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I love the clear instructions and the helpful UI blurbs--they make it easy to immediately understand what to do. I also like the concept, and it was very well executed! And I like the dice fudging system. Being able to swap the dice around in addition to rerolling them is cool, too. Great job!

I've seen very few boss fights at all during the jam, so this entry immediately stands out. I wish some of the boss attacks were a bit more telegraphed, though

I like the theming of the game--using sugar cubes is a cute way to keep the feeling of rolling dice without having literal six-sided dice. I also like the Yahtzee influence. Good job!

I'm glad that this game has in-depth descriptions for the types of die and their various effects. The music and art were exceptionally polished as well. I also like how new mechanics and tweaks to the formula are gradually introduced. Great job!

This game felt great to play--the feedback on shooting, the pause whenever you got hit, and the various particles and sounds really sold the action on screen! I love how the blanks give you a huge boost. One tiny itty-bitty nitpick is that I kept getting confused about which bullet type was next--I assumed it was left to right at first. But this was a super polished entry!

I think it's safe to say there is no other game like this in the jam! I guess the title should have clued me in, but I was still super caught off guard (in a good way). This could be a hilariously morbid concept to explore in an expanded project. The controls are a bit difficult in the current version--the decapitation/bowling power bars move so fast that it is hard to time them properly. Overall, though, good job!

I got the hang of the trickshots eventually, and they certainly make it easy to place a tower in a specific location that is far away from you. Though it does make slightly moving towers or trying to reroll them while keeping them in the same spot more difficult. Being able to push the dice maybe would make small adjustments to existing towers easier while still requiring mastery of the bank shots to place them otherwise. Overall the dice throw is still very fun, though!

I like how you constantly need to be on your toes--it is possible to create some strong arrangements, but to prevent enemies from reaching the base, you'll need to move towers on the fly. Throwing the dice towers is fun, though it feels a bit imprecise and unruly. Maybe controlling the dice throw direction and distance/speed with the mouse cursor would help with that if you wanted to expand the project. Overall, though, I really liked it!

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Simple and pretty well executed puzzle game! The visual warning of when the dice are about to randomize is nice, but it would be good if there were some sound effects as well--that could be a small post-jam change that would add a lot to the game.

The sounds of the dice pelting the board is pretty hilarious. I wish that the dice dragging was a bit more responsive, though, as it felt a bit sluggish. The music also got stuck in my head just a bit!

The music and presentation were very professional! I like the stated concept of guessing words from alphabetic dice, but it would have been nice to see that incorporated more--perhaps in a post-jam version?

It's surprising to see such a well made RPG as a jam submission, and it looks and sounds so fresh! The game has such a novel premise, too, but as it is I feel like the battle mechanics are a bit simple (which for a jam game is still great). And I like the silly title!

Loved the dice customization and the general pace/difficulty of the game! I think introducing more dice effects as you progress would be a good thing to include if you want to expand the project.

The game has a lot of great visual and audio feedback! It felt good to play, too, racking up big combos, though it was hard to throw the dice far because the ghosts would hit the cursor.

Incredible presentation! But it was pretty easy to get through the game by just spamming the fire button. This customizable randomization mechanic could definitely be built upon for an expanded project, though!

Very juicy and chaotic! But all the attacks seemed pretty mechanically similar. There wasn't too much need to seek out some moves over others, though they were all visually distinct and fun to use. If this game were to be developed further, it would be fun if different dice types were introduced with different types of moves associated with them!

The game is so polished, and the fact that it is a jam game makes it even more impressive! Everything is very clear, and the game is easy to understand. But it can be a bit slow to wait for the specific items you need, and it seems pretty easy. But this is probably the most complete game I've seen so far!

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The tutorial was one of the clearest, most straightforward tutorials I've seen in the jam, and honestly it is just so helpful in immediately jumping into the game. And all of the different mechanics and enemies were clearly distinguishable. I think this project could be expanded nicely! The  balance with the powerups was a bit off though (the shotgun spread was super powerful), and the enemies are pretty tough to defeat with the default shot. Overall a good submission though! And I loved the options button!

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It feels like a classic sort of card game! But it was a bit hard to get the hang of it at first because I couldn't tell exactly what the dice did and what values they were rolling. Making that a bit more clear would make the game easier to get into.

The game looks cute, and the music is really good! I like how the dice bombs are implemented. Bomberman-style multiplayer would definitely make this game more hectic and chaotic!

I liked the presentation, and I love the die customization! Though it seems like the only winning strategy is to stand in front of the enemy and attack, since their attack patterns are random and unpredictable. For a jam game, though, this doesn't matter too much--it is an impressive submission!

Silly and cute! I like the Cooking Mama style gameplay--I don't think I've seen it in any of the other submissions I've played. It is a bit short, though that is understandable given the time limit of the jam.

I liked this game, and I ended up playing it for a while! I think a bit more ramping in difficulty would make this game more fun to play for longer periods, though. If you wanted to continue this game after the jam, I think introducing obstacles after a certain distance would be a good feature.

Looks honestly pretty spooky--the hats chasing after the player in the "hat trick" event combined with the low lighting were pretty startling! But I wish the random die rolls had a bit more impact on the game--I couldn't tell what some of them did, exactly. Overall, a cute game!

A classic puzzle idea! The puzzles force you to move fast while still thinking on your toes. If you wanted to expand this project, leaning into that might make for fun and frenetic gameplay--you have to quickly figure out how to complete a puzzle in a small number of moves. The mechanics are a bit basic, but adding more features and spins on the formula would give the game an edge.

I immediately loved the art and colors, and the idea is solid. Though it was a bit hard to platform without something like a shadow to tell exactly where the character is. I think the wild magic should be triggered more often--it is such an addictive gamble to cast random magic like that!

Unlike anything else in the jam! I liked the option to slow down the timer, as it made it easier to see more of the game. I wonder what other parts of the D&D character creation experience could be incorporated into the gameplay? Maybe character portraits could be automatically created to make it easier to identify things like class more easily (as a long term goal, of course).

I love the drifting mechanic, and it's a nice way of reigning in some of the randomness! But I wish it was a bit clearer how the dice rolls affected the ship.

Super cute and well animated! The environments look nice, and the platforming controls feel nice, too. I wish the die was a bit more integrated into the gameplay--you can clear the game without rolling it, and most effects seem harmful to the player anyways. But besides that, I think the concept could be nicely expanded!

Some of the cleanest artwork I've seen in the jam! I like the unique effects of the different dice. Some of the geometry was kind of hard to navigate around with the zany dice physics (like level 5). But otherwise a great and surprising game!

A cool idea that forces you to think on the fly--most strategy games focus on planning far ahead. If you had more actions you could perform, those sort of random possibilities would really open up!

Such cute presentation, and well themed! A few more randomized elements would make this game more replayable. Good job!

Very cute, and an interesting idea! Though it was hard to tell what to do or where to go at times, as it could take a while to find the combination of world/dino that you need. But this could be the start of a great project if it were expanded a bit!

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I like the idea of influencing dice rolls! Though I wish it didn't take quite as long to stop the dice completely, as it can be pretty easy to miss the opportunity to land on a skull. The presentation was solid, though!

I like the idea, and the art is really good! But I had a hard time getting the magic effects to trigger.

I love the dice customization--this is the first time I've seen that idea explored in this jam! If you wanted to push this game further, I think that you should lean more into that. But it could be a little slow if you didn't get a good balance of movement/attacking. Maybe there could be different dice you roll for different forms of movement or attacking?

I think this game works really well with mouse controls. It's fun to quickly spin the dice underneath the character without falling off! If you wanted to expand this project, it would be cool to see some more varied/goofy objects--like a crate you must walk around to find the correct face or label or something...

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You effectively used a few simple yet well executed ideas and mechanics to make a tense experience. It was fun to struggle with influencing the dice. Maybe there could have been more to it than simply landing on 2, though the time limit prevents this from getting too repetitive. And I think the repetition played into the themes of the story well--it seemed futile and desperate to keep trying to land on 2. It might be interesting if other faces could have different effects that you must try to avoid, which would make each roll a bit more varied.

I was actually a little afraid by the end! Good job!

I like how different combinations of dice produce different effects, though I wish there was a bit more reason to use the individual spells or traps over the towers. It you wanted to expand this game, it might also be cool if different spell types could combine for different towers (like a fire/rock tower that is like a volcano or something)

I like the idea of having the computer players move around the board on their own! It would be cool to expand on that idea and have them more directly affect the player