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The only thing that confused me was the fact that the people could see me through the walls, but really nice take on the theme, amazing graphics and really good gameplay. It was a lot of fun to play!

Thanks for the feedback! Indeed unfortunately we weren't able to fully explain everything (including many things that should be obvious) due to lack of time. Today for that matter I uploaded the walkthrough video in the event of getting stuck. Thanks for playing and the feedback, glad you liked it!

Wow, 48 hours for this? I wonder what you'll be able to achieve in a longer time frame, this is just amazing. I love how you switch back and forth between the astronauts to help each other out and solve the puzzles this way. Really amazing job, congratulations on this game!

This one was pretty interesting, I had to try it a few times to fully get it, but it's very entertaining and a neat original idea. Great take on the theme and great job with the game!

At one point in my second play, only two enemies spawned and then all the dots to save, I will call this "forgiving" haha. Really interesting idea, good job!

These must be the most charming underwater puzzle platform creatures I have ever encountered! Really great how they interact with each other to solve the puzzles, I had a lot of fun playing this one, amazing job!

Very interesting concept! This really makes for a nice and enjoyable puzzler, I really love your take on the theme with mapping the different controls to the eyes. Great idea and good job!

This is an amazing puzzle game, nice job on this submission! Very original, great work!

Nice job on the mechanics in the game! Really enjoyed playing this one, very tricky at times but great take on the theme!

Really good concept, I wish I could control my enemies for longer - really nice job on the presentation and the game!

Probably one of the coolest golf games I've ever played haha. Really good and fun to play with these mechanics, great job on this submission!

Really well made graphics and interesting card game! Good job on this, I really enjoyed this game!

Very nice idea for the jam, you can do a lot with this concept. Great job, I really enjoyed this game!

I shan't commit to the shackles of marr.... dammit too late. Nice one!

Nice game! I like the concept and it very much fits the theme - tricky to control, but then that's part of the challenge. Nice one!

I like the very calming atmosphere. The only thing I would complain about is the controls - the ship always moves in the direction of where the cursor currently is on the screen, but you don't see it so at one point the controls were just going crazy for me while I was trying to get the cursor back to center. Apart from that, I think it's really well made and an enjoyable experience! Well done!

Thanks for the feedback! Indeed, with more time that was the idea, also the Enter-button icon was also a last minute implementation just before the deadline. Thanks for playing and glad you liked it!

Full score for this one, really original idea to walk through the levels as chess figures and take over the fallen foes. Smart title and amazing work on this game, great job! I'm impressed

Really great game. I love how the two characters play together, the graphics are cute, the music is great and it's a very smart platformer. Really enjoyed your game, thanks for that and good job!

Nice music and graphics, really well done! The movement speed is great and the mechanics are interesting, nice take on the theme! Good job!

Wow really cool game. I wish there had been more content, but this is a lot of fun, I really like the pull / boost mechanics. Great work!

A lot of fun to play, the graphics and music are very appealing. Great job!

Very nice and calm game! I was only struggling at times where solutions should have worked, then when I moved the cursor more aggressively, it started snapping the way I wanted it to. Overall very nice experience and great game! Managed to unlock the secret as I wanted to finish it. Great job!

Great job on this game with amazing atmosphere! Loved exploring the lab, it was a great experience. Great work!

Very tricky to control until you get the hang of it, really like this one. Sound effects are great and a lot of fun to play, good job!

Nice one! Really enjoyable to play, good job!

Wow, probably the most amazing cooking game I've ever played. Really nice graphics, complex gameplay and brilliant mechanics. Great job!

Full score for this one because I found it really original. Great jumping mechanics, great graphics, amazing platformer that tests your reaction and skill. Really enjoyed playing this one, great work!

Cute slimy game and nice ideas! I was a bit confused by the jump because it wouldn't always work how I wanted it, but a bit of trial and error and it works. Nice mechanics and great take on the theme, nice job!

Nice puzzle game! I really enjoyed this one and I thought the level selection screen was really great. Great job!

Amazing character design! Nice little puzzle game, I really enjoyed it - good job!

This was quite a nice take on the games I've seen on this jam with the weapon attached to the character - I expected it to have this swinging mechanics, but the fact that this game didn't made it quite appealing and interesting. Nice job on the game, really enjoyed playing it!

Nice graphics and sound! I love this concept of one side scroller and one top-down, cool idea and nice take on the theme, good job!

Really nice game! I wished it was longer after I finished it, but it was very cute and fitting to the theme. Nice graphics and music and great job!

Thanks very much for your feedback! Indeed, yesterday I decided to include a Hints section on the game page and a gif showing the one thing most people were struggling with, as it's not obvious (but should be) that you can jump on the chair rest. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we designed the game this way stating that the birdie is hurt and you should be very delicate with it, also it was necessary in order not to break the game, because your jump is impacted by carrying birdie. If you were able to drop everywhere with it, you would get stuck a lot, so we designed the game to take that into consideration. Thanks again for the feedback and happy you enjoyed it!

Really nice! I would have continued playing if there had been more content. I loved throwing one of my ships out and grabbing a new one immediately, the boss fight was fun and the game looks very nice. Good take on the theme as well with the power-ups!

Nice job - this definitely has potential for a few more different abilities, I had a great time playing this. Very original idea fitting to the theme, nice one!

I really liked your game - sometimes I hit the switches twice by accident, but really nice game with the big and small cubes working together and increasingly more challenging once the enemies show up! Had a fun time playing this one, good job!