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Can you share what sort of hardware your computer has and what operating system it is on? Just to ensure if it's not the simple case of it not being supported by our game.

Thanks for the comment, was really happy with how the music turned out too.

The drop shadow is a good pint actually and something that didn't even occur to us at all to be something to add.

The blue platforms being jittery is an unfortunate side effect that after some post-jam research happens when you use the "easiest" method for moving platforms such as this one in Unreal Engine 4. Since it didn't affect the playability of the game too much I didn't dedicate time to fixing it.

Thank you for the comment! The Q and E movement speed is definitely something that could use some tweaking, too little speed and the player spends forever waiting and too long the player has trouble lining things up. Potentially there would be some way for the player to choose their own speed maybe!

Thank you for the comment! Yeah the star system was mostly tacked on at the very start since we thought it could potentially add a bit of optional challenge if it turned out to be a more speedy game as opposed to a puzzle game. The end result was more of the latter but we left it in anyways just to have it be an optional thing players could strive towards on replay if they so wanted.

Thank you for the comment! More levels was definitely within our initial plans to really make the mechanic shine but we ran out of time for extra interesting ones unfortunately.

The blue platforms being jittery is an unfortunate side effect that after some post-jam research happens when you use the "easiest" method for moving platforms such as this one. Since it didn't affect the playability of the game too much I didn't dedicate time to fixing it.

Fun and original concept! It's really engaging figuring out how to get the ball to the exit, even if it is usually fairly straightforward.

I do wish some of the things in the game were communicated for clearly. Such as the wooden panel being movable, the intention being that the red magnet should come out of the box, not making certain walls on the bottom of the first level completely transparent since it's hard to tell that they aren't.

Moving the magnet around the corners also feels janky and definitely slows the game down considerably gameplay-wise

Awesome and solid game! I think it fits the theme super well and is very straightforward and intuitive to play while still being engaging in a way that very well fits the jam.  Both puzzles and resource management (One mage fights while other supports) are achieved in this game.

Art looks great too!

Gin has returned for a 3rd outing and so have I!

Fairly standard shooty game but a nice twist in that when the cart goes off you should probably go get it back before you lose all your waffles! The only real motivator for that are the waffles/points, but in the context of this game that's more than enough.

As others have mentioned sadly there wasn't any sound/music. Also wish there was some more enemy variety but of course with a limited time game jam such as this can't have everything.

And as always with the Gin games the art is great! Always love watching Gin on her journey for waffles!

Awesome game! Really smooth difficulty curve to ease you into things to not be overwhelming. Game is almost like programming in a way in how you need to think about the solutions. The answers are not hidden things you need to think about and realize, it's just a matter of piecing it together.

Finished the entire thing! I think that was a really really solid entry. I don't think there was a lot wrong with it that stood out like a sore thumb. The implementation of the theme was rock solid and played really well too! Controls were never annoying and always let me feel like I was in control. Kudos to this one!

Only real problem is that some of the levels seem to have very similar solutions between one another but that's definitely a more minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks for the feedback!

The shakiness is definitely something we took notice of during the jam but I could already tell with how it was set up it would take a stupid amount of time to fix and it wasn't worth it. It was visual only and didn't affect gameplay so we opted to leave it in as a low priority problem haha

Made it to level 3 before getting hopelessly stuck. I think the concept of the game is super strong although in my opinion it would shine more in something like a 2d side scroller where you can very visibly and clearly see the area and velocity all around the player. In 3d space with the extra dimension of flying around and so quickly it can be incredibly difficult to see and estimate where exactly you are attempting to fly to.

Game has really great character animation!

However I think this sort of game concept is the sort of thing that sounds really good on paper but requires a lot of changing around to function well. It's really awkward to control both characters well and it makes for a really clunky experience.

Pretty straightforward experience! Unfortunate that besides absorbing everything and gradually getting bigger and bigger there doesn't feel to be much additional feeling of purpose to the game. Having some other task or challenge added to the game would definitely liven it up!

Cool game! A lot of potential for mechanical depth here with all of the various tools and differences in states at your disposal. Unfortunately as others have said the gun doesn't work properly (I can see the bullet always flying off to the right) so that was one tool unfortunately lost use of. Sometimes punching the enemies into walls can also bounce them forwards again right into you killing you instantly which would be a surprise death out of nowhere.

I think the look of the game is really strong but the controls definitely could be tighter. Even if it was in the name of the theme I think tying movement and the grapple together, at least in its current state makes the game tremendously frustrating to control. Not having the grapple aim be on something quick and snappy to control like the actual mouse movement as well makes split second adjustments very hard to make.

Finished the whole game! I think the idea of the game is really solid but it can definitely use a ton of polishing up. Movement of the player can very easily get stuck on walls and blocks and you need to poke the blocks to get into the hole exactly how you want them to because sometimes they don't sit in a location that lets you cross the hole readily.

Really satisfying based concept here! Shooting the ball around to have what you want happen can be really gratifying. I do think it could be tidied up somewhat however. It can feel tedious waiting to line up an intended shot especially since the magnets only turn in a single direction and doubly so when you narrowly miss because you're only able to rely on eye-balling to figure out where the player ball will fly towards.

Game takes a bit getting used to but once it does there is genuinely a lot of thought that can go into solving the puzzles without dying. The core game is absolutely solid in that regard!

I do think that the universal HP system is kind of unnecessary as opposed to simply restarting the level you're on and this is exemplified by the fact that to restart you need to reboot the game. This makes trying again take more effort than it feels needed.

Started off very straightforward but quickly gets very hectic and requires lot more precision to pull off the levels. The bridge dragging seems to have tendencies to get mildly stuck when trying to go through terrain and the lost half second can sometimes be costly.

I think the platforming aspect of the game in of itself controls fine. The left and right thing sounds like a cool concept on paper but the jump was the only really useful part of the two and I often found myself trying to circumvent  the left/right jumping differences by "activating" the left side's higher jump by moving a slight bit to the left before performing a jump. I think the base concept is something that could definitely benefit from more looking into!

Finished all six levels! That was fun to go through, the games were never too difficult so I could turn my attention to each separate one before focusing the majority of my attention on the next.

I think in an ideal world the games could be a bit more involved to require a greater deal of multi-tasking but that's a very fine line to tread between being overload and being extra fun.For now I think this is fine as is!

Was very necessary to stop and think on what to do which is very impressive for a jam game. Really fun time playing this one. I see it mentioned below and am sure you know about it but a preview to see better where the boxes would've switched to would've been very welcome.

The energy I think was a fine addition since without it there could be a lot of brute forcing and hosing around to get to the exit without much thought.

Thanks for the feedback, we definitely wanted to expand upon the mechanics more with more levels but ran out of time to do so. The three levels that are currently in the game were actually intended to be tutorial levels that you ease you in before really going crazy haha.

A bit of the vision that we originally intended can be seen in the final level where the synchronized platforms work against you in winning the level and you have to manipulate them in order for what you actually want to happen to occur.

While I think the controls do make sense and so do the physics in a way, I think the game is very frustrating to control at times in that you can get thrown around a lot and the uncontrolled twin can do all sorts of weird things to you.

The two twins doing different things is a cool concept though and something worth building upon!

Damn molecues out of control AHHHH

Cool concept! Game can get very punishing if you screw up though, everything just starts barreling out of control as your molecule grows bigger and bigger.

I think this is a really great entry, difficulty curve was really smooth which is more than can be said of most jam games, eased me well into the game slowly getting harder and harder, style of the game is also real unique!

Finished it! My honest opinion was that it felt like a pretty small scale VN, people got i, got out, found out a plot twist and that was the end. It was so short that it didn't really stick to me too much. Which is especially damning for a VN because they live and die by their ability to grab the reader.

I do think that the art is actually fine though! It's simple but it definitely gets its point across fine and is no real point of disdain from me

This is a very novel concept for the theme although I think it would've been better suited for a different kind of game. With this much enemies and this much speed in the game, limiting the player's resources can be frustrating at times. Doubly so when the enemies themselves can add to the amount of limited resources already imposed on you

I think this definitely would've been better suited for a slow paced or even turn based puzzle game where you had time to contemplate how your resources would've been used up.

Game can be a bit hard to control and it took me a while to realize that W goes in the direction that your mouse is pointing! Game is a blast to play in a power fantasy sort of way even if it's not very deep. Just casually suck up every ship in your vicinity and unleash hell upon everything

Game is hella chaotic and the "backstory" of the game is great! Gameplay is all over the place though and can be difficult to manage everything. This is made even more difficult by how finnicky the hammer can control at times and how hard it can be to hammer in a nail you want to.

Super fun game and easy to understand! Lots of strategy depth in how the enemy pieces move and how you become whatever you kill. There is a ton of RNG involved though and sometimes you can be screwed if the enemies decide to move in ways which box you in.

The idea not shooting a balloon and it being your lifeline is a really cool concept that I think could be really expanded upon. Unfortunately I think it's a really repetitive loop unfortunately. Upgrades are really expensive and take a long time to get.

Thank you for the feedback, we did try our best to tidy up the 3d platforming controls and that sort of thing definitely could use a lot of time perfecting, unfortunately we were on limited time so "acceptable" was where we had to call it good enough for now.

As for block colors we did actually make blocks different color to discern their purpose. Green is static, blue moves with your power, brown blocks are mechanism activated etc. If we had more time though it definitely may have benefited us to more explicitly point this out.

The power plug sprite is also something I personality agonized over a lot to see how exactly to show that fire would equal power for it haha.

More levels definitely would've been awesome but unfortunately we ran out of time so we instead opted to hella polish the few levels we did have as well as possible. If we do a post jam version though you can expect to see the concept much more realized with more levels!

Thanks! I'm real happy with how the game looks as well

Thank you for the kind words! If the jumping sound is your only critique then I'd definitely call that a win haha

Thank you for saying so!

I finished the entire thing with exactly 250 deaths! All 20 levels!

I think the mechanic is very well realized and there's a lot of things that can be done with it. Lots of different enemy types for a jam and the change in speed and jumping power for the character depending on if you have your friend held or not.

I think one of the major weaknesses of the game is how long re-attempts take because of how slow you can be. There's also the fact that menial events such as climbing ledges can be lethal and/or run ending.

Really like the core concept of this game! There's a lot of things that can happen out of this. Such as when I discovered how to properly juggle the ball in order to infinitely jump.

I think the feeling of the platforming and physics could've been tighter. The jumping can feel floaty at times and the ball feels very heavy. Thankfully the game doesn't actually end you when you fail something so this thankfully doesn't end up impeding progress too strongly. Definitely still something I would've liked to see improved nonetheless!