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Yees, there was but I noticed the html version was not playing the main theme and was also quite slow to load so I thought it would be better to fix those things before uploading it again

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Thanks a lot Scotty42 for the comment! We usually have a hard time trying to predict the amount of time we need to finish something ... and this time also the amount of time that we had available

Yaaay! We have submitted ... not all ideas went to the final game and not all mechanics were totally bugless, but we think this is ... kinda nice, have a check

We have a final build .... now trying to submit it

a lot of evolution on the game mechanics, also going on the streets to get some soundscapes ... hope those sound good in the end ... in next update we hope to have some new screenshots but for now we only have mix of temp art and not so temp art =)

One more update, we have decided the game mechanics, finally working on it using Construct2

Hey good morning, we have just started here, now working on gameplay and dialogue

New update, we have started with the art ... its pretty late in here so we are going to sleep to have a full day of work tomorrow 

Hi we are still discussing about what will be our approach to the theme

OH Ok, thanks! I opened this topic just to ask about posting progress. I ve created another one with the name of our team (Cartonbox team)

Hi, our team will be Michelle Faifer, Deborah Avila and Emmanuel Santana =)

"You will use this topics to communicate with us and to post your work in progress every 4 hours."

How you imagine this posting progress to be like? Do you imagine this as simple as a tweet or like a detailed explanation of what has been done?

this is kinda cute! I like the dinosaur and mainly the boss in the end. With some music and background story this could be a nice adventure game

I actually like seeing the flowers explode, its kinda satisfying. Perhaps adding different kinds of flower explosions would be cool ... I know that perhaps the player was supposed to shoot them, but just hitting them feels like pinball, which is so good

Man these animations are amazing! Particularly the monster death animation. The paper fires bouncing off the walls was a clever idea too.

I have friends who lived similar stories. Really cool work

love the style!

Thanks a lot! We wanted to make so much more, but finding time was quite hard between christmas and new year.

I really liked this, it feels like Emily is Away but with a more modern medium. You can expand that to tell a bigger story, but this one has a familiar emotional touch to it already as it is =).

I liked the isometric graphics, it has a really interesting feel to it.

Also the map seems big, with lots of places to explore.

However sometimes its not clear when you can and can`t pass through a area, which got me a bit lost from time to time.

Thanks AdamStrange, I thought we had until wednesday to finish the project so we did not have time to finish the song. We were working on a full version with other instruments and phrases, but did not have time to finish that =(.

Really fun and kinda addictive game, It takes some time to get used to.

This is really an awesome work of the sound capture feature, the usage of the theme was perfect!

The only thing I wished is that the character could move a bit faster, all else is just awesome!

Hi people, we are submitting the windows build tomorrow

I am glad you liked it! Thanks! We are posting each step in the development process in our new twitter ^^

Thanks! We are working on a full game based on this experiment now. It should not be long, we are aiming at a story with 30min to 1hr of gameplay. By the way, this is the teaser we created for it, I would love to know what you think of it: 

I am glad you liked it SleepyGary, yours seem pretty interesting too from what I can see in the screenshot ... and by the way, local co-op I think its just awesome! I miss having more co-op games around. Some time ago we developed some templates for local co-op but ended up not investing much in them to have a full game.

About being a demo, I had a story in mind but in the end I found that stop motion animation requires a lot of time and so we decided to make it just a demo lolol. I kinda liked the result and intend to invest more time on it to make a full game and see if there is still time to release it in Steam's Greenlight, while it still exists.

By the way, we have just updated it, changing the controls so that every click while on conversation will trigger continue conversation, that way you actually know that the text comes from the thing you clicked before lolol. Also inserted more little clues so that you know what you should do to get to the 'end'.

What about you? Do you plan on working further in your game?

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Hi SleepyGary, you are doing nothing wrong. In fact this is not a complete game, we posted it as an aesthetic experiment to the stop motion game jam. We will be working on it further, but for now it is really just a demo. Thanks for playing anyway =) ... by the way, here the ideal is that you can get to the baby's room. In order to get that you just need to get the correct triggers right, not all interactable objects currently have actions associated with them.

Thanks! =)

Thanks! =)

I don`t know what happened to the windows build... the sad thing is that I really can`t find where I let the source for this to rebuild the windows version again... this was our very first project so we actually did not worry about creating a repository for it =(

Ouch! Sorry, the windows version was a bit messy I guess. We will be working on a remake anytime soon btw, we did this project in such a rush and we could not finish it properly.