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Thanks so much! We're definitely planning on expanding it further - we're working on plugging holes in all of the jam bugs as we speak! 

Cheers for checking it out <3 

Cheers man! Yeah the artwork was hand-drawn (on a tablet) by our talented artist Vollando, I also think it really ties it all together aesthetically, big thanks! All of those bugs and suggestions are definitely noted, and agree on the feedback :) the step counter was something I was pretty desperate to get in at the last minute but we just didn't quite make it sadly :( 

Thanks for checking it out <3

Despite what you said about UX, this is still a fun concept! I look forward to playing the post-jam version you've been working on. The time pressure added by the battery, especially in the level where it was moving and you had limited time to work out what the levers did, was great. There is definitely a good core game here, good job! :)

Finally found yours! Very nice as always, I don't get tired of these 3d-ish aesthetics at all. I must admit I died many times to leaving it a bit late to hit the ball back, but once you're in a rhythm it gets easier. Great concept and definitely a unique take on the theme as per usual ;) Good job! 

Really cute, love the cute goat aesthetics and chill vibes music. The game concept is unique and an interesting take on the theme. Having to re-arrange the triangles in real-time as the goats are moving is an extra challenge, very good. Great job!

Very unique aesthetic, and a good play experience too! Other than the chain glitching out a bit I had no issues, and the puzzles were interesting with the use of height and having to pass the bomb around so often and make sure it didnt explode (which it may have done for me... once or twice haha). Good job!

Interesting concept and nice fast paced gameplay. I think its quite difficult to control the mace at points, and hard to feel like you're really 'in control', but it gets easier and is satisfying to smash into the shapes when you time a turn perfectly! Good job

Fun little game with a funny concept, I love the idea of chucking drunk party goer conga peeps at invading... cats? :P Fun and cute, good job!

Very cute and and a fun concept! I did have a bit of trouble on level 4 as your description predicted, but once I understood you could jump off the other slimes then it made a lot more sense and was much easier. A solid concept and very well made! Good job :)

Wooow I feel like you deserve top marks in presentation for the skill in which you crafted that game page on itch! A real masterclass haha.

The game itself is fun, it was challenging at first for me to get a grip of which blocks did what, and how to best position them. I was also doing a lot of mis-clicks in my panic! But once I got the hang of it, it was very satisfying to keep trying to beat my high score. Real good job on this one, especially as you said below it was your first jam? Impressive!

This is a very chill game, and surprisingly gripping! I have fond memories of putting together jigsaw puzzles and this brought back some nostalgia. The concept is a unique one as far as I've seen from this jam, and very well made. Also made me look up the history of some of the images!

Haha yeah sadly we didn't get time to add more enemies or scale the difficulty much, but glad you liked it anyway and thanks for the feedback!

Cheers so much! Really appreciate it and glad you liked the dungeon crawly stuff and the art <3

Thanks so much! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Absolutely outstanding! Even though I died what I can only assume was roughly 10000 times, I felt more of an urge to carry on and defeat it than to stop. The levels are very intelligently made and the puzzles are frustrating but once you get them, you really feel satisfied. The art is a minimalist but good looking style with clear colours and very clean visuals that really help how precise this feels. And I defeated it! I won!

Great job friendo!

Fantastic! This split mechanic is so smart, and even though I was terrible at it at first, I got used to it by Track B and then I flew through it. Really impressive visuals, and a well polished racing experience too. Great job!

Haha yeah it definitely lacks a tutorial, we tried to cram as much info into the UI as possible at the last minute but there's definitely a gap in knowledge lol, cheers for playing!

Wow I love this concept, relying on your partner to shoot while you have to keep moving and pointing out targets. The art style is on-point and the juice for shooting and combat is very well done, especially considering its a jam. Great job, and a (so far) unique take on the theme I haven't seen before!

Wow, there's so much JUICE in this, the effects for WHACKING people / doors are great and feel very punchy and heavy. Good job! Very fun little game, and cool that you included secrets!

Very pretty game, and interesting mechanics that reminded me in part of Portal, but the main mechanic is also very unique. Looks good, plays well, lots of fun :)

So pretty, and calming. The effect once you complete each stage is beautiful with the gradual colouring of the screen, as is the rainbow connection of the two spirits. Very good vibes and some tricky puzzles too! Good job :)

This was really fun and a wholesome submission! I didn't quite understand how to do it at first, as I just sort of chucked all my icecream off the screen, but then I learned how to do a lot better and lasted far longer. The visuals are dope and its a real chill time! Good job :)

What a wild ride :') this was crazy, and good fun. Good job mate haha

Hilarious, loved the voice over and writing concept, very fun lol. The mechanic itself is also good fun, love shooting myself around in midair. Good job on your submission! 

Good job of putting the theme together so well with the puzzles. The mechanics / aesthetics are simple but in a good way, and work really well. Good job! 

Absolutely lovely presentation, love the web visuals especially. Audio is satisfying and the shooting is fun and satisfying. Fab job :) 

Interesting concept, and even though the base concept of the 'puzzle' aspect of it seems relatively simple at first, it does lead to some interesting level design and brain-scratching puzzles! Good job :)

Interesting concept with the separate stamina meters and having to swap between which alien you use. Managed to get quite high and was a fun challenge! 

This is a unique take, haven't seen another one like it so far in my ratings. The rocket seems to travel very slowly on the steeper arcs which sometimes can feel a bit frustrating, but also makes it more tense as you have to time it right, which is good! Good job :)

Ahah very like qwop, and I love it for the name alone ;) Good job, very funny and an interesting take on the theme. Was definitely hard to play on keyboard as advertised! :P

This was a fun time, and I liked how the level looped around from right to left which then became a bit of a tactic to defeat the enemies. Fun little game! Good job :)

Cool! Was a fun time and I enjoyed the last level with the boss, quite cool. Linking all of the stuff together with gravity is an interesting take on the theme too :) 

This was very disorientating at first, but once I got used to it, it got a lot better! Very interesting mechanic joining the character cameras together like that, and was fun too :) Good submission! Really cute graphics too

Fantastic! Very well made mechanics, new mechanics introduced at a good pace and keeping the levels challenging yet interesting (and very frustrating on some of the harder timed jumps/activations haha). Really impressive!

Good job, these puzzles are very well made! I'm sad it stopped just after getting to 3 friends (at least it did for me?) but it was good fun while it lasted! I like the little happy jump they all do at the end of each level haha

Fun little game! My best run got my 70 astronauts saved, but sadly they all exploded along with me haha. The turning I think could have been a little less floaty, but as its a space game it made sense anyway! Good stuff

Interesting concept for a puzzler, and definitely pretty challenging at points! The reversal of direction for the cubes was an especially interesting mechanic that I liked, good job! :)

Interesting concept having the movement and the shooter separated, and a good link to the theme. It was quite hard I think, the maggot enemies are just so fast that you just cant avoid them after a bit if they get past your gun, but otherwise good. Nice sub!

Sorry you didn't like the hand-drawn style, but thanks for the feedback! What did you like about it?

Wow cheers for playing! Was fun to watch :) Yeah as you said in the vid, this is very short because it was made in 72 hours for a gamejam, so it's not a 'full' game so to speak. But glad you enjoyed it anyway! :D