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Yeah, if we had more time for playtesting I'm sure that would've been one of the first things we'd have fixed :p 

But we're glad you liked it and thank you so much for playing our game ChickenBarbeque!♥~

Yeah, we ran a bit short on time for playtesting, but I think the core mechanics certainly worked! We're glad to hear you enjoyed it ♥~

Have a wonderful day and thank you for playing our game!

Yeah, we might've gotten a bit too ambitious for 2 days and missed out on the sound effects and properly implementing the animations. But we're so happy that you enjoyed our game and the experience it offers ♥~ So we thank you so much for playing our game ♥!

And the music really is lovely and fitting isn't it? ^_~

Really fun game, it's always easy to get hooked in by a pinball game. I love how chaotic it gets, cute take on the theme ♥~

Goodluck and congrats on finishing your game for the gamejam. Hope to see what more you'll do next year!

Mmm, definitely a game you need to stay calm at. The controls are very sensitive, but it looks cute. And everything feels very solid, great work! o/

Hey there! Congrats on your first jam guys! 
The game feels a bit simple/standard, but everything that's there is so solid I can hardly fault it.

Very good job and hope to see what you 2 will do in next years Jam

We're so sorry about drowning through the land, we'd love to say that bug was "Out of our Control" sadly. And the water/tile before it is sadly a bug we didn't get to fix in time. It has little do with the extinguisher since we didn't do much of the alternate effects of the cards due to time constraints. We're glad you enjoyed the game though !

And thank you so much for playing ♥~ (Great Avi too btw!)

Ahww, thankyou so much Jega! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We certainly tried our best to be creative again this year !

Thank you for playing ♥~

Determination Intensifies!!!~

Congrats on the victory, we know it must've been frustrating with the water tile being mixed with the one next to it. But you stuck in there like a Champ and conquered! And you know what, as devs even knowing the bugs in there.. that brings a smile to our face ♥~ Thank you so much Kreekakon, it's always great to see an old face.

Thank you so much for playing, and look forward to Gin & Waffles 3 ! (Someday, maybe?)

Hey there MsJofish,

Thank you for listing the bugs you've found. That always helps a lot ♥~ The Controls page wasn't as much a bug as we just... didn't quite get to making it. And if you're ever interested in checking the first Gin and Waffles, if you go to the gamepage there's a link in the description. Or of course check our gamepage! ^-^

We're glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you for playing  ♥

Yeah, there's definitely a few bugs here and there. But hey, I always say they show ambition. The water/land bug might be the worst one though sadly, so sorry if you died near the end because of it!~ Thanks for playing our game

With a bit more content and such I'm sure the speed might've made a bit more sense. We might've planned a bit too far ahead.

But hey, bugs show ambition right? ^_~ And yes, thank our Faerie of the Plum programmer for writing our sequel plot ♥~

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Thank you for playing our game ^-^~♥

Rocket Powered Battle Llama's as a sequel? Maybe? :P

Diverting expectations in a good way with lots of creativity is what we're here for ♥~

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Who doesn't love a llama, or even fluffier. Alpaca's! And paired with waffles? Win win right?! ♥

So thank you so much for playing our game ♥~

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Mmhm, further tweaks would definitely keep in mind getting it a bit more action packed so you don't feel the downtime as much ^_~

Thank you for playing our game, and leaving valuable feedback ♥~

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Oooh, that certainly sounds like a fun idea. A way to burn some cards, trade unwanted.

It's currently a bit slow and you have a lot of "downtime" before hitting obstacles, which should leave you with enough space to do some of that. But for a more distilled fun version that'll definitely be a thing we'll keep in mind. Thanks for playing our game, and the valuable feedback ♥~

Fuckyeah! Always great to see those who remember the first! ^_^~♥ 

I can't wait to see what you think of how we took Ginny's control away this time :D

No u!~ Thank you Chuu ♥ I'm so glad you liked it ^_^~

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I donated to this/bought this late at night browisng to find something interesting and new. I loved the concept and the art, and just thought it'd be a one time donation. Honestly never expected much of it, I don't play much visual novels on pc. So years later when I got a key I was pleasantly surprised, but still never played it... till it came out on the Switch.

I love this game to absolute BITS. The amounts of emotions I've felt from this, especially after coming from a rough breakup myself. Thank you so much, I hold this game very dearly ♥~

Can't wait for N1RV Ann-A. This was quite the experience with unexpected twists and turns, and just enough "Gameplay" to make you feel it personally.

Thank you so much Carolanne ♥~ Thank you so much for playing our game ^_~

Great game dude, though you, me and a friend were all in team Blue. Still an online pvp game, very impressive mah dude! And well executed. ♥~

Yeah, we may have needed a bit more playtesting, it is a tad slow. And of course there's a few bugs sadly.

But I think the gameplay certainly has a lot of originality going on, thank you so much for your comment ♥

Yeah, sadly didn't have too much time for playtesting again. It is a bit slow, but the idea was a lot of fun ^_^~

Ginny is an Alpaca by the way ♥

If there's something we can take away from the jam it's that we've taught people to hate hamsters again!
And congrats on getting to level 4, true achievement right there Webox!

Hey there, I loved the cute little graphics that you pulled off with all the X's. And a smart choice to make the main character not be a full X cause that certainly would've been confusing. I feel like this game could improve from a little playtesting considering it felt like some of the paths in the levels kindoff let you to get stuck. But I like the concept.

Double tapping felt a bit stiff, but the mechanics that were in definitely gave you a nice run at how much you can really do with a 1 button design! Creatively done and thumbs up! 

Do you perhaps mean you got pushed out of the level? Or walked behind the bushes?

I'm surprised you made it that far. Congrats!
Yeah, the AI certainly didn't make it easy. But it certainly was a good learning experience for us.

I like your comment!

Thanks for the comment. I think this was our first time doing AI, so this feels almost to be expected.
Congrats on making it to level 2 though! ♥

That was quite a pretty game, loved the feel of it. But I tried running through the prison several times without finding the key. And once the flashlight is gone, it's pretty much over.

What's the guard saying though? :o

ReMARKable, I love it. 10 outta 10 I played with Mark.

Also I love the language settings, can't commend it enough!

o.O Yes

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Loved it, silly and definitely got a chuckle out of me for the Blob Ross ♥

Much love you lovable Blob Ross, keep on painting!

Might be my own vision though being a bit blurry after the whole gamejam and all. Maybe it would've been nice to have a custom more visible mouse pointer. Other then that great work. o/

Try circling around the marbles without hitting anything that will reset  your trail. ^_~

Hey there Kaish, thank you so much for playing our game!

Yeah, the stun/collision needs a bit of polish. But we're glad you enjoyed your time with it, Nyan Turtle Ho!

Hey there TaliOS, thank you so much for playing our game ^_~

Gamejams are gamejams of course, and we reserved polish for afterwards when we have the time. Nontheless, I'm very happy you enjoyed your time with it!

Hey there! Thank you so much for playing !

Yeah, we were a bit late with the sound effects. And the OpenGL player definitely didn't quite work along. Glad you found it so relaxing though, we figured bouncing against stuff and losing time would be penalty enough in this game. However the collision can be a bit finnicky at times, and getting stuck wasn't necessarily the intention. But luckily it wasn't anything too game breaking.

And don't worry, if anything those 6 levels were to prep you up for that score attack. There's still more to enjoy ^_~

Thank you very much for playing our game!

We did however mean the momentum to be halted when hitting things though, since the level mode is supposed to be somewhat time based. So gliding along everything would be kindoff contradicting that idea. Sadly however the collision is definitely a bit finnicky, and getting stuck was definitely Not the intention. But for a gamejam, at least it's nothing too gamebreaking. 

And definitely checked your submission, very impressive YaHUB ^_~

Damn, weren't you the one who started with the RTS Idea, and then started worrying about programming the AI?

I can definitely say you did a damn fine job on it all, sadly it's not my kind of game and I had no clue what was going on, what would create which resources and all. But overall it looks very solid. The music is great, and the visuals are simple but very fitting.