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Yeh that means you are finished! Thank you very much for playing it. It is amazing to see such comments for a game made in 1 and half day.

omg thank you very much

So this generator works only with dither, eliminating 75 percent of use cases. It would be amazing if you could do this without the dither .

Thank you very much \ yeh that's a common feedback . I had no time for collision- tutorial- hardness tweakings as a solo dev haha.

Thanks bro

Very unique mechanic , game offers you very much !

Thank you very much !

The levels had to be small for this game to work out , tried zillions of iterations on scaling , yeh about controls - it is a matter of 10 seconds to remap the inputs , i assume that'd not affect your rating on this game. Also the music cracks a little sometimes due to some browser incompatibilities and the engine problems.

it is A, D and SPACE , now i request your second try at the game . Because simply telling confuse with controls is not a good feedback let alone a comment-rate on this page. I hope you rate the game with a better point of view after playing at least 1 third of the levels i have designed, not just your 10 seconds trying to figure out the controls . I also request a better explanation on your problem or I am to delete this comment for sake of the better comments explaining their problems in advance.

very lovely game - more people should play this game 

this was one of the most solid games i played in this jam , good luck already on your journey to release this game :) (even tough i had to download that .net core thingy)


very unique idea ,keep working on this

yes some tweakings are required , but i assume game jams are generally about the idea and their executions - so in that point of view , i feel proud of my game . Thank you very much for the feedback !!!

yeh , you are right , tutorialisation and steep leaarning curve is a common feedback , thank you very much for your second try! 

the game is really cool , and also as a puzzle maker I can tell this is really well made and executed. rating the highest for ya bud .

(also are you trying to virus my computer >:( ) 

Thank you very much amazing to hear these comments

the story is narrated very well , the plot is really good , it really puts you in the atmosphere .  

thank you very much , played your game - very polished , smart and well executed 

it's just a bug- just jump twice to hit the symbol , im pretty sure you should see 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th level after passing that 3rd one 

it's like the game's very small proportion , I'd definetely appreciate your second try , thanks in advance (it's still amazes me how some people really care and play my game )<3 

very cool idea and in 3d - i like it very much

This game is spooky in its good meaning , i was really in effect of the atmosphere - and it's a great idea with it's great implementation , GO M8!

thank you very much - see my comment on your amazing game page

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I suck a bit haha , anyways this game was amazing- the soundtrack , art style ,gameplay and the idea... rating 15/15
also will you release the OST it is amazing 

I really liked the game - the polished art style musics and the idea itself . Enjoyed very much playing it though i am kinda bad at this hahaha

Thank you very much for bringing games like these ,go!

Thank you very much !

You there kind sir, are amazing .

jam , toasts , jams everywhere . There is potential go on it .

it feels amazing to hear that !

Thank you very much !

this game gave me vibes- and chills . rated 15/15

this game gave me vibes- and chills . rated 15/15

it is really a good idea , and the game has a really cool story . 

very lovely art and gameplay - so polished well executed . 

very nice game!

I just cant find a problem with this game - veyr nice executed, polished .

very fun and lovely concept - the game felt alive .

thanks haha

simple and fun!

very fun game polished ,well executed , and the man lost his truck :(