

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is a minimalist puzzle game about life, death, and clones. Create clones of your previous actions on a level to help solve puzzles. The game features accessibility options like colorblind mode and dark mode and is localized in 13 languages. Déjà Vu was released a year ago on Xbox and currently has a 4.6/5 star rating there.

You're too kind! And I tried to make the music as obnoxiously happy but lifeless as possible so it'd fill the space but sink into the background and not overshadow the game, haha.

I'm glad you liked it :)

Really smart take on the theme and the art was fantastic. Very polished and cohesive. Good job!

Love the art style! (I might be biased because I did a similar thing in my game ;) The gameplay is really smooth and cute. It kind of reminds me of the game Speed Thrasher that I used to play a lot when I was young so this game just gave me warm fuzzy feelings. Really good interpretation of the theme and overall polished game. Good job! :)

Good idea and I liked the sumo guy, haha. I was a little confused at first with the pickup mechanic because I was holding down shift before touching the weights thinking it was going to make me a magnet or something. Didn't realize I needed to press while touching, haha. Besides that, cool game and good idea!

Unique concept and I thought it was really funny when I landed on an enemy's head and the poor fella looked so confused trying to shoot me. :) Nice art, good jam game!

Short and sweet but I liked it! The platforming felt solid and the gravity was just right (not too floaty and not too fast). I didn't feel like I had trouble getting around. There was good color choice for the levels so I knew what was walkable and which character was which at a glance. A little background music and some simple stretch and squish animations and other game feel stuff are the only suggestions I have. Good job!

Really cool! The art was really nice (the guys kind of reminded me of cyanide & happiness) and the switching between characters so the others could rest was nice. One small improvement would be to change the unity default scrollbar to something custom. All the other artwork was really unique and cohesive so that might the scrollbar really stand out, haha. I kind of wish the others gained stamina back gradually while I was attacking or not, but that's just a minor thing. Overall, really good game and impressive for a game jam!

Cool game, really like the feeling of the momentum. It's a bummer about that restart bug though. Besides that it's a really solid drifting experience and I laughed my first time playing and I ran head first into an asteroid not realizing the station was on the _other_ side of it, haha. With a little more polish this could be a really solid experience. Nice jam game!

Really cool! The story, font choice, and colors really helped liven up and keep me wanting to complete levels. The mechanic was well done and the background art was fantastic. I think a little bit of input buffering and coyote time on jump would help tighten up the controls, but besides that, fantastic game! :)

Cool game! The puzzles seemed well thought out and paced and the mechanics were well explored. I think some background music and a couple stretch and squish animations could help make the game feel a little more polished. Overall, great game for a game jam, good job!

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It used to be unconstrained vertical movement as well but then you could sequence break the game by flying over all the gates, crates, and goblins and head straight to the final boss, haha. If I ever do a full release, vertical movement will be unconstrained as well and the environment will make sure the player can't escape. Then I can do things like spike pits and sawblades to dodge to help break up the story/combat.

But thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you liked it!

I'm really proud of how this game turned out. There's been some demand for an expanded version (mostly from my parents) so I'm very receptive to any comments and criticism and would love everyone's feedback on Puppet Quest! :)

Puppet Quest

Play here for free:

game intro gif

Puppet Quest is a short narrative adventure game where you control a puppet's cross brace and help put on a show for an audience. It's (hopefully) funny and features controller support and subtitles.

Really fun! The presentation was great and the physics felt just right, not too slippery and not too static. The different weapons was a nice touch as well since they felt like meaningful decisions and not just simple upgrades like a bigger wrecking ball. Great game! :)

Really cool game! I loved the art, it was really well done. The risk/reward for catching more flies to eat at once to get the point multiplier vs a random fly breaking your web and freeing your food was really nice. Great job! :)

Fun idea! I really appreciated the generous checkpoint system because I was _bad_ at dodging those spikes, haha. Good take on the theme and really cute presentation. I liked the Skyrim reference in the beginning. :P

Really fun! I was surprised by how many levels there were. I sort of expected it to be over at 10 but then nope! I made it to level 12 before I died 100 times and finally gave up, haha. I was so close once but let go of the anchor too soon when wrapping around and dropped just before the exit. :(

I really liked the addition of the slow motion button because that helped with the timing of attaching/releasing. And again, really impressive amount and variety of levels and mechanics. Good job! :)

Nice concept! The dialog was a nice touch. I think if the icons had a little color to them instead of being b&w it would help me figure out what was what quicker. Besides that, really impressive for a jam game. Good job! :)

Whoa, this was the juiciest game I think I played in this jam so far! So much works was done on polish as well, custom cursor in the menu that's different than the custom cursor in the game, actual option menu split out for music/sfx volumes, etc. The tutorial was short and to the point and well done, and the game itself was fantastic. I really liked the balance of making sure I possessed the type of enemy to help at that time (circle blast when there's lots everywhere or the smg one when it's more focused) and was really surprised that the enemy abilities I could use was more than just fire rate/number of bullets. I was surprised when I possessed the ghost bug and was suddenly able to walk through walls, haha. Everything from the particles to screenshake or that lightning animation when you die was well done. Really impressive, great job!

Cool game! I like how simple it started vs how complicated it started getting when they were moving around and the timer was going. Unique take on the theme. Good job!

Cool game, really liked the small animation and audio juice the game had. Really unique mechanic as well. Good job!

Really cool idea! It felt very polished with the little cutscenes that happened mid level. There were a lot of nice design choices like having the batter flash so I could spot it in the dark if I accidentally left it somewhere and having the camera be pulled a big by the mouse position as well so you could stretch your vision. Audio and particles were nice as well. Overall this was a fantastic and really stand-out game jam game! :)