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We're so glad to hear that! Did she have a favourite creation?

We are two people. The general split for our games is one does programming/modelling, and the other does sound design/soundtrack/writing, and then level design is shared. Although in this one there was some overlap because of the scale of the game!

This game is entirely math-based, I don't know what you mean.... :D

But honestly, thanks for your kind words and critique! We're busy working on a full release!

Thanks, and thanks for making a playthrough of our game!

Although I had to rename a file in the folder to get it to work, I'm glad I did! For me the art style is very like early 2000s browser games, so quite nostalgic. The music changes were pretty effective, but I'd consider mixing the initial tune a little higher to match the volume of the guitar once you pick up the whacking stick. This game truly is a passage, great work!

This was a cool experience! As Calamador mentioned, it would have been helpful to have an in game explanation for the goal, but the abstract approach is really nice. I really like how the sound layers build up as you ferry more souls.

This was a fun little game, I really enjoyed it! It wasn't clear to me at first that I needed to find the sewer rather than any edge, but once I figured that out I enjoyed how precise the timing needed to be, and the almost rhythmic restarts between attempts.

The flash at the beginning of each round is really nice - did you consider making the level random each time so that you'd need to memorize it quickly?

Cheers, we had a lot of fun with the Extra Credit challenges, which really pushed us to make something crazy! The controls could definitely be made a bit friendlier - we didn't leave ourselves much time to make the physics less janky.

Thanks! Maybe we'll make an open-world sequel in Neo New York. Also, no one outsmarts the puzzle frog for long...

Cheers! Stay frosty my dude

Thank you for posting this video, and for playing the game! We're looking at ways of improving the performance of the levels so motion blurring is minimised. There will be an improved version coming out sometime in the future.

Thank you for playing, and thanks for your comments on improvements - once the game jam is finished we're going to be releasing an improved version.

Hi Mr Mousse, of course sharing the trailer is alright and appreciated. As far as system specs go, we're not really pros when it comes to this information, but at best we can suggest:

-a mid-tier CPU
- a mid range graphics card like a 960 or 1050
-8gb of ram

this is a little bit under the specs that we built the game on, so keep that in mind. I hope this helps!

Your horrible creations are some of our favourites, especially your Portrait of a Lady and tree family! : )

Thanks so much for trying out our game! We'll definitely need to look into optimizing the performance of some of the levels, but thanks for pushing through! Your Portrait of a Lady was particularly inspired!

Needing to deselect after picking the wrong block took a while to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, Kin became a very zen experience. The smooth art style and soundtrack are both fantastic, I really enjoyed playing this!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! We struggled a lot with providing context to the answers without ruining the premise of "no questions", and settled with the psuedo question once you got the question right. We didn't want to reveal answers when you get the question wrong to improve replayability, but it does end up feeling a little unsatisfying. Going forward I'd like to try adding host  hints, or letting the other contestants guess incorrectly to provide you with extra clues as time runs out!