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Michael Pan

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Pretty fun!

One small issue, because the background is completely flat, it’s hard to make out where’s player heading at first sight.

Really nice graphic, especially the animation of the dice.

But I feel a little bit boring because I feel there’s not much for me to do.

Nice rogue like shooter!

Interesting take on the theme.

But the game is a bit performance intensive for the web, maybe consider release pc build?

Really cool visual and dice rotation, Congrats!

Interesting mechanic, need a while to master.

Small nitpicking, the font is a little bit hard to read.

Fun idea! And it’s really hard. XD Maybe there’s a way to replenish the slow down?

Really interesting game, and very well executed!! Congrats!

Really interesting gameplay! The feeling that rolling the dice is quite fun.

Pretty fun little game!

Small nitpicking, when main menu say ‘press any key’, I pressed my keyboard and it passed. So I assumed the keyboard can control the paddle, but it can’t. Maybe change it to ‘click any where’ will help?

The animation of rotation is interesting. If the dice can display as last animated face, it’ll be more compelling.

It’s a cool idea that player trying to rotate the dice to match what’s on the ground. However, the dice rotation is a bit weird, and there’s no easy way to make sure.


I will definitely fix that issue after this jam and add more control scheme to the game.

It’s interesting idea. But I feel it’s a little bit easy to win.

Also, you should change the key, player two’s hand would block player’s key. (Z and X)

Nice game.

It’s really scary not able to see where are the bullets.

Although it to me a while to figure out that you can use right click to raise shield. XD

I don’t know how to play this game, I can only use sad to move. 😅

By the way, because the background is pure green and there’s no indication of character direction, I have no idea where am I going.

I successfully run the app, but I encounter a bug after enter a door (seem likes final door?).

Thanks! The movement is an issue though, I will definitely fix it after this. 😅

Fun little game. The art style is really neat!

This is the most interesting mechanic I have seen so far in the jam!

Small nitpicking, maybe add some delay when button been stepped on. I was confused with the situation at first.

Thanks. The movement is broken, but if you want to finish the whole game you can use pause menu to skip the level.

Sorry about that, I didn’t catch this big problem. If you still want to play the level after it, you can skip using pause menu.

Thanks. If you still want to play the level after it, you can skip using pause menu.

Thanks! Sorry about the weird movement, I thought I fixed it. 😅 If you still want to play the level after it, you can skip using pause menu.

Nice game.

Also, welcome to the game jam party!

Really interesting! The level design is really smart.

The movement is too fast compare to the map size, it’s hard to control. Maybe make the stone block the path so there’s a point to destroy it.

Yeah. When the timer reaches 0 you win. I was worried about the difficulty before submitted. XP


Wow really good game! I have no idea how raycast is done in Scratch.

I wish there’s tutorial beforehand. I want to play it but I don’t know how.

Fun mechanic but it’s REALLY hard (or I’m suck). XD

Really cool mechanic. The way that player use the hook to avoid bomb is challenging!

Cool atmosphere. But I stuck at level 4, I reload few times but it’s all the same.

Fun mechanic. Small issue, character movement is a bit funky.

There’s might be a way to host the html file on itch, that way player don’t have to download the file.