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Pandora ProjectView game page

Visual Novel made for GMTK 2021 Jam
Submitted by Roomah Gaming (@RoomahG) — 37 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 58 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
Narratively, the story tells something about human + robot, and there are team of 3 working together.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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I played Roomah Gaming game; Pandora Project and it is so good. His visuals novels are always good, I really recommend his games. Here is a gameplay for his Pandora Project:


I like the sketch art used in this game, and the narrative is fine. But a lot of the text could use some editing work: grammar, comma usage, wording, etc could all be improved,


The plot twist in the end!! Really great concept. Might not fit the theme that well but to be honest, some stories are always good! Keep it up


If this were any other week, in any other context, I'd be giving this game a 5. The art is really good, the use of pre-existing audio actually worked well I feel, and the story is some good visual novel fun. You did some great work here, especially for 48 hours, and I don't want to detract from that.

...But the GMTK jam can't be just about aesthetics and story to me. Game design is in the DNA of the contest, and in that regard it's just a normal visual novel. There isn't an exploration of the concept of being stuck together, the idea of cyborgs isn't explored through interactions that let the player engage with it, and when I decided to split up the party it had a likely better outcome than if I didn't. The actual interactions manifested as "pick whichever choice seems interesting or right to me and see what happens," which would be fine if this was a visual novel jam or one focused on story, but I just can't give it full marks here.


Frankly, I wasn't even sure if the game actually fits the theme of this jam and I can only code/develop a visual novel, I'm a noob at the game developing scenario, lol. Although it was a fun experience, it was a war for me given the limited time to get it all done. I acknowledge that the gameplay misses something important which is... for being a game... In all honesty, I did plan to include some minigames alongside other things, perhaps I will implement that in post-jam updates! Thank you for playing!


It's the first time I play a fully narrative game and although it's not a kind of game I really like, I played the game to the end and I liked it. I like a lot how you managed to put a mood with very simple graphics, and well crafted narrative. I think the choices given to the player could have been more meaningful, I felt every time I had a choice to make it did not have any impact on the flow of the game.  But other than the game is really well made, the story is interesting and well written, good job !


In all honesty, I had removed 2 plots which should be consequences from the choices given to the readers. This is due to the time limit I had, I decided to go with the linear storyline for the jam's build. If you would stay tuned, I have some great plans for future updates! It is also a relief to have someone that is not into narrative games enjoying it! Thank you for trying it out!


I like the concept and the aesthetics of the game, but moreover, the storyline is solid. The music is a little off, but I changed the volume and continued as I don't want to get distracted by the music. All of these in 48 hrs, when we say 48hrs we know it's minus the sleep so it's commendable how you managed to get all these done in the available time. I want to know what happens next, what happens when Sarif faces Sofea with her memory erased, it's gonna be an emotional moment. All in all, a solid entry! Good job!


I'm glad the storyline got you wanting more. The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger which is intentionally done to hint to the readers that there might be sequels to the story! In future updates, I will include more branching and plots into the game along with minigames and an alternate ending. If it does well, perhaps I will make a sequel to the story! Stay tuned and thanks for playing!


Hah, that story was pretty fun. I loved the advanced slingshot and the amazing server room. Really great stuff, and a pretty drawn out vnovel for a gamejam. Great work! ♥


The amazing server room is my drawing of the year! :P
Thank you for playing!


This is a really unique idea! I like the music and art, and the way the story unfolds! :D 


Really cool art style and great plot! The UI is simple and effective. I don't really know what to critique since story is not my forte, but I guess the music could be made to fit the situation more and be generally more tense. But none of that matters because of the amazing server room.


The server room was amazing, isn't it? HAHAHA. About the music, it should have at least 5 other different music, although I didn't include them end because of the time. I'll make sure they will be in there along with SFX and other updates! Thank you for playing!


Super unique artstyle for a well-developed story that kept me hooked throughout. Each character feels real with their own backstory, motivations, and flaws. I enjoyed making decisions although they didn't feel super consequential. Also, the UI is very clean and easy-to-use, which allowed me to be fully immersed in the narrative while playing. I'd love to see what happens next in a sequel!


Oh, wow! I'm glad you found it to be immersive - that always be my priority! I want the readers to feel as if they are watching a short film if not that they feel they are 'in the game'. The decisions for this current build don't really have any consequences other than changing the plot of the story, however, I did initially planned to have some consequences - perhaps I will include them in the future updates! The sequel will also be a thing - depends on how well received the visual novel is by the public! Stay tuned and thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice aesthetic! The server room is indeed amazing.

Haven't played many visual novels but I enjoyed this one. I like that the characters have their stories and motivation for their actions, and the story isn't cliche.

I'd like to ask for multiple endings (or have I missed something?) and some kind of more elaborate back story for Frye but it's 48 hour game jam, and that would be a lot of work. Amazing job!

P. S. I like that cliffhanger-ish thing you did at the end, leaves some room for sequels/updates.

Developer (1 edit)


Are you professor X? You read my mind! The cliffhanger ending was done intentionally since I plan to create more plots in the story along with multiple endings, and the cliffhanging part was meant to leave a hint for a sequel (but that depends on how well received the visual novel is by the public) - not many had noticed this btw. Also, you didn't miss anything, the only difference towards the ending is if you chose to 'attack the guard' you will have the option to 'hide the body' or 'continue with the mission' if you continue without hiding the body, there will be a bonus scene at the end where the team will get shot at upon leaving the building - though this doesn't affect the ending since currently, it doesn't have alternate endings - it will, in the future updates! Stay tuned and thanks for playing!

Edit: The server room is my best drawing of the year!


Nice work!


Even though I am not much into visual novels or narrative games, I enjoyed this one!

Seeing a visual novel in a jam is definitely rare but I had fun playing it!

The only suggestion I have is to change the background music as it does not fit well with the story, you can even have different music tracks for different parts of the story

Overall an interesting entry to the jam! Great job!


Always feels good knowing someone who isn't actually into VN or narrative games enjoyed the visual novel! I acknowledge the lack of music and sound effect for the visual novel. Don't worry though, it will be among the list of the future updates! Thanks for playing!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Wow! lots of effort has been put into the art and with a long narrative to go with it, well done! The music is nice but it's a bit too chill for the tension during the narrative but works fairly well for the introduction! The story is quite good too, with all the world building along with characters that have back stories and motives in such a short game! Well done, keep up the good work!


Sorry about the music, it should have at least 5 different songs and sound effects. Although, I don't have enough time to put them in. I'll make sure to include them in the future though! Stay tuned and thanks for playing!


I like the art style.  gameplay is just not my cup of tea but I know that some people like it


Fantastic game! I love the art and it's style, obviously some of it was rushed but it just adds to the charm. Now the story is something that I really like, the adverse effects of technology on humanity and how it might reduce us to nothing more than machines. I didn't get to experience the full story, but I'm sure it's well executed. Good job on crafting a good story in 48 hours! I'll let it slide that the game fits the theme quite loosely :)


Thank you! It is fine if you can't experience the whole story yet, since I have something planned for future updates which includes more plots and branching of the story! 


I usually make visual novels for jams, so I love whenever I stumble upon a fellow ren'py dev (although this time my team went with unity and I had to use fungus :D). 

I love your stylistic choice for your art. This way you were able to fit the necessary amount of graphics into your project without losing too much time, which is always a headache with VNs in these tiny time frames. And the best part is that they still look great!

With the worldbuilding you've already done for this, you could very well go for a full length visual novel if you want to continue this! The story so far is a solid foundation that I'm sure you could easily build upon :)

Great work!


Indeed, it was definitely a headache, it was a war for me hahaha but it was fun! It felt like a dream the day after I submitted the VN. The art wasn't supposed to be like this, but people have been accepting it (phew!). I do plan to add more plots with more branching along with multiple endings and a bit of minigames for future updates! Anyways, thank you for playing!


Ok so I played your game, and I am impressed, it has a full save system and everything. (The save system overlays some of the buttons, but for 48 hours it's still pretty good.)

I liked how the choices changed the story, and how they felt meaningful even if on subsequent playthroughs they weren't. It's a pretty good narrative game for the time constraint!

I'm not entirely sure how to give feedback on the core of the game, because the core is the story here, and I'm not particularly good at that aspect of design. The one actual game play comment I would leave, is that the text can sometimes overlay over the art and cover relevant information

Also, (and this has little to do with your game as a whole, just your game as a jam entry) your game could have used more thematically to do with joining together. The concept does, but the theme could have been interwoven with the story in a more obvious way.


Hey, thank you for playing! I can't take credit for the save system as it is built-in within the Ren'py engine that I used for the visual novel. The overlayed buttons was my mistake, I only realized that after I submitted the game. The game as being said to others in the comment, should provide minigames, for example, players has to hack the machine/camera on their own by solving a puzzle but, I don't have the time to implement that so I chose to focus on the story alone with a little branching. Talking about branching, I removed 2 plots from the story due to the limited time I had left. I will include them in post-jam updates along with multiple endings as people already asking me for that (lol). I wasn't really sure if my game really fits the concept or the theme of this jam. Personally, I joined for experience and to challenge myself, I will say it was worth it and I'm glad you have good experience with the visual novel! 


the story is narrated very well , the plot is really good , it really puts you in the atmosphere .  


UI is clean the story is grappling and the art is simple n sweet. looking forward to what happens next, Amazing work

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