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Yeah the symbols don't register right in the web build. I didn't play test the web build properly because I assumed nothing would break but I was wrong. Glad you still enjoyed it though!

Piercing multiple enemies was pretty satisfying as well as watching the arrow bounce around. I died at the edge of the screen to an offscreen zombie which can feel unfair (although I shouldn't have been walking there). Maybe to counteract that you could have the zombies spawn on screen with a delaying digging out of the ground animation before they can hurt the player and move around.

I also thought that if you increased the speed of the zombies and player, let the player catch the arrow after a bounce, and had the arrow charge faster you could have a neat fast paced version of this game. You'd probably have to reskin everything though since zombies shouldn't be walking so fast.

I liked the enemy variety as well and overall the gameplay was still fun!

The bullet speed felt too slow. This was especially tedious when you know you've missed an enemy and you have to wait for the bullet to fly across the entire map before it despawns. The concept itself wasn't bad and lining up many enemies can feel satisfying. Visually the game could've used more effects (or I suppose people call it "juice") on killing enemies, such as screen shake to increase the kill satisfaction.

Even after making and play testing this game my symbol touch typing is horrendous.

The game was nicely paced and the enemy variety was pretty good. Some of the enemies were a little less intuitive on what they do and what their weakness was but after you learn their weakness it's all good. I really like killing like 10 blue robe guys at the same time. One thing I would suggest is to add a bit more visual feedback on the death tower's attack animation/projectile; maybe like a death laser or something.

The concept was pretty cool. The voice audio was a little too quiet at times (or the music too loud in comparison) but it was fine for the most part. I think "close" and "far" would've been better location descriptions than "closest" and "furthest" for the fuel.

Every enemy is only one character long. Typing games usually have words you have to type.

The mini games were nice and easy to learn (like, you have to be able to learn them in 2 seconds) and the game had a nice frantic pace near the end especially coupled with the fast music. The directional flick felt a bit weird at times in how much force it would apply to the object but given the amount of time you get for something like the paper toss it was fine. Was the factory sort was supposed to spit out like 50 cogs at once near the end? It felt like it wasn't possible to clear that one when it started doing that.

The concept of only having one turn to finish the fight was neat. However I didn't really like how I have no idea what the enemy's abilities actually did. I felt that some of the enemy types were sort of trial and error and given the only 1 turn to figure it out I ended up just straight up dying. Overall the concept was cool but I felt the game was a bit repetitive from all the retries.

As a side note you should include some controls on the game page because I wasn't actually sure which button would back me out of a menu.

The holopad mechanic led to some interesting puzzle solutions. Having to plan your moves in advance for the hologram was pretty cool. I felt that pushing the hologram felt weird though. For example if the hologram was going to move on the space I was occupying and I issued a command to move onto the space the hologram was on we would pass through each other instead of me pushing the hologram. Lastly, I'm not sure how the big smile level is supposed to work. The right button didn't seem to do anything so even when I get the hologram to push the box onto the right button the exit is still blocked.

Not gonna lie, I probably spend more time on making the game look and feel really nice than on the actual gameplay part. Glad you enjoyed the game!

The visuals are nice and satisfying. It would be improved with sound effects but given the time constraints it's understandable. However the game itself is a little too easy since all you have to do is line up the trajectory indicator with the enemies. Maybe if the enemies/hostages moved there could be a timing component to the game as well to increase the difficulty.

A good execution of a nice simple idea. A few nitpicks: the increase speed on platform transition was a bit jarring coupled with my apparent inability to ever be on the correct side at the end of a platform (which is my problem, not the game's problem) ate a lot of my hearts. I also felt that sometimes the platforms were a bit chaotic on how I was supposed to approach them but I'm sure if I played more I would get used to them.

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Interesting concept. I liked how the level builds on itself as you progress but I also felt when it started to get near the end redoing the buttons every time was getting a bit tedious. I also like the effects added. A little advice on screen shake is that if you add a little bit of rotational (as in rotating the camera2D) shake to your translational (as in up and down and side to side shake) shake it looks even better. Here's a good talk about implementing very nice feeling screen shake.

Can't say I expected a gameboy game for a submission! I'm curious how you came to learn gameboy assembly.

Anyways, I like the concept and it leads to some nice frantic gameplay as I keep mashing b to scout out my enemies. The requirement to have to physically move towards the direction you want to shoot also forces the player sometimes go out of position into risky potentially uncharted territory. I'd probably enjoy it more if only the 360 controller D-pad wasn't so terrible...

Interesting concept but it might've been held back a bit by the theme. Sometimes you end up waiting 15+ seconds because you luckily obliterated all but one small enemy and the threat level stays relatively low for a long time. Maybe goals of different amounts of cells could lead to less waiting. Besides that there's a few minor kinks: the decimator hit registration was a little off when you flicked the mouse too fast and being able to shoot during dialog meant projectiles would persist even if your weapons got changed (I had a few musket shots bouncing around going into level 9).

On a less serious note, you'd think the task force would tell the professor when the weapons started becoming overkill.

Thanks for playing! Do you think the letters would be more legible if I put a black border around them? I think visibility is only especially bad when letters start stacking on top of enemies.

Thanks for playing! At this point I might just build a normal word-typing game off this game.

Thanks for playing! The symbols were definitely not considerate for different keyboard layouts (not to mention some of them straight up don't work in the web version). I felt the game was too easy without them though. Maybe I should've only used ! to ). Glad you enjoyed playing my game though!

Thanks for playing! When I initially came up with the concept I was hesitant to include symbols due to keyboards being different but I felt the game was too easy without them. Seems like they're causing a variety of issues though, especially in the web version. Glad you still like the game despite the bugs!

Yeah after a bunch more people playing it it seems the web version doesn't read symbols correctly and the symbols that don't work vary between machines. After the jam voting ends I'll probably remove the web version altogether.

Yeah it looks like the web version has some keyboard input issues that are engine specific for web builds. The standalone executable shouldn't have this issue.

This is stupid. And I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean that in a this is such a silly concept that you had me grinning from the start. I would say the AK felt kinda janky but I'm terrible at FPS games so what do I really know?

The controls felt a bit slippery? Or is it imprecise? I felt like I kept under/overshooting my targets. Maybe I'm just terrible at this game. Besides that the concept was neat but maybe you could've improved the graphical quality by making the game 2D to help alleviate some of the more time consuming challenges of working in 3D. The game essentially only takes place on a 2D plane at the moment.

The concept was nice and the level puzzle designs were pretty good too. I did, however, forget the exact tiles where certain potions would be placed (such as the last green potion you use in the last level) and would frequently miss them. I also felt the character was a little floaty and stiff.

I didn't feel like I was hitting the bassline for some of the cues, or if I was it felt like a much more simplified version of the bassline. Maybe you could've made the cue move to denote pitch the bassline and have the player chase it around with their mouse which would then let you fill in more of the notes without making it the "hit-every-quarter-note" game. I also agree that there wasn't enough feedback when you hit the cues. I still had fun though!

I like the style of the game. The low poly cutesyness is fun. Gameplay wise I'd say it's somewhat frustrating when you have to redo a lot of sections because the physics made the box tumble off a conveyor belt. I also felt the plug was a little stiff at times, but it wasn't anything too bad. Overall I like the aesthetic and idea but I felt that the unpredictability of the physics could get a little frustrating at times.

I liked the initial concept of getting the letters to the bottom. The sound effects, music and overall feel were nice as well. I will say, however, that for later levels the sheer amount of letters can cause me to feel a bit overwhelmed; especially when most of the letters are the same color. While you pretty much will never use all the letters it can feel like a bit much when you are presented with so many options.

Thanks for the feedback! I tried really hard to make the game look and feel good. I probably spent more time on polish than the actual gameplay to be honest. As for the difficulty curve I personally had a lot of trouble touch typing symbols so I felt it started getting difficult enough when symbols started spawning. On the subject of symbols, I've been getting some reports of symbols not working. Did you play the browser version or executable?  I didn't have much time to test the browser version before deploying and I also think the issues might've arisen from the web version. 

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Thanks for the quick feedback. Did some testing on the online version. It seems the curly braces don't pick up in the web version only but other symbols worked fine. I've removed them from spawning in the web version as a result. Was it just curly braces that weren't working for you? Also, does it work fine for you for the executable version?

Oh man, that's crazy! I didn't have time on Sunday to work on this project so I didn't have time to flesh out the level and tune the movement. I should've left more time for that. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Fun concept that reminds me of those labyrinth marble games. There were a few "blind" drops where I'd have to commit to a movement since you can only pause when you're touching something and it would drop me straight into a hazard I couldn't see beforehand. Additionally, I think an indicator of where you should generally be going for each checkpoint would be nice. I think when you first go "outside" there's also some support structs that have no collision that kinda threw me off.  Finally, I think I accidentally soft-locked the game when I mashed space while it was resetting my position. Overall the game was pretty fun and I enjoyed it.

Instantly ragdolling people is always great. This game reminds me of the upgraded gravity gun in Half-Life 2 when you just start ragdolling combine instantly. There are a few minor hit-reg delay bugs but the core gameplay is still pretty fun.

I like the simple aesthetic and the concept of the game. The controls feel a bit slippery at first in that you tend to go too fast or slow with not enough power to correct yourself but after playing for a bit more I got used to it. I'd suggest the health and jump indicators be more centered or even part of the player sprite itself (think of how Madeline's hair in Celeste represents if she has a dash or not) because sometimes it would be hard to track how much health or how many jumps I had left.

Like others have said spamming space bar is a very powerful strategy. Another way to fix this issue is to have enemies or hazards that can hurt you when you're charging or to add a cooldown/energy bar mechanic to the charge attack itself. Another suggestion would be to improve the enemy kill feedback; it's very important to the overall feel of a SHMUP. If killing enemies feels satisfying (usually with a lot of large explosions) the game just feels more fun.

The player movement is a little slippery but the core gameplay is pretty fun. Besides tweaking player movement I'd suggest adding more visual and audio feedback when you hit enemies and when enemies die; explosions and sound effects go a long way in the overall feel of a SHMUP.

A nice concept of removing the flippers from pinball. I'd like to see a better way to get the ball unstuck besides forfeiting your current game to restart. I'd also like to see the ability to pick your flipper replacement (you could have high scores for each type too).

The concept is fun and the aesthetics are nice.  Some suggestions would be to add some feedback on hitting and killing enemies (explosions and sound effects go a long way in SHMUPs), make the reflected shots faster than the enemy shots, and to have more enemy variety.

When I was initially planning the game I wanted to discourage shielding everything in sight but I think the final gameplay would feel better if you could bump things more often than not now that you mention it. Anyways, thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Thanks for playing my game and leaving feedback! I'll check out your game as well.