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Awesome visuals! The main mechanic is pretty simple but it creates for very interesting levels. The full release mechanics also look really cool and I can't wait for the full release to be out!

I unlocked the Aqua stage but couldn't get past the 3rd level of it >_<

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Suggestions for the game? Post them here!

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Report any bugs you find while playing the indev version here!

I love the artstyle of the game! The music was kind of repetetive so that can be improved. The concept of the game is definitely interesting and I had fun playing it!

You could actually stall Bob by creating a one tile gap in the scaffolding, not sure if this was intentional but it allowed me to gain some extra time to build the scaffolding ahead

Overall an awesome entry to the jam! Great job!

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The game was super fun and challenging! Every level got progressively harder but I finally did it

The controls were working great, as expected from a platformer game like this. The presentation could be improved, maybe by improving the color pallete

Overall an awesome entry to the jam! Great job!

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Definitely a unique and interesting concept! The artstyle is also great! But I think the game is missing some music.

I would suggest to make it so the player dashes towards the mouse cursor as it has been already mentioned before. Also I noticed that sometimes the dash distance was sometimes short and at other times it was longer (I am thinking it gets longer when dashing diagonally). I would suggest making the dash distance consistent.

Overall an awesome game! Great job!

Even though I am not much into visual novels or narrative games, I enjoyed this one!

Seeing a visual novel in a jam is definitely rare but I had fun playing it!

The only suggestion I have is to change the background music as it does not fit well with the story, you can even have different music tracks for different parts of the story

Overall an interesting entry to the jam! Great job!

An interesting twist on golf! I like the concept of the game very much! The game is fun to play
Unfortunately I could not go too far because of the bug that crashes the game if you spend a long time on a level. But I think that issue will be fixed in the post-jam version so no worries!

Overall an awesome game! Great job!

The concept is interesting, but I think it could be executed a little better, most of the time I found myself just grabbing the slimes, going to the edge of the platform and releasing them so they die of fall damage, I didn't use the rocket boost even once (and I could not as there was not enough fuel). There should be more obstacles to make the game more challenging, as otherwise it is just throwing slimes off the edges.

I would suggest to make a level where you have to break a wall to continue and make it so that the rocket boost can destroy that wall, that way the player will have an excuse to use the rocket boost. Also scatter some powerups through out the level which replenish the fuel, and to make the game more challenging, make it so the fuel drains faster over time. And maybe make it so that slimes only die if they land on spikes, and not because of fall damage, that way the player will have to think of new ways to get rid of those slimes and it will make the level design easier as the number of ways the slimes can die will reduce.

Overall an interesting entry to the jam! Great job!

Nice concept and it is executed wonderfully, the presentation is also great even though it is just basic shapes. I also liked the music

I would suggest making it so the player can not go outside the level, sometimes the enemies could bounce the player outside the level and then I couldn't see what was going on. I would also suggest to improve the camera shake effect a little, the score text in top-left moves weirdly when the camera shakes

Overall an awesome entry to the jam! Great job! 

A fun and interesting mechanic! I also like the music! The concept is executed wonderfully and the game is fun to play!

The only thing I wanted to see was more game juice, more particles, camera shake and the other good stuff, that would definitely make the game a lot more fun to play! I also think that the waves should be shorter, I had to wait a long time to advance to the next wave, and the game is kind of boring in the first wave, and it only gets more interesting after we advance more waves and new enemies start spawning

Overall an awesome entry to the jam! Great job!

The concept is unique and interesting and the art style is alo great! I also liked the music!

I think you should add more type of enemies which do different attacks or behave differently.

The bugs I encountered were ->
When you use the energy beam and use it again before the first one ends, it queues the beam and as soon as the first beam is over, it uses the second, you can queue up many beams this way, I think the all the beams should be cancelled if they are called during the first energy beam's animation

When you keep attacking an enemy during its dying animation, its animation gets stuck and the enemy just stays there until you reset the game

Overall an awesome entry to the jam! Great job!

The concept is unique and interesting, and it is wonderfully executed!
The art and music is also great but the music gets repetetive soon (which is understandable as it is made for a game jam!)

I would love to see a full game with more levels using this mechanic!

Overall an awesome game! Great job!

The concept behind the game is really interesting, but I don't understand how it fits the theme.

The game is really scary but fun to play, the puzzles make you think, but after some time they get repetetive. I would suggest adding some more elements like you did with the card and the gate to make new puzzles a little different.

There is a bug where the lighting gets messed up for one frame after you restart a level, but that is hardly noticable and doesn't break the game or anything.

Overall an amazing entry to the jam, though I wish it fit the theme better. Great job!

Old man: *sees a kid walking his cat* So anyways, I started blasting

One of the best games I have seen in this jam!

The music really fits the vibe, the concept is unique and fun, the presentation is great and the gameplay is genuinely fun! I really like the transition screen as well!

If I were to suggest one thing, then it would be to zoom in the camera towards the player a bit, because some portion of the camera is just showing grass, but it is just me nitpicking things.

Overall an awesome game! 5/5

Interesting concept! I have seen many games which have combine-with-your-enemies mechanic but this one is the best execution of that mechanic!

I wouls suggest adding sound/music, and making it a little easier to grab enemies.
There seems to be a bug where if the only enemy remaining is connected to the player, the game enters a soft lock mode, the enemy can't hurt and neither can you, so even though you should have won, you are stuck on that level until you close the game and play from the beginning again

Overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

Glad you liked the game!

The audio does not work in the web version, did you try out the downloadable version?

I had assembled the coat hanger, found the knitting yarn and also the old coat

The concept is interesting, but it took me some time to understand how the things work. Flying around destroying the ships was really fun but the asteroids were kind of annoying, but that is the point of the game, navigating around the asteroids while maintaining your speed

The issues I encountered were ->
The spaceship moves a bit weird when you use the grappling hook
The gameover screen does not take up the whole screen (just a part in the center)

Other than that, overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

Interesting concept! The artstyle and the music are also great, I really like the chill atmosphere of the game! The physics didn't work the way expected at times, but it is understandable as the game was made in 48 hours!

I would suggest to make the gameover screen show up instantly on death, rather than waiting for a few seconds for it

Good job, the game is pretty good for a jam!

Great to see how you used the theme to make a text adventure game!

I like the fact that the buttons' color changes when you have already explored them, makes it easier to figure out what to do next. Also the bowl in the bathroom that gives hints was a great touch to the game!

I did get stuck at one point though, the bowl of hints didn't help either. I had checked all rooms and places, tried every button (in both present and past) but the story didn't seem to progress any further, I loved the game nonetheless!

Overall, an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

The game is really fun and challenging!

I would suggest allowing players to switch even mid-air, otherwise the game gets too hard to play at times, also the gun guy is very hard to beat so you can make him a lot less common

Overall an amazing entry to the jam, great job!

Very interesting mechanic! The puzzles were unique and fun!

I would suggest making it so the room/level order does not reset each time you go back to the main menu, and also mention the Z to grab/release control in-game as I couldn't figure it out until I checked the game page.

Overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

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The game is really fun!

I suggest adding a key for restarting (R key would work) as I found myself restarting a lot on a few levels, also it might be great to have a downside for using the time slowing mechanic, maybe it can have a limit per level. Sound/Music will also help make the game better!

Overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

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The artstyle is really great!

The game was kind of short, but I liked it!

It would be great to have some sound/music and also a little longer story

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This is one of the best games I've seen in this jam! The presentation is amazing, the level design is amazing, the mechanics are amazing and this game can even have a sequel considering how the game ended! (Please tell me if you make one!!)

I can't believe how you were able to make so much content in just 48 hours! I couldn't just put the game down and played it till the end! Also, is it just me or there was also coyote jump feature included? I think I could coyote jump the characters, if it was intentional then that is an awesome detail to add!

One issue I encountered was that when you switch characters, sometimes the previous character would continue running in one direction without any input, not a very common bug as it only happened twice, and it was not game-breaking either as I could just switch back to the previous character and it would solve the issue.
I would also suggest improving the idle animation for the characters but maybe it is just me nitpicking

Overall, 5/5 Awesome game! (Please make a sequel where we fight those mummies that came out in the end)

Nice game! I really like the artstyle for the game!

It wasn't quite obvious where do we have to lead the players to, later I realised that there were yellow and blue particles as the goals. I would suggest to make the goals a little bit more obvious, maybe use colored flags? or something else to fit the underwater theme

I would also suggest adding some level bounds, otherwise the player can go outside those bounds and see those things which are not supposed to be seen (incomplete tileset and other stuff)

Overall an amazing game! Great job!

Definitely a unique and interesting take on the theme!
It was really fun getting those souls delivered, and I loved how you added dialogues to make the game more lively.
The spirits getting angry and attacking the delivery guy was really funny, and one time that spirit said "Orange doesn't even suit you" and proceeded to attack me!
I really had fun reading those dialogues!

There was one problem I found, whenever I took the spirit from the box for the first time, the game would lag a lot, it even crashed once... but that only happens when you take the spirit for the first time, the game runs smooth after that.

I would suggest adding more obstacles to the map as the time passes just to make the game a litlle less repetetive

Overall an Awesome entry to the jam! Great job! (First try: delivered 11 spirits)

I like the artstyle of the game! The concept is also interesting

There was a bug I encountered, the diamond didn't seem to switch states instantly
The dash direction seems to be defaulted to the left, I can't dash right unless I also hold the right key, I think the player's dash direction should be determined by the direction the player is facing

Simple yet challenging!

I just wish there were more levels and elements to spice up the game a bit

Overall, an amazing entry! Great job!

The visuals of the game are amazing! The idea of connecting two different dimensions and switching between them to progress is also very interesting!

I had a few problems with the controls though, my character would get stuck in rocks/tress and sometimes would clip through them, and when it would fall down sliding down a rock, it would go very slow. I think the character controller needs some improvements

Other that that, this was overall an awesome entry to the jam! Great job!

The level design was excellent on this one!

The visuals could be improved but it was a fun and a challenging experience nonetheless

Interesting concept and great puzzle design! The levels were really challenging and I had a really hard time going through those puzzles, and I got stuck at one level, so I could not play all levels. But I liked all those levels I did play! I could not quite get how the position of the gravestones change the controls at first.

One suggestion I have is to change the sfx for when the gravestone moves, it is somewhat annoying and loud

Overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

Good game!

It would be great to be able to retry once the game is over, as I had to close the game and reopen it everytime there was a game over

The visuals of this games are great! I also liked the idea of using laser pointers to lead the cats.

One suggestion I have is to fix the Z order of the sprites, the cat would go behind the background elements like those milk fountains.

Other than that the game is quite polished, there are even some voice lines in the beginning

Overall, an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

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Great game! I also like the art!

The concept of joining with other characters is quite common in the jam but your game is the one of the most fun of those games because of the level design and the fact that we can get new abilities along the way.

One suggestion I have is to add something to indicate how much the jump is charged, something like a progress bar that shows up when you charge jumps and tells you how much charged the jump is.

Overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

The visuals of the game are great! I like the effect you did when the character flips. I also like the music!

The enemies were hard to hit as we had align the player to the side of the enemy, and since there was a crosshair I thought that we could attack in any direction if the enemy is in range but it turned out to be different

Multiplayer games in jams are quite rare so it was a surprise seeing a game with that as the main mechanic, but that kind of back fired as the game feels empty when played singleplayer, and most of the people will not be trying out the multiplayer.

Overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

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Clever puzzle design on this one!

The game was really challenging, and you created many unique interactions with a simple mechanic!

I really had fun trying to complete those puzzles, I wish the game had arrow key support as well.

I'd love to see more levels!

Overall an amazing entry to the jam!

Interesting concept!

The last part of the level (where we had to take the cubes and send them to the world below) had some bugs so I had to do the all over again a few times.

I wish there was more content, but it is understandable as it was for a jam.

I think an interesting twist on the game could be a wall of death rushing towards both the characters so the player has to quickly complete the whole level, that would make the game more challenging!

Overall, an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!

A unique take on the theme! I like the art of this game, though I think the lighting could be better

The arms were a little higher than they should've been, so it felt weird imagining them. Also, I was stuck at a point, untill I read the game page and found out that I could switch ships again, so I would suggest telling that in-game as well.

Overall an amazing entry to the jam! Great job!