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Two Separate Gorillas

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Fantastic little game! It's impressive when you can make a 20 minute playthrough feel like the perfect length of time.

Fun idea! However me being used to up for rotate really threw me off and I would love some control mapping options.

Very fun game! Loved the presentation and the puzzles were the right level of challenging!

Couple of comments: Felt like the music overlapped with itself though? Also I would have loved a retry button instead of a skip.

Apart from that it was fantastic. Hope you do well!

Dev score is 9 so you beat me!

Great choice of music! Would say that it starts off pretty hard already, it would be nice for it to ramp up a bit in difficulty over time?

Very fun concept! Definitely needs more colours though. Also give each different colour a different texture to help with colour blindness?

like this if you cri everytime

Think the resolution settings are off since I can't see the space to type?

Thanks for the comment! One thing I was heavily considering was lights on each corner and once you bounced in a corner, the light would turn on and you couldn't score again in that corner until all the other corners were hit, at which point the lights would reset. Felt too cruel for a first play though.

I know a muzak cover of The Disaster of Passion when I hear it!

Fantastic game! Cute and full of charm with a great role-reversal idea. Audibly laughed at some of the realisations as to what I was drawing. Only thing I would have liked would image export for the things I drew but apart from that no notes. Great work!

Found some bugs (Suction didn't work for me, and sometimes the weapons wouldn't be switched out when the bodies were replaced).

Also it's pretty cursed isn't it

Nice little sokoban! Wasn't sure what to do at first but figured it out quickly. 

Very funny game! I loved how smooth it all felt and introduced things quickly and intuitively. Great work!

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Help my snake is too small

 too small snake
too small snake

Definitely the weirdest game I've played this jam. It was fun getting an egg chicken engine going!

Definitely very hard! Maybe being able to use the arrow keys (and slow down the ball at the beginning?) would help?

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Looks lovely and I love the idea of fewer powerups = easier bossfight, but the controls were very confusing! The keys felt like they were all over the place?

Great job regardless!

I liked it! It was very relaxing and figuring out how to score in each level based off of the map title was a fun challenge.

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Fun game! I like the 90s aesthetic of it. Felt like some rounds were a write off because the money was pretty low though. Maybe inject a bit more cash or some different objects?
My score was 36!

It always only let you choose the correct answer. Would have liked some death animations to be added in the future.

Good job!

Should be put on the dangerous doges act. Great job!

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Novel idea, and I love that pseudo Atari-2600 look that you gave it! I found myself just spamming until I was down to like 3 zombies because only losing one zombie when dying wasn't too much of a loss. Maybe the death penalty needs to be a bit harsher?

Good job, but that mole is very slow! Would have preferred for him to be a bit faster but starting with more enemy golf balls?

Love the graphical look of it! Had no idea where to go though, and the pigs couldn't go up ramps properly either. Would love to see where it could go with a bit of post jam polish.

PS: The sudden influx is because someone pointed out this was the games with the fewest ratings.

Very nice proof of concept! Funny little game and the sort of thing this jam is all about.

Not sure I get it? I'm trying to place the spikes down which don't seem to do anything?

Looks stunning! Love how satisfying it is to eat a shoal of people! Going forward I would love more enemy types to keep things interesting.

Love the theming to it! Controls on the sun feel a bit off to me personally (Would much prefer the option to aim with the mouse) and the enemy movement was random so difficult to predict. The satisfaction in bashing Icarus down into the sea with your face was pretty nice though!

Fantastic game! One of the few I've played which manages "role reversal" well mechanically instead of thematically.

Love the charm of it all and it's very well put together. I hope it does very well this year!

Adorable! I love those sort of mixed media art styles. Fun idea, but I would have liked a bit more clarity on enemy ranges so it was easier to see which paths would put you in the line of fire of certain things, and maybe the ability to queue up your units before sending them out in one go?

Great job!

Nothing! X is only used to start the game.

You trying to break my headphones and ears with that opening beep?

Very nice looking game! I am glad you highlighted the keywords which made it easier to figure out which quests were good for who. Good job!

That was infuriating great job

Love the isometric graphics! Would say that right for move and left for fire felt weird to me?

Definitely look forward to see where you take this game!

Looks fantastic! But the controls are a bit weird for me. Would have really appreciated the ability to turn the arrow with up/down or the mouse. And I found the possessions with the platforms hard to figure out how to get where I needed to go and still repossess things?

Definitely a very well executed game. Fantastic job from you all!

Like the concept! Game crashed at 226 bpm so I assume your end screen is bugged based on your other comments.

Would like a UI for the abilities because I didn't know how much they all cost to use and it felt like there wasn't much in the way of tactics, rather just whisper and become visible when you can. Other ways to scare like knocking things down etc would be neat.

Good job!

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Fair warning: Through the Itch Desktop App it got the following error:

"The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)"

Apart from that cute game! Characters had personality, although it was a lot of reading upfront to learn the classes. I liked how the rest of the information was fed over days though.

Fun game! Main thing I noticed is when the knight was swarmed you felt a bit helpless as you couldn't get to the corpses to loot them. Would have also liked to have the knight's health on screen as well as my own.