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A very fun and pretty slingshot game :)! I like all the details in animating the UI and darkening the background in the help screen, it really makes a difference!
I enjoyed the gameplay loop, though I don't think I was forced enough to think about my equips and how I used the dice – I mostly just threw them at the nearest enemy, perhaps a bit more carefully with the bomb.
You mentioned a lot of interesting ideas in the devlog, I think upgrading the sides of the dice would work well, it would also let me choose if I wanted to focus on freezing or perhaps large stones… Another idea would be to make the waves more varied and indicate before a wave what enemy types would appear. This could make me think more about which dice to choose, like perhaps taking more bombs and ice against the small masses, higher damage against the big guys and large projectiles for the flying types.

It was a great game nonetheless, congrats on the entry :)!

Hi, thank you so much for the constructive comment :)! You're right that the dots might sometimes feel unfair. Here's a few things I have tried to mitigate it:
1. the dots spawn in a way that they spread out as much as possible – when there are four of them and the dice is coming from above, there should always be a dot that you can use
2. when the dice is low and there aren't enough dots on the screen, I usually think of it as a player mistake when I'm playing – hitting a powerful flick launches the dice really high and prevents this (which I know is a little brutal to say, but at least there's a high skill ceiling)
3. in sticky situations, you can still flick from a larger distance and it may be enough to save you
If you want, you can check this video of my 150°C run to see it all in action.
You're definitely not the only one bringing this up though and it's probably something I could have figured out if I had done more playtesting with new players. On a side note, the top scores on the leaderboard are very impressive ;). Yours is still in the top third of all highscores!

About the starting dot, you're on point! That's exactly why I did it, to force players through an otherwise a bit unintuitive mechanic :).
Thanks again for the feedback!

A nice top-down shooter. As there is no reason not to shoot, I wish I didn't have to spam the LMB :). I think having enemies with more interesting movement patterns would force me to not simply run around in circles. The animations are nice and I like the adaptive music for when you clear an entire floor. Well done on the entry :).

A beautiful game with a nice idea! I found the dialogues quite annoying, especially when I was forced to backtrack and read the same thing all over again, so I just skipped it from then on. I like the concept of meeting different conditions and using your dice to get there, but it feels unexplored: personally, I would way rather do a bunch of rolls and introduce the new dice slowly, than wait for the transitions and crack through the story. It was still a nice experience though and congrats on making it!

This was quite fun! The ruleset is simple but interesting. I wish your dice was closer to the action (maybe a part of the ship) so that it would be easier to see the value; the game could rise in difficulty slightly over time; perhaps the music would be better off not resetting every time. But other than that, liked it, nicely done :)!

Thanks! I've tried to make the flick points spread out as much as possible and fill in the gaps, though you're right that there are moments when none are around. I've found that with enough practice, it's almost always possible to avoid or get out of these sticky situations though. The game is quite difficult and requires some powerful flicks to keep the dice in the air ;). The skill ceiling is very high and the records just keep surprising me! Fifty degrees seems to be pretty good, around the top third of the leaderboard!

I like the system, it's a huge shame the bugs make it unplayable. Visually it's splendid!
I think it would be interesting if you weren't able to change what sides the dice are facing, the dice were randomised and had different effects. Currently, it only makes sense to put three dice in the effects column and one in the row (as far as I understand the rules). Something more complex could spicy it up!
I would recommend focusing on the core gameplay first next time around, but congrats on joining the jam nonetheless!

The cinematic is fabulous, wow! (Any insights on that, what have you used?)
The attack types are quite cool. I like the different enemy AIs, maybe they could vary in other aspects as well (shoot projectiles, dash at you, avoid each other…). I think the timer of how long you have survived doesn't reset, but not a big deal :). Overall, nicely done!

Thanks a lot :D! The leaderboard turned out very competitive, congrats on getting up there! I wish I had made it scrollable, haha.

I believe there are ways to make it fun and diverse while still having the randomness uniform and fair. For example, when you roll a six for the knifes, there could be six knifes every 10 seconds, but if you roll a one, a knife could appear every 3 seconds! Stuff like that. I think the fish is actually fairly good at this, since I'd say it's about as difficult no matter the jump height – but it still changes how you approach the enemy!

It's for you to consider though, don't forget it's your game ;)! So do what you think is going to be the most fun.

To be honest, I really don't like reading long passages and descriptions… Which is why I'm super glad your game avoided that! The story is fast-paced and in medias res, I really enjoyed it! I may have not got to a happy ending, but it sure was fun trying the different options and feeling the risk. Nicely done :)!

The game is very pretty and has a really nice atmosphere! It feels a bit bad when you run out of chips, but still a very nice entry :)!

Brilliant puzzler! Nice aesthetic. Few bugs here and there, but that's about it. Hats down, very well done :).

So beautiful! My favourite part is definitely the hands, a genius indicator of what dice are coming. The randomness is definitely adjusted so that the enemies match your dice more often, which is for sure a good thing! The roulette is fun as well. Greatly thought out, maybe the difficulty feels like it ramps up very suddenly, but an amazing job!

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This is really great! The randomness is actually very well done: it's an input to what basically is a little puzzle and the one-attack rule makes it pretty uniform! I would maybe like it if the wizards couldn't shoot though high terrain, that would make it more cohesive, but just a detail.
I'm impressed, great job! Sound effects hilarious, as many have mentioned :D.
PS: The cover looks AI-generated, is that so?

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This is really nice! The patterns are fun to dodge and it looks and sounds great! The randomness is not uniform (in fact it's mostly the opposite), which doesn't feel very fair and can sometimes lead to uninteresting runs. Overall though, big congrats, especially considering this is your first jam!

I really like it! The aesthetic is playful and the concept of cheating the dungeon master amusing! I wish some of the important values were indicated visually instead of by tooltips, but overall very well done :)!

PS: If you tick the Windows logo under your upload in the page's settings, players will be able to download your game through the Itch app ;).

Hey! What you did is super impressive :)! I'm a huge fan of jam games with an online element (focusing on it myself) and a real-time multiplayer game is cool to see!
I think the idea of fighting others with dice which deploying different strategies is really cool, not sure I like the implementation here though. The positive feedback loop is very real and there's no way to "farm" on your own like in (for example). So my tactic was just to run into players with less dice and repeat. Maybe if there was more "dicebuilding" and ways to evade battles with others, the game would be more strategic.
I understand you didn't have time for much else though. Well done on the networking!

A cute little top-down shooter! Since you asked for feedback, I would mainly suggest adding a more interactive twist: randomizing the score is a boring piece of output randomness. A more interesting idea would be to base the score on the sides of the dice (as others have suggested!) or perhaps on something like the distance the bullet had to travel (rewarding close combat), etc.
While the concept is basic, the game looks fine and the dice move in an interesting way. Congrats on the entry!

I really dig the adaptive soundtrack! The character's abilities are quite interesting, I just feel like they aren't explored enough. The gameplay forces me to wait for the screen to shift, then I jump/rise one way or another. Maybe including something to dodge or collect could make the movement more interesting. Still a great game, well done :)!

A very cute game :)! It took me a long time to get used to the controls on a gamepad and perhaps the process of getting a dice and attacking someone with it could be simplified overall. It's a nice entry though and I'm impressed it was made in Scratch, well done!

A short little puzzler :). I wish there were a few more levels that would explain the mechanics one by one for a smoother learning curve. Adding some animations or sounds would also go a long way! But it's still a nice concept and congrats on submitting!

I really like the art style and the dice :)! Thumbs up for good feedback on when your dash is ready. I think the game could be paced faster and that the difficulty should increase over time – that would make the game more exciting and fun. The time survived could be visible somewhere on the screen and the button to restart easier to hit. It doesn't make sense to hear steps when standing, but no biggie :D. Overall just nicely done!

Hi, glad you liked it :)! About the theme interpretation, each run is literally a roll of a dice, in which you're trying to shake the d20 as hard as possible for good luck! This is explained in the lore before playing as well as when your run ends (you should hear the dice rolling and it tells you at the top what you rolled!). Hope that clarifies it, but feel free to ask further if it's still unclear.

Thanks :)! I don't know of any bug with the dots, but sorry about that – perhaps they're just hard to hit sometimes. Glad you had fun, cheers!

Hi :)! You asked for some feedback, so here I go. The glowing dice look quite nice and the music is well chosen; I'll focus on what you can improve though, as that should be the most helpful.

Dice Attack: The idea is very simple – that can't always be necessarily bad, but there's nothing that makes it unique. A great way to go about this is to add a catch. Why not add some dice which you shouldn't click? How about making the dice move away if you approach them from below? What if the dice were invisible and you only knew by an indicator whether you're getting closer or further away?… Jonas Tyroller made a great video you may want to watch on how to come up with ideas like that using "the BUT method".
Another thing that could help here in particular is adding variance. You could make the dice spawn with a random rotation to make them look more interesting. Another thing to consider is randomising the pitch of the sound when you click on them.

Dice Tosser: Predicting a dice roll isn't very fun on its own. The decision is meaningless as the chance is always 1 over 6! I would recommend watching this video on where to look for the fun.

Congrats on joining the jam and hope that helps :).

Incredible!  Hats down, this is amazing! Very fun, love the named waves of enemies. The dragon is beautiful, the animations awesome, the fire sound effect very catchy. What I think would be great is if the effects were adapted to the power, but huge congrats on this entry :)! Got a score of 1800.

Hi :)! Sorry to hear you didn't get to join the jam… I played a bit of the post-jam version, it's very pretty and sounds fabulous!
I think the sides of the dice should be a bit more readable as they seem to be quite important. While the dancing character is great, they definitely in the way :). Not a fan of the tutorial pop-ups, maybe try to explain the mechanics somehow else? See the tutorial of Crypt of the NecroDancer for some inspiration :).

Congrats on the game and best of luck if you decide to keep working on it!

Wow! This is just incredibly fun :). I mean it, I could go on and on… the looks and feels are great as well… I'll spare you the time and focus on what I think could be improved to make it even better:

Since the price of the dice increases when you buy it, you're incentified to buy all of them and focus on the ones currently cheap. If instead the prices rose gradually for all the dice at once, it would probably make more sense to think about different strategies and synergies – on one run I could try investing into a lot of money dice and then bombing them around, on another perhaps focus on getting dozens of magnets… This would probably require redesigning some of the dice abilities as well but what I'm trying to say is: deciding is fun, so try forcing me to attempt different builds :). I bet currently everyone builds about the same thing…

Another thing is how the game progresses. The ending is actually really sad, at least for me: the computer just can't keep up with all the dice and their effects so it plummets. One solution I can think of might be to limit the number of rounds instead of running out of money, say for 20 rounds. Another solution (if you really wanted to make the runs long) could be to every now and then create a "super dice" from all the small ones which would give you on average as much money and score as you got with it in the rounds before. Kind of like simulating the masses with just one dice. Besides, starting anew like this might be more fun than staring at a pile of dice forever.

To summarize my essay, there is some design that could be improved if you want to, but it really is a great great entry as it is and very well done :)!

A very fun game :)! I really like the polish and the effects. What surprises me is how well the game plays with the crazy procedurally generated walls, it definitely works! Well done.

I like how the dice roll in a predictable way, which makes it easier to land the sixes :). Without it, it would really be pure RNG in the later levels, so nicely thought out. I also like the RPG scene that you have set up, that's pretty cool!
I think what could really elevate the fun would be to add more feedback to the attacks (with sound effects, spicy visuals) as well to the health of the player and the enemies' (a draining bar for example). I could also continue playing even with negative health, not sure if that's intended, but no biggie.
Congrats on the entry :)!

You implemented some very impressive systems! I really like the tooltips and the scene where you upgrade your dice :)! I think what could really help the game be more fun would be to put some interesting decisions into the fights, as they are very uninteractive at the moment. Another tip would be to create some synergies between the abilities on a particular side of dice, so that the choice of where you add a symbol is meaningful – right now, it barely matters where you put it (from a mathematical point of view).
Congrats on making the game and best of luck if you decide to continue working on it :)!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! <3

Glad you liked the lore, thanks :)! Sorry to hear it was too difficult for you.

Congrats on another awesome game :)! I feels really good, the enemies are fun, the dice effects as well, very well designed. I wish there was a bit of coyote time and that falling into the acid granted me an extra jump: I took a lot of "unfair" damage from these two. The plain grey dice look a bit out of place to me. Other than these, a truly wonderful entry, good luck!

Very fun and juicy! The explosions are greatly indicated, I really like it. It's nice how you can strategize to come close on every third jump; I think the rolls should affect my playstyle even further :)! Well done!

Ahoy :)! I like the clean minimalistic look! The game really reminds me of "Dice-Off", another jam game ( – there they made the pips appear on the floor, so it was a little easier to know which side is coming. I wish there was a simple sound effect for the dice rolling around. Nicely done though, especially considering it was made in 24h, wow!

This really feels like a board game :)! The different conditions make up for interesting decisions – I like how owning even a "poor" dice can help you advance.
I didn't read the text most of the time, maybe it could have been a little closer to the action, perhaps on the board.
Nicely done on the game!

Thanks a lot!

Played this for longer than I'd like to admit, the upgrades are quite rewarding :)! I think adding some variety to the enemies' behaviour would be great, perhaps an enemy that shoots or dashes at the player… I find fiddling with the physics of how an enemy moves can add a lot more character to them!
Good job on the game.

PS: If you tick the "Windows" checkbox in the game's uploads, it will make it possible to download the game through the Itch app!