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Federico Calchera

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Controls feel super good, and levels are well designed!
I like it!

Most unique take on the theme I've seen so far. 
Great submission :)

Seems so simple but is fun to play multiple rounds!
Fun little time-waster game to play when you have some idle time.

I have seen quite a few games with similar mechanics this jam, but this one takes the cake for me.
The unique art, interesting narrative and clever puzzles rally put this on top!
Great work!

interesting mechanics and cute artstyle!

Fun and interesting mechanics, I really like that you reward disconnecting with the attack boost!

great puzzles and mechanics!
At first I was a bit underwhelmded bc the cables just seemed like glorified checkpoints, but once the cable launching gets introduced I really really liked it! 

Took me a while to figure out how the game works, but once I did it's quite an interesting and unique take on the theme. 
Good job!

Really unique and amazing look and feel!
Only negative is that I had a hard time understanding what I am supposed to do.
I liked waht you did with filtering the music etc aswell.
This feels like some sort of a art house game that expects alot of interpretation from the player and I like it!

Cool pixelart and the music slapped!
I liked the mechanics I just wish the controls and camera were a bit better as well as some more player feedback when taking damage, doing damage etc.
Still solid submission!

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Great twist on an autorunner game and great art!
Color me impresed!

Great game feel, polish and mechanics!
I really enjoyed playing this one! :)

Fun game and great job on the artwork!

I love the art style and I don't think I have seen similar gameplay before!
My only negative is that I felt the ship was a bit too difficult to maneuver.
Really good overall! :)

Amazing art and very unique gameplay!
Really really good! :0

A cute game and nice pun name ;)
The controls were a bit difficult, for example like yeet said the jump could have been a bit higher.
Good job overall!

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Really love the mechanics, very unique!
But it felt a bit disorenting and I never really felt in control. I wish the parallel universes were a bit more predictable.
Still a very cool game!

We really had a similar approach when designing our mechanics. :D
Cool puzzle platformer!

A bit difficult to control, but I like the artstyle and sounds alot!

Thank you so much!

Super clean art style, I can definitly see this as one of those hyper casual games on mobile!
Some nice touches like the tutorial on the sides of the level etc. super cool!
Nice game feel as well, I had fun!

cute and really inventive puzzles and mechanic!
I like it!

Thanks for the kind words! <3
Could you elaborate on what you disliked about the controls so I can fix them more easily?

Thanks so much Gustavo
Theser some good catches that need fixing! (I'll hire you as QA ;))
The part you didn't figure out is visual problem I think. You can boost yourself up and land on the spikes connected than you can walk through under the rocks. But there is a decorative asset that makes it seem like you wouldn't fit underneath it.

Thanks for the kind feedback, Sus3!
Do you feel like a particular thing in the controls need improvement the most?

Super good art and the game mechanics are quite unique and lead to an interesting game loop!
Very good job!

Thank you so much, I hope you are right! :)

:D thank you !

Art style and presentation is superb!
Good job!

Thank you :) 
Interesting, I'll check those games out later :)

Thanks so much for the feedback!
Good point, I wish I made some of the collision boxes rounded!

Thanks you so much <3

Very unique take on the theme and I really like the way it looks when you have catched multiple flies and you get a nice spiderweb pattern.
Good job! :)

cool pixel art and nice take on the theme!

I really like all the little animations and cute chracters!
Good job :)

I love the ship models and Its a cool take on the theme.
Though I feel like there could have been a little tutorial at the start as it took me some time to figure everything out.
It an interesting and relax experience! :)

The art is super super good! Puzzle are fun and inventive aswell.
Really solid submission!

I think the mechanics and effects (especially the laser) are cool.
But the lack of a lose condition made the gameplay lack a sense of urgency.

Unique take on the theme! it took me a while to understand how to defeat the enemies, so a little tutorial would have been great. Once I figured it out bouncing back the bullets was pretty fun! 
It has some nice juice as well!

The art is super good and the mechanics are amazing aswell.
It took me a while to figure out how it works initally but once I did, A+!