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This game really makes you feel like Elon Musk

Amazing game! Its mechanics are so good and I can't stop playing it! I especially love that it shows how unsustainable this whole model is, and how eventually it defeats itself. Really nice job!

Oh hey I'm really glad you liked it! My Discord's Nyx#1760, although don't go sharing it to everybody. There's a few images Niki made as concept art for the game, but most of what I can show is the thought that went into the mechanics, and the sort of reason for the story being the way it is. Once again, it's really cool to hear this kind of thing from people within the trans community, I honestly never thought I'd get this far. If you're interested in contacting me, that's my address, but understand that since me and my team are always working on a game, I may not be able to always be there as one usually would. Thank you for your time, and thanks for playing Fiora!

Absolutely amazing! Getting a feel for the new controls felt great, it really felt like I had full vision of the whole area! And using all the different weapons and combining them was really fun too! Five stars, hands down!

Really cool! I love the feeling of getting a sense for the level and where things are gonna go

a nice take on the genre

god this is a really cool idea and I had fun with it, i just wish there weren't arbitrary spike traps like in sonic rush

this is a really cool idea and i had fun with the first few levels!

i'm so sorry, once i figure out how to configure the volume in srpg studio games i'll get on that immediately

nice game concept! even if it was buggy, i liked playing around with the different features, got me playing around with the level design in a way no other game has let me do

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an interesting puzzle game, not sure how it fits with the theme though.... a platformer where you can't jump, i guess? either way, good job

Fun twist on the "bullet hell but you can't shoot" idea! The bullet patterns are fun to look at and to avoid, but I feel like the burps make them a bit too easy to just circumvent entirely? Either way, a good time for sure

this is a super-cool game! the finger gymnastics i had to do just to execute basic actions was really engaging, and learning new stuff is a cool sensation!

I think this is a really good idea hampered by the fact you had only 48 hours to make it. i like the idea of the mechanics, and i like the use of coins to encourage smarter play. But yeah, the camera moves a bit too quickly to be able to do anything reliably, especially on my touchpad with a delayed tap input.

this game is fun and interesting in its diversity of toolkits and challenges! i think some polish could be used on making each tool feel good, but the puzzle design was really interesting!

it's a good time! i had fun with it for a bit, although i'm not very good. i think with some sound and more lasting horizontal momentum, this would be a really nice little game

that was a good time, although i don't have the patience to memorize a full level like that. you did good

that was fun! i didn't bother killing the enemies because i have bad aim, but the movement mechanics were a good time!

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nice concept, i had fun with it!

Oh, this was all made in SRPG Studio, an engine that specializes in Fire Emblem-style games! Games are a lot easier to make when you don't need to do any art or code, so I managed to get the fundamentals of the levels down in one evening. The rest of my time with this jam was spent polishing it up to make it actually playable and fun. I'm really glad you enjoyed it this much!

this game doesn't seem to work, am i doing something wrong?

"The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." I'm not going to install unity just to play this game

Asked to use my internet but doesn't run At All, i'm really hoping this isn't a virus