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A 3d platformer where items in the world move in sync to your power!
Submitted by Kreekakon, Traggey, SASHKO NAGANUMA — 19 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The player has the ability to manipulate platforms through the world, the movement of these platforms is all tied to the same mechanic and one can not move without the other doing so. Proper manipulation of these objects in tandem with one another is key to success in this game.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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So, the music was really cool, kinda having that funky vibe.

The platforming in the first level was really tricky for some reason, compared to the other two. I also noticed that this game didn’t have a standard platformer drop shadow, instead opting for something more realistic, but less helpful as a navagational aid.

Overall, I liked the art style a lot, and the only technical issues I noticed were a bit of screen tearing and very shaky movement when I was on platforms and using Q/E


Thanks for the comment, was really happy with how the music turned out too.

The drop shadow is a good pint actually and something that didn't even occur to us at all to be something to add.

The blue platforms being jittery is an unfortunate side effect that after some post-jam research happens when you use the "easiest" method for moving platforms such as this one in Unreal Engine 4. Since it didn't affect the playability of the game too much I didn't dedicate time to fixing it.


Totally fair on the platform jitteriness. Just something that stood out it all.

I like this game’s vibe a lot, though.


nice game!


Very interesting concept! There is potential for making a lot of levels using this mechanic

The presentation is one of the best I have seen in this jam so far! (his hands do be scary tho)

One suggestion I have is to make the movement of the blue platforms smoother, as it gets more obvious when the player rides on the platforms

I would love to see more levels in the future, overall, it was an...

Awesome game!


Thank you for the comment! More levels was definitely within our initial plans to really make the mechanic shine but we ran out of time for extra interesting ones unfortunately.

The blue platforms being jittery is an unfortunate side effect that after some post-jam research happens when you use the "easiest" method for moving platforms such as this one. Since it didn't affect the playability of the game too much I didn't dedicate time to fixing it.


Always happy to see our old fans look us up. You're the best Kreekakon! ♥

And your game, my god. It looks stunning. PsychnoSync, more like... Psychnonaut! I love it. The level design certainly got very neat on level 3, some hints of brilliance. If you ever continue, I 'd love to see that crazy design expand even further!

Seeya again next year!


Really enjoyed playing though this one :) I was instantly worried about the controls since 3D platformers in jams aren't always the smoothest experiences, but you really nailed it! I didn't once feel like I was cheated out of a jump or uncertain about what I was supposed to be able to do and not do!

I would love to see this fleshed out into a full game with the progression mechanic built out a bit more. It seems you have some neat ideas and I'd love to see more of them! My one complaint was how shaky the physics could get on moving platforms, but it wasn't anything all that terrible. Nothing a little bit of post-jam polish couldn't fix

Good job :)


Thanks for the feedback!

The shakiness is definitely something we took notice of during the jam but I could already tell with how it was set up it would take a stupid amount of time to fix and it wasn't worth it. It was visual only and didn't affect gameplay so we opted to leave it in as a low priority problem haha


Great use of the mechanics and nice 3D game, good job! The graphics are amazing


I really like the design. I found it really advanced for a 48hour job.


Getting Psychonauts vibes from this one. Really cool atmosphere. Nice job!


Really cool game, it has such a great visual and audio style! The prominence of the time / star mechanic seemed a little strange - great for replaying, but the first time playing through the level it seems unlikely that you'd be able to speedrun through the puzzles.


Thank you for the comment! Yeah the star system was mostly tacked on at the very start since we thought it could potentially add a bit of optional challenge if it turned out to be a more speedy game as opposed to a puzzle game. The end result was more of the latter but we left it in anyways just to have it be an optional thing players could strive towards on replay if they so wanted.


I don't like Unreal Engine, but this game looks and sounds amazing! The platform moving mechanic is unique and has a lot of depth. However, the game feels a little too slow and I spent a good amount of time just holding down Q or E. I would love to see a post-jam version with these issues fixed!


Thank you for the comment! The Q and E movement speed is definitely something that could use some tweaking, too little speed and the player spends forever waiting and too long the player has trouble lining things up. Potentially there would be some way for the player to choose their own speed maybe!


Beautiful cell-shaded graphics, character and blocks reminds me of the game "Catherine".
Was that an inspiration somehow? Anyway, I believe increasing the aerial directional speed should make the game feel more fluid, handy for speed runners.


Nice job! I enjoyed the moving platform mechanic and the way the levels worked with it. The graphics too were really nice and stylish to look at. Overall this was a great entry and I had fun playing it. :)


nice game, super stylish. Like that both hazards and platforms move together, that's a nice touch


Amazing you managed to make a 3D platformer with music in the time limit!  The ability to move lots of objects with one button has made for some interesting puzzles.


First of all, production value is crazy good, you guys made a full fledged 3D platformer ! Controls feels good, hitboxes are very functionnal, there's no downside on the gameplay part :)

But I'd say it falls a bit behind on game design, I understand the concept of platforms being tied together, but for the most part it feels like a classical 3D platformer and I can't see something really unique in terms of game design.

Also I won't complain on level numbers, it's only 3 but it's also enough to show and understand the concept :D

Really good game overall !


Thanks for the feedback, we definitely wanted to expand upon the mechanics more with more levels but ran out of time to do so. The three levels that are currently in the game were actually intended to be tutorial levels that you ease you in before really going crazy haha.

A bit of the vision that we originally intended can be seen in the final level where the synchronized platforms work against you in winning the level and you have to manipulate them in order for what you actually want to happen to occur.

Submitted (1 edit)

Really cool, the character had me expecting funky music but the track was still really good. The controls are tight and responsive, and having only one "time meter" makes for some smart level design choices. It looks very nice, even though the UI could use a bit of polish. Nice job!


I wish I could give a 6 for presentation, easily the most impressive game I've seen on that front, not just polished but with interesting character design and great music.

also great use of the 3d space, not many games go 3d but you didn't do it just for style, your levels only work in 3d.


Amazing graphics and models for the short time period, the camera motion made me a bit nauseous but it was pretty fun anyway. 


Cool atmosphere! The artist-half of our duo says "Amazing main character!" Got some funky vibes going on!


Very unusual vibe here, i really like the art and music here. Very interesting puzzles and i can see a lot of potential in this kind of mechanic!

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