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Quentin Delvallet

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This is my humble contribution, it's a free game but it's one more for the bundle that will make people want to buy it and support the cause <3

Eheh et oui ^^

Merci pour ton commentaire !

You've got all my gratitude!

Thanks a lot!

Hello !

As the title says, this is a puzzle game where a giraffe has to collect as many cute tiny hats as possible in this weird mix between Snake and Sokoban and even more unique concepts, all reunited in a relaxing cute game that will challeng your brain a few times.

Play it here in your browser for free

Hey, great initiative !

Maybe you could give a try at my game, Guide Merlin inTo the Kingdom !

Alright, this is entertaining, just made 21 turns. I can't see much more potential but it works perfectly as a game jam entry, it's cute and nice, well done !

The concept of this in quite interesting, I was only able to find 9 exits but I found it to be quite a good idea, nice job.

The camera could indeed be improved. Cool game, nice job.

Nice idea to have the momentum of your character being a game mechanic

It's cute. It works well for a game jam, but I don't see this kind of concept into a full game. It was fun anyway, good job !

Many thanks for the wonderful comment !

I myself am not a native English speaker, I had to use a "Shakespearian speech generator" to translate my texts to old English. One thing I made sure though, is that all crucial hint words (clothe names, colours...) were not transformed into an old English, that maybe is why most people are still able to grasp the hints and find the only one after a few tries !

This is interesting , maybe there's a bit to much to collect on the first room

Yes, it's indeed a quite clever approach, being able to see only one layer of entities at a time. It's good puzzling but I found it a bit tedious to play for the harder levels, there's not so much room for improvisation and there's often only one solution to kill one guy. Good game anyway, well done !

This took an unexpected turn after a few screens ^^

It was funny, thanks.

Great feedback, thanks !

I'm happy you like it ^-^

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you appreciated my game !

This game is nicely polished, I like how you merged multiple ideas together, exploration, labyrinths, monster-escaping. It's neat. Having no music is nice too, love hearing footsteps sounds in games.

This is as interesting as it is gloomy, it's a nice game, the main mechanic of having only one arm makes things really hard to get through but it really helps give us the panic the character must feel, nicely done !

The gameplay is really smooth and the concept works well, it's a bit hard, I couldn't get past 4 points. I didn't like the "music", but it's fun anyway, well done !

Okay here's my version then ^^

Thanks !

yes, a difficulty curve and multiple levels could have been a nice idea.

Indeed, thanks for playing !

Thanks !

No it's not you, some people have a hard time finding the only one with the hints. The game being very short, I made the hints very vague on purpose. But if you had fun, that's the principal.

Thanks a lot ! If the humor gets you, my job is then well done :)

Thank you, your comment really made my day :D

No problem, really ^^

Very solid idea, but I think I had more fun making even more of a mess than to actually help Merlin find the object he wants ^^

Lovely. The idea is nice, controlling multiple players and kill any others to be the last one fits the theme well. Aside from that, the game could use a bit of improvements in the control feel, it is kinda slow and rigid right now. 

Yes, as for now, the game doesn't work. We get a "Unexpected Token <" error. Sorry :/

Then our lands shall beest did save

Thanks, I think that's half the fun ^^

Thank you, as long as the players have fun it's a win ;)

This is a nice little platformer, with a good amount of levels. Though I think the main system is under-exploited

As you said in your page, it's a bit glitchy, but I think it's a cool puzzling idea !

Nice little puzzling game with a cute character !

How am I supposed to get through the first bad guys?