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Wow we're at #1? Thank you SO much for the love and support :D

Wow thanks for the kind words! And super appreciate the feedback. Will definitely look into that for the post-jam version. Thanks again 😁

Great entry! BEAUTIFUL presentation! The core mechanic is a lot of fun too. I'm curious what was your inspiration for what gave different musical notes their respective effects.

Overall, I had lots of fun playing this one. Great work!

Overall a really great game! The puzzles were challenging but fun – definitely scratched that puzzle itch of mine. While the main mechanic is really smart, it may need a little bit of love if you decide to do a post-jam version. Hitting space over and over to get to my desired number was a little tedious, and I think can be more smartly executed when you're not restricted by the jam's theme. But hey –that's jam games for ya! Overall that's a really small gripe.

There's definitely potential for a fuller version of this game! Could include more environmental stuff that manipulates your movement (like maybe 'rough terrain' that takes 2 movements to move over 1 space). Or maybe there's levels where you have to use the dice in a certain order (like you have to do a 3 move, followed by a 1 move, followed by a 6 move, etc. ). Or maybe even some dice in your arsenal that isn't centred around movement (like a key dice that you have to use only when next to a door).

Lots of potential with this one, and a really fun experience! Awesome job :)

Love the concept Had lots of fun with this one. Another great showing from Team Melon :)

Hey thanks for the nice comments and for coming back to play a second time :) Your idea with the HP blocks is actually something we'll be adding in the post-jam version, so stay tuned!!!

Thanks so much, really glad you enjoyed the game! The balancing is getting a tune-up in the post-jam version, so definitely stay tuned :D

Great to see another shooter in the jam! This was a fun one. The retro style was cool and the mechanics were enjoyable! Awesome job :)

Fun game with great music and presentation! Really awesome job with this one :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! The nuke and the balancing are all going to be tightened up in our post-jam version. Glad you enjoyed our game!! :)

Wow thanks so much for your comment! lt's awesome and VERY appreciated :D The spawn rate of the dice is something we'll be giving more love to for the post-jam version, so definitely keep an eye out for that! Also, the nuke is a little buggy and will work on all enemy types. So lots to look forward to! Thanks again for your amazing comment – and thanks for playing :)

Wow thanks so much for the in-depth review! Really appreciate you taking the time, and so glad you enjoyed the game! :D You're right about the nuke, it's a tiiiiny bit buggy, but will be fixed for the post-jam version of the game. Thanks again for playing :D

Thanks so much :) Yeah the heavy artillery is a tiny bit buggy but will be fixed in the post-jam version. Glad you enjoyed!!!

Had fun with this one! It was challenging at times – it really messed with my brain. But that was part of the fun! I think it'd be cool if you added a dice-roll animation at the start of a level, to show how the controls are being randomized. Overall, great job!

Thanks for playing! Yeah the nuke is a lil bugged but will be fixed in the post-jam version :)

Had a lot of fun with this one! And you have SO many different types of dice, it's super impressive! Awesome job – gonna play it again soon for sure :)

A really fun game. An awesome aesthetic. A great idea. Amazing job on this one! :)

Had a fun time with this one! The gameplay loop was really enjoyable, and it's aesthetically really nice! Awesome job :)

This was a really fun one! And aesthetically beautiful! Amazing work with this one - had a blast playing :)

A fun mechanic and a beautiful art style! Had a lot of fun with this one :)

Great presentation! And a polished main mechanic. Great work!

Took me a while to understand the mechanic, but once I did it was fun! Great work :)

A fun puzzle game with great presentation. Great job!!

Thanks for the nice comments!! Glad you enjoyed!!
Yeah the right-click is a dev thing we forgot to take out... shhh don't tell anyone ;)

Had a lot of fun with this one! It got really challenging, but that was part of the fun. Great submission!! :D

You should feel proud of this game! Super fun, super immersive, with a great dice mechanic! Also SO much dialogue, which was an awesome touch. Amazing job!

Really smart idea! Haven't seen any other golf games in this jame yet. Had a lot of fun with it too. Awesome job!

A fun little experience! Great work!

Had a blast with this one! The battle system was superb. The only thing I didn't like was how the entire game reset if I wanted to heal. I think that would have been a good opportunity to make me sacrifice some of my dice in order to regain health – like a risk/reward sort of thing. But honestly that's a minor complaint. The game was a blast! Awesome job :)

Love the gameplay! The mechanic of randomizing each battle is really fun. Great job!

Really fun main mechanic! Had fun playing. And the game looks beautiful. Great job!

Awesome job with the game! I like the idea of randomizing your weapons with a dice roll. Had lots of fun!

Glad you enjoyed it! Much appreciated :)
(PS. yeah that's something we forgot to remove, shhhh don't tell anyone :P)

Awesome job man! Had a blast playing :D

Hey there! The nuke is sliiightly bugged, but does hurt most enemies! Will be fixed in the post-jam version though. Thanks for playing! :)

This is so unique! And a ton of fun to boot. Awesome job!!!

Dude great job! A super nice and relaxing puzzle game :D

A fun game! Great UI too. Had a lot of fun with it - awesome job!

Nice game! Very retro. And a fun interpretation of the theme. Awesome job!

Thank you! Looks like you found the debug we accidentally forgot to take out before uploading (whoopsie!)