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The concept was fun and interesting. I liked how the werewolf phase got slowly worse for you. I felt like the RNG screwed me on my playthrough. I went through like 3 days in a row without finding a single sheep for my animal pen.

I liked the resource management aspect of the game. I thought the control was a bit strange with how it the roll would turn on the red tile selected. The roll would also sort of cut corners on the turns and I missed a poop once because of that.

The game plays sort of like a 2D Super Monkey Ball, which is neat. I thought the physics could be sped up a bit on the ball; it felt a little floaty. The outside textures of the play area were also a bit disorienting if you rotated too fast. You could probably get away with just framing the exterior wall and leaving the rest as a solid color or blank. The bounce on the ball was nice and I felt there could be some level usage where you would have to utilize the bounce more to finish the level.

The distance/speed of the boat felt just right and the game sort of plays like a golf game without a power selector. I thought the fast whirlpools being inescapable was rather annoying since it would essentially be the same as removing all your batteries once you hit a whirlpool. I also thought the game should've incorporated some more bank shots off obstacles. One last suggestion I have is if you added a feature where you could look ahead a bit by holding a button to pan the screen towards the direction your boat is facing so you could better predict your shots.

Nice game play and game feel. I like how simple and fun it is. I would suggest considering to add some actual damaging hazards for potential later levels but I also appreciate how relaxed it is without hazards that kill you as well. Great work overall.

I like the resource management aspect of the game. However I thought the fuel meter was a bit divorced from the game because I could just leave my mouse over the button and watch the bar in my peripheral vision. Maybe if you added fuel into the game itself as a pickup that forced you to stop and take time to refuel there would a more interesting trade off between fueling and delivering.

Simple concept but decently executed. I felt losing thruster control wasn't too punishing because the aiming was pretty easy. Perhaps changing the controls to be more like Asteroids where you have to manually turn the ship with left and right would make it harder?

Nice physic based puzzle game. I like strategizing how position for the ball transformation. A suggestion I would make would be to speed up the physics simulation as the objects move rather slowly.

Thanks for the feedback. I went way too light happy for the effects so the web version runs pretty poorly. Next time I'll try to account for that. The downloadable version should run pretty smoothly though!

I liked the enemy resistances and having to make sure you don't use the wrong weapon. The visuals also complimented the mechanic well and for the most part I could remember what didn't work on what. Some issues I had were that I felt like the cooldowns were too long and the camera felt a little bit too zoomed in.

Needs more eurobeat.

In all seriousness the game controls great. The drifting felt just slippery enough to give you some idea of how to control it. One thing I would suggest would be to add a button prompt the first time you run into the green tower so the player for sure knows what to do. Overall I really liked the game!

I like how the game looks and how it starts off innocently before descending into panic. One issue I had was that it was hard to click buildings behind the really tall ones.

I like how clean the aesthetic was and how simple the game was. The only complaint I have with the art is that the pickups are kind of hard to see. Game play wise I felt like the game could get pretty circle-strafey. Perhaps having the enemies spread out a bit more would help alleviate the problem.

Watching the pinballs go all over the place was entertaining but I ultimately felt like I didn't have much agency over the game. I felt like I was at the mercy of whatever the random physics wanted to do and would just spam the paddles.

Nice use of boid flocking to "shoot" the enemies. The sound effects could have definitely been lowered. When you get a bunch of boids going it gets kinda grating. I also felt the zoom was a bit too far and made it hard to make out my character among the triangle boids and to make out the enemy bullets. I think if you added some more enemy variety, added a way to lose boids such as after they do X amount of damage/blocking then you could have a pretty interesting gameplay loop going.

Thanks for the feedback. The wall turrets are sort of designed to create "filler" bullets much like the gray tanks. About 20% of the time they do try to lead their shot to catch you off guard, but the bullet speed is a bit slow so if you're far away it's still going to be pretty inaccurate. I actually had an earlier version with more dangerous turrets. The player would not lose their shot buff (triple or fast fire) until they ran out of energy so they would have to choose between avoiding a pickup to get rid of their buff or grabbing it whenever. I felt like it was a bit unintuitive  to the player so I ultimately changed it to what it is now. 

As for recovering health, your suggestion just gave me the idea to maybe reward bullet grazing with slight health gain.

Good concept and funny premise. I like how you have to constantly watch the first virus through your peripheral vision. One issue I had was that I felt like the second virus was almost never worth dealing with. It felt like if there was a situation where I couldn't sneak the window past both viruses that by the time I noticed it was too late to knock the virus over.

Nice funny little endless runner. At some point you gotta wonder if it's worth it to save a car over all the other oncoming cars swerving into buildings. One issue I had was the traffic light poles/bars would obstruct a bit too much of the oncoming road. There were a few dump trucks that I didn't see at all until it was too late to activate them without crashing into them.

Nice little spotting game. The time was a little short as other people have mentioned. I would also suggest the music to get more intense when you're low on time to really get the player panicking.

Concept was fun and interesting. It's like a puzzle/shooter hybrid. One suggestion I have is to make the projectiles more distinct from the bullet trails since the bullet trails don't actually hurt you. I would sometimes instinctively dodge the bullet trail straight into a bullet instead.

I like the literal take on the theme and the general aesthetic of the game. The puzzles were nice too. One suggestion I would have would be to make the character control a bit less stiff. It feels a bit sluggish to move in around.

Thanks for the feedback. I probably should have gotten people to play test the game during development since I really like the twitchy chaotic aspect of shoot-em-ups and not so much the pattern memorization. It doesn't help that I got gradually better at my own game while developing it either.

Thanks for the feedback. The name is a play on the saying "the walls have eyes" which is a somewhat popular saying/usage in media.

The speed change felt a bit inconsequential unless it got set very low. I felt like the ammo was a bit generous as well since you can corral them up and throw a grenade. There's definitely still some intense moments when you can't move fast at all or when you keep eyeing your ammo count and the time and trying not to run out of ammo beforehand. A minor gripe I had was when enemies would spawn very close to me. It felt like I either couldn't react/kill them in time or if my speed was slow I couldn't evade them. Overall the I felt the game had its moments but could have been much improved with some minor number tweaking.

It feels really good when you have a good number of jumps queued up while going right. At the same time if you get a bunch of inputs you don't want queued up it can get tricky. What I didn't like as much is when I would be on the left edge of a platform and would get queued up only left inputs. I wonder if the picking algorithm avoid picking too many of the same input in a row or if it doesn't how much that would effect the "highs" of getting those jump commands you want. Overall I liked the concept but I felt the "lows" of bad luck were kind of annoying at times.

Nice concept with a clean execution. The only confusion I had was that I didn't know you can't fall off the map but you learn that soon enough. I'll probably play some more when my brain isn't sleep deprived from the jam.

The premise was pretty silly and enjoyable. I felt that the game play was a bit repetitive but the last few kids do represent a challenge of efficiently chasing them towards empty cages. One thing I would suggest would be to make the empty cages more visible so you can better plan out your entrapping maneuvers.

I like the randomized switch time causing you to switch from firing to dodging on a whim. While I liked the effect you used for the switch it would get a little bit distracting if it rapidly switched but it wasn't a huge deal. A few things I would've like are to be able to hold down my mouse to shoot, and for the rooms to be a bit shorter. I wouldn't say the room length is the real issue though, it's more that I would like to be introduced to the other enemy varieties sooner rather than later.

I like how the enemies swap with you as well. It makes it so you can plan for the next shift accordingly. The biggest problem to me was that the background is one solid color. This makes it hard to gauge how fast you are going and where you are especially when there aren't a lot of bullets on screen. This also caused the forced movement shapes to be pretty disorienting. Besides that the next biggest problem would be the lack of audio feedback for when you get hit. It can be hard to check your health while playing at the same time.

Hit registration was a bit awkward. I couldn't really tell if I was getting hit at times and other times I couldn't tell why my hits weren't connecting. Is there a way to view your health? It would help with knowing whether I got hit or not. As for the control switching mechanic I felt it could have not been cyclical and also get crazier with the control swapping. Not making it cyclical would keep the player on their toes and doing crazier swaps like left with down would help with that. I also felt that making the already flipped swords switch your controls got annoying as you would backpedal and get swapped again. I think the swapping mechanic as it stands now fosters a slow methodical play style that ultimately makes the swapping create more nuisances than interesting game play moments. Tweaking the game to be more punishing or fast paced could create some interesting "panic" game play moments.

I like the overall look of the game the palette is nice and the look is clean. One issue with the graphics was that the enemy projectile color was very similar to the enemy explosion color which made projectiles hard to spot sometimes.The mechanic was cool but I felt like the SUPERHOT-esque effect made it kind of annoying to dodge incoming projectiles at times. Maybe it was the player speed versus the projectile speed but I felt like it was hard to side-step projectiles a lot of the time. Overall I would suggest you tweak the game play a bit to make it a bit easier to dodge.

On a bug related note, they game was definitely not registering W and A for me, but the arrow keys worked.

Yeah the symbols don't register right in the web build. I didn't play test the web build properly because I assumed nothing would break but I was wrong. Glad you still enjoyed it though!

Piercing multiple enemies was pretty satisfying as well as watching the arrow bounce around. I died at the edge of the screen to an offscreen zombie which can feel unfair (although I shouldn't have been walking there). Maybe to counteract that you could have the zombies spawn on screen with a delaying digging out of the ground animation before they can hurt the player and move around.

I also thought that if you increased the speed of the zombies and player, let the player catch the arrow after a bounce, and had the arrow charge faster you could have a neat fast paced version of this game. You'd probably have to reskin everything though since zombies shouldn't be walking so fast.

I liked the enemy variety as well and overall the gameplay was still fun!

The bullet speed felt too slow. This was especially tedious when you know you've missed an enemy and you have to wait for the bullet to fly across the entire map before it despawns. The concept itself wasn't bad and lining up many enemies can feel satisfying. Visually the game could've used more effects (or I suppose people call it "juice") on killing enemies, such as screen shake to increase the kill satisfaction.

Even after making and play testing this game my symbol touch typing is horrendous.

The game was nicely paced and the enemy variety was pretty good. Some of the enemies were a little less intuitive on what they do and what their weakness was but after you learn their weakness it's all good. I really like killing like 10 blue robe guys at the same time. One thing I would suggest is to add a bit more visual feedback on the death tower's attack animation/projectile; maybe like a death laser or something.

The concept was pretty cool. The voice audio was a little too quiet at times (or the music too loud in comparison) but it was fine for the most part. I think "close" and "far" would've been better location descriptions than "closest" and "furthest" for the fuel.

Every enemy is only one character long. Typing games usually have words you have to type.

The mini games were nice and easy to learn (like, you have to be able to learn them in 2 seconds) and the game had a nice frantic pace near the end especially coupled with the fast music. The directional flick felt a bit weird at times in how much force it would apply to the object but given the amount of time you get for something like the paper toss it was fine. Was the factory sort was supposed to spit out like 50 cogs at once near the end? It felt like it wasn't possible to clear that one when it started doing that.