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Very nice game! I was doing poorly in my first playthrough (playing on fullscreen meant I couldn't see the right side of the right table), but did much better the second time around! It was fun, but because the difficulty didn't rise, I could keep playing forever. Since the score is hidden, I also had less motivation. Furthermore, I would like a rising amount of scrambling (or other things making it difficult to move around) the more drunk you are.

The game looks great and is a lot of fun once you get into it. Good job!

The visuals are nice. I like how there is a lot of things you leave behind you when you travel around! I didn't find the gameplay too interesting (maybe because I don't like FPS), but thumbs up for the weapon variety!

I'm really glad you liked it, thank you!

Thank you so much! That's so nice to read :).

Thank you for the feedback! I'm very glad to have my core mechanic be in your top 10% :).

I was trying to implement as much polish as possible. Can you please name some missing things that I shouldn't forget to include next time? That would be super helpful!

Thank you for the comment and the feedback :)!

Thank you, I'm very glad you liked it :)!

Thanks for the feedback! More shots per direction change is a cool idea! But it's a bit against my vision of lining up each shot. The pace could be a little faster, but too fast would make it hard to line the shots in time. Thanks again, glad you liked the presentation :)!

The puzzle design is amazing. Very well made!

Thank you for the beautiful comment, it really means a lot to me :)! I'm very glad you enjoyed the game!

Very cool game! It was a bit hard to get into it, but once I understood everything, it turned out to be quite fun!

I'd like an indication of what input you have selected. I also think it would help the game a lot if the health wasn't affected once the wave left the screen on the left, but immediately when you deform the wave by subtracting. That way, you'd immediately know that you did good or poorly.

Interesting concept, good job!

What a nice game! I really like how the cats start the race early or leave the track, is supports the idea so well! While there was quite a bit of randomness involved at times, I enjoyed this entry a lot :). Well done!

Awesome game! It looks great and I really enjoyed the last few puzzles! The only thing I didn't like was that most of the (tutorial) levels were so linear. It made sure the player didn't mess up, but is that really a good thing? I really liked this one :), well done!

While not technically a game, it was a very nice experience. The gallery feels welcoming and the art is interactive in a pretty way. Super cool entry!

Me before I picked up the weapon: "Aw, it's nice how you bounce off the walls." I regreted it later xD.

The shooting can totally just randomly kill you. I found it hard to use. Some parts were fun, others were just rage-inducing :).

The colors are great! Maybe you could have sticked to an even smaller palette - the blue and orange feel a little extra. The background is a bit messy, but it gives the game a cool look! Nice game.

Once I saw the game's name, I knew I had to try it :D (see mine). Wow, what a great game! It looks fantastic. The glowing hexagonal platform is just super cool, the music is greatly chosen, the environment looks nice (and interacts with your shots!).

The only thing I think could be improved is not reseting the song after death and maybe some polish on the bombs' movement (looks a little too fast/lagy to me sometimes). Very well made!

Great game! I'm pretty bad at driving games, so I found it quite hard :D. I really enjoyed the concept, I like the idea a lot! It's also nice to have some destructables like the boxes and trees.

I can see why there is the time limit and why it's going down. I didn't like it though, it was stressful. I'm thinking that if you drive slowly and unefficiently, you'll have a bad time dodging that car later - that's what I'd like to see developed more. I had a fun time nonetheless :). Very well done!

Nice puzzle game! The realtime element meant I had to restart very often, but at least it felt good when I finally found the solution and just had to execute it fast :). Great job!

What a charming game! The art is lovely. I really like how the snake is both a great way to move around and a weapon.

Each time you attack, you usually end up in danger. Every time I told myself "wow, I'm going to destroy all these enemies with just one shot" but then I killed one and got hit by the rest. It would be awesome if with all the velocity you could smash through nearby targets, not just the ones you hit. I wonder how that would feel. But I still really liked the game. Very nicely done!

Very nice game! Everything looks pretty and clean, I really like it!

For the gameplay, there's the unfortunate difficulty curve: the further you are into the game, the less houses you have and the eazier the game is. It's hard not to loose a lot of houses in the beginning, so most of the game I'm playing with just a few left. The game is still fun but if you found a way to flip the curve, it would probably be more enjoyable - especially in the early seconds.

Well done on the game! I also think I got pretty good at it :D.

Thanks for the reply. Good luck with your game :)!

The idea sounds very interesting. I can totally imagine myself guiding a character using subtle control to explore an interesting world, maybe helping it defeat enemies etc. I think it's the theme and fantasy of this game that could see some improvements.

On the other hand, hats down to you for making all the sprites (there's a ton of them, wow!) in time. The moving insects also make the world more alive. Good job!

Thank you! I didn't have time to do music, but I can agree that shooting to the rythm would feel awesome! Glad you liked the game :)!

No problem, I'm always happy to help! Good luck if you keep working on the game!

Thanks for the feedback! If the shooting was faster, I'm afraid it would be too hard to quickly react and line the shots. I can see how a faster pace might be more exciting though :). I'm very glad you had fun!

Very cool game! I found myself waiting sometimes, but not as often as I'd expect! Nicely done, the level design is great!

The moving textures made me feel quite uneazy. I like that the jump is powerful :), but I couldn't get too far into the game unfortunately.

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun!!

Very nicely done! I like the idea of switching between the two states. It's possible to softlock the game if you aren't carefull with the boxes (when it drops to the biggest lava pool) but nothing too bad. The art is really nice! The vines look a little climbable, didn't think it was a wall at first :). Well done on the game!

I have to say that I was lost most of the time. The controls were confusing: I think WASD + mouse would work the best. It took me a long time to realize I was supposed to go somewhere :D. Very often I got killed by an enemy spawning on top of me. I do like the concept though. The pixel art is also great :).

The idea is nice and you play with it well in the first few levels! The minimalist look is nice, but everything is quite tiny and hard to look at.

The main thing I disliked was that every time you die, you have to click Play again and start over. The game isn't really a puzzle game like advertised. I am also not a fan of the level desing in the last two levels: I shouldn't win right after entering the room.

On the other hand, what I enjoyed were the sound effects and how the character bounces off things :). With a few changes, this game could be really great! It also reminded me of my similarly-named game "Splitt", haha :D.

Thank you :)!

Thank you for the kind comment! I agree that an indication for the next shot would be nice. I didn't make it in the end, hoping that the rhythm would be enough. I'm glad you like the game and thanks again :)!

Thanks, very glad you liked it!

Nicely done game! The element of networking is obviously super impresive for a game jam game! The gameplay is quite fun, although I found it incredibly tedious to select the level after each attempt. Also well done on the visuals, they're great!

Great game! I really like how the two monsters are very different from each other and have a character :).

I found the red weapon much much better than the blue one. It was pretty much the only way to deal with the big hordes of enemies that quickly start to form. The weapons are clearly meant to have different purposes - red as melee, blue as ranged. Yet still, the blue one is hard to use on further enemies since you can't really aim with the splitting weapon. Again, it's also tough to clear the hordes with the blue one - maybe the projectiles could explode?

Other than the balancing, the only thing I'd appreciate is score or a goal. Using the weapons is satisfying and having them turn to your enemies is very original and interesting :). Well done on the game!

Thank you so much for all the kind words :)!

This game's idea is very promising! I was looking forward to playing it, but there were quite a few things I didn't like:

  • The hitboxes. Even if you want the game to be hard, it needs to be fair. Each car should have a hitbox of its size or smaller, definitely not bigger.
  • 50 cars. That's quite a lot for a game jam game. Try to aim for a shorter experience next time - less cars and perhaps a smaller map.
  • Car progression. I think it would be better to have eazier cars in the beginning, rump up the difficulty over time.
  • The music. I found it fitting at first, but it became too agressive later. When I'm reading the car's description, I don't want to feel all that thrill. Maybe lower the volume when there's no action?
  • Car names. They don't have much of a purpose currently (they are random), but they could match the description for some eazier and faster reading!

I'm writing all this because I think your game could totally be a very fun one with a few improvements :). Keep it up and good job!

Such a nice game :). I admire the environment art, the level design and that the level is not linear. Very well done!

Had to play this one! Just wow. The mechanics are golden. Not to mention that it looks phenomenal! Thank you for this gem :).