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Just watched gameplay of this on a stream! I think this game is really great! Visuals are cute and simple yet effective!

Mechanics are also simple but are built around really great puzzles and level design. It's super impressive how many clever levels you cranked out for this.

Only criticism I really have is that some parts of the game rely on very precise positioning as opposed to usage of the powers in a puzzle-solving order. I think these are the weakest parts of the game and could definitely have been made more forgiving and still gotten the point across while being much more fun to go through rather than frustrating.

In the end though I'm super impressed and love what you've made here, especially by yourself!

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Thanks for the comment! We can definitely fix the camera around a little bit. We actually did have materials for the models with missing ones while in the editor, but after building our game they had vanished. This was literally near the end of the jam so we had no time at all to remedy and find out what had gone wrong.

As for the boss, the collision on him is a little bit weird but again it was something we weren't able to fully iron out within the 48 hours.

Thank you for the feedback! We did actually have tons more interesting ideas on how to execute the mechanic, but unfortunately time constraints caused us not to be able to display that to its fullest potential through our current level. We'll definitely take some time to make a level better of expressing the mechanics later on!

I like the idea of Rockets for platforms, I think it's an idea with tons of potential. I think the game definitely could benefit from making the rocket platforms easier to jump on though. The ones right now are really tiny.

Good take on the dual purpose theme though!

Thank you for the kind words! The hits on enemies lacking impact is definitely something that could be fixed, but with this being a 48 hour game jam, fine-tuning that is easily classified as a luxury addition we did not have the time for.

Yeah, I only just noticed that you were Hive Steven from the stream haha. Anyways thank you so much for following our progress throughout this game jam. Your support is very much appreciated :D

Thank you very much (I am Yun-Shou Cheng). We couldn't completely finish our game in time unfortunately, but it was a enjoyable experience nevertheless!