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This is really neat! I like the limited stamina forcing you to switch things up. I'm not a fan of the speed of the arrows though, as its hard to react with a defensive ability in time, meaning it's almost guaranteed that you'll take damage. Overall, great job!

This is nice! It has a sweet story and a good premise. I think the fragility of the bird could have been a little more forgiving, but overall you did great!

You could have pressed "F" for fullscreen. I put that in the game description as I had forgotten to put it in the instructions. Thanks for playing, your feedback means a lot!

Very nice! I enjoyed the puzzled and the soothing atmosphere. I wish it was clearer you were aloud to make planets go offscreen, and per my personal preference have a bit longer aim trajectory, at least for the dual planet ones. Besides those two gripes though I really liked it! Great work!

Complimentary Fanart!

I've got 1920 x 1080, so idk what was happening with it. Glad I could inspire you a bit!

Other people have said the same thing. It's always tricky as the developer to guess what is intuitive and what needs to be explained. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Have some fanart! I took a few... creative liberties.

As thanks for rating, have some fanart!

Thank you! A tutorial would certainly be something I will consider in the future.

I understand! Level design and game balance are more time consuming than anything in my experience. I'd love to see this project fleshed out more to reach its full potential!

Very nice concept! I found myself following a strategy of just following the crystal and shielding every once in a while, as the enemies bullets would usually miss the crystal, especially in larger arenas. This made it so I didn't really have to worry about my health or the other enemies all that much. Might be something to look into. Other than that though, the graphics and music were great, the concept has a lot of potential for strategy and expansion, and it's very well made. Great work!

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Really nice! It took some getting used to, but eventually I was on a roll. I wish it was bit more clear what the box collectable did though. Overall, neat concept and nice graphics, good job! 

High score: 5990!

Interesting! Cool aesthetic, and a neat concept. It does feel a little... I don't know, empty? There isn't too much expansion upon the base idea. Overall though, This is a super solid base that I would love to see be expanded upon! Nice work!

This is a solid concept! Obviously with your limited time it couldn't really be fleshed out all that much, but it has potential. My main gripe is that switching between worlds was really tedious as you had to go into the menu so much, but other than that, you've got a good start!

Brilliance put onto paper. I thank you

A fellow train game! It's pretty nice! The theme isn't greatly utilized, and it's a bit unforgiving with the constant enemies, long reload times, and upgrades being placed so far away, but the general "defend the store" concept is solid and can certainly be expanded upon. This is a good start! Keep it up!

Super neat! I loved the visuals and really enjoyed the puzzles, though it did get a little frustrating at times, especially when resetting. Overall, great concept, and great execution! 

Super unique idea! I love the concept and its very well designed. I wish it was a bit easier to see where enemies would turn and such, but other than that little gripe, I think you did great!

Here's some fanart for your game! 

Here, have some fanart!

Some fanart for our little knowledge-delivering soccer player!

Have some complimentary fanart!

Cool game! As others have said, it's a bit unchallenging, but the game is fun, the art and sound are crisp, and it's a classic concept. Great work!

I have mixed feelings on this one. I really like the concept, tense gameplay, and art and sound, but playing it was just kind of frustrating. Jumping sometimes felt unresponsive, the precision needed in some parts was annoying, and the reflector walls were unclear. This is really good, but just needs a few tweaks for it to be truly great. Good job!

Really interesting idea! Changing the game world is super meta and cool! The music was a tad loud and ramps were hard to work with sometimes, but the concept and puzzle design were great. Nice job!

Very cool! I love the chaotic battles and "juice" of the screen shake and sound effects. My main gripe is that the boss battle feels a little drawn out. Making it shorter or simply adding a health bar would probably help with that. Other than that though, I love it!

"If it's not fun, why bother?"
~Reggie Fils-Aimé

Thanks for playing!

Oh yeah, the edges are kind of a nightmare. I'm no stranger to bugs and the like but it was late, and I'm lazy. But enough shoddy excuses, I'd like to thank you for playing and giving this feedback! It's good to hear it was an overall fun experience.

Thank you so much! That frantic scramble for lost cars is one of my favorite aspects. I'll be sure to look into a more intuitive start for new players. It's also great to hear the movement was satisfactory. Thanks again!

Battle trains are indeed super sick. Thanks for playing!

Glad to hear it! Satisfaction is a high priority.

Pretty Cool! As you said time is short, but if given more time I wish there a few more interactions between the 2 tabs. Other than that, I really liked it! Nice music, simple and sweet graphics, and cute little puzzles! Good job!

Well you seemed to chew it nice in good, because what you spat out is very, very good!

Here's some appreciation fanart! All hail the glorious King Mike!

Some complimentary fanart, sir/madam:

I thought there was auto-aim, but I wasn't quite sure. Good to hear, and glad I could brighten your day!

This is super cool! Making a whole rogue-lite in 2 days must've been a big undertaking. My biggest gripe has already been mentioned: That there is really no incentive to go against Mike's wishes (Other than getting revenge for stealing my girlfriend. He's a real ladies man). Other than that, I love the art style, powerups, and general concept. Fantastic work!