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nah the controls were necessary for the difficulty and the reasons you stated, good job

Nice job again! Man, I've rarely felt the feeling of satisfcation from mastering a game's mechanics from such a simple game like I did with yours. The experience of learning alchemy in an intense situation was pretty unique. Three types of ingredients were the perfect amount, and they were vague enough to feel like you were deciphering something with your spells.

A minor suggestion would be to give a little loot drop animation of some kind to help inform the player that killing monsters is what gives you more ingredients. Also maybe add a guarenteed item every time interval so the player isn't ever stuck watching helplessly as his friends die from a very unlucky rng.

love this game

ohoh buddy you better add some lazerhawk or something to this I came for the synthwave.

I Actually really liked this, felt high-intensity at the same time. although there seems to be an optimal strategy of assuming you know where enemies are coming from and shoot bullets that they will most likely walk into. It beats trying to conserve ammo and fail to react in time (maybe slightly slower enemies, reduce # of bullets from pickups, and decreased bullet range?)