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Levi Moore

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Love the cute hand-drawn art style. This is among my top games in this jam for sure. Not much else to say. Great game. I hope you do well in the rankings.

Great art and very cute dice <3 I enjoyed your game very much :) In presentation, this game could be high up there.

Awesome game. It felt really good when things got crazy with a lot of enemies and powerful attacks. You did great and keep up the good work

Very impressed that you created the vast majority of the art during the jam. It is a well-presented game, and I am impressed that you made it all in 48 hours. Congrats :)

The art style might not be for everyone, but I enjoyed the retro look and feel and the whole presentation. Keep up the great work :D

Congrats on your submission. It reminds me of some good old flash games! It was a little hard to throw the dice in the beginning, but after some time I got the hang of it, and it was a very enjoyable game :)

Great idea! Love how you reveal the gravity mechanic text while walking around instead of just showing it to begin with. Some very nice puzzle design. Keep up the great work :D

Thanks for your nice comment and great feedback. The arrow hitboxes could be smaller for sure :)

That is very kind of you to say! Thank you very much, so glad you like it :D

Fun mechanic. I think this might be interesting for you to work some more on after the jam. It could be a nice small premium phone game. Keep up the great work and congrats on your submission :)

Super art style! The gameplay felt great, and the art made it all better. Very enjoyable. Congrats on your submission :)

Great game :D At first thought, the mix of dice and Tetris seemed a little weird, but it was very well executed. Very enjoyable. Keep up the great work and congrats on your submission :)

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A simple art style and idea, but made very well. The gameplay feels great! It was very fun to play. Great work, keep it up :)

Took me a little while to get it, but found it enjoyable rewatching and making small changes to roll the current par. I also like the name, very funny :) Congrats on your submission!

Congrats on your submission :) Nice atmosphere and even with some small bugs it was still very enjoyable :)

Awesome art style! Love that it was made by two brothers. I thought it would be easy, but man was it hard. I might not be as good at puzzle games as I thought xD Congrats on your submission :)

Congrats on your submission :) Awesome that you made this in 48 hours. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to play, but after that it was enjoyable :)

It is a nice game you made. I appreciate the small tutorial in the beginning. A lot of jam games forget that part. Congrats on your submission :)

Thank you! I am glad you like my game :D Congrats on your own submission.

Thanks for playing and I am glad to hear you enjoyed my game :) I may not have made all the art myself, but you might like to know that I did modify some of it. Thinks like audio mixing and editing meshes so they could be animated. I also did a lot of the animations like the arrows flying in the first level :) Regards to how dice can shoot a cannon. Never question a d20, just believe xD

Glad to hear you enjoyed my game. Thanks for playing :)

Very impressed that you did all this in only 48 hours. That is great. Keep up the good work :)

That was really fun. Love the arcade gameplay. The game feel is super. Flying, then "walking", back flying, and doing rolls felt great. 

Clean and pleasing art style. Feels good to flip the direction of the level when moving. Great audio and presentation. Keep up the good work man!

I love mini golf and work professionally as a developer on a mini golf game. This has that mini golf feel to it, and I like the idea of randomizing the level as you play. That could be an interesting mechanic to work some more on after the jam. Congrats on your submission and keep up the good work.

I am getting angry flashbacks to driving in the city. I hate it and people breaking out of nowhere is one of the reasons. Very relatable. Keep up the good work.

Great art style. It is a shame it does not run WebGL as more people would play it then. Keep up the great work and congrats on your submission :)

At first, I thought it was simple, but man was I wrong. It is way harder than it looks. A cool idea, done very well. Great work.

My favorite game this far. Simple but very well executed idea. This could easily be top 20 I think.

That is one goofy game... I love it! Great job and congratulation on your submission.

I like the art style a lot and was happy to see that you are also making a steam game with the same style. Congratulation on your submission.

Thanks for playing my game and I am glad to hear the donkey thumbnail works :)

Thank you for playing and your nice comment :)

Thank you :) Congratulation on your own submission.

Thank you very much! Your comment makes me very happy. So glad you enjoyed the game.

Glad to hear you love the idea! I hope someone else takes the idea and runs with it. Imagine a Youtube channel with dice adventure videos. I would watch that 100%

Thanks for playing and your comment. I now realize that I scoped the game too big. A couple more levels would indeed have made it better. Maybe I will add some after the jam :)

Thanks for playing my game on stream. The town level was meant as a break before the final stressful level, but it is just a little anti-climatic without the final level.  Glad you liked the bridge level :D

Thank you very much! It is encouraging to read comments like this. I totally forgot about fullscreen, but that would have been nice to have :)

Thanks for your comment :) I spent a good amount of time optimizing the game which was well worth it. The WebGL actually runs better than the Windows version sometimes xD