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Very cool :)!

Interesting idea! I like the use of mythology :). The physics are a little wonky and buggy, especially the falling. With that fixed though, definitely a lot of potench!!

Very nice game! It's great how many ways of dealing with the enemies there are with just a simple mechanic! I would recommend lowering the time it takes to restart, also making the particles directional for even better feedback. It's a bit weird that the huge slow bots fly away when you crush to them, but just a detail :D. Great job!! Wait, this is your first jam game? What?! :)

This is really cool! I don't understand the damage %, but it was fun to combine the shapes and send them flying with the hook :D. Maybe the hitboxes for hooking shapes could be a bit bigger. Well done on the game!

Very cool entry! The puzzles are great and the octopus artwork is awesome :D.  I wish the dying had some better feedback, but other than that, well done! I dig the tiny executable :).

No problem! Yeah, I meant turned on/off by pressing a key for example :).

So simple yet so new!! I wish there was a way to gain more time, but overall a great entry!

Looks nice! There isn't much to it, but pretty satisfying. And the cover art is beautiful! I wish the level didn't have any borders, that would be cool!

3 words: simple, pretty, fun!

Very cool entry! Looks really nice :)!

I think the skill floor is a bit too high for a jam game, though my first couple of deaths were caused by me thinking the yellow glowing circles are coins :D… The building of the dungeon is definitely a cool feature, but maybe saving the last layout could help with jumping back into the game faster. (I guess I'm just bad at the game, looking at the other comments :P.)

The upgrades feel very impactful and overall it's super impressive work! Well done.

Lovely animations and great puzzles! The concept is awesome and while the star is a bit hard to predict, I had lots of fun uniting all the characters :). Superb entry!

Some great great puzzles! Not a big fan of the atmosphere, but it definitely works as intended :P. Very well done!

Such a cool idea to add a grab to a pogo stick :D!!

A really cool and fun puzzle game! I wish there were some simple animations maybe, but the puzzle design is really solid. Great job!

A very cool physics game! The abilities are amazing, maybe except for the purple gravity, which I just wish was a little less passive :D. The lighting and music make for a really awesome atmosphere! Though I had to play without sound since sound effects made me feel uncomfortable.

Overall a very nice entry with some great levels :). Well done!

Thank you so much!! It was an interesting challenge to generate boards that are fun and fair, while also being random and surprising. Glad you liked it :)!

Very cute! I really like how they get scared when about to get hit :D. Well done!

Oof, it's a real shame the mechanics shown in the video don't get explored in the jam version :(, I didn't even realise they were there in my playthrough. I'm curious where you can take this after the jam though! Best of luck :)!

Just hilarious :D!! Had lots of fun, thank you :)!

Very cool!! Gorgeous art and story, the idea is interesting and original. Well done :)!

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Obviously very pretty :)!! Though it's quite hard to aim in the 3D moving environment and there's no reason to ever leave the comfort of the ship. Other than that, nicely done!

Small note: please mark the download as Windows, it really helps the Itch app users like me and Mark :P.

Fantastic!! This is so fun and original :D! Also has some very cute graphics, just the music/sounds are a bit too agressive. I wish I could learn the mechanics in a different way than reading a wall of text, but it soon all clicks and is easy to get into :). I think the game lacks feedback on how good a scoop was – perhaps some text like "+500" could go with the particles, or the particles could better reflect how much you scored.

But I really enjoyed this one, thanks a lot :)! Highscore: 36590

This is awesome! I really like the game, it's loads of fun and has a lovely artstyle :). But you want feedback, so let's go a bit more constructive:

  • While the win/death artwork is fabulous, it hurts the pacing a lot. The game has a lot of precise jumps and it's easy to die – I need to restart every few seconds, and that click on the restart button is very painful.
  • Would obviously be better with sound effects ;), but not a huge deal.
  • Just a small note: please mark the download as Windows, it helps the Itch app users :).

Superb entry, especially for a first-time jammer!!

Unfortunately, the game crashes for me every time I start it :(. 64bit Windows

Could only try the singleplayer version, but this is really cool! A very smart concept. The AI is also a great opponent, especially when playing as white! Very well done considering you had... 5 hours?! Bravo.

Such a cool entry! The beam is a very exciting weapon, though the encounters were usually quite short. The player is a bit hard to see, but other than that, it's a great atmospherical game! Pretty and very well done!

Wow, this is amazing! The physics may be a little wonky, but the puzzles (especially their clever solutions!) were top-notch. And I like how the reason for it being okay for them to see you is the uniform :D. Also the Microsoft cameras, haha! Had lots of fun, well done!

Fun game! I think the hitboxes on the circles should be bigger, but overall a really nice entry :)!
Highscore: 3804 (lvl. 25)

Nice puzzle game! Sometimes a bit buggy, but overall it's a cool mechanic!

This is superb! I think playing multiple instances of the game is very novel. The game feels really fair for how crazy/random it can get – thumbs up for all the features that help this! Perhaps my only complaint is that it's hard to see the edges of the individual borderless screens. Great entry, well done!

Thank you! For the generation, I split the board into four sections and have it so that every pair of sections share two different numbers :). I think it makes the connections more spread out, while still allowing for some same-numbered tiles to be next to each other, feeling fresh and random every time. Thanks for asking!!

Haha, thank you :D!! And ggs ;)!

Brutally hard but really cool! I like the combination of hook + shoot to move :D. Well done!

Very funny take on a stealth game :D!! I wasn't able to figure out the living room unfortunately, but had fun nonetheless :). It's a bit hard to tell what's solid and not, what people see etc., though I like the unique art style (and the cutscene!) and well done on the game!

Hey TimBer!! Fantastic entry :)! It looks amazing and is very polished!

I wish there was a reason for me to move the core around in the early game, perhaps something to collect? The enemies are nicely done, though some unique movement pattern would really put a spin on them! I feel like a way to deal AoE with the core (with some item maybe?) could also be interesting.

Suggestions aside, I really enjoyed this one, thanks :)!

The style is so pretty!! Very unique and alive :). I think loosing is a bit too punishing and I'd rather have the tutorial be more in-game, but overall well done, great entry!

The planets and ships look really nice! The galaxy is pretty too :). And the cover art is just STUNNING. 

I think the health and dust could be communicated in better ways than just text UI. The movement was a bit dizzying at times, but it felt really good to upgrade your ship :D.

Good job on making the game :)!

The puzzle design is really nice! It was a little frustrating to play at times :D, but the level variety was pretty great, considering there weren't many mechanics. I can recommend trying out a colour pallete next time, it can really improve your game's looks for zero cost :). Other than that, good job on the game! Impressive for your first jam :)!

Thank you :)! I think it really helps to add subtle movements here and there, and while I didn't have time to animate everything, I'm happy you found it polished :)!!

Very fun game :)! The ball is obviously super hard to control, though I was pleasantly surprised how usable it was! It has quite a unique feel to it and it's awesome when you manage to swing it around like crazy :D. I'd recommend trying to use a colour scheme next time, also sometimes the enemies spawn right on you. But I had a good time, well done! :)