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A genius concept well executed! Even a simple mechanic like this leaves much freedom for interpretation, so it's obviously really difficult to account for every solution… the game manages it pretty well though! Well done :).

Thank you, I appreciate it :)!

Wow, I'm so excited to see this game here :)! I've genuinely been thinking about the idea of a time-travelling self-stealth game for a while now but the idea of putting it into an item in the level didn't occur to me, that is really nice!

I was initially a bit confused about the colliders, but when I realised it was a bug, I played through the game again and all is clear, so I will disregard it in the rating :). Very well done!

What a hilarious premise :D! I like the pixel art as well as how the knight throws orders at you. Nicely done!

I really like the idea of being a collectible coin rescuing their kind :)! The jump feels pretty nice, though the fast camera movement involved in it made me a little dizzy. There wasn't much challenge involved, as the hero was unfortunately really difficult to come by: I could camp in the brick room all day waiting for coins to pop up if I wanted. A faster strategy would obviously be to keep collecting the ridiculous amount of money in the out-of-bounds section, but that's the kind of secret that renders the rest of the game meaningless once you know about it :(.

If you plan on adding a leaderboard after the jam, I suggest balancing the way to gain score first, as well as adding a timer or a real threat for a more interesting challenge. Nonetheless, wish you good luck in the future and congrats on the entry :)!

If you do, I'll love to see it :)!

The choices I had to make were so fast-paced I didn't have time to really think about my build and enjoy the progress of the fights unfortunately. I do like the idea of building your loot this way though, and it's also interestingly self-balancing in that the stronger you are, the less time there is for you to add bonuses :). Nicely done!

This is awesome :D! Feels very smooth and juicy, plays like a charm!

I think the bombs have lots of potential: why not make barricades you have to bomb through, for example :)! Or maybe you could make the archers explode. I wish there was a timer as well, this would be loads of fun to speedrun!

Congrats on this little gem, I enjoyed it a lot :)!

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I really dig the progression system! Wish I could get to the crystal past the jetpack, I tried like a dozen times :(… The enemy projectiles are real tricky! It was quite fun traversing the arena anyway though, well done :)!

Hey, thanks a lot for all the feedback :)! I tried to make the orbs spawn very fairly so that the player would get to see them, but I agree they are still easy to miss sometimes. I totally see your point regarding the instructions. As for the orbs, they are actually meant to be bullets you have fired in the past at the turrets :)! Cheers again <3.

I found it quite difficult to get the hero near a wall. Regarding the level design, there were quite a few insignificant parts that only slowed down the time required to retry – this is especially apparent in the  empty ending of level 2. The coins at the goal line in levels 4 and 5 are also redundant, as the outcome is pre-decided before you reach them.

Nonetheless, I applaud you for making all the art and music during the jam, I like the houses and overall setting in particular :). Good job on the entry!

Thanks for the feedback :). I wanted to make the arena a bit bigger than just one screen, but I understand it has some drawbacks as well. Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

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I love the story very much, such a vibrant idea to set it into the world of escape rooms :)! I wish there were some tasks for the escapees to do which involve a bit more movement, would make great use of the player's powers. Bugs there are many and they do hinder the gameplay, especially when it comes to visual feedback… But I'm sure they are easy to fix after the jam is over :). Well done!

Interesting puzzles elegantly packed into a tiny grid :)! To be completely honest, I found it quite hard to wrap my head around the rotations and very often performed a move I didn't intend. I really wonder if there perhaps exists a better mapping to this… I'm thinking something like a wheel around the level which you drag with the mouse, seeing all the rotations happening before you release and confirm? I'm also going to mention it since I don't see anyone else bring it up: while the page says you can use the spacebar only once per level, really nothing is stopping you from doing otherwise :).

Still, this is a very solid game with a well executed art style and a stellar soundtrack. Well done on the entry!

Yes, you got it :)! Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!

Thank you :)! I understand. If you plan on adding something after the jam, I'm curious to see it ;).

What a creative take :)! I dig the intro and overall feel of the game very much! I found it a little counter-intuitive for my trainer not to mind me shooting him directly, but then get mad when the opponent does it. Nonetheless, very well done :D!

What a delightful little experience :)! A fun and aesthetically pleasing gem this, well done!

The UI you made is lovely, I really like the work environment :)! I didn't expect to get to chat with Mark himself either, wow :P! I'm just a bit surprised he hated my responses so much, hmm.

What a silly little defense game :D! I really like how you can push the frozen Marios, that is real smart! The build system is impressive as well, a little buggy, but I like how the camera moves back. Well done!

Cute sprites :)! I found the system behind the game a little too simple, "50 coins = .2 rating" is almost everything you need to describe it. Nonetheless, I like that there is a real goal you have to meet, that pressure makes you think about the choices more. Congrats on the entry!

I was surprised to see the level's collectibles randomly generated each time! While the jump feels a bit floaty and uninteresting, I like the simple idea and the story behind it :). I wonder what the game would be like if it focused more on the puzzle aspect. Good job on the entry!

I unfortunately found it very confusing when I can place my units. Once I got into it, the battles were not very interesting to watch either: the knight usually just occupies the corner. The CRT effect made me feel quite uneasy as well :(.

I appreciate the creative title of the game and wish you best of luck with the game if you go on to fix those issues after the jam is over :)!

A very nice puzzle game :)! I like how open-ended it is as well – I got 35 on the fifth level and wouldn't be surprised if more was possible. If you ever solve these levels with a computer, I'm curious about your findings. Nicely done!

I didn't know doing arithmetic could feel this good. Where can I buy this calculator :)?

So much to adore! I'm so impressed!

I got a little side tracked on my way to the arena, I really thought there was a path through the trees on the right :). I'm also bad at hiding in trees apparently, meow.

 Congrats on such a charming and juicy game!

Superbly satisfying in all the ways! Bravo!

Focusing on combos got me a score of 1.8 mil :).

Who would have know being an input interpreter would be so hard :)! While the learning curve indeed starts steep, getting the input right feels mighty satisfying, nicely done!

Such cute style :), well done!

While I found the ventilators a bit wonky at first, they ended up being an interesting mechanic :)! I was surprised not to need to place a chalk block in many of the levels but enjoyed the puzzles overall.

A very fun and pretty slingshot game :)! I like all the details in animating the UI and darkening the background in the help screen, it really makes a difference!
I enjoyed the gameplay loop, though I don't think I was forced enough to think about my equips and how I used the dice – I mostly just threw them at the nearest enemy, perhaps a bit more carefully with the bomb.
You mentioned a lot of interesting ideas in the devlog, I think upgrading the sides of the dice would work well, it would also let me choose if I wanted to focus on freezing or perhaps large stones… Another idea would be to make the waves more varied and indicate before a wave what enemy types would appear. This could make me think more about which dice to choose, like perhaps taking more bombs and ice against the small masses, higher damage against the big guys and large projectiles for the flying types.

It was a great game nonetheless, congrats on the entry :)!

Hi, thank you so much for the constructive comment :)! You're right that the dots might sometimes feel unfair. Here's a few things I have tried to mitigate it:
1. the dots spawn in a way that they spread out as much as possible – when there are four of them and the dice is coming from above, there should always be a dot that you can use
2. when the dice is low and there aren't enough dots on the screen, I usually think of it as a player mistake when I'm playing – hitting a powerful flick launches the dice really high and prevents this (which I know is a little brutal to say, but at least there's a high skill ceiling)
3. in sticky situations, you can still flick from a larger distance and it may be enough to save you
If you want, you can check this video of my 150°C run to see it all in action.
You're definitely not the only one bringing this up though and it's probably something I could have figured out if I had done more playtesting with new players. On a side note, the top scores on the leaderboard are very impressive ;). Yours is still in the top third of all highscores!

About the starting dot, you're on point! That's exactly why I did it, to force players through an otherwise a bit unintuitive mechanic :).
Thanks again for the feedback!

A nice top-down shooter. As there is no reason not to shoot, I wish I didn't have to spam the LMB :). I think having enemies with more interesting movement patterns would force me to not simply run around in circles. The animations are nice and I like the adaptive music for when you clear an entire floor. Well done on the entry :).

A beautiful game with a nice idea! I found the dialogues quite annoying, especially when I was forced to backtrack and read the same thing all over again, so I just skipped it from then on. I like the concept of meeting different conditions and using your dice to get there, but it feels unexplored: personally, I would way rather do a bunch of rolls and introduce the new dice slowly, than wait for the transitions and crack through the story. It was still a nice experience though and congrats on making it!

This was quite fun! The ruleset is simple but interesting. I wish your dice was closer to the action (maybe a part of the ship) so that it would be easier to see the value; the game could rise in difficulty slightly over time; perhaps the music would be better off not resetting every time. But other than that, liked it, nicely done :)!

Thanks! I've tried to make the flick points spread out as much as possible and fill in the gaps, though you're right that there are moments when none are around. I've found that with enough practice, it's almost always possible to avoid or get out of these sticky situations though. The game is quite difficult and requires some powerful flicks to keep the dice in the air ;). The skill ceiling is very high and the records just keep surprising me! Fifty degrees seems to be pretty good, around the top third of the leaderboard!

I like the system, it's a huge shame the bugs make it unplayable. Visually it's splendid!
I think it would be interesting if you weren't able to change what sides the dice are facing, the dice were randomised and had different effects. Currently, it only makes sense to put three dice in the effects column and one in the row (as far as I understand the rules). Something more complex could spicy it up!
I would recommend focusing on the core gameplay first next time around, but congrats on joining the jam nonetheless!

The cinematic is fabulous, wow! (Any insights on that, what have you used?)
The attack types are quite cool. I like the different enemy AIs, maybe they could vary in other aspects as well (shoot projectiles, dash at you, avoid each other…). I think the timer of how long you have survived doesn't reset, but not a big deal :). Overall, nicely done!

Thanks a lot :D! The leaderboard turned out very competitive, congrats on getting up there! I wish I had made it scrollable, haha.