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Submitted by Nanto (@Nanto_Dev), JustusK, Object777 — 2 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Dice Gun is a roguelike shooter, where every shot is randomly rolled. Also the player and enemies are dices.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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Awesome game. It felt really good when things got crazy with a lot of enemies and powerful attacks. You did great and keep up the good work


I think i did not get fully how the upgrades work. The art with the music makes me tense lol, and think a big thing is coming up. The slow paced type of the shots contribute to this tenseness of the vibe. This is terrifying, great work


The upgrades strengthen the respective projectiles in either their size, speed, damage or number of projectiles. Glad you like the tense atmosphere. Thank you for playing and giving us feedback.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Awesome graphics but I think there's a room for improvement regarding the music and sound. 

The gameplay is very engaging. Didn't know you can win this game until I did it. I think difficulty was just right, not too easy, not too hard. And yeah, I liked that you have to pick up the coins, it really requires you to go try to clear the stage and go into the crowd.

Also, I liked having two weapons at the same time even though I didn't get it until the third attempt or so.

Great job!


Maybe some sort of Tutorial would be nice? I've added mouse prompts to the UI though. Maybe you don't see them that well because they blend with the UI. Thank you for your feedback and playing our game. I'm glad you liked it.


I think you can make some pop up prompts. Like, when your left weapon runs out, a hint appears saying that the right weapon is also a thing. Having some movement instead of static elements should bring attention to it.


The soundtrack/sound effects are a bit lacking, but damn, I love this game's spritework. The animations are juicy, the lighting is effective, the sprites are well-made. In terms of gameplay, I do like the concept, but some powers do end up vastly more powerful than others at times, and without a way to predict or control what I'm going to get, I'm mostly incentivized to just keep shooting regardless of what weapon I have. So yeah, it might need a couple more passes in terms of design... but I still a lot of fun with this game.

Here's my level when I died:


Thank you, I learned a lot about pixel art animation in this jam, glad you like it. You're right about the music. This is only the second time I've made music for video games, but i learned a lot through feedback. Unfortunately, we've had a very difficult time balancing this game, which is why some weapons are stronger than others. Thank you for your feedback and playing our game.


A nice take on the genre. The circling weapon is my favorite.


This is one of my favourite games that I've played so far in the jam. The mechanics are beautifully simple, but play really nicely into the game, forcing you to adapt to the weapons given. Also, the fact that you have to pick up gold to progress is also a lovely way to encourage players to get into harms way.

My only feedback is likely something you've already thought about and couldn't do because of time, but I think the game would be great with some more enemy variety. But I could genuinely see this becoming a bigger, fuller, game.

In summary: I loved it. Great work. (I even forgot to mention to cute little character and animation)


Thank you for your feedback. There are actually 6 different enemies. However, they only differ in a few parameters. Due to time constraints, I didn't manage to give each enemie a face of their own. The idea was to add a range enemy, but we didn't have the time for that either. Thank you for playing though.


Of course there were other enemies; I'm a fool! There were those nasty dice that came running at me! Also, you're not the only jam entry to to have the scope for a ranged enemy.


Played it to the end! Really fun and satsifying game. Good job :3


Nice rogue like shooter!


Beautifully executed. Good luck with the jam!

(If this game gets a procedurally generated dungeon system It'll get me glued to it for at least two months)


Nice game. Amazing graphics. Please check out my game.


The game reminds me a lot of enter the gungeon great game that was fun to play


Had a lot of fun playing this game! The visual conveyance for the power-ups and shot types was intuitive, and the art is highly polished. 


Soooo fun. Vampire survivor vibes. I like how you incorporated the dice with the attacks.


A fun mechanic and a beautiful art style! Had a lot of fun with this one :)


I loved the game but I feel like the map could bring more then what it does now, however the upgrades are nicely done and the visuals are stunning

Really great game overall!


Great fun! Lovely graphics 😍


Very fun! Would love to see this idea expanded on


this is fun and the visual is great too!

nice game.


The visuals and music are great!


<3 <3  really nice to play 

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