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Laurie Hardman

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thanks for the feed back ! 

A reset button is top of our Todo list but it was our first game and there are lots of variables to reset.

I have uploaded a version which is easyer to balance if you would like to try that  

Thanks for the feed back! the balance and sign posting is something we deffo need to work on for our next version 

Thanks for the feed back :)

Thank you, you can only have on instance of logging/fishing at the moment, maybe that is something we need to look into 

Thanks :)

Also for mark, the main duel perpous action is using waves and fires to turn stop fishing and logging. The waves and fire has applications of there own.

I think this one is just better all round in retrospect.

Also worth noting this game was partially built around working on mobile devices 

This version is a little bit to hard, this one is a bit more do able

If this seems a bit harsh I have uploaded an easy mode at

should be working now