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Impressively well made

gonna hit them with that "you can't fire me, i quit!"

Simple but well executed. You're right, it's pretty addictive, I only stopped because of a call from work ahahahah

Very interesting concept. The movement is basic but it feels nice, the levels seem well constructed but they're very dim, adding some lights would benefit the game a lot. Also, some columns block the view of the die, and sometimes you can roll in both axis.
Other than these 2 things it's really nice, keep it up!

I lost against the dragon, i had him at 0.5 hp D: 
Being from Rome I appreciate the setting :P
I don't know if this was wanted, but you can actually heal enemies if they have a much higher DEF, pretty interesting mechanic. Overall it's nice, maybe the customization is a bit hard to understand but the rest is simple yet challenging.

just asked for permission to access the file

This definitely needs to be an online multiplayer mobile game. Really fun, simple rules that completely change the game for the better. Only one complaint, the written rules in-game are a bit hard to read, maybe a wacky pre-made font would be better :)
I'll definitely come back to this in the future!

Aw man it's a shame that you ran out of time, it looks great. I'll be keeping an eye out for it when a fix comes through!


Anyway, it's a really nice concept that would be even better with an indicator showing you what face you'll roll into. I had this problem with my game as well, so I made some UI to show the players their next step. Otherwise, it's really fun and pretty challenging.
nice job :)

Cool concept and really nice, minimal art style. Took me a while to figure it out but it was really fun once everything clicked. 
Just a suggestion: make jam games playable in browser, a lot more people would play it that way :)
nice job :D

Yeah that would work as well, I'm going to fix it one way or another when the voting period is over :) Thanks for the idea!

The fire was supposed to be sprite based, but i didn't have time to make different animations depending on where the die was :( 

Really cute style. The controls feel nice, the colliders on the spikes could be smaller but overall it's not that hard to go through. Sometimes, I got gems stuck in holes in the wall, but that's an easy fix.
Good job :)

Kept me playing for longer than I care to admit... really well made, nice polish, maybe just... too much bright red? Idk it looks nice but it hurts my eyes after a while ahahahah
Nice game :)

You really nailed the controls and feel of the character, it's fun to just move and jump around. The die part is pretty challenging to figure out, it takes a while but you get there :)
The art is simple but still really nice.

something that gets reset, like every day

Yeah I have another system to move it that's more solid, but I didn't have time to implement it :(

I had a lot of fun playing this! It kind of reminds me of what the golf.
The dice are easy to operate but getting multiple to show the face you want without letting them rest too much is a challenge, the slow mode definitely helped.
Also, the faulty die was really clever.

Oh i see!

When I started I didn't really understand what I was doing, but it's pretty intuitive, so I managed anyway! I'm sure this is a collection of premade levels, but if you found a way to make them procedurally this would make for a pretty cool infinite mobile game.
Nicely done!

Really cool concept!
I like the idea of showing ammo on the player, although i would have liked a way to "reload", right now if you're out of ammo you just have to die;
The concept of having cards decrease in value when hit is clever, I found a bug where the queen goes ballistic and starts shooting crowns super fast, but it happened just once and it was easy to handle.
Overall good job :)

Nice game, pretty well polished :)
I'm taking my 27 points back home, thank you very much. I'm not a patient man.
I wish there was more of an incentive to play again, like a temporary leaderboard, or using the points for something, but I read that you started again from scratch so it's understandable.
Great job!

Hi, thanks for playing! Where was that bug?

sorry about that man, you can send it to me in private if you want some feedback :)

wooo congrats for launching! :D

cool movement

really nice! I had a bit of difficulty adapting to the "space bar to drop" but it's fun!

Cool! concealed objects might be a bit too hard to find, but overall really nice :)

score: 9310!

pretty cool! reminds me a bit of blackthornprod's games :)

lovely art! p.s. if you make a new physics material (create-physics material) and set it's bounciness and friciton to 0, you can apply it to the walls so you don't stick to them anymore!

Looks really cool! I have a couple of tips:
-For the movement, you're normalizing the vector, which means that the value of each axis is -1 to 1 normally, but -0.7 to 0.7 if both axis are in use at the same time, this is to prevent having more speed diagonally in top down games. In your case you want to disable this in your code, or if you're using the new input system, use separate analog values for x movement and y movement. (this is to solve the slowing down that occurs when you move while pressing W or S).
-If you double jump really quickly, the character goes waaaay too high, but if you jump a second time after a while, it barely goes up. This feels very inconsistent. 

I really like the style :) keep it up!

looks really nice! I'd just make the hitboxes a lil smaller :3

cool animations!

dangit bobby


good job making it in a day!

really fun! reminds me of old flash games