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is this on LD51? do you have the LD link

oh its in another place now we will update it here

oh sure this creates A LOT of new posssibilites, I am eager to know what updates are coming that enpowers construct

oh that works, feeling stupid now, 3d rotation tricked my brain lol, thanks

I was trying to make it have the same rotation as the player, trying that right awa

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Hey, just purchased, but it seems there is some encoding issue, the game won't start. It seems it is because it can't find the CSVs, perhaps due to encoding for I see some weird chars in the file names. That is only for the Shooter, the other one works fine

thanks for the fast response! when I look for rotate, this is what I see

then if I choose that action, this is what I see

there is move along angle action but it seems to do something else, I uploaded the project here so you can have a look

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works like a charm, so happy I found this <3 
one thing though, it seems I cannot rotate an object with actions, I can set angle in properties, but cannot do so with actions.

Even if you add it to a hierarchy so to force its angle, it does not follow, here is a gif I recorded

can this be worked around? I was eager to use this in a project =)

thanks for this addon btw

this has a lot of personality and uniqueness in its style, I am trying to think of what this reminds me, perhaps a good game for that youtuber Retromation to play.

Good dialogue, art style and atmosphere. Also very creative, first russian roulette games and it makes me think this is a great idea I have not seen in the jam. Lots of actual standard dices though.

I had a few bugs in the start, but loved the insertion of 2d handdrawn art into a 3d environment. The music goes very well and adds the right amount of ridiculousness to it. 

simple and effective. its like that airplane throwing game, I can imagine this with a variety of scenarioes and perhaps more things to influence the strength of the throw in the scenario, like bigger crazier ramps that could either stop the dice all together or just throw it in crazy distances

very creative take on a rng platformer, its like a supermeat dice

It feels like lost in random in art and style, which is a great feat, no idea how to make surfaces look like that. This has the exact best amount of creepiness, awesome work.

super cute, I love the references to baba is you in its style and art. With more levels and a bit more juice this would be a ready to release title.

best art in the jam so far, cant even begin to describe how in love I am with this vibe and choice of few color pallette and handdrawn art ... the references to undertale and expressiveness of the characters, I would like to have made this myself lol. I am in love with this, sorry

not new as a concept and mechanics, but oh this does look nice and cute and fluid. I like that you created your own dice, with faces and personality, that changes a lot for me, it gives your game a lot of personality. I would absolutely release this game as it is.

I think i did not get fully how the upgrades work. The art with the music makes me tense lol, and think a big thing is coming up. The slow paced type of the shots contribute to this tenseness of the vibe. This is terrifying, great work

I always love these games that are pixelart with light effects on them. I also like the expressiveness of this character that seems a bit gloomy, a bit tired, a bit something else I cant tell, but it does tell a lot.

love the color scheme and the art, I can think of this as a theme casino type of management game. it took me a while to figure what where these 

Also did not get the numbers on the jumping mechanics. The best thing is the vibe of this.

this is hard but I guess it was the idea, perhaps a good game to make youtubers rage quit if you develop bigger and even tougher levels

I like the effects, how the dice rolls, the soft screenshake and colors .. particularly the sound ... yes it is not unique in terms of mechanics, but you did a great work in terms of making it a solid (and fluid) presentation 

Ok this is the first game of the jam that I say on the first impression "this will be my favorite" ... and it was =) ... I love the vibe in this game, the squishy animations, the soundscape, the soft movements and colors, oh I love this, cant rate this less than 5 stars

somehow the confusion in this game is mesmerizing and tripy. I like the arms and how they stretch outwards and how they animate. I love the colors and the possible metaphors in this. This is hard to put against a rigid rating scheme, tried my best.

I love the art in this, with more expressions and perhaps text prompts I would love to play this as a narrative swordsplay type of thing 

I love the expression in her face 

great work

I like the art in the character, you can see a lot of work went into that and it does give a lot of personality to the game. I also think it feels weird to move such a tall and slim character in that way all the time, if it could do like Samus and become a ball when jumping it would feel more fluid and versatile perhaps

I love the music, dont know if it is your or not but I loved it anyway lol.

impressive amount of creation here, extra points for cuteness =)

satisfying looks and a pleasant atmosphere, this is relaxing but sometimes makes my bad brain hurt a bit lol great work

hmmm, we do have a discord for that game, here is a forever access link come and say hello, we will be very very happy to have some feedback to evolve this game after the jam =)

Oh yes there is a very nasty bug in there where it stops giving players cards, we noticed it happens sometimes but were unable to identify and fix it for the time of the jam. As soon the jam is over we will investigate that. Thanks for playing =)

Oh yes that was the intent, but way to complex to implement for the time of the jam. We will certainly implement that afterwards. Thanks for trying it =)

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this is crazy hard and kinda hilarious, wanna see some youtubers playing this one

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charming little puzzle game, the dices get a bit too small for my bad glasses though 

oh when I figured out it was a 2 player game I was like woow this is cool.

I don't get what happens once you shoot the other player, they seem to just disappear and go back to the original position, the one that shoots, I wonder why ... 

one change I would have to this is have it fully turn based, instead of being timer reset.

Overall I really like the idea of this, with polishing this is definitely something I see myself playing more

Really clever, it took me a while to go being the second level, but then I read that space makes the dice move and finally understood how to play, very clever levels and puzzle design

cool concept, it took me a while to grasp. I like the feeling of being able to upgrade my dice, but I keep dying a lot in the first battles.

what a professional voice you added there. I found it particularly fun to click in all the wrong ones at once to hear the amount of ways he says wrong, this was really well made. The lyrics also made me laugh

Ohhh its like dice poker very good idea! The combat is pretty fun and the story has the right amount of ridiculousness for me, nice entry =)

I absolutely love this art style, the cutscenes had a sort of nostalgic vibes and the overall vibe to it reminds me of games like age of empires. The combat can be improved for faster feedback though.