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Chrome on Windows 11

Cool artstyle and mechanics. I wish there was a html5 version and it was more on theme.

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The controls felt way better than I expected, really tight!
The CRT effect is a bit too strong like others have said and I wish there was some more variation in the gameplay as you get higher.

Interesting Idea to mix with rhythm game elements! Could have used some additional polish, but was fun overall.

Props for creating this with the free version!

Great job on the art, also some small touches like moving the window to clean it were great.
The font was broken for me too.

Unique gameplay and take on the theme. I feel the currency generation was too slow, leading to a lot of waiting.

Cute main menu idea and I dig the 3d and 2d mixture. Seems almost impossible with the zombies being so fast at the start and like you already said yourself it feels fairly unfinished overall.

Very ambitious with online pvp and the art assets are cute. I don't really see the theme and the main gameplay loop lacks some polish.

The slow turning is painful :0 it made me not want to fight the enemies. 
Maybe using the mouse to aim and separating it from the movement direction could solve it, but on the other hand the sluggish turn makes it feel more mech-like, but feels to clunky right now.

Really complex, much depth and long for a game jam game, nice one!

Interesting premise, just feels a bit unpolished/clunky in its current form.

I dig the 3d with different cameras and clever wall "ducking" to not obstruct the view! Sadly a bit too unfinished to really judge the gameplay.

Cool momentum based running mechanic!

I absolutely love the paint.exe style art and animations with the flat colors and aliased brush! Very polished overall.

Love the old console, Atari-ish vibes. Feels like one of those random game cartridges you bought at the flea marked with obscure gameplay to me.

I agree with abho, great and ambitious tech demonstration. But not enough of a game at the moment.

Like others have said, they controls feel really awkward, I would have just went for arrow keys. It's an interesting and unusual premise though.

Like others said it's funny that there are snipers in the volcano. They don't care that they will be killed by lava very soon. xD 
I wish there were some more game-play elements introduced once you get higher and like abho said hitting the head all the time feels a bit bad, maybe additionally spawning some jump through platforms could help!

Interesting addition to the top-down-shooter / vampire-survivor formula with the reloading mechanic. I feel it's held back by a lack of polish of some parts, for example there is barely and feedback if the player gets hit, so death were sometimes surprising.

It's always cool to see unusual controls. They were a bit difficult at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

Great polish overall with nice atmosphere, art and voice acting. My only nitpick is that playing rock-paper-scissors isn't that fun to me for that many rounds in a row.

Insane polish and some great audio and visual touches like the music starting on the first death or the alpha clamp shader merging the shapes together!

Was really fun to bunny hop strafe and punch dudes across the room. I feel playing with gore on is a must and fists are more fun than the other weapons to me. But it wasn't clear why I shouldn't just skip all the enemies, maybe closing the floor until all enemies are killed could solve this.

Really ambitious project with some very complex mechanics implemented, very impressive. It could have used some more focus on a core mechanic for a jam project though.

Some great art assets and a solid game-play concept. I wish there would have been more focus on polishing the core game-play and level-design instead of the extended narration and intro sequence.

Thank you! Yea I noticed that too, it can be solved by going into full-screen mode. Maybe I can think about alternative inputs.

Great game overall. Interesting art with that cutout aesthetic and nice take on the theme.
Only little nitpick I have is that nothing happens if you shoot at the man in the beginning, something like his hat dropping would be fun imo.

Love the Gameboy aesthetic and great polish, interesting twist on the tower ascend/doodle jump formula, I just wish there was some more variation in the game-play.

Very cute murderous cat and nice level of polish! I just wish there were some more game-play elements introduced in the later levels.

pick by UID would require you to do a for each loop if you have multiple instances picked (which is very expensive).
This transfers all possible picked instances, so it doesn't require the for each loop.

place to compile Construct 3 games that were created on day one for you to continue:

Hey I am an Construct 3 dev and planning to take part in the jam! I hope there are more devs so we can make sure we have at least on game reaching the end of the jam. I'm going to do an initial project for day 1 and if there are other c3 projects I might work on them the other days as well.
Let me know if you are a c3 dev, so we can stagger when we work on a game ,so we don't burn all devs on day 1 or 2 and end up with no one that can work on the game the other days.

Construct Community Discord if you want to communicate more easily:

Thank you so much! :)

Solid suggestions, will try to implement them for the next update! :)

Have you tried clicking the game window?
iframes don't respond to inputs otherwise.

I'll answer your e-mail in a minute!

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it does contain an index.html file.

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This is a html5 game developed in Construct 3.
C3 supports exports to other platforms like mobile, PC etc. as well.
Feel free to contact me at for further questions!

Hey, the game runs in the browser, but if you have the app you can download it. 
I might get around and upload a standalone downloadable version, no promises though.

I'm glad you like it!