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Two Separate Gorillas

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Excellent work! Looks great and it was fun, too. 

Very novel concept! Love the idea of having to adapt on the fly to the constraints given to you. Although I think level 4 could be impossible if you roll high enough given the short timer.

Great job!

I like the idea, but having to do every cutscene for every weapon gets boring real fast. Also I got weapons like 6 times in a row despite having 2 healing options. Maybe you could make it so it chooses a random order for all 6 faces and then after that rerolls so that everything gets used at least once?

I'm confused, was my character rolling their dice or not?

I love Liar's Dice! It's a novel idea, trying to do a visual novel, but the story was a bit confusing and there wasn't much of it! I hope you flesh it out and polish it after the jam!

Heads up it didn't work for me in the Itch app, but ran fine in Edge!

It's a fun concept but there's too much going on! And trying to fulfill 3 customer's orders straight off the bat (And the timer still going down while I am in the menu I think?) makes this very unforgiving!

I think if you tune it a bit there's definitely a fun game here!

I don't get how boosts work? If I place them on a die and roll it, whatever (non-boost face) it rolls will be boosted? Also while ADH is a nice mnemonic, it can be a bit awkward to use.

I looks great and I think there is definitely something here,  it's just that the combat is a bit confusing for me!

Fantastic! Loved it. Full of charm and a very unique idea. Great job!

Played it now I can run it in the Itch app. Fun game! Very neat puzzle. The real time obstacles vs the dice moving on a grid system makes a fun challenge. Finding the 4 number combination to go fast keeps you on your toes. Great job!

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It looks fantastic and was great fun to play! It feels awesome to snipe something from across the room with a die! Great work.

Fun game! I like the concept and aesthetics.

However, in something with 6 random options, having 2 of the options (glue gun and BANG!) be useless just felt really annoying. Not sure if this is something with others but my cursor didn't line up fully with the aimer in game?

It definitely has promise and I hope you work on it further!

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Heads up: Bitdefender blocked this one as a virus for me when I tried to download it. Guessing from other people it might be a false positive?

If it's a Windows build you can go into edit game and set the file to windows to let people play it in the Itch App which has a sandbox and should get around false positive problems!

It's a fun game and the "cancel flick" button is much appreciated, but I don't see what value the D20 multiplier adds here apart from possibly tanking your par score due to bad RNG? Also the indicator didn't line up with where the die ended up most of the time for me.

Props for making a 3d game with a decent camera in it though! Good job!

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A very fun twist on this sort of game! I like how the dice feels while rolling and how you have to plan out your moves as your can't really backtrack without restarting. It looks and sounds great too. Nice work!

Neat idea! I love the idea of the dice combining to do an explosion.

I think this would work better if you dragged the dice back for strength of throwing (Like Angry Birds) rather than the flicking which gives you far less control over where they land. Also the ranged purple guys felt like they tanked shots far more than other monster types and were very difficult to handle.

Good job overall!

First off, the windows build didn't work for me (HTML5 was fine), something about a PCK file?

I had fun playing it! It was a weird juxtaposition between the fantastic mid-century modern look of Gnargle and the title screen, and then the pixel text of the UI? It sounded lovely though!

Nice game!

liek dis if u cri everytim

I love the idea of "rolling die like your life depended on it" and the inherent trickiness of the control scheme really represents the pressure the main player is under. It's a really atmospheric game and quite moving. Fantastic work! One of my favourites this jam.

Loved this game! It's the right level of difficulty to be challenging but fun, and I loved the music! Great job!

I like "style" games where when you master them you can pull off neat combos and this has potential for that! The second/third shots with the balldice are very sensitive though and I feel this game would work better with a mouse.

Nice job!

Fun game! I love the aesthetic and the eraser tile is a neat addition to this sort of game.

Really needs a tutorial, I'm sure it's fun but I had no idea what to do! I know when actions were highlighted I could do those things with right click but I had no idea why I was rolling a dice and sometimes it felt like I couldn't do anything?

Love it! Great little puzzle game and I love the aesthetic. Good job!

I love the assets and the feel of it! But I seemed to run out of ammo quickly and couldn't figure out how to get more? I look forward to seeing how you update this one!

I'm running on Windows 11 and trying to play it through the Itch app and it crashes as soon as I open the program. It's a shame because the game page makes it look fun!

First off, on your game's page you need to tick the box which says it's a windows game, so you can play it in the Itch app! Also Windows Defender flags it as a virus for me but Bitdefender said it was clean.

I like the feel of bouncing bunnies around, but it took me a while to figure out what the goal was! Maybe make the landing area standout a bit more?

I'm glad someone else tried a spin on a classic as well! It looked very polished and was a very chill game. Great job!

I like the aesthetic and feel of the game, and the game itself is a novel idea! But it felts like you can just walk back and forth to let the guards pass? And the 3+4 = 8 but 1+1=4 didn't make sense until I saw the I in the top left which explained it so maybe that could have been signposted a bit more? I'd love to see it developed further!

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Loved the aesthetic style and the sense of humor! My main criticism would be the gameplay felt a bit weak and that the dice roll animation didn't seem to line up with the actual value. It is incredibly polished though and I would love to see it developed further!

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Loved it. Great story, looked lovely and it fit the theme in a novel way! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Very fun game! Looks fantastic too.

Slight nitpick is that at later levels if you use the right die then you can level up near instantly and it breaks flow quickly. Apart from that I loved it!

The idea was that in the event of a tie, whoever has the higher strength on their item wins. And with the fact you get more points for winning game 3 than game 1, suddenly you have stronger items and more of an incentive to win certain games over others! You can then use that information to predict what the opponent would want to play what where and you can try to counter that.

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Fun game! Love the concept and rolling lots of dice at once was super satisfying. One thing that wasn't clear to me though was I was trying to roll my die into the tower instead of right clicking them in.

Also the walls weren't colliding for me, I'm not sure if that was intended?

Fun and very novel idea! It was hard to visualise where the bullet would go after the first richochet though. Maybe visualise the next couple of bounces as well? I also got a bug where a bullet bounded off of the back wall and went through the left wall into oblivion and it wouldn't let me fire another bullet.

Great job!

Fantastic game! I got to 21 before ruining my work and ending up with a score of 14. I was never any good at art.

I think I blew myself up with the nuke.

Love the concept, it's got a great aesthetic and overall I think it's great, it's just too hard for me! I can solve a 2x2 but not a 3x3. Maybe 2x2 in the earlier levels could be good?

Great job overall though!

I like the idea of the movement being out of your control so you focus on the rootin' tootin' shootin', but I didn't feel much difference between the guns? I also would have liked the player to move constantly and not only while reloading.

It has promise and I hope you keep working on it!

Like the idea but maybe it was just my luck but I didn't get many moves, which meant I had to rely on ranged attacks and didn't melee too much. Didn't get many chances to actually use the unlocked dice either. Definitely has potential though!

Funny game! But on the "scream like a pig and run away" screen, it wouldn't let me drag any dice over to be rerolled. I loved the sense of humor.

Very well polished aesthetic! It really captures that Paper Mario aesthetic! It also had a great sense of humor.

One bug I found was that scrolling advances the text very quickly on my laptop trackpad. Also no walls. But I hope you keep working on it!