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Finished the whole game! There can be a lot of great puzzle ideas that come out of this with two halves of the robot being very different. I like that the robots aren't just different in movement but other interactions too! The fact that they can merge and separate also adds int a lot of nuance to the puzzles. Good job!

I think the polish could use some work such as the look and sound of the game but otherwise this is a really solid entry gameplay wise!

Presentation in this game is top notch! I usually don't like games where the theme boils down to "NPCs going out of control" but I felt that this one really made it feel like it fit! Tons of fun to play.

Kudos to Mao the cat!

This game's concept is super cool and I think its execution here is done really well! The cat and duck duo has a ton of potential and could probably be expanded endlessly with new supporting mechanics and puzzles

Fun game! The concept is super simple but the presentation and controls elevate it much higher than its humble roots. The gameplay could use a lot more variety I feel since as of right now you can just kite the enemies around all day and get points that way.

Trippy game look! Unfortunately I don't think the control scheme was something I could ever get used to even after several tries. Kept dashing into the enemies haha

Really cool presentation! I do think that this implementation of the theme means that if you never get hit the theme will never manifest itself and that when you do it can quickly make the player very helpless.

I also think that the game feels very passive as of now. More active abilities could spice it up a lot and make it much more fun!

Really silly game! I was literally laughing almost the entire way through at some of the presentation and the absurdity of what was happening.

I think the WASD and mouse shooting controls felt a bit weird considering the genie always shot where he was facing when I've been so heavily conditioned by a lot of other similar games to expect Mouse = shoot to shoot where the mouse is hovering. 

I also think the genie could use some more varied forms that did more drastically different things but that might've been too much for a game jam!

The concept for this game is really good! Moving platforms around and trying to rig it so that the tank does what you want has a lot of potential!

Game definitely does need more polish though, such as sound and effect for feedback. It can also get somewhat tedious failing some of the longer levels and needing to retread through most of it again.

Really simple concept but super solid execution! The game is really stylistic and really satisfying to play and watch unfold! Only thing I would really recommend is to maybe tweak the movement of the player's regular state a bit more to make it a bit more satisfying to move around and attack because as of now it is slightly sluggish.

Thank you for the feedback! The platforming definitely does have some aspects that we can tighten up. As for the projectiles, they are normally faster than the player but I've noticed on certain people on lower specs and lower framerates have been experiencing slower bullets so it probably has something to do with the framerate and is definitely something we can look into.

Thanks for the feedback! I know that the quick respawn would be something players would want so Quick Restart is not disabled during the booing or laughing. If the player wants to they can instantly hop past all the flashy sound effects by hitting quick restart and instantly try again without waiting.

The game's theme of trying to keep your teammates under control is really neat! It's good potential for a great game and also very thematically sound.

I wish there were more profound effects to losing control of your teammates as well as the various options that were available to control them. For example after I beat the game I don't think RAGE was ever an option that needed to be practically used. Would've been cool to integrate in more consequences and effects for the various commands!

Presentation is really wacky! It's sometimes equally silly and mildly frustrating to watch all of the food fight with each other on the mouth and all go bouncing out, mostly the former though!

At first however I saw some things which were clearly not food and thought I wasn't supposed to eat them.

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The concept for this game is super cool! You really need to think about how to approach the levels because missteps don't just mean enemies fire at you, it means anything they do will have everlasting consequences that will most likely get you killed. Very challenging game that I would think of as basically a puzzle game! Timer is also really nice to motivate me to act instead of shoot a single bullet and wait for it to clear all the enemies out slowly.

Really cool idea! The fact that there are certain panels that turn by themselves means you have to put in some extra effort to make it go smoothly which is nice. I do wish there were more mechanics to add more depth since it got a bit samey after a while and the game also becomes mostly hands off once you're able to plot out a straightforward path from a couple spawn points to the heart.

Very good idea and take on the theme! I really like how the jammers are double edged swords that can affect your obstacles and you yourself. I think the levels in the game are fine as is but there is definitely a lot of potential to go even crazier with them and make some really intense puzzles or platforming bits!

Really great fun! Watching all of the ridiculous combinations that can accidentally pop up and your date's reaction to them is priceless.

Very charming presentation! The uncontrollable sneezing of the flamingo also is a very charming implementation of the theme.

I don't know if I was missing something though but when I got to the second half of the shop, all the furniture was so tightly packed that there was no way I could make it through without breaking something.

I think the idea of Gods affecting the arena is an idea with potential. I think what the game needs most right now is variety. A very long time can pass in the game without new elements being introduced or something to shake up the gameplay from being "kite enemies around until you kill them".

Good luck with further development!

Lasted an alright amount of time I suppose!

Game has an insane amount of content and variations on the simple sandwich formula so it never got boring and kept being fresh. Good job!

This game's concept and art style look really good! Needing to balance speed and jumping power without going too overboard is a neat idea.

Although I will say that for this sort of concept to work the platforming controls absolutely needs to be pinpoint because of how fast and slippery you can potentially be. In some parts of the game I personally found that I was too slippery at intended rage levels and it resulted in frustration from me.

If you can fine tune that issue though I can see a lot of potential for this game!

Really great presentation and puzzle concept! I had to seriously think about a lot of these in a good way and it was very satisfying to watch my robot walk across the level in the correct formula.

I do wish there was a fast forward button for the robot's movements because when you get stuck on a certain portion of the level it can be tedious to watch the robot slowly walk across the part you already know how to solve very slowly every time you die.

Also happy birthday haru! (You get one guess as to who sent me)


Decent amount of strategy involved in this game in when to use certain cards and what sort of cards you should keep handy for certain circumstances. Also can't hold onto them for too long because they'll end up clogging your hand.

I do wish that the game went by a bit faster though since it can get tedious waiting for the game to cycle through every turn waiting for things to happen and only move forward a single square at a time without items.

I also ran into the bug that made me fall through the floor into the river on my first run so on the next one I made sure to bring big rockets to jump every river gap early to not accidentally die to the bug again :(

Really sweet game with a great concept that could definitely grow into something a lot greater because as of now it's very short. The idea of swapping powers and losing them yourself opens up an infinite amount of possibilities for levels and puzzles.

Really cool gameplay! Running around and manipulating the guards with a limited amount of "control" makes for a very neat puzzle game. Game is pleasant to look at too!

One suggestion I do have though is potentially some form of icon for what guards have items on them and which items those are. As of now it can be tedious to go over every guard to do an inventory count on them.

I think the idea of the game has good base but it could use some work. For example a timer or some indication that the keys were about to change would prevent the player from committing to a important jump or movement only to have their input taken away from them without warning.

Also I think the combination of keys that the slime has its movement change to should be created in more intuitive combinations since pressing keys in combinations which are seemingly randomly scattered across the keyboard is not something I personally enjoy.

Lastly I wish there were some indicator on the map that let you know if you were headed in the right direction or where in the world you were. The game world seemingly sprawls in several directions and with most of it looking the same it can be very easy to not know where I am and if I'm on my way to the exit.

Good luck for the future!

Game has a cute look! However I think there can be some tweaks to the gameplay and balance. I think the formula changes too quickly, especially since the camera is really zoomed in and the ingredients constantly change, so you're going to be running around the map a lot hoping for the best and to come across something you can use.

Maybe having the camera zoomed out but having sort other sort of mechanic counteract that would give more power to the player over where they choose to go but also not make it too easy?

Really good game and take on the theme! I find the idea of the out of control being an incompetent pilot that you need to help cover for really nice. The presentation in the game is really good and I like how the game ramps up by eventually having enemies shoot their own bullets which you can also grab

The look of the game is really good and gives a nice feel to the simple gameplay. Gameplay does begin to get repetitive after a while without anything to shake it up however so extra additions would've definitely been very welcome!

The ruleset for this puzzle game make it really difficult since there's a lot of factors to consider such as generations and the amount of resulting neighbors! Probably too difficult for someone like me because I couldn't get further than several puzzles before I felt unbelievably stuck.

That's not a bad thing though! This game definitely has a lot of appeal to people who would love to really think all the way about how a certain combination can lead them to the answer.

Really reminds me of 2048. I really like that you added in both a challenge mode and zen mode. Can just watch the city grow on its own for funsies in zen mode while actually trying hard in challenge mode. I only tried playing Zen mode first but probably like challenge mode was meant to be played but I can just tell from that alone that challenge mode is definitely going to get really hectic!

It's a very short and simple game and the narrative choice that ties into the theme is a nice little touch, Presentation and overall gameplay I feel like could definitely be expanded upon to be a lot more interesting!

Trying to keep the sheep from getting eaten is a fun concept! At the start it's as simple as locking up the wolf but as time goes on you need to adapt as that tends to gradually lose effectiveness. I do think that the wolves are a tad slippery thought so it could get really difficult.

Managed to find my wife at the end! Was a good trip going along the whole game trying to figure out what those two options meant. Definitely feel like the concept can be expanded to be a lot more ridiculous if you are looking to post-jam.

Simple game as of now but I personally think the art despite being simple is presented in a way that makes it feel really strong! Especially in the later stages of the game when the black ship (I think that's what it is?) shows up I can see potential for even wackier and interesting things to happen

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Really fun game to play and gets quite hectic at the end! I love how button mashing to kill the virus also clogs up your type bar so you need to account for that when killing them as well

Really fun game and great presentation too! It's pretty silly watching some of your zombies just go off on your own and very possibly varying between doing well for themselves or getting them killed. I don't know if there was some sort of intentional failsafe coded in but I appreciate that the self-wandering zombies never got my "whole" horde killed.

Cool game concept and the game is really pleasant to look at and the sound is great too! I wish there was a bit more depth to the mechanics since as far as I understand while there is a lower/higher chance based on a person's score value, it ultimately still comes down to RNG. If there was more to this control process or if your crew of people did something somehow the game would be a lot more interesting!

Super amazing idea! The control scheme is really complicated but really rewarding to eventually learn and get right. The game eventually got way too hard for me though so I wasn't able to finish it all the way through but this is a really good entry for the idea and presentation alone nevertheless!

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I think the idea of the game is one that can be expanded upon to be interesting! There could be a lot of interesting things and mechanics that ties into losing control of the player for several seconds and what the player can do during that timeframe. 

The presentation of the game as is now can be improved a lot. I think there could be more clear instructions within the game itself on what to do and what each player state means, such as losing control or dying.