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There is already a thread about bigger canvas sizes but I'm currently working with very small sprites (20~100px) and I'd like to export the animations without the all the transparent space, is it possible to have a custom/smaller canvas sizes?

Also, thanks for the great work !

La marque des plus grands (っ´▽`)っ

That's a very, very interesting set-up for a Super Smash Brow-like game where you just have to push the other one instead of fighting him.  But making a human vs human game for a jam is not the best choice.

The gameplay could need some polish. Also, I don't think it would fit the theme that much since "deterministic roguelike" are just dungeon crawlers. Still, well done.

That's quite an entertaining gameplay, I think the camera is a bit too close to the character though.

Not bad, cute pixel art but baloons are not supposed to be bad ;(

Okay, I find the idea cool and fun but we see the limits of the mechanic since there are times when you have no weapons and the ennemies going to the other directions are easier to know. Still, not a bad idea.

Okay, so this is a stealing game with no stealth mecanisms (that's brave from that pig xD ). Still, I'd say the game lacks something original in the core gameplay and some polish, like at least a few sounds and one music.

It's one of those "shoot to move" concept but this time we still have control on moving forward or backward so that's interesting. Still, it lacks something interesting to do since surviving is easy and I don't see why we should destroy the other cars too.

It's a funny concept, but the main goal of just having to wander in a square room is not that interesting.

I'll dig into that control thing, maybe having a non QWERTY-keyboard plays. Thanks for the comment (っ´▽`)っ

It's a very classic take on "your health is depleting" but I'd say it lacks a lot of polish and feeling on the gameplay

"The developer has not uploaded a game yet..." ow no :(

ohmygoditssohard but seeing the car crash slowly approching is a lot of fun :D

I love how the bat wiggles and the feedback when you hit something, that's great. The polish is really really nice but maybe one more ennemy type would have been greater. Great game anyway !

Definitly a clever and very well executed idea. I love how you are still able to create advanced platformer mechanics like wall jumping with only keeping the base movement you can do. And the art is very clean too, congrats !

Cute art ! So that's a multiplayer game with one ennemy where you're just as mean as the ennemies since I just kept hitting myself ^^

Simply, it said "GOODBYE" and thanks for the kind words (っ´▽`)っ

Indeed, thanks for the comment (っ´▽`)っ

Yes exactly, it's quite interesting but it feels too much random

882MB, really? xD

Shot a civil after 1 second in the level, that was kinda funny. Aside from that I'd say the art, mood and movements are very insuficient. But keep trying on !

Quite a fun game. The pacing is relaxing  (except for the music, I really disliked that one :p ) and the character really cute. The character reminded me of the cuteness of Yoshi for some reasons !

The mood is really great and the gameplay is definitly worth playing. I don't get what mechanic is absent from the genre though but it's a really cool game anyway !

Not only the game and concept are cool, but the art fits the game so well, great job !

I forgot the virtual hug (っ´▽`)っ




Not bad. The most obvious problem is the camera system. it should switch place as soon as we click to teleport.

Oh my god the bullets are so fast x)

Yes indeed, that make it more like a cooperative game with a bit of "joke" competition like the crown in Super Mario 3D World. It doesn't fit the theme well but the game is not bad anyway.

The idea is well executed, I very much liked the feedback of the sword move but the game is indeed kinda hard. Only a few seconds in and we're surrounded by ennemis.

The idea is not incorrect but as it is I don't think it's that fun. If we had more levels maybe that would be challenging but that's too bad there's only one :/

That is a huge bear.

Well executed idea. One thing I still need to understand though. As the burglar, do we have 8 direction movements or is it only four? Also, I like the sound we make with the bin on level 2, we've got top noth burglar here :D

Funny concept, kinda harder than actual old phones since you only have one "finger" here :p

Very nice art and animations. It kinda lacks a goal though.

Thanks, here's a virtual hug (っ´▽`)っ

The levels are clever ;)