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This is a clever take on the theme because you're not just playing as the aliens, you're playing as both the space ship and the "aliens" in alternating rounds. With more ship types, and perhaps more control over the invasion phase, I think this could be developed into a cool fully fledged game!

Super clean and well executed. I like how the bullet gets more airtime when it hits someone--it encourages you to let the enemies line themselves up somewhat. That said, it's still pretty easy if you just shoot as much as possible. I bet there are a lot of interesting scenarios you could create with this concept. What if there was a level with huge stacks of explosive crates you needed to steer clear of to prevent blowing yourself up? Good game!

This concept is super creative but also immediately easy to understand! It fits the theme perfectly. The one-button control scheme is cool, but I wonder if it limits the sort of puzzles you could make with this game. Or maybe more elements could be introduced to future levels that interact with the ball in unique ways (both when it is pinned and when it is not). I think this idea is worth exploring further!

I'm glad the concept spoke to you! Being able to deal damage to the hero was my way of preventing the player from just keeping the health bar on top of him the whole time, but I'm sure there are other ideas that would accomplish the same thing while eliminating the frustration of accidentally hurting the hero.

That's so generous! Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun!

Thank you so much! Yeah, recently, I've been thinking about what sort of music would fit this game best. I'd certainly like to add some in the future!

I haven't seen anything else like it in the jam! You could definitely make some tricky puzzles out of this. It might be cool if there was some way the player could influence the camera, rather than just the other way around. This concept has a lot of potential!

The idea of having two opposite characters who influence each other is compelling! I think you could further build upon this by making the characters play a bit more differently from one another--let one reach places the other could not if they could switch places, or have the two characters take influences from different game genres, etc. Good job!

I like the dynamic of the goat and the wizard. The goat is vulnerable and can be shielded by the wizard to an extent, but at the same time you need to do your best to get the wizard to safe parts of the map.  Though It could be a bit hard to control the wizard times, and it was easy to lose track of the goat if the wizard dashed too far away. I think there are a lot of possible interactions between the goat and the human that you could explore if you expanded on this game--Maybe the goat could ram the wizard to shove him quickly over a short distance?

Thank you so much!


Thank you! I tried to ensure that the hero and enemies moved reliably and consistently when they are hit.

An interesting idea! I don't think I've seen anything else like it in the jam. I think this could potentially be developed into a fun (and dare I say educational?) full-length experience. Right now, it is a bit easy to accidentally kill Henry, and it's punishing to have to start over from the beginning. I wonder if you could work this idea into a sort of rhythm game or a clicker game? Cool idea!

It really feels an an alternate-reality Pac-Man game! The presentation is very clean. It feels a bit easy, though, since the other cats were very competent at getting the mouse. It might be cool if there were multiple mice out at once, forcing the player to manually divide the cats up. Good job!

Thanks! If you're really in a bind, you could also make a desperate attempt to hit pinch past some enemies and towards a potion.

Thank you!

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it! I found a lot of music I was thinking of using, so it was a bit hard to narrow down the choices.

Thank you! I wanted players to be able to empathize with the beeping healthbar for once.

I think this is a very cool concept! The only way to take out the enemies and get yourself out of danger is to put yourself into more danger. I think it could use some balancing, though, since I was able to survive just by running around the arena without triggering any bullets. Of course, it's hard to perfectly balance any game over a 48 hour period. Still, I liked the different abilities the ghosts had. Maybe if they were a bit faster or more ferocious when they weren't shooting, it would motivate the player to make them shoot so that they could gain some distance from the ghosts. Good game!

Thanks, and good score!

I appreciate the variety of enemies! It's surprising that you managed to fit so many different enemy types and variations into the game. It's a pretty complete experience as it is, but I think it could be easily elevated greatly with some updated visuals/audio/music and some mechanic to keep the player coming back (like some permanent upgrades). Good job!

Thank you! Since the health bar was so visually simple, I was able to spend more time giving it unique animations for different situations.

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I think this concept has the potential to grow in surprising ways! If you had more time  to develop this idea, I think it would be cool to see what other ways a sign can influence the player's actions. For instance, what if there was a spike trap that triggered every other tick, and you needed to halt the player's movement for a tick by having them stop and read an instructional sign of some sort? I think your idea is worth exploring more!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I always have fun trying to find music with a fitting style for my jam games. I think the chiptune tracks I found help capture the old RPG/adventure game feeling.

The squash-and-stretchy animations are very lively and add a lot of flair to the movement! It feels good to control the character, except that it can be hard to make fine position adjustments in midair. I wonder how you could push the role reversal further--maybe the princess interacts with enemies in a unique way? I like the parasol, though--every good princess needs one! Good job!

Thank you! I have really grown to love making particle systems in unity. I use BFXR to make the sound effects.

Thank you! I always try to leave time to polish my jam entries.

I like the idea of the princess just hanging out on her phone while waiting for a hero. If you wanted to develop this further, it would be fun to see what other ways the princess kills time!

I'm glad you like it! Compared to previous GMTK jams, I think I took much longer to settle on an idea, so I'm glad the extra time spent paid off!

The cutscenes remind me of WarioWare and they add to the charm of the game! I also like the exaggerated movements of the characters--the throw especially felt good to use. I wonder how you push "playing as the villain" further... Maybe give the player some control over the level layout, like levers that can raise platforms or create pits. This was a polished and fun entry!

Thanks! Yeah, I went for a very straightforward name! My first thought was "Barry," but I think "Barney" fits better. I wonder if a short name like "Bart" would have been more effective, though?

Thank you! It took me a while to settle on this idea.

It seems wholesome at first, but then the medic shows the boss the bill! So cold...

It might be fun if you had to avoid damaging or killing the enemies again after reviving them, or if you had to kill and then revive a monster in order to move forward!

The way the NPC was portrayed as a member of a behind the scenes crew makes this entry stand out from the other "questgiver" games I've seen! I wish there was a bit more interactivity with the hero or branching in the narrative, though. It seems like a lot of the answers lead to the same outcomes. It would be fun to go off-script! If you ever expand on this project after the jam, I'd like to see what other behind the scenes activities you can come up with!

Also, I was surprised to see my name in the game!

I like the punny title! This game seems like something that would appear in an old-school graphics tech demo. Very abstract and striking. Definitely a unique puzzle concept! Though, I think some small tweaks to the camera controls would go a long way to making the game a bit more approachable, since it is hard to gauge how the lasers line up and how much you should rotate a piece. And maybe this would detract too much from the challenge, but having a "shadow" of where the pieces will drop would at least be a good accessibility option. A cool puzzle game!

The presentation was ultra clean. I love the way the menu seamlessly transitions to and becomes part of the main game. It's very cheeky and fun! It makes way for silly and surprising moments where normally inane parts of the UI (like the credits or mute button) can almost become obstacles.

At times, it feels more like I'm controlling the cursor than the UI, though. If the borders of the UI stayed fixed and only the buttons moved, I think it might be clearer that the cursor was staying put while the UI elements move around it. 

I also liked how it was pretty replayable. The random buttons that only showed up occasionally made each run stand out more. Cool game!

I like the concept and the gradual introduction of new features! The game is already well put together with a lot of levels. The solutions were a bit easy to figure out from looking at the level and counting out the spaces, though. It might be cool if there were multiple correct solutions. Since you're making the music, maybe more complex and intricate beats/rhythms could be rewarded somehow (i.e. a rating system or something)? Nice job! And I like the squishy animations on the box.

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I like how you can hit falling blocks back up! It is a simple and graceful way to get multiple balls in play at once that fits in the theme as well--the obstacles become your tools. Though it could be kind of hard to gauge when to hit the balls because they moved so fast, so the timing could get frustrating. But it felt good when I managed to hit a volley with many balls in a row! The slight pause whenever you smacked a ball adds a lot to the impact.

It's satisfying to herd the players near the goal and kick them all in at once! It has a Pac-Man style push-and-pull where you gather the players when you are little so that you can power up and get them all at once. It was a bit hard to consistently kick the players in the right direction, though. Good job!