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If there's something we can take away from the jam it's that we've taught people to hate hamsters again!
And congrats on getting to level 4, true achievement right there Webox!

Hey there, I loved the cute little graphics that you pulled off with all the X's. And a smart choice to make the main character not be a full X cause that certainly would've been confusing. I feel like this game could improve from a little playtesting considering it felt like some of the paths in the levels kindoff let you to get stuck. But I like the concept.

Double tapping felt a bit stiff, but the mechanics that were in definitely gave you a nice run at how much you can really do with a 1 button design! Creatively done and thumbs up! 

Do you perhaps mean you got pushed out of the level? Or walked behind the bushes?

I'm surprised you made it that far. Congrats!
Yeah, the AI certainly didn't make it easy. But it certainly was a good learning experience for us.

I like your comment!

Thanks for the comment. I think this was our first time doing AI, so this feels almost to be expected.
Congrats on making it to level 2 though! ♥

That was quite a pretty game, loved the feel of it. But I tried running through the prison several times without finding the key. And once the flashlight is gone, it's pretty much over.

What's the guard saying though? :o

ReMARKable, I love it. 10 outta 10 I played with Mark.

Also I love the language settings, can't commend it enough!

o.O Yes

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Loved it, silly and definitely got a chuckle out of me for the Blob Ross ♥

Much love you lovable Blob Ross, keep on painting!

Might be my own vision though being a bit blurry after the whole gamejam and all. Maybe it would've been nice to have a custom more visible mouse pointer. Other then that great work. o/

Try circling around the marbles without hitting anything that will reset  your trail. ^_~

Hey there Kaish, thank you so much for playing our game!

Yeah, the stun/collision needs a bit of polish. But we're glad you enjoyed your time with it, Nyan Turtle Ho!

Hey there TaliOS, thank you so much for playing our game ^_~

Gamejams are gamejams of course, and we reserved polish for afterwards when we have the time. Nontheless, I'm very happy you enjoyed your time with it!

Hey there! Thank you so much for playing !

Yeah, we were a bit late with the sound effects. And the OpenGL player definitely didn't quite work along. Glad you found it so relaxing though, we figured bouncing against stuff and losing time would be penalty enough in this game. However the collision can be a bit finnicky at times, and getting stuck wasn't necessarily the intention. But luckily it wasn't anything too game breaking.

And don't worry, if anything those 6 levels were to prep you up for that score attack. There's still more to enjoy ^_~

Thank you very much for playing our game!

We did however mean the momentum to be halted when hitting things though, since the level mode is supposed to be somewhat time based. So gliding along everything would be kindoff contradicting that idea. Sadly however the collision is definitely a bit finnicky, and getting stuck was definitely Not the intention. But for a gamejam, at least it's nothing too gamebreaking. 

And definitely checked your submission, very impressive YaHUB ^_~

Damn, weren't you the one who started with the RTS Idea, and then started worrying about programming the AI?

I can definitely say you did a damn fine job on it all, sadly it's not my kind of game and I had no clue what was going on, what would create which resources and all. But overall it looks very solid. The music is great, and the visuals are simple but very fitting.

Very cute game. Nice and simple, with a firm difficulty curve. And I'm not sure if you made the music yourself, but it was refreshing to listen to some very nice and fitting music in this jam.

Not sure if I would've gone for that next/replay screen over and over between each and every level. The zoom in and zoom out, although not slow by any means.. felt a bit slow with how it takes you out of the action.

But other then the difficulty and that screen you've got yourself a solid. Cheers!

The game has a good difficulty curve, the art style is stupidly simple, but in a way that works together  with the choice of colour palettes and definitely gives me a bit of a nostalgia trip to Newgrounds. And the gameplay is just simple, challenging fun. I like it. Keep it up

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Fun game, and it plays alright although I think I did manage to break it a little as long as I didn't crash into planets too hard I'd manage to continue.

I would personally tweak the speed down just a liiittle bit to make it a bit more managable, and I didn't quite like the music.  Overal you got a solid game though. Well done! And cheers on the gamejam :D

Yeah, sadly we didn't manage to fix the music in time, since it worked fine in unity we caught that one rather late.

Glad you liked it though and got to check out our game. Goodluck with yours, I'm sure if you decide to continue on it it'll do great ^_~

I'm so happy you enjoyed our game that much.
Luckily the collision wasn't anything gamebreaking, definitely something that can be fixed with some more time and polish.

And heck yeah, I've even found myself a bit addicted to the score attack mode. Luckily I saved most of my playtime for after the jam!

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I'm sorry if I can't quite bring this one subtle other then to just... lay into it, but this is my audio feedback.

The music is a rythmic synthpad, 7 8th notes with only 1 upwards variation of what sounds to be a sine wave, paired with a very strong bass that seem wholly unrelated to each other. There's no chord progression, no clear sense of scales used, Just random notes on a way too short loop.
The rythm of the high hats was very random and didn't seem to serve much purpose in terms of music.
And all of this would've been more forgivable if it was more ambient background noise, but with how sharp those random notes of that bass cut through the rest it gets kindoff annoying to listen to.

Music, like coding is just something that.. if you don't know how to do it, won't work.

Sadly the time and difficulty curve are rather extreme and super tight. But it's paired with some tight fun mechanics for a cute game. Love the graphics

The strength of the gravity does feel a bit strong to calculate the trajectory, but with some practice it did get better. The music however, definitely keeps me from playing it too long.
And the puzzle element is interesting, I won't comment that it perhaps is somewhat tedious, especially considering your ammo for each time is rather limited. But it would definitely profit from either more ammo, or a reference on the side to keep track of what should be aimed at what.

I like the idea, changing planets for different shooting angles works nicely and everything feels very smooth. Would've loved a bit more precision aiming and the music was... horrendous for longer playthroughs.

But when that first rocket was halfway, and suddenly started speeding up.. that legitimately gave me a heart attack! That's pretty damn awesome! :P

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Damn, this game is so smooth and polished already. I remember playing many games like this, but the planet aspect definitely gives it a nice spin ^_~

Hard to bring up much negatives, aside from the music which was repetitive and got a annoying fairly fast, the rest was a massive nostalgia trip for me.

Thank you very much! I certainly had fun creating the art for it and developing that kids toybox theme.
Sadly we did run into a few problems here and there that halted our progress. And we certainly tried to fix the music, but I guess that attempt failed in the end after all.

We're both very happy you enjoyed the game though! ♥

Cute game, glad you still got it all submitted! ^^

My gosh, the assets you can get when you have a look around. I like the aesthetics of this game. And although the barricades were a bit... meh/boring? Everything after that definitely started to build on that awesome!

Personally I'd like perhaps a visual representation on the invisible walls that get added for each section, or perhaps keep it more open because I felt like I got in some cheap hits trying to feel out the limits at each part. Otherwise very fun! o/

Hey there The1stOfHisName, that's definitely the first time I've come across that name :D
And thank you very much for the suggestion. It should be a bit clearer in the downloaded version's resolution since we didn't know what resolution the web application would become. But we'll definitely take that suggestion to heart on our continued venture ^_~

Feels a bit like an endless runner version of VVVVVV, It's pretty cute though, but could definitely need more polish.

And the volume slider... it does nothing! :<

Came for the laser, and stayed for the pyramid. The difficulty might ramp up a bit too much on that last level because the vast tonal shift. But both in their own rights are great concepts I quite enjoyed.

Very solid game :D
Really loved how you programmed the anchors, and the graphics are adorable. And all that with a solid hook of a concept, definitely had me fiddling with it for a good time trying to see how far I could get. 

Also, for as simple as that character is. Squeee ♥

Well that's kindoff the nature of the theme though isn't it? And how genres are born, by meshing around with existing ones and hope you manage to create something fresh and new.

We got a platformer, and we took away the free choice of movement and replaced it with a list of actions. And with what little time we had left to use the tools we created they turned into quick puzzle like levels due to their bite size. Which certainly wasn't the intention specifically from our starting point, but hey. Not everyone stumbles unto a new genre and strike gold right? I'm sure we can put more emphasis on the platforming by making it scrolling with longer and bigger levels like we had originally intended given more time ^_~

Oh yeah, that would be very true. But since pause is kindoff the 'go' mechanic of the game it's a bit reverse :p ?
Plus it seems so far all the places you bounce the player back to are static places anyway, so they're pretty safe as is :3

And yeah, playtesting is always the most valuable thing you can get! :D

I very much enjoyed the game, sadly it broke for me though;

Also perhaps something to change would be the pause it does after you hit a red valve. If you're going to force players to fall to a certain spot, I don't think you need that pause in there. Just bounce 'em back and let them fall to the spot you want them to.

The reason for this being; If you're supposed to rotate during pause, but you can't do it there, it feels inconsistent.
And second reason it's an inconsistency that feels like a needless hassle that can just be taken out. Or at least in the final version :D

Aside from that some small points. The contrast at the start was hard for me to see. And perhaps add a smoother rotation. It's a nicety that shows some polish and is of course very pleasing to the eye.

All in all, a solid entry and nice game. Keep it up!

Why not both? \o/

Ooh that's a good point actually, I did think of another mode that might be fun to try out on this game concept perhaps. And I think that would fit it very well. Or maybe even just the typical "Hold" action like we have in modern Tetris could work in the longer run ^^ 

Yeah, the levels, and especially the title level was very last moment. If I was more awake at that time I would've added a little button to the Gin and Waffles title with a button "Click Here" to hook people into our game :P

Thank you very much :D

And I'm curious, how would you envision that going