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Yep, same for me unfortunately :(

Scored 17650, it's a fun little game ^^

I just released The 5 Gentlebones! Play the game for free right now!

The 5 Gentlebones is a goofy and spooky first person game where you have to find and shoot 5 skeletons with pumpkins. Play in a small open world and have fun around the town !

Happy halloween and many thanks !

You will never be safe anywhere you go

I was so eager to punch that face I failed after 0.0001 second

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Scored 32, made a bad shot on the last one :c

It's cute fun! The controls are so simple and intuitive it's great :)

Oh thanks, it means so much for me <3

Okay, this is cryptic, maybe too much. I had to read the description to understand exactly what my objective was and how to understand the clues.  These info needs to be in the game somehow. Also, even with that I felt like I still don't really understand. Are the colored arrows really connected to colored aliens? 

The idea is nice and could be expanded, but as it is, it feels very complicated and lacked amusement and accomplishment feelings.

Yes I understand, it's a really safe choice don't worry ^^

Completed day 2 and then stopped here. Just pressed space out of curiosity but wasn't feeling the need to play more. The main issue I have with this game is that it simulates too well a feeling of chores.

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Scored 45 on my first try.

It's a cute and short concept, likable but quite repetitive actually, I don't really know what could have been done better. Maybe where you hav to join the pairs together with a bit of physics mixed into it or something like that

Finished the game twice just to be sure about something and here is my honest feedback :

- It's fun ! I like the fast pace, I felt the camera was a bit to hectic at first but felt good while playing it :)

- You must know it already, but this is extremely repetitive, it lacks rooms and even the few existing rooms look alike, there are even a few ones where they pose no challenge at all. Some levels end up generated as a straight line with no danger ! Here is my advice: always start the game with a non-procedural tutorial, where the player would go through a straight line that shows some traps on the sides, so the player gets used to the controls and still gets to see what's waiting for him. Then, get rid of "empty" rooms in your procedural generation.

- It lacks some sound effects, like a noise when passing near close a deadly danger, dying or touching a wall. This is a very arcade and fast-paced game, we loose sensation for not having those !

- The most interesting part of the game is turning rooms, but they are too rare !

- I understand the nature of joining the levels together, but I don't think putting a level after another one is the best take. Again, my advice : still joining the levels together, but in another way, something like merging the rooms together so it makes a totally new room !

So in short, gameplay is good fun and easy to control but level design is a bit underwhelming !

My arachnophobia really kicked in in this one xD

Anyway, it's quite cute and nice. The auto-nav is a really impressive feature but it felt a bit overkill ^^ I guess it's nice to have for people not used to video games or some children :)

Oh wow thanks for the great feedback !

It's a good idea, I think it would be worth experimenting different kind of win/fail conditions, you seem right, it's smart to make losing games not an absolute losing conditions !

Yeah indeed, the KILL hitboxes is where my game is not very good, I also think the DIE minigame is not very polished.

You made it near the end, congrats ! There was only one more minigame with SLAP, where a hand goes left to right and with have to push the up button at the right moment to... slap a butt.


ooooooooooh !

I see.

Started the game, trying movements, trying aim, trying shooting...

"Your comrade is dead"

Ops xD

Did you... did you just fuse Tetris and Pacman into a first person shooter? Genius. 

The only problem I have is that we get ejected from a room even if some pieces of it stays after a line deletion. But great game !

Yeah don't worry, it's a cool game ^^

Oh wow, it's so weird but actually quite fun ^^ 

The only problem I have with this is how the bad guy is much more durable than our fragile body :c

The idea is nice but boy this is ultra-hard !

I'm sorry but it feels very incomplete. Here's my feedback :

- Camera is way too close, we don't get to see far ahead and levels are very hard to read because of that

- Controls are insufficient, the characters are way too fast, jumping is out of control, falling is way too slow

- It's very underwhelming visually too, you still have the default background color !

But it's cute , so hey :)

Excellent visual, well done ! The game is quite fun too, I don't know why the character is slippery but it's a tiny downside to a cool game :D

Scored 36 ! Nice idea, definitely needs some polish, like juice (screenshake, recoil etc.) and the camera should relocate in the center of our two characters when we join an ennemy.

Loved how we fall slowly, nice detail ^^

39 seconds ! Okay that was funny, definitely reminded me of Katamari ^^

Quite a nice twist to the "two characters - same controls" idea :)

Even with the video it felt somewhat confusing 

This game looks awesome but gameplay is a bit underwhelming I'm affraid, challenge is pretty non-existent.

It felt a bit tricky at times but it's a cool concept ! Reminded me of those inside locks on doors sometimes ^^

Died on sector 5. Loved it ! Everything feels so easy to understand, gameplay is really smooth, it feels like a full fledged game already !

Is there an ending?

The thumbnail wasn't a lie, I'm sorry but this is not enough to be good 

That is a very clever mechanic you have here !

Fun tiny concept and really cool 3D ! I have to feedback to give:

- The second I started my ball was underwater, it was kinda hard to go back to normal since I hade no experience in the gameplay yet

- It needs some sort of ending, I went to 200 score then got bored. It can simply be a timer, like one minute, so people could compare scores !

Scored 28, might try to do better.

Very cool production value, neat idea too, it's quite fun, but I feel like it's missing something somehow, it feels extremely arcade right now.

Do we get faster if we merge with others? It's not very clear

Gameplay seemed glitchy for me, selecting/unselecting wasn't very responsive and jumping too.

I see, nice job !

Pro-tip from the dev himself : Keep pushing the left button, you don't have to tap the button ;D

Scored 30, it gets very very fast !

But indeed, it's a cute and addictive idea !

It's really clever ! And doesn't feel frustrating either, well done :D

One thing though, it's easy to "brute force" doors, as going full speed on it will decrease our speed always enough.