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Very cute frogs and such a great game! I loved playing it!

Great game! I had a lot of fun, thank you! :D

Thank you! :D

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Thank you! Some of the biggest bugs were fixed today, so if you want to play some more I would recommend downloading the game again :) We are also making some more improvements during this week!

Thanks haha :D

Stressful and a lot of fun! Good job :)

Fun! My highscore is 248 :)

Great concept! Felt like I was just getting started and then it ended, would have loved more levels :)

Very good idea! But I don't understand why an office full of dogs is bad haha

Great job! I'm also quite new to game development, I have been learning for about 10 months, and you did way better than I did! I'm impressed you got both gameplay and story in there. And alos that it seems like you were able to plan a project of a good size since it feels like a completed game. Well done!

My only, very small, critique is that it was a bit hard to predict where the character was going to walk, it would maybe have been easier if it only followed the grid and didn't go diagonally? It was still a lot of fun and a good progression with new mechanics and the puzzles getting trickier. I really enjoyed it, great job!

Wow! I like everything about this game! The scribble sound, the colors, that I can draw anywhere and that it has consequences to do so, such a great idea and very well executed :)

Yes , you are right! When I realized I wouldn't be able to finish programming the brewing mechanic (which was pretty close to at least work, even if it wouldn't have been perfect) I decided to focus on getting the assets properly in the game instead. I'm tryin to find a bit of time every day to work on this game and we will update it when it's ready. Thank you for giving it a try and for leaving a comment :) 

Thank you so much! It's great to hear that you get what we were going for!

Yes, I have been thinking the same, to keep it for the headlines and find another one for the rest. Thank you for trying our game out and for the suggestion :)

It's so cute! I'm impressed that you were able to build such a big level, I really enjoyed exploring it :)

Such a sweet game! Looks and sounds great. I like the detail that you put different colors on the arrows, it was easier for me to remember the color sometimes and the shape sometimes, well done :)

I couldn't quite figure out how to connect things correctly, but still the game looks and sounds absolutely amazing, I love the wobbly wires! And I also like the take on the theme, very well done!

Went from: "Aw, I will take care of my pet rock" when clicking the cover image to "Okay, I'm going to carefully drive with my rock and avoid traffic" when reading the description to "Crash all the busses!!!". Not at all what I expected when first clicking on the game, but it was a lot of fun! Well done! :D

I really like how this game looks! I kept losing my fish when jumping, they just flew away, it was fun to see but also a bit frustrating to lose them all haha! But overall great job, I enjoyed playing! :)

I do like the story behind the game! And I think this is a good start, well done with getting a game loop, art and music done in such a short amount of time :)

I really like the story! The art and music went really well with it and all together it really caught my interest. Even though some controls where a bit difficult the gameplay still showed the mechanic and the theme nicely, well done! :)

I liked the puzzles and how I was thought how the characters interact through clever level design! Sometimes the controls were a bit frustrating, it was a bit difficult to jump up on things, but I still really enjoyed your game!

I love the colors! Even though you wrote that you were a bit too ambitious and that some things don't work, the game seems quite complex to me and you got a lot of gameplay in there already! Very impressive :)

I made it, I ascended! haha :D  Thank you, I loved that to, it was so much fun ^^

Hi bom! It was a lot of fun that he played our game. His reaction to the art and our take on the theme, with the description of the potions, was heartwarming. And we laughed a lot when he talked about the programmer not putting the effort in, I sure did put the effort in! haha
I'm just lacking experience and haven't been learning programming for very long. Overall all of this has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot and I will definitely try to finish the rest, I just need to find the time :)

Are you going to continue to work on your game?

We will try our best! Thank you for playing :)

Thank you so much! I'm happy you seemed to enjoy our game ^^

Thank you! We are working on it :)

Yeah, thats the way it is with game jams :) Thank you for playing anyways!

Thank you! :D

Thank you! :)

Very clever and a lot of fun! :)

It sure was a good learning opportunity for me too. Yes, I do think you should be very proud of this game! :)

Looks amazing! And it was very satisfying to walk around and color everything in.

I read some of the comments and I really feel you when it comes to having too many ideas and not quite making it with implementing all of it, the same happened for me and the crafting mechanic is not completely implemented in our game either. But I like that you still put the crafting menu in there, it makes me interested in coming back later to hopefully see it all working as you intended. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy with what I managed to get done, even if it of course would have been amazing to finish the project during the jam. I'm even more happy with my amazing team, they did such a great job, and the jam was so much fun!

I will try my best to find time to finish whats missing :) 

Thank you! I'm continuing with programming the game, it was actually quite close to getting done. Most of the gameplay was in there but I had a bug that I just couldn't figure out, thats the way it is during game jams I guess :) Hopefully you will be able to experience the full game quite soon.