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Thank u for blessing me today, Cornbread

it's lovely! Feels windswept :D

Thanks :) so happy with what this game managed to achieve.

Yes! In my game a character just asked me about someone in their game breaking the 4th wall too! How neat!

Looks wonderful and windswept

We're honoured to be part of a post-workday destress!

oh good there's a download

these are beautiful! Nice work <3

woah, so do I! It's rather cosmic somehow

And halloween is almost here...

Its honestly a really nice piece of toast

If you think it looks nice, then it is nice! I think its lovely <3

iPad gang where you at

Beautiful work Kat!

On the second day, Bunger Mania made a man, and they saw that it was good

100% pink fluffy cloud unicorn

I think it's beautifully authentic! I hope you're enjoying your bonsai class and having a good day :)

nice submisison! I wish the legs and arms weren't almost the same shade of grey as the background, just to see them flail around <3

great art! so good that I took the cog as a background element the first five times I saw it. Maybe that's on me though. Did manage to make it to the top - would have been nice to see Drain Cat again while we're climbing the elevator?

uncurling... beckoning...

I'm still thinking about you saying you were inspired by The Time We Have.... the first time someone's said they were inspired by a game I made. That's a very humbling thing to hear <3 thanks for that!

Fantastic art style! The pixel filtering is almost too intense sometimes, but it's soooo close to being perfect. I was streaming this, and had to give up on reaching the snake, I could not get that jump working for me - but everything else was a great experience. Hope to see you in Round 3!

Short and sweet - I like that you play as a shadow self. I wonder if you could start to see more of the character as they get closer to remembering? A great foundation to build on with more, nice work!

This was a fun submission - i really liked that there was no punishment for getting it wrong, just more flavourful story to read :) hope to see more of you in GDKO!

Cool to see your progress from Round 1, starting to fill out the world. Keen to see who we will meet next on this Trash Planet!

The way the cutscene just bursts into action is incredible, and a feeling that I wish more games could accomplish. And the medieval dungeon mixed with the modern lamppost and bins.... somehow works for me? I wonder about the deep lore that could explain it...

Glad I managed to complete this - I had a crisis briefly where I thought I was too old and slow to use the mechanic haha.  I like the setting and the little lore we know so far, but I think the music loop is a little... relaxed maybe? But you've done some good work so far, hope to see you in Round 3!

Somehow I wish the scoring made less sense, like you could add dividing and subtracting in for really arbitrary reasons, start a drift combo, etc. There's so much chaos already here and yet so much space for more. Great work.

Cool concept, hopping around the different notes, digging deeper and deeper! A quality polish you could do is maybe fade the volume of the different note audios to a lower level after a few seconds, some are quite intense to keep listening to while reading the notes. I like that you could come across the notes with hidden meanings in any order, it's only when you follow them the right way that you can be sure you've solved it :)

Had to give up playing after a while but it was what I managed to get through was fun - the little girl character has some great lines! I wish there was journal or list of phrases you've discovered that could be referred back to, to save repeating through the conversation trees over and over. But the core mechanic is great and has a lot of room for interesting developments! Good job <3

Seems I ran into the same issues as others here - but everything I saw I liked! The music is especially nice, as well as the different footstep sounds for each floor type! I can never get enough of that. <3 All the best for this round!

I am in love with the art style of this - there's a lot of character that you pull out of not many pixels! I wish the game could be a little longer, but I think you do a good job with what you have here.

This is a perfect execution of the prompt - I wish for many people to play and rate this! At first I thought that it was too hard to hear the new layers once there were already 3+, but now I think it helps with the feeling of the game. A brilliant submission.

Was playing this in browser on stream, but couldn't get the controls to reappear using O/P. Really like the visuals of this so far but will need to come back to it when I play some downloaded versions. (will edit this comment when I do!)

I missed the start of the narration because I had my  sound off- only because you nailed the horror aesthetics so strongly at the start! The rest of it was a nice exploration that didn't outstay it's welcome. Great work on this Round 2!

Thanks for hanging out on stream. The pixel art is really nice here, just some audio levelling issues. The hands were definitely the hardest part, maybe the cat could "think" a hint for the player? Enjoyed playing your submission :)

Cool character art and animations :)

I have never hated a video game character more than the "Princess" - and she had like two lines. Incredible writing.

Great use of post-processing, and the moon texture is really nice - keen to see those fish jumping around too! Awesome submission oscail.