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I think this is a cool idea but there are a lot of things about the execution that perhaps may need fundamental fixing since the controls end up being very chaotic and difficult to control.

Very neat take on the theme and I think the game would be a lot better with some more polish put into it :D

Cool concept but a tad bit repetitive as others have said. I think there are a lot of places this base could be taken if it were to be fleshed out!

I think the idea of the game is quite nice, but overall it could definitely use some more polish. As others have said the hit boxes are brutal when steering and while I really wanted to finish the game it was too difficult for me and I had to gave up after many attempts on one of the levels.

With some more polish and balancing I think this game could really go somewhere though!

Wacky game! It's super fun to run around and drop stuff on the robots randomly and just watch the mayhem ensue! Didn't get very far unfortunately due to lack of checkpoints sadly. Still a very enjoyable experience!

Thank you for the praise! Skipable dialogue is probably our most frequently suggested fixes for the game and in hindsight it would've been a super nice thing to have but we didn't have enough time to add it in as evidenced by the 7 minutes to deadline submission time haha.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I think it would've been interesting to make it so that some traps were stationary and require luring of the enemies but I think it was a combination of two reasons that we decided not to do it: 

1. More advanced enemy AI which would've needed more time to perfect. The enemies in the game currently only patrol a set path and only stop to shoot the player when they have line of sight. Once they lose sight of the player, they resume their typical path.

2. It would've required a very clear distinction as to which traps could or couldn't be removed which I felt could become really confusing, especially for such a short game.

I definitely do think that there is potentially a lot of stuff to be done if we had the time to flesh the game out. Again, glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the feedback! The tutorial stopping your movement was a result of the tutorial being hastily put together in the final hours of the jam. Since the tutorials triggers are trigger area based, we had discovered that if the player runs too quickly they could potentially trigger multiples of them too quickly and have all of the tutorial skipped over as the old one overlapped the new one. Stopping the movement wasn't an elegant solution, but given the time constraint it was the best we had when compared to the alternative of the player accidentally skipping over the whole tutorial and not knowing what to do.

And yes I agree that the boss's combat may have ended up too tedious and it is personally one of my bigger regrets of the game. Unfortunately like many other aspects of the game we had no time to re-balance and tweak it to a better state.

Thank you for the kind words! We had a lot of fun making the boss as well so it's really great that you found him so entertaining.

Glad that you enjoyed the game so much!

Thank you for the kind words! And sure! I will add your game to my list and be sure to try it out.

Thank you for the detailed comment! The separation of on and off switches was a conscious design decision because we thought that it would be too overpowered and/or uninteresting if the player was able to set up the traps and then easily sit next to a switch which had both on and off abilities. I think this is definitely something that could could circumvented with trap and level design that wouldn't have made such tactics too strong.

And yes I agree about more trap variety! I think that if we had time that adding more varied traps would've boosted up the game a ton and added a ton of depth to the game. But alas a 48 hour time limit was very limiting and it was already a miracle that we released what we have now in such a complete state before the deadline.

Thank you again for the feedback!

Really happy to hear that you think so of our game!

Thanks for the comment! The tutorial was added in at the last few hours of the jam. As time was quickly running out we had to opt to hammer the point across to the player as seen in the game via the very easy input-freezing dialogue as opposed to doing it in a potentially more elegant way.

Very fun and charming game. It was a lot of fun figuring out how to use the different tools at your disposal to clear a level. With a little more polish such as sound, animations, and feedback this could potentially be a masterpiece!

Also who can say no to pink rocket llamas?

This is probably my top game from the game jam. Just everything is done so well. Gameplay feel, aesthetic, polish, difficulty curve, and more! I love how you're even able to "parry" charging enemies and kill them that way! There's not an awful lot more to say because all in all this was a spectacular game to play.

Cool aesthetic and execution! The split second decision making that happens when enemies become involved make this a lot of fun to play and I don't think it ever becomes too difficult!

Amazing game and amazing polish! And a ton of content too! I think this is one of my favorite games in the jam so far and it's absolutely incredible how much you have done. I would've been perfectly content if the game had ended at the first level but then it kept going further and beyond! Easily a personal contender for best game for me.

I really like this game's aesthetic and how it ties abilities to each of the player character's "forms"! Only gripe is that there was only one level, I really would've liked to see more uses of the mechanic!

It was a pretty unique experience deciding between potentially offending the dragon or seducing it haha. I would've liked to see some sort of feedback in the game or some sort of hint that potentially let me know how I was doing.

A short and sweet game! I really like the large amount of varied enemies that were in the game as well as the general aesthetic. Once I worked out the best way to play with the mechanics I ended up playing for a good 10 minutes! I think if the game was more polished then it would be even better to play! But with a time limit of 48 hours I would say this is a very solid entry!

A game with a very neat concept! I think the difficulty was on the higher side and the lack of a checkpoint system made it a bit frustrating to play through in its entirety. I do definitely think if these issues were ironed out and the difficulty made a bit more forgiving that the execution of this would've been incredibly top notch! Regardless this is a clever use of the theme that I found interesting to play through!

This game was a ton of goofy fun! There are a ton of visual bugs in that items don't seem to want to behave and stick to your hand properly.

Lobbing stuff at enemies over and over (Including themselves!) was a blast to do. The facial expressions only served to ramp up the ridiculousness even more! :D

I'm a huge fan of Stacraft so I really like the twist you've put on it here! The graphics are obviously minimalistic but I don't feel that it takes away from the game at all.

I was sadly unable to finish it because it got a bit too difficult for me at the later levels, but the sheer idea of the game alone brought me a lot of enjoyment!

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Yeah I would've liked to put more into the title catchphrase but it's meant to be a really short sentence and explaining the game any longer would result in the sentence being cut off on the submissions page. I may go rethink it a small bit though.

A more detailed breakdown is on the game page itself!

Thanks for the response! Our initial thought process for the theme was that we wanted to create a dungeon crawler that used traps as the main means of combat instead of offensive abilities that originated directly from the player.

Thank you for the response! Don't worry, you're not the only one who has reported performance issues. It might be potentially more demanding on lower end machines and we were unable to even realize that it would cause a problem since all members of our team were on medium to high range computer hardware.

We're really happy that you liked it so much! Thank you very much for the praise!

Hi, thank you very much for the praise! Our artist is incredibly happy that so many people love his artwork so much!. Skippable dialogue as many others have brought up (With we ourselves also agreeing that it would be great) is definitely something we realized in hindsight would be a very welcome addition to the game but unfortunately did not have the time to implement or realize its benefit.

As for the theme, our thought process was that we wanted to create a dungeon crawler game that didn't have the usual combat which originated from the player and instead needed to use environmental traps to do the killing instead.

Use the following link for a .zip version of the game if you are unable to use .rar files!

Solid Dungeon Crawler .zip file

Use the following link for a .zip version of the game if you are unable to use .rar files!

Solid Dungeon Crawler .zip file

Neat concept! It did take me a bit before I realized how exactly my attacks were changing and that I could know what they were beforehand and plan for it a bit.

Gameplay does feel a bit rough as another user said in that you move super fast and there feels to be almost no weight behind your jumps/movement at all.

I think it would be super cool if you were able to flesh out the mechanic of constantly changing weapons some more by creating more unique circumstances which are hard countered by certain loadouts. That feels like it could potentially be super satisfying to play!

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Thank you for trying out our game! We worked really hard on this game and it's awesome to hear that you were impressed so much by it!

I also did go back to watch the VOD of your playthrough of the game on Twitch. I was regrettably unable to join in during the stream itself since mobile Twitch was acting up, but it was still great to see you try it out with such high praise to go along with it!

And yeah, in hindsight the ability to skip dialogue would've definitely been a welcome bonus addition to have in the game. It was mostly not in there due to a combination of time and it actually never crossing our minds that someone would replay it enough times for it to be a significant quality-of-life feature haha.

Thanks! Being able to anticipate where enemies will go and being able to kill as many as possible with a single switch press is definitely a source of satisfaction we were trying to go for!

Thanks for the response! There were indeed some areas of the game that I think we could've definitely improved on such as level design and how the final boss fight went, but time constraints unfortunately prevented us from polishing those as much as we would have liked.

Yep! We were going for the ridiculousness of having Solid Snake inside a dungeon with skeletons in it along with a matching pixel art style. Glad to hear that you liked it!

Thanks for the compliments Zulhuky!

Thank you for the compliments! Yeah, some players have reported something similar about the levers too and I think it may be a bug that we hadn't caught for fire traps which were activated when off-screen.

Thanks! Glad you think so!

Thank you! That is very much what the style we were going when doing this sort of pixel art.

Thank you for the praise!