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Brutally hard but brilliant game!!

The game was fun with relaxing aesthetic. Great game!!

I really loved that old shooter like feel. The enemies got a bit close though. Great game!!

This was so god damn hard!!!!! Great job on the music and the art was cute.

Thanks a lot! Next time I will make a better tutorial. Actually I dont have any professional training and stuff. I kinda hate those hard coding terms so i just do as much I can :P

Thanks! The enemies are the role but I accidentally added too many spikes :P

Yeah i have to fix that. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it.

The plot twist in the end!! Really great concept. Might not fit the theme that well but to be honest, some stories are always good! Keep it up

This was awesome! The fps sensitivity was too high. But the game was brilliant. Great job. With some polish you might as well turn this into a commercial game. Really love it!! :>

Pretty challenging game. The tutorial at the itch page are a lifesaver. Great game!

Thanks a lot for those kind words. Glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot for playing! I am glad you liked it. The light is a complain by many. I will fix that after the jam.

This was pretty cool! I like t, though I could not figure out the level editor, yet it was fun. Great job!!

The game was really fun to play! One of my favorites in the jam and the art was pretty cute. Great job!

A little bit more info would have been good, other than that this was pretty solid game! Good job!!


Thanks for playing! Would be great if you could elaborate the problems . Thanks a lot again!

Thankyou so much for those tips! I will make sure to incorporate all of them and credit you as well. Thanks a ton again!!

Thanks! I will try my best to improve it

Thanks for playing! Nope, there isn't any restart button yet.

Thanks a lot! The feedback is an issue which plenty of people are talking about. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the tips! Next time I would make it more clearer. Sorry if it was not good. I will definitely try my best next time!

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. Could you tell me where it was confusing, so that after the jam ends I can fix them?

This is really hard but fun to play. The art was dope. Great job!!

The game was very fun to play! Some visual feedback when you hit an enemy, like flashing red or white would have ben cool, other than that this was awesome!!

The game was pretty fun. I managed to get 640!! Some screen shake or some enemies would have been cool!!

The game is pretty nice but the instructions should have been a bit more clearer. Other wise the game is interesting!

This was so fun to play! The levels were challenging. Some screen sakes would have been cool though! But this game was really fun!

Great game! The picking up process was difficult but overall really fun game! The postprocessing effects were pretty cool for those alarm lights

The game was really fun to play! The puzzles at the beginning were easy, but as it progressed they got harder! Overall great job!!!

Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it.

Thanks a lot for playing, i will try my best to fix the bugs.

It was really cool to play this!! Enjoyed the puzzles though they were not much hard. The art was also kinda nice. Overall great!

Thanks, I will change the exit after the jam is over. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for playing, glad you enjoyed it!!

This was a blast. The way it implemented the theme was really cool. This was really awesomeeeeee!!!

The game is pretty cool, it was a little difficult to understand but eventually made it. Nice job!!

This is so hard to play but overall enjoyable!! The background is pretty cool! Nice job

The game was really fun to play, came here from the rate my game section of discord and i am glad i did. great job