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Hi Rostiger, I was rewatching your playthrough and still makes me smile to see your reactions in the game.  The "house of the rising sun" jest cracked me up! 😂
Well the game is now complete and would love to see your take on it again if your interested. Check it out anytime you like! Again, thanks and cheers! Peter 😄

Wow! Thanks for the video, really funny reaction at the death part. 😂
I've improved and added new stuff in the game and excited to share it by next year.
Thanks again for trying out this version. 😄

Oh noes! The rating for the jam is over and haven't rated this in time, my apologies! But here is what I have to say...

This is a really well-built game! Lots of interactions, decision-making and a streamlined progression. I can see the amount of work that's been put here. I think you nailed the experience you wanted to give.
Great job! Only stuff I can ask for is the top text/subs to have a little bit more space from the edge of the screen and also for the sprint to work while strafing. Also found a trigger that doesn't go away once completed at the HR, maybe check on that as well.

In my run I ate some doge food and found a lost turnip haha.

I like the setting, sounds and theme. However the gameplay and controls took me some time getting used to. Maybe remove the forward movement when pressing space and make it work like a flappy bird mechanic or just make the crow fly in-place. Then press left or right to start accelerating towards that desired direction. When released, the crow decelerates. Also maybe add life-steal to the attack, the red claw effect really made me think of life-steal. So I think your game has an interesting concept and I can see the fun, but needs a bit more polish to gameplay.

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Definitely agree with others, as I felt the dread as well, great job! Impressive transitions and smooth controls too. Didn't need the jump, but it was nice to play around with. Just need optimizing on some laggy areas as I felt a little bit of motion sickness. But other than that this is nice work!

I see, maybe look into something like Metal Gear Rising, whenever there's a dialogue sequence, the main character is limited only to idle and walk state.

Good use of sound, really immersed me in the game. Also impressive trickery with the cabinet, I tried to find any seams, but couldn't find any, well done! The chase was effective and legitimately scared me. But then I got curious and tried the lose scenario which then I found myself a horrifying but also intriguing creature. Overall this is a nice solid experience. One thing I could ask for is the sprint button to be available right away but maybe just jogging speed at the beginning. :)

Thanks so much! That's very nice of you :)

Will definitely finish the game some time soon, excited to continue the story.

The initial plan was to build up that tension/threat in the forest, but yeah sadly had to remove the work I did due to lack of programming time. Thanks for checking out the game, I'll try your game a bit later. :D

Thanks for the feedback, this is useful info. Will keep this in mind. :)

Thank you! That's interesting, I haven't looked up the rake creature until today, they're very similar indeed. Originally the creature in this game was inspired by the engineers from the movie Prometheus, found them very intimidating just like Resident Evil's Mr. X.

Was it the warehouse that's scary? I always find abandoned warehouses kinda creepy, specially at night. Feels like they're out of place for some reason. Anyway, the official story does not end there yet. In this version I had to cut it due to lack of time, but I'm happy you still had a nice time. :D

Thanks! Definitely put most of the time to develop the art, animation and setting, really wanted to put out the vision I've been having for this game. Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Somehow I couldn't progress through the game. I read the hint in the game page and tried multiple times but I still couldn't figure it out. I also fell out of the map near the door in the foggy basement, which btw is too much fog. You'll also notice if you move near the wall, the fog will disappear. Other things I noticed are the mouse cursor being gone in the main menu after triggering game over.

It's a nice concept, and the hiding mechanic does give the game legit tension, but definitely needs more development time.

Catchy visuals and theme. I also like the easter eggs at the graveyard, it was fun to look at them all.
One thing that maybe would be nicer if you could use "E" on every interaction rather than having to use the left click or the space button, just for ease of use. :)

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It's really experimental on this one, glad you enjoyed the graphics. The maze forest was actually a lot harder before. The current version is the simplified one, I hope it wasn't too much of a pain to navigate. 😅 Also I got to admit I designed it to be tricky, because I thought getting to the goal would only take around minute or less, but originally I planned on having something in there that helps to find your path, but had no more time to dev haha.

I was inspired from Tim Burton's work, and also from the animated band Gorillaz for the visual look. As for the music, first time collaborating with someone with the expertise. I'm really impressed myself with his compositions and the speed in which he makes them. I'll make sure to relay your comments to him. Thanks a lot! :D

Thanks so much! In this jam version it will end at that moon scene, but supposedly there are more interactions/scenarios in and after that part. Really had to cut off a lot of content so that this version can look as cohesive as it can be. But yeah, definitely will work on finishing this short game. :)

Ooh nice twist! I liked the shooting but the knife won me over haha...
Creature spawning crept on me multiple times, but I guess that serves as part of the horror.
Good game!

Interesting concept and eye-candy graphics, dance floor is also 🔥
As for the gameplay, I had a hard time figuring out how it works, I managed to spawn bullets but I wasn't sure if they were affecting any of the spectres.

This is so professionally done! Very cinematic and atmospheric. Enjoyed every single second, but that maze though was pretty challenging. Souls-like experience on that part haha
Highly rated!

I liked it! Atmosphere is immersive and story is well developed. Backtracking was nice because the walking distances are just short, so that's a plus. However, I struggled a little bit on the encounter/s, I thought the flashlight was the key to fend them off so that was a bit confusing but I still managed to get out of that hell hole. Overall, great job!

I remember the last game when I saw the "Pengu" subtitle. I enjoyed the last game as well as this one. Neat and simple puzzles, I think you guys nailed that. As always I love the adorable graphics, clear dialogue, cast of characters and great mechanics. Good job!

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I agree, the ground could be better, but had to leave it at that because I only had one day left for programming lol, but yeah a hint system/guide was supposed be implemented, sadly I had to cut it too, I worked hard on that though. Excited to add that in the next update. Thank you so much for playing!

Really liked the ambience and setting. Spooked me a couple times. Got lost on the outskirts of the map but still enjoyed exploring it. I found the collision gap on the left side where I slid through, hoping to go to the house with a green wall. Graffiti on the wall was relatable haha

Wow the amount of dialogue & story content is just astounding! I also like the visual style you went with, the dialogue switching was neat and the perspective change was a fresh break from the top-down exploration. Some minor changes or additions could be to add sprint to navigate the areas much faster. However, I found that pressing WASD and Directional Keys at the same time would add up to the total move speed so that bug somehow seemed like a solution. Also the HTML5 version of the game was laggy for me, not sure what was causing it, so I gladly played the PC version.

I like the combat features on this one, kinda reminds me of FF7 remake, nice job!
However the environment could use some variety to increase the aesthetic value and reduce the repetitiveness. Nonetheless, it's a great solid entry!

Intriguing and intricate game, well done! My brain just melted from the puzzles but I managed to get out eventually. Loved how the atmosphere got darker as I progressed. But question is, is it really clay? Looks so real!

Thank you for trying the game, I appreciate the gameplay video. Sadly some interesting content were cut due to the time constraint, but I'll definitely add them after the game jam.

Hi, thanks for playing, I was supposed to put text info at some areas of the game but never got to doing them cause you know, we all need a little bit more dev time haha... But I'm glad you understood the context just by looking at the surroundings. And yes, I designed the forest to make the players lost but too bad I couldn't implement the helping hand there.

I totally agree, I'm thinking of adding a sprint control in the future. Thanks for checking out the demo! :D

Ah yes, sorry about that. We haven't implemented a pause menu or an option for exiting the game just yet. I'll add one soon in the next mini update together with the bug fixes. Have you tried ALT+F4 before restarting the computer?

You've been so kind and helpful, thank you so much! :D

Greatly appreciate the detailed feedback. Will definitely help with improving the game.

As for bugs and glitches, can you specify what you encountered so we can fix them.
Thank so much! :)

Thanks for trying the demo and honest feedback.

Thanks so much for playing and featuring the game. Means a lot! :)

Greatly appreciate the gameplay video, thanks for playing!

Very nice, that's a good completion time! Checkpoint was very useful indeed, credits to you. 😄

I really liked working on Trimorta, however I'm still planning on improving it so new players will even have a better experience.

Thanks so much for replaying the game! ❤

One year later, here's a video challenging myself on various ReCharger vehicles on the hidden "Time-Trial" mode. :)

Thanks so much for featuring the game! Improved version is already in the works. Hope you check it out again!