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Oh don't worry, you deserved every single one of those delightful fluffy waffles! The blue enemies dropped 2 waffles, and the boss it depends with how quickly you'd take the evil space snugglebunny down. BossWaffles counter was in no way a showing of health (we ran out of time for that)

Enjoy and thanks for playing, we made it another amazing Jam this year! ♥

Gosh those visuals look stunning, and the concept is simple yet effective.

I love that it's all contained into a box, it almost reminds me of the little ball/magnetic puzzles I had at the dentist. I love it, and the visuals are so soothing. Assets or not, you sure made a nice arrangement of it.

Great job for the jam man

Hah, to find a text adventure in this jam, AND it being a pretty good and entertaining one at that. Gotta love the classic toilet bowl time machines lol! ♥

The HUD is definitely a bit overwhelming, but it's a really fun game

I LOVE the sound choices, they had a bit of a Sega feel to them. Great jamming music, and cute graphics. I think if you add a little more dashing stylization to it this could be pretty great. As well as clean up the HUD a bit, maybe transition a score screen or something and you'd be golden!

Overall great work, very impressive on a 48 hour jam!

Ooh this one would be pretty great for a mobile game. Very zen, easy premise, and with some difficult challenges. Liked it a lot.

The music was also very fitting. I usually would to try give some feedback on what to improve, but this game was simple and solid. Great job!

Yeah, there was a bit of a visual cue, but the boss ended into a bit of a rush job. For the first 30% of the boss you can see the little turrents catching fire when you've done enough damage. But that's definitely something to keep in mind ♥~

Thank you so much playing our game ♥!

Hah, that story was pretty fun. I loved the advanced slingshot and the amazing server room. Really great stuff, and a pretty drawn out vnovel for a gamejam. Great work! ♥

We did want an ending screen like story mode where Ginny was munching happily on her waffles depending on how many the player scored. But heck yeah storymode and infinite mode. And a proper hard mode :P

You're cute and weird ♥~

Hahaha, oh gosh I'm so happy to hear the pun landed in good taste ♥~!

And yeah, once the cart's detached you get 2 options;
1) Stop, Drop & Evade! And get your cart back!
2) Trade your score for a strong waffle shot with your cart!

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it ♥

So once your cart detaches from being hit by an enemy, you may have noticed that aside from collecting waffles. When the cart is detached, you also shoot waffles. That's why the score went down.

We figured it'd be an interesting little tradeoff; Either stop, drop and evade to try and get your cart back. Or shoot for an extra powerful shot that also drains your score.

Very clever game, with some fun puzzle mechanics. I was caught offguard by this one, very well done! ♥

*Slides over a plate of waffles* You deserved it! Thanks for the amazing feedback ♥

Super fun toy sounds like about the right description.

My god, I hate how simple this looks yet still funky and amazing. It's a silly little premise, and darting around with your tongue is a lot of fun. The physics are wonky, but it fits the gameplay. Very fun!

So much personality in that lil bouncy mage. And to string words together to help you through. It's like Scribblenaut. Very inventive and creative, I love it! Great work ♥!

Could use a little more emphasis on the theme 'joined together' but overall pretty cute for a idle/clicker game. Great job

Just look back at "The Tick!"

Very cute game, sadly I don't think the intro narration worked for me. It was just a black screen with the option to skip. And if I don't skip, eventually it'll just start the game.

The babies look freaky, but I do like the weirder parts of the internet, and that physics connection was so fun to play with. Great job!

I'm glad I got to poke you during my play, that just blew my mind.

You definitely can't rely on that sadly, and a lot of people will likely pass on this game. But when you realize the start menu adds interaction to the game as well, a whole world opens up. And it really becomes a sweet little puzzle game. Greatwork Spoon, all hail da spoon

God, AI programming homing zombos in a way dark game definitely had me running for my life... in vain.

Great atmosphere though, and the game looks polished. Perhaps the theme is a bit too loose, but great work nontheless! Congrats on finishing the gamejam, and thanks for helping me when I got stuck ♥

What better incentive than to have people gather scumptious delightful waffles right?! ♥

Hey, I hope you may recover from your losses soon, as you clearly tried to portray in your game in a very creative way.

I'm not sure if the 'fun' factor really is appropriate. And the interactivity seems fairly low. But it's certainly original and got it to look very unique.

Congrats on finishing the jam though, that's quite the achievement in itself ♥~

I love the CRT visuals, and the music was Jamming!~

I feel like the game could've used a little more emphasis on how it's all joined together, but the little command prompt window in the background was pretty funny. And the puzzles took me a moment to figure out due to the 'command order.' Very nice

Great work on the gamejam~ ♥

Very nice little game  with a simple little score attack mechanic.

I would've loved to be able to see my own high score, but sadly it resets a bit too quickly at death. It may also help to visually show how long those bricks have before they crumble away, it felt rather fast and you definitely have a steep curve to get yourself into that groove.

The art looks nice though, great job on the gamejam and goodluck o/

First of all, as an artist... great character design. It's so super simple, but with the shapes and colors it really portrays some personality. And the way you could attach them up or below really gave it a cute little look.

The mechanics are solid, and do quite a few interesting things. I feel like the difficulty progression might be a bit jumpy due to the lack of a proper introduction of what the game wants you to do. An easy fix would be to have a smaller, simpler level with say, using Mr Horizontal as a shield for projectiles being a big main component, and maybe even having.. out of the 3 or 4 puzzles, have 2 or 3 of them show off a few ways you can do this. That way you highlight the functions of each of the individual characters perhaps a bit slower, but is way more likely to 'stick.' Aha, get it? Okay I'll let myself out now.

Oh, and perhaps a little feedback when blocking projectiles, jumping/attaching/detaching, and stepping on the intended teleporters would've been nice. 

So yeah, aside from level design and difficulty progression, which can be an art/job in itself. Really solid work, and great great looks of the game. Well done and very polished for the gamejam! Keep it up!

I liked the game, a simple little score attack with some cute mechanics.

Personally I would've liked to see perhaps alternately keyboard shortcuts to the upgrade so I wouldn't have to to swap between the control of my heart as much. But it worked well enough. And maybe some more emphasis on the disconnection? Because it mostly boiled down to connecting more, and having to save up for an extra turret that you can then somehow miss out on feels a bit off for a game.

That stuff aside, it was very solidly made, fun to play and very polished. Great job on the gamejam and keep up the good work!

I'm a sucker for a good synthwave/vaporwave aesthetic, and this game does it well!

The connect/disconnect was definitely a unique interpretation in this game. And like I already did tell Sleeper_, the transformation does last a little too long for some of the connections to work probably and it felt like it was not my fault for the crash. It's always best to keep animations snappy and functional and not let it overtake the action, as tempting as it is for us animators! Games like these definitely need a lot of direct control after all.

Other then that, it was a really unique and interesting game to play. Took me a few to get grips with it. Great work, and my gosh does it feel polished for 2 days!

Uhuh, and have you realized it yet... she actually gets the waffles this time! \o/

Always happy to see our old fans look us up. You're the best Kreekakon! ♥

And your game, my god. It looks stunning. PsychnoSync, more like... Psychnonaut! I love it. The level design certainly got very neat on level 3, some hints of brilliance. If you ever continue, I 'd love to see that crazy design expand even further!

Seeya again next year!

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Haha, very true. Originally it was a lot harder, but we scaled down the difficulty specifically for the jam. I might be a shmup player, but my programmer isn't. And we wanted to make sure we both could have fun with it. And in turn, if we both can have fun with it, so can most people testing it. It would've been sad if people who don't play shmups get frustrated before they got to the boss we spent so much work on :p

But I highly agree with you! ♥


Hey there TID,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Sadly we always prioritize sound/music last, and never get to it. Maybe that's the takeaway for us, we need somebody on sound/music ^_^~

Friendly regards,

Yeah, they're not as great for the normal waves anymore sadly. There was a build where their spawns was more random, and using the cart to clear the screen felt like it could be more worth it.

On the other hand, if you noticed with the boss. It actually starts with a BossWaffle counter! So the faster you kill it, the more waffles you get from it. And especially with the rapidshots it delivers, you can easily mow through it with the cart.

But you're certainly right, it could've used a few more incentives on that. Thanks for the tip ♥

This feels like a good time waster of a webgame. I think if you added shop checkpoints and/or cheapened the prices a bit it would feel like it respected players time a little more. But overall a good game, I did still sink a good amount of time to get the final upgrade of 1 cannon, add 2 layers of balloon and upgraded the ship.

I will say, I feel the order of ship upgrades visually was a bit off, 2nd should've been the starting boat. then 3, then 1 :p

Ain't that just the truth! One of these jams I'll swear I'll have enough time to add a waffle recipe page!

Came here because of your username. Us Llama lovers got to stick together!

I wasn't a big fan of spiders though, but this game was really cool. At first I started shooting and I was like... okay. Grabbed the bug. Then I noticed I can grab the bug regardless of the web and wondered what the point was.

But then... I hit a few bugs, and a web started forming. And my mind just exploded! That is a really cool idea! ♥

Please come check out our game for more Llama fun!

Great game, it took me several reads through the how to to get it going. And on my resolution, it seems the "How to interact with blocks" was formatted a little differently which made me skip the read.

Though! When it did get going! This game is pretty damn badass, solid fight mechanics. The linking system was interesting... and such evil, much wow for putting the power UP's on the other side of the map so I'd keep severing them with my sword.

Great job!

Yeah, that idea popped up in my head right around the deadline too. Making you able to detach on command would've added some fun alright! Thanks for your comment!

As long as you were having fun whilst being stupid, that's all that matters! ♥

Hey great work! It's amazing to see your progress over the jams. The art is adorable, and the theme of a Frankenchicken is a lot of fun. I agree that the chicken may move a bit slow, but other then that. Well done!