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Quentin Delvallet

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Well done ^^

It would be nice to have the bullet be half-transparent !

Hey thanks! Some of my friends actually finished the game is less than 15s but I don't have their proof ^^

This really reminded me of Viscera Cleanup Detail

I did it in 159 seconds, it's a bit hard actually!

38, I am not sure it's that good ^^

Somehow the music just hit my Pokémon nostalgia ^^

At first I was like "ugh, the classic you are the monster theme", but I have to say you fully dedicated to the idea (The second phase, the reversed "defeat" or "win" messages...) and I liked it!

Thanks! I am just so proud of the car hitting sound and violence 

Surprisingly, negative bpm is the best way to survive

How is this game both wholesome and terrifying?

I didn't really understand how Nyx moves

Have you made all the sounds and music with your mouth?

I get my butt kicked so hard I'm flying to the moon

All the cars drive in the same direction? Just go backwards lol

I lol'ed at the third gun

Levels 3 and 4 were starting to really get interesting but 5 was a bit of a let down. Wished for a bit more mechanics and levels!

Level 12 is unforgiving ah ah ^^

It's a well executed idea, I liked the soft physics on the fruits

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Okay, I really love the concept! It's instant fun :D

I'd just say on track 2, the moving part that also depend on our gravity is quite difficult to pass.

It's cute too :)

I am not sure about changing the theme with an homonym, but hey, the game is quite fun

910 ! Sometimes simplicity is what makes it fun :D

I played more and finally had the chance to shapeshift^^

First game, I won without touching any button 😅

Did 463! Fun and soothing!

Yes I am sorry, you might want to download the .exe version for better performances!

Ah, finally a game about me and my cats!

Tiny zombies were kinda cute :)

The take on the theme to have switching sides every now and then is a nice idea! It kinda lacks some content or difficulty as it is though

I really like the gameplay, with some work it can become a cool full game 

it's funny! I can see the QWOP similarities!

I lol'ed at the sushi picture at the end ^^

But the game seems a bit unfair, it's really really hard to avoid everything

Nice creative game, I liked it! But you should really lock the mouse in the screen for people having multiple monitors it's annoying right now.

This looks sooo clean!

Scabbarding a scabbard with a sword is indeed, a great feeling.

It was nice knowing you, thanks. They are now near your door for their next dinner.

The game controls very well and combats are quite fun! It's too bad the game feels very unfinished on multiple aspects :/ 

The game looks really great! But there is no depth in the gameplay so the same jump/backing strategy can be applied to every boss so it was a bit disappointing in that regard.

The game is a good start, but the character being way too fast is a huge problem for platforming, especially on the water boss :/


How can one build a big weapon while fighting a boss? :s