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Federico Calchera

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Thank you so much! :)

Solid suggestions, will try to implement them for the next update! :)

Have you tried clicking the game window?
iframes don't respond to inputs otherwise.

I'll answer your e-mail in a minute!

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it does contain an index.html file.

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This is a html5 game developed in Construct 3.
C3 supports exports to other platforms like mobile, PC etc. as well.
Feel free to contact me at for further questions!

Hey, the game runs in the browser, but if you have the app you can download it. 
I might get around and upload a standalone downloadable version, no promises though.

I'm glad you like it!

tysm! <3

oh, thanks for the feedback!
Yea that music thing, I already have an idea, why it happens. Most likely you have a slow internet connection and I am streaming the music. I'll update it to make sure to finish preloading the sound before the game starts!

Hey, I created a one button rhythm game during a 2 week jam, would really love to get some feedback on how it feels to play and any suggestions you have!
thank you <3

Really nice idea with the mini games, making it quite varied even with just one button! gj

very  artsy and athmospheric, I dig it

Nice to see you branch out to 3d as well!

I see you trying to get the judges on your side ;D nice one!

I really dig how the elements react when being hit by the egg, really made me want to try to hit everything just to see what happens, score was just secondary.

Nice idea to take this to the third dimension, I also like the sprite work and additions like shooting, lazer beams and that use the 3d to also allow jumping on that new dimension to avoid these robots.

I feel like the balancing could be a bit better and maybe making the level layout more different per stage would be cool.
Great submission!

Yes, it works now!
I like it, cute animation on the player and that the platforms light up as well is a nice touch. 
Only issue I had is, after jumping I could sometimes walk on air.
Good take on the remake! :)

I love how you kept some of the elements from your previous games, also I see we had the same idea with the rising water level :D
Cool submission!

Really cool, I love that you added a meta progression with the upgrades etc!

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Really really awesome submission, I really like the 2d and 3d mix, the funny writing as well as little touches like the environment changing in the stages.

I love how you implemented the character and some of the mechanics from your previous rounds into this!

very cute art, I dig the way you reskinned it!

I love the cute frog sprite and the awesome screen transition!
My only problem is that I felt the controls are a bit hard to use, I wish they are more responsive.
Great submission overall!

Cool take on the game!
I wish it would just go up the difficulty after finishing the level starting from easy, instead of the player selecting it. Also I feel like the enemies leave to little time to react making it feel a bit unfair to me.

Omg , So close to the original while making it more fun and polished! 
Awesome submission!

nvm what I wrote before, just took a while to load.
I like the effects and sprites you created here, though I feel like the effects are a tad too much.
Neat submission!

Omg with the story bits and boss fight, great job! :0
Awesome submission!

Kinda dig the art and 5/5 on Sound and Music with your take on that song :D:D
But I feel like the controls aren't tight enough, especially that you jump on release instead of press is something I could not get used to. Secondly the background scrolling vertically was a bit too much for me, especially bc the stripes are quite high contrast.
Cool submission overall!

Kudos to you, if you actually made this in 8 minutes :D
Dig the art style with the ortho perspective!
The movement is quite janky, but I guess that's due to the time you spend on it..

Very cool, I see you also went for an infinite climb take on leaper.
Took me a while to get used to the timings and I still feel like the platforms are a bit too fast. But it was very fun once I got used to it. :)
Great submission!

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I dig that you sticked that close to the original, even ripping the art :D
But I had some technicals problems, sometimes I could just jump or fall through platforms or collide with enemies that were on the platform above me.

Really polished and nice job on staying true to the original game while making it a lot less frustrating and more in line with current game design sensibilities.
One little thing was counter intuitive to me: due to the levels being contained by thick walls it took me quite a while to realize that there is screen wrap.
Awesome submission!

I really dig the effects and reaper sprite.
My only issues are that the platforms are very hard to see, also when going into fullscreen the ui became huge covering most of the screen for me :/

I really like the visuals and I can see that you really sticked to the original gameplay and just added your own little additions.
I'm starting to think that I went too far from the original game in my entry...
Only issue I had was that I didn't seem to respawn after dying.
I really like it!

the game link on the rating page doesn't work for me :/

OMG that cinematic :0 epic!

Oh, that's something I haven't though about people trying :D
Glad you got it to work!
I would love to some exported level files you created on discord if you want :)

Weird, it seems like there is no spawn point (orange rectangle) but maybe it's just off screen, did enter also not work?

Really dig the amount of customization and that you added it to a previous round!

Really awesome! I like that all the customizations are not just visual but also change the gameplay!
The best submission I have played so far!