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Two Separate Gorillas

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I always like a game where you get to smash things! It's a fun concept but I had no idea where to go? I was just wandering around smashing things and killing monsters until the timer ran out. A few breadcrumb clues along the way would have really helped here.

Bit of an unfair comment for a game in a jam where the goal is to make a game in only 3 hours. Every game is going to be a bit rough around the edges.

I love the minimalist art style and it's an interesting concept, however I don't see any reason to actually move the ship? If you move you risk getting blindsided by an enemy you miss so surely it makes more sense to sit still and just shoot?

I love how it looks and the feel of swimming around is great! It feels a bit bad just running into spikes and dying having no clue where they could be though. If there was a feedback system that could warn you a bit without giving too much away that would make it more enjoyable for me.

Fun little game! Would have liked to be able to lock onto more than one enemy at once though.

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Very nicely put together! It's a fun concept and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I got stuck in the "It would be nice to get out of this cave" room. Couldn't scale the boulder or get past it.

I do like a puzzle! Once you find the knack then it becomes pretty easy though.

I appreciate being able to take notes by highlighting things, although I would like to be able to hide things as well as highlight them.

I'll give you a hint, you can safely assume up is north.

Interesting idea but it got pretty hard very fast! Some of the levels were a bit too pixel perfect for me.

A nice chill little game! There's a bug where sometimes when you pick up an item it bugs out and isn't attached to your cursor properly though.

I like the ability to wrap around and the jukes you can do with the police using it! The police vanishing so quickly and them seemingly coming from the top left all everytime made it pretty easy but other than that I enjoyed it!

High score of 7. I like the concept but would have liked some feedback when I was getting "warmer". I like the clean visuals though!

The restart is broken (The score increments up with time on the game over screen and you keep dying over and over when you retry and let go of the space bar). Disconnecting visuals and the player character while still being in control of both is a fun idea though!

Love everything about this game. It makes me feel ten times smarter than I actually am.

The fact you didn't break top 2000 just shows that democracy is a mistake.

Baby physics were were on point and the level design was solid. Great job!

I thought I knew my keyboard before playing this game! I enjoyed it and loved the voice acting, however it wasn't clear as to whether I was supposed to change on the blue square or not. Still a very fun game and very nicely presented.

Love the idea of trying to get the last hit in and having to manage the HP bar to get the kill on your turn! The variety of enemies were fun to try and beat and I would love to see this fleshed out into a complete experience!

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WASD and X aren't working for me and I'd appreciate if you never used that particular warning tone in a game again. I swear I could hear my headphones rattling. I love the premise though and would love to try it when I can!

Very chill little game! Loved the aesthetic and on keyboard it felt great. Fantastic job!

Love the idea of an open world sokoban game. Fantastic job!

Definitely a contender for the best name of the jam. It's a fun game but I would have really liked to be able to move faster. Thanks for submitting!

The idea makes me smile but the controls are pretty hard! Maybe have a button to raise the head up and straighten the puppet up?

Fun game though. Good job!

A fun idea! I always like games that play with gravity. The boss was pretty hard though as the gun was a bit finicky. Good job overall!

I love the idea and presentation! I would have liked to be able to drop a cloud type without using it and pardon the pun but the controls felt a bit too floaty to me. Overall you did a good job and I would like to see it fleshed out more!

Like the presentation and concept but I echo the calls it's a bit too hard! I appreciate the walkthrough though. Good job!

Loved this mechanic and it was presented very nicely too! My one complaint is that if you missed in the boss fight I think you were boned as you couldn't jump to the roof the get your bow back. That's literally it though. Great job!

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Interesting concept but I kept managing to glitch when joining/rejoining including:

  • Managing to spawn 2 pairs of legs
  • Duplicating the main character
  • Making the legs vanish
  • Managing to rejoin the robot when the torso was in a tunnel so the reformed robot got pushed to the other side, trapping the legs in an inescapable spot.

It looks fantastic and I like the core gameplay loop, but these bugs kept happening! Fix this and it definitely has potential.

I like the art style and the phone aspect ratio but it ramps up far too quickly. I barely last 30 seconds. Dial it back a bit and it'll be more fun!

Very interesting concept! It's fun trying to keep track of all your parallel selves. I found syncing very hard though.

Nice twist on a classic, and it feels far more difficult to force a tie here than in normal tic-tac-toe. Bonus points for online multiplayer, too. Great job!

Very fun game with a great presentation!

Looks lovely! I was hoping the levels would ramp up a bit more though. I really hope you expand on this one in the future as it definitely has promise.

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Interesting concept, but I wasn't sure as to whether I was supposed to get all my souls captured or not? It looks stunning though, would love to see more.

Love this mechanic! It's sort of impossible to explain to someone without showing them it, but when they see it then they get it straight away. Would love to see more of this.

I like the chaotic nature where if you stop moving at most points at least part of your flock is stuck in traffic so you always need to keep moving. Great job!

A very beautiful game. I would say that the music read as a bit more spooky to me with the dominant violin lead, but overall I loved it.

Fantastic idea! I had a lot of fun playing it. The sound effects were a bit grating though. I would love to see this one polished up!

Fun game! Love the limited move idea, really makes it challenging.

Fun game! It looks great, but P and O are odd keys for actions though and I glitched through tiles above me a couple of times when the skeleton grew. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.