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Levi Moore

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I am actually working on some prototypes for what you just said. I don't know how it will end yet, but maybe there will be more Dongle Hell sometime in the future.

Thank you so much for playing!

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I may be working on some more. I am still prototyping, so who knows what will come of it.,

Thanks for the nice 10/10 :)

It is good to hear that you liked my game :)

Thanks for playing and for your nice comment :)

The best game in GMTK2021! wow. Thank you so much that is very nice of you to say :D

Thanks for playing and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the game :D

I wanted to have it a little wonky to increase the awkwardness, but it is a hard line to walk. Glad you enjoyed it anyway :)

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Glad to hear you found it fun :D

Thanks. Glad to hear that :)

Glad to hear you felt the pressure :)

I hope so

I was brainstorming ideas and looked at the charging cable for my new phone and thought to myself "how nice that all my devices now use USB C.... but what if they didn't!" From there I just prototyped some gameplay until it felt right.

Glad to hear you enjoyed my game :D

Glad you liked my game :) I will check yours tomorrow.

Sorry to hear that xD

Thanks for your nice comment and feedback. A timer and people getting angry/lounder would be fun additions to the game

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Thanks for playing and your comment :)

Glad to hear that you liked my game. I have tried to make my games more responsive and with better feedback for some time now, so great that you notice it :)

PTDD oh no XD

I liked the pixel art style. Good work.

Love how much you were able to do with only black, white, red. Nice use of a simple art style. It is a good game mechanic and I enjoyed playing.

Simple but very well executed game. Clever use of color and patterns. That got me a couple of times. Keep up the good work.

Cute game and cute art style. I would play it if you added some more things and released it on phone. Touch controls would fit nicely I think,

A surprisingly relaxing game with a nice art style :)

I always enjoy a good physic based game. It was fun to see how I messed up everything in the office at the end. Some sound effects would do a lot for the presentation. Thanks for submitting your game so I could play it.

Nice art. I was not able to play all of it because I got stuck, but what I played was still enjoyable.

Good presentation. The art style is very clean and pleasant to look at.

Nice game. Was not able to complete all of it because I am not smart enough :p but I still enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Great game. I enjoyed it a lot :)

15/15 from me. That was a fun and clever game. Like the art style also. Great job.

Thanks! Glad to hear you liked the game :) I have had a lot of fun watching people play it on streams.


wow, another Levi! Glad that you had fun playing and liked the game that much :D

Thanks for your nice comment and for playing :D

Glad to hear that you found the game funny and likes how it fits the theme. I actually wanted to have a little pop up over the dongle showing how to disconnect, but ran out of time :)

Glad to hear you liked it :D

3x5 that is so nice of you, thanks! Glad to hear that you liked the art style and how it fits the theme. It is always a risk making a funny game so I am also glad that you found it a good joke :)

Thanks for the nice comment. I was honestly a little nervous that the ending would fall flat, so I am glad to hear you liked it.