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A love how the key is used for movement and navigation! Great game, adriendittrick!

Love the art and Mario vibes :D Great job all of you!

I like how you incorporated bouncing bullets, self damage and slowmotion in the game! The floaty physics was definitely needed, and even then it was sometimes difficult to get aggro. Aside from that, fun levels and game! Great job!

This is definitely a game I would like to see become a full game! The last level was tricky but left me wanting for more levels :D Great job Mito!

It took me a couple of seconds before I realized I was the red one and the enemies were green :) Other than that you made a very chill puzzle game to play! God job!

I love the art the simplicity of the game! Maybe change the teddy bear to use a capsule collider and lower the friction, anyhow fun game you made!

Nerdy me approves this game! :'D Also oddly relaxing!

Fun game you made! Takes a bit time to get used to not moving when holding space though :) If I would change one thing that would be to make the start platform solid until you move/jump. Otherwise great!

Thank you lookjaklook for your kind words and for playing our game!