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Juggle and combine scoops of ice cream to create the largest cone known to man!
Submitted by Joey G — 19 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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The goal of Sundae Rush is to create huge stacks of ice cream scoops. By juggling these scoops in the air, you can connect them to create big sundaes for large point bonuses, but it could be disastrous if you drop them!

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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I didn't understand straightaway how I can combine scoops in the air to make combos, otherwise your game is very fun to play, great job!


So hard to stop playing this! Really juicy and intense.:D Nice music and sound, the scoops are cute as hell, and the gameplay is fast but not frustrating. Nice work!


i agree with other comments that some more feedback on combos and such could make things extra juicy. i think it'd be really fun if the momentum you threw ice cream with affected the scoops, so if you're really frantic then it might be spinning/moving faster and you have to be more careful. i'm not normally into these sorts of games but this one was quite fun once i got the hang of it! i got a score somewhere in the 40k range


very nice and original games,  it's hell of fun to play. 


Fantastic!! This is so fun and original :D! Also has some very cute graphics, just the music/sounds are a bit too agressive. I wish I could learn the mechanics in a different way than reading a wall of text, but it soon all clicks and is easy to get into :). I think the game lacks feedback on how good a scoop was – perhaps some text like "+500" could go with the particles, or the particles could better reflect how much you scored.

But I really enjoyed this one, thanks a lot :)! Highscore: 36590


That’s a great idea—more feedback would make big combos feel a lot better!


I really want a sundae right about now. Lovely visuals, great mechanic. It was a lot of fun to toss around scoops of different size and frantically rush around trying to catch them, great entry!


What a wonderful game! I think the mechanics, artwork, and sound design all wonderfully made! It's very fun to attempt to juggle the ice cream in the air and stack up a higher and higher score. I'd say that it felt maybe too easy, I found it more exciting to race against the clock rather then score points. Possibly a timer that gradually went faster and faster? Other then that, such a fantastic experience :)


Cool idea! I would like if you actually had to balance the balls on the cone you control with your mouse


Yeah, that would be interesting, especially if you have a very lopsided stack. It would make catching the sundaes a bit more active/complex.


The game is great and looks really good. I love scooping up the ice cream. I would love if you could throw up multiple scoops and pile them on the same cone for a score multiplier


Do you mean like holding out the cone and catching/stacking the scoops as they fall (as opposed to juggling the scoops)? Yeah, that might be cool…

Submitted (1 edit)

Yeah, take some skill to juggle them in the air and then make them pile up on the cone to make a tower of all the scoops. Nice Player feedback to give them something for showing their skill. Just something to think about. (Unless you already do that and I am just too bad to get it haha)


Yeah! You can make towers in midair by throwing scoops together, but it might also be fun to create a bunch of airborne clusters and then catch them all in the cone.


Managed to do 10275! Really liked the gameplay and the concept, but for me there are two things that stopped the game "flow": when you throw the ball outside the screen, and when you click on your desktop and the game minimizes. Maybe having a fullscreen option and making the scoops bounce on the walls could help in this regard... But it's a very addictive game, indeed! Nice job!


Thank you! Wall bounces and a fullscreen option are definite musts for some future updates.


For those interested, I think it might be fun to post your top scores in the replies to this comment!


Fun game. Top Score: 16190

I like how there is a tradeoff between continuing to try and get a big combo or cashing in.


This was really fun and a wholesome submission! I didn't quite understand how to do it at first, as I just sort of chucked all my icecream off the screen, but then I learned how to do a lot better and lasted far longer. The visuals are dope and its a real chill time! Good job :)


I like the concept of juggling scoop combos but I felt like I had to be overly careful with my mouse movements or else I would fling a scoop way off the left or right of the screen. This sort of force me to play safely with a very minute toss straight upward which was a bit less fun than how wild the ice cream juggling can get. Perhaps adding some walls that the ice cream bounces off on the sides of the play area would help.


Yeah, good idea! I had only considered that after I submitted the game.  It would definitely make juggling easier and it would also make the game slightly more challenging because you have to catch every scoop.


I love the idea and it is quite fun! It has a nice presentation and is quite original!

The only thing I have to say is that it is somewhat confusing at first, and that by not increasing the difficulty, the game becomes repetitive, to the point that I let myself lose since I did not lose lives.

One of the best I've been playing!

Translated from Spanish-


The game is super polished and has some great art. Well done! 


I really love the art in this game! The gameplay is fun too, although I was a little bit confused about what to do at first. Also, I couldn't figure out how to get the cherries. Nice work overall! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Love the presentation and that sort of Rhythm Heaven GBA vibe it has going on! Very cute.

The core gameplay loop is fun but I feel that with a mouse trying to flick up the ice cream it's a bit finicky. I think that if the starting ice cream sizes were a bit bigger it'd feel more forgiving and fun to play with mouse. This feels like it'd be a fantastic phone game! Would love to see this one developed further as it's a fantastic idea.