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I'll investigate those bugs asap. In theory they should be easy to fix.

I will definitely add some gameplay improvements but that might take a month (or 12).

Thanks for playing.

I just added the option in the pause menu. I hope you enjoy the game.

No there isn't. I wasn't aware that can be a problem.
I'll add the option after the jam.

First try. Would be good if the unavailable hearts had a different look than the lost hearts.
I was a little confused about them.

The physics can be a bit janky but it's still fun.

The Monsters feel like rng but otherwise great.


If you are using Godot (which I think you do) you need to change the screen strech in the Project settings.
You could disable the fullscreen button on itch and that is about everything you can do right now.

I see somebody had fun with areas.

Simple, fun, and it looks good. Sadly the fullscreen doesn't work but that is forgivable.

The companion gets stuck on corners way too often. Other than that I liked it.

I wish my scripting thing was that good.

The vacuums could be faster. And the tutorial level where one vacuum bounces off another should be later in the game where it actually matters.
But that is nitpicking I think.

It only got like 11 resources, 4 drones, 4 buildings on the home planet with interfaces, 3 different buildings you can deploy on other planets, 7 of those other planets, the scripts with 14 instructions, and 2 ways of setting those scripts up.
It's quite simple actually. (-8

A few glitches less would have been nice but still very enjoyable.

Thanks, I guess I missed a few bugs with the drone scripts. I hope that didn't impact your fun too much.

Placing the bots is a little clunky. Reminds me of Plants vs Zombies.

I will definitely do that if I continue this game.

Charming game. But the scrap upgrades are a little weak.

Fun and simple. Still, I can't get a better score than 124.

The idea is good but the balancing is very of. And I think some buttons aren't working.

The first level is pretty difficult. Maybe start without any puzzle elements. Just the bot walking into the goal and then introduce one element at a time.

The commands shouldn't reset when you fail. I don't want to re-input everything after every small mistake. But the puzzles are good.

Looks great but some levels could have used more playtesting.

The map should have coordinates and the windows behave very weirdly.
But other than that the game is really fun.

Didn't Jonas make that game for a video once?
Interesting decisions or something like that?

The AI should be more determined. It looks a bit off when it changes targets every frame.
It's pretty relaxing to play as the healer.

I did that like 2 minutes ago. I hope it helps at least a little bit.
And the tutorial here was really an afterthought.
It took me 2 days to get the scripting working and another 1,5 to make the other mechanics.
I sadly didn't have time left for stuff like fast cam changes, or a good tutorial.

I ran out of time for a proper tutorial. I might make one tomorrow so people can actually play.

This is a tower defense game with one tower. A few more would have been nice.

Difficulty is very subjective. If you want you can skip a level or use the walkthrough.

Yes me too. Didn't have time to figure that one out. I hoped it was just on my end because nobody complained yet.


Could you go more into detail? I'm not sure what the problem is.

The numbers on opposite sides add up to 7. Maybe should have written that down somewhere in the game.

I like that you only get sent back one level when you die. Not too punishing and not too forgiving.

I might have missed something but it looks like the level select is absolutely useless because at the start all levels are locked and you can't get back there once you unlocked them. Your progress isn't even saved so what is its purpose?
But the rest of the game is good.

I'm missing some feedback for the effects. Even a simple modulate with the effect color on the target would have been enough.

I love that you can just gamble away your good stats. I often asked myself, do I try to go from 5 to 7 or is that too risky? 

I'm going on a journey.