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Only shows how much story you can do with very little :)

I made a simple puzzler with only one tile shape per level:

Thanks :) I have made a few puzzle games before, that certainly helped.

Well polished game! I especially like the slowdown when the ball returns to you the first time, but no slowdown on the second time. Incentivises to player do hit the ball directly again.

I made it to level 8, which was quite difficult.

I enjoyed it a lot!

Thanks for the comment!

Custom control schemes would have been nice, but was not the focus of my game. Other people also suggested different control schemes.

The level names are a combination of the number of blocks on the tile, a lowercase x (which the font only displayed in uppercase/big), and a letter/symbol that has some resemblance to the shape. So the common tetris shapes are name 4xT, 4xS, 4xL etc.

Thanks! Level 21 is definitely a big spike in difficulty. But after that, you'll be rewarded with the final (regular) level, and the 12 bonus levels, which are normal difficulty again.

Thanks for the kind words!

no, on windows 10

Glad you managed to conquer the level^^



Nice idea. Unfortunately, the double jump did not always register correctly for me. Also many times i jumped into a white/green light and it turned to the wrong color at the wrong time :(

Also since you're using unity, consider releasing a browserplayable version. For lazy people like me, playing in the browser is more comfortable^^

Good ideas! at first, i thought it was another "only turn in one direction" game. But the different forms and direction-changers made it quite interesting in the end. I wonder what other shapes and powerups could be implemented.

Good Game!

What a great game! Really a fresh and new concept. Unfortunately, it ran with quite low fps for me. With some polish, this could be a really awesome game.

Well done!

I created a Puzzle game with only one tile. Lots of levels!

Cute simple game. Though i miss more options to get my weapon back - maybe some kind of "magnet" which pulls the spear back again, a rubberband upgrade or something. This can then be used to create even bigger combos.

The different enemy types were definitel a plus.

Glad you liked it ^_^

Thanks for the comment, and good point about the reset button.

I tried playing your game, but only got a gray screen :(

Thank you! I played and rated your game. Btw, where is your profile pick from? It reminds me so much of this meme^^

Thanks :)

I tried to run it, but only get a gray screen :(

Hey! Game looks really cool. But I really struggled to find the car keys, searched the house multiple times... Other than that, the narrative is great. I liked that every time i switched on the red switch, i was reminded of that simple idea: I have to go. Other than what other people already pointed out (missing cursor etc), great game!

Thank you!

Hey, thanks for the comment :)

Level 21 (and 33 for that matter), are definitely on another level of difficulty than the rest of the levels.

The design process is actually quite simple, and i thought about adding an actual level editor: You simply re-create the shape you have in Level Blocks (the gray ones), and copy/paste, position/rotate them so they dont overlap. Do that a few times and you got a solid chunk of level. Add some "Easy to place" pieces on the outside of that. Test some times, adjust accordingly.

When you have all levels, rate them by difficulty and put in a fitting order.

Jumping on the Train. I created a Puzzle game with only one tile. Lots of levels!

I created a Puzzle game with only one tile. Lots of levels!

I created a Puzzle game with only one tile. Lots of levels!

I created a Puzzle game with only one tile. Lots of levels!

I created a Puzzle game with only one tile. Lots of levels!

I created a Puzzle game where you have only one tile. It is very zen-like and has lots of levels :)

Hello! Thanks for your message :) I can tell you what i learned after my first game jam: make your games as small as possible. Focus on the MVP - Minimum Viable Prototype, and iterate from that!

Thank you :)

Thanks! I might actually release this for mobile, if I find some time. Gotta figure out a good-working control scheme though.

Puzzle game with unity!

Thanks a lot!

Glad you had fun :)

Thanks you! Simplicity was one of my goals.

4xR is the 16th level, so you still have 18 levels ahead of you :)

3xJ is the 21st level, 3xbR is the 33rd.

Thanks a lot. If you find the levels to easy, wait for levels 3xJ and 3xbR :) those are quite difficult imo.