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Zachary Richman

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Thanks so much :)

You mean the enemies? We call them Bois (pronounced "boys")! So we call them Red Bois, Blue Bois, Yellow Bois, Big Bois, Bomb Bois, Gun Bois, etc.

Thanks so much :) Was lots of fun participating in the jam. Thanks for putting it all together!

Yeah for whatever reason I found the ratings for this jam to be rather harsh in contrast to other jams we've done. Maybe because of the money prize?

Here ya go!

Thanks so much! Congrats on making top 20 – that's awesome! Luckily we bought a ticket haha :P

Thanks for the kind words!! Means a lot :)

Thanks so much! We really appreciate it :)

A fun game! Just a bit repetitive. I think if you keep honing in on what makes the game fun + add in some more variety, this could be really good. Excellent work!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed :)

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Thanks so much! :)

This was super fun! Excellent job :)

This game is GORGEOUS! Excellent job!

Nothing like a good ol' horror game. Excellent job with this!!!

Love the art style of this game. And I had fun playing it. Excellent job!

Love me a good escape room game. Great job!

Koodos to you for making a printed game! I unfortunately can't play it cause I'm living alone during a lockdown, but it looks like fun!

Seeing lots of potential in this game. Excellent work!

I love space games :D I had fun with this one!

Fun little game. Great work!

Such a juicy game! Great work making everything feel impactful. Excellent work!

This was great! Excellent work creating a captivating atmosphere. Great job!

Quite the beauty of a game. And challenging too (which I liked). Excellent job!

Fun and cute :) Had a great time. Great work!

Thank you! :)

Will do! :)

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A fun and trippy experience! Great job creating a unique atmosphere + I love the art style (reminds me of Obra Dinn). Excellent work!

Thanks for the kind words and feedback! Much appreciated! Don't forget to rate if you haven't yet :) Thanks!!

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I'm also a Mac user and I run into similar issues on Chrome. But no issues with Firefox and Safari. Chrome is just an anomaly when it comes to unity games it seems

Thanks so much! We really appreciate it :)

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Sorry for the inconvenience! Can you share some information on what browser and operating system you're running?

A solid and fun game! I like how you were able to ramp up the challenge and add new game modes. Great work!

This was fun! Just needs an animation for the bullets, and I think you have a solid space shooter! Great work!

Wow thanks so much! I means a lot :) If you haven't yet, don't forget to rate our game – it means a lot!!

Thanks so much! Really appreciate the kind words :) Don't forget to rate if you haven't yet! Thanks!!

PS thanks for joining our discord!

Wow thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated :)

Thank you! Much appreciated! :)

Great job with this game! The visuals and music are great. And I enjoyed the mechanic of throwing your guitar then dashing to it. It was fun flinging around the stage. I also liked how clicking the "options" button in the main menu simply slides you to a different part of the overworld – that was neat. Great work!