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Levi Moore

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Sorry to hear that. The answer is toolkit. The creator of the game jam is called Game Makers Toolkit.

Fun game. I think it is a great idea that you have to avoid your own trail. Well done.

A 5/5/5 rating! That is very nice of you. Thanks :)

Best and perfect! Thanks a lot that is very nice of you to say :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback and sorry about the war flashbacks. The plan was to add more mini-games and randomly select which ones to play, but I did not have enough time. I may go back and work some more on the game when voting is done.

Thanks for the nice comment :)

You need to work on showing the player how to play. It felt satisfying getting close to a group of ants and starting a chain reaction of taking them over. Well done and keep up the good work :)
When you play this you may forget that you are on a mac. The art style is an old computer.

Instantly. I am able to guess the main menu but in the game I can't.

Windows 10. Fullscreen did not fix it. I sometimes have problems with my graphic card not working so maybe it is just my computer messing it up.

That is really nice of you to say!

I tried to play your game, but I think something is wrong. The text resolution was so low that I was not able to read it.

Thanks for the nice comment :)

Because of all the positive feedback from the community, I am considering making a longer version.

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Game Makers "xxxxkit"


Thanks :D

Thanks for the nice comment. I was thinking of Wario Ware when idea generating.

I like you!

Thanks :)

Thanks. I just played your game and I like the art style. It is really cool that you are painting while playing. Well done.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks. I designed the game to make the player panic and a little confused so it is awesome to hear that it worked.

I designed the last part to make the player panic at little. Nice to see it worked. I don't want to punish the player for doing something I designed the game to make them do.

Hehe. That was the plan all along! Not really :p

Thanks for the nice rating :)

Thanks :)

I am not sure if it is a new trend but I do see a good amount of games like it in the circles I am in. Maybe it's because I'm studying game development and here they are used a fair amount because they're really good for analyzing game design and how to communicate using games.

I used a good amount of time making the audio as good as I could. Awesome that you like them :)

Thanks. I was thinking of WarioWare when idea generating. Good to hear that it is noticeable.


Thanks for playing it :)

Thanks. That is really nice feedback to get :)

I have played and rated your game. It is fun, well done! Very good idea with you only being able to use the weapons ones.

You have to shoot first and then use the arrow keys to move the arrow. It is not the end of the game there is more after that :)

I was not sure if people would feel pressured, but good to hear that it works


Thank you very much.

WOW! Thanks :D

That is nice to hear, thanks.