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Im amazed that this was made in 2 days, the visuals look great. Thematically it works super well too. Don't really have anything I didn't like about the game, only feedback I have is that you can reuse "tab" to switch between the parts to limit the amount of buttons you need. Another thing is on level 2 I got stuck for a while because I wasn't sure what something did, some extra visual indicators when pressing buttons can be nice for those cases.

Really good submission!

Yeah! After playing a lot of the same games I really liked how unique this was and it was hilarious how things moved around at times.

The concept is really cool but the camera makes it really hard to play through the game without getting dizzy sadly.

Really cool platformer! I love how you introduces the doors with buttons even though it took me a while to get how it works. I think this deserves more attention!

One of my favourite entries, I really enjoy just playing around with it until I magically get to a solution!

Nice level design, I really liked the laser spicing up the later stages. Really cool submission!

Amazing puzzle and level design! Art is simple but very effective.

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Coffee's good, great gaem

Cute idea. I think the music choice was a bit too extreme for this game but I really enjoyed the interpretation of the theme!

Awesome idea and polishing, the game looks very professional.

My biggest issue was the controls are very unintuitive making the game a lot harder to play than necessary. I love how animation you made it look and the presentation is top notch.

Cute artwork. Really enjoyed doing these puzzles. One thing that bothered me is that switching from solar farms to lines didn't work by clicking on the other button. Whereas more features would always be nice I think the basic concept was already good enough on its own so really well done!

Great concept (and voice acting!), I think this has potential to be a full game. The level design was kinda hit or miss, for example level 8 was brilliant but levels before that I couldn't put pieces to the end without thinking. Perhaps using varied amount of hearts can fix this.

Some other small polishing tips would be to allow movement of blocks after they've been placed and better pathfinding but I understand you can only do so much in a weekend and it's still an amazing submission!

The game plays super satisfyingly! The puzzles are a bit easy and I would've loved to see some more different mechanics added in but besides that this is an amazing submission.

The flow of the game is a bit slow because of having to stop and drag and click but overall I love the idea and levels you made. 

Dope gameplay mechanic, I had no issues besides on the first level but once I got it down it all ran very smoothly. Really fun entry!

Awesome puzzle game! The idea and level design were on point!

Really good submission! I love how players can choose to tackle obstacles the way they want. 

I'm not sure if my game crashed or if there were only 2 levels but either way I'd love to see more of this mechanic.

Definitely a great concept, would love to see this idea explored more. Someone else probably mentioned this before but I got stuck on the first level because I didn't realise I could pick something up to increase the chain because it looked like a bubble. 

The physics and gameplay were super interesting and engaging! I think your level design is on point, it was a bit hard at times but I don't mind a challenge.

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Fantastic idea and execution of the theme, also love how you were able to use simple assets to make the game look this good. My biggest issue is that the gameplay and deaths are kinda unintuitive and unforgiving making it really hard to play but the core mechanics are great.

Super visually polished, also really great level design! My only point would be that some jumps are a bit too tight which was unnecessarily frustrating at times.

Really good one!

Thanks for letting me know! 

Not sure why it doesn't run on Firefox, probably has something to do with the Godot export.

Great idea built around the theme. Enjoyed my playthrough a lot.

Controls took some time to get used to and I think some jumps were a bit too tight. I think this game has great potential with some extra polish!

As others have pointed out already the controls are quite unpleasant but I still had a lot of fun with this game. It was very satisfying to smack em in the face :D

I actually never realised I used wind, I beat level 2 by making the water into ice and then just melting the ice cube with key. Maybe I used it by accident? At level 3 the ice with key in it sort of just flew towards me.

Thematically this game is amazing. It's super polished and looks great. The mechanics were also good, the only point of feedback I can give is that I solved most puzzles without really figuring it out. Often I played through levels and was like oh it surely has to be this without actually having to think.

Deja Vu! Really enjoyable to play this for a while.

Adorable game! Wish that getting a longer chain did something more than just visuals because all the way through I was just catching new otters with one point. Still very cute.

I liked the use of powerups, plus you made good use of the assets!

My biggest gripe were the collisions/physics not quite working as intended, with that fixed I think it's a really solid game.

Pretty much the epitome of simple but super effective.

I had a lot of fun with this game!

Game looks simple but very nice with animations and sound effects. 

I really enjoyed how you made the game more like a puzzle where you figure out which jumps you make first than really hard platforming.

Damn, the visuals and audio are stunning!

Only real point is that it would be nice to get some feedback when hitting an enemy, even if it's a small flash.

Adorable art and animations!

I really like the idea of switching some cards around too. 

I love games where you combine stuff.

I feel kinda conflicted about the combat, I dont think it really fits into this game. The puzzles were enjoyable, making fire to melt the ice or making ice to cross the water. Level 3 I sorta just skipped or it was very easy. 

If you wanna expand this game your focus probably should be on the combining part and desigining puzzles around that because that's where your game shines.

Shame you didn't get to finish it, would've loved to play the version as you imagined it.

Gameplay is a bit confusing without SFXs or animations but it still sorta works and I love the artwork you did.

Personally I also love Godot, good luck in learning more of it and keep up the good work!

I think the game starts out a bit slow, maybe increasing the movement speed or adding some more obstacles early can make it more interesting.  Later on it gets a lot better and I love the little challenges. The art is very basic but it sorta works out, though I'm not sure why there are particle effects on the top cube.

Keep up the good work!

Chain physics are really tough, and I noticed that walking around was sometimes very awkward cuz of it. I still think you worked really well with it! Art is really well done too, game looks great.

Really original idea!

Took me a while to understand what to do but once I got it, it was quite enjoyable!

Cool mechanics!

I think a healthbar would be a nice addition, at times I felt kinda frustrated cuz i got sniped and just had to start over.

Like the other comment I love like the clock animation!

Small nitpick I have about controls is that it would be nice if swapping between time would also be mapped to the mouse.