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Thanks for the Feedback. I enjoied the Jam.
But I thought I broke the Keep Lit and Always Lit Modes. Nice to hear they still work somehow.

I didn't have the time to implement it. I really thought I could make it because it is such a simple thing.

But then I thought no I'm tired I want to sleep and woke up half an hour after the deadline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you are on Windows you can go to %Appdata%/Godot/app_userdata/BulbNRun/levelfiles you can copy the file.

I like the idea.
Maybe make the sound effects not repeat infinitly if you hold a mouse button.

I also whish there were more blocks but you probably ran out of time.

Maybe you can fix it in time.

I believe in you!

I think everyone would rather have an unfinished game than no game at all. :)

Is that a bug or did I break the Universe?

I found a bug.
The gap will never be in the bottom row.
Also, the hitboxes could be a bit more forgiving.
When the game ends it says the crazy farmer got you but the farmer is never shown. How about you make a farmer that chases the player instead of lives. that would make it a bit more interesting.
And make it stand out more. There are many games that are, aside from visuals and sound, the exact same as this game.

I have made simple games since about May 2018. I made it a serious Hobby around August 2019.

I don't want to optimise the game yet because to do that I had to rebuild the whole lighting system.
It is very probable that rebuilding this system will take more time than you think. It is also not sure if the performance increase will be high enough to make the game playable on the web. I'd much rather spend the remaining 8 days of the jam to make more content.

By the way, I don't think people will mind a 13MB download.

And, have you tried the Level Editor? It should run well in the web version. And try changing the occlusion mode to Keep_Lit. That should make for a smoother experience. If it's still bad switch the occlusion completely off.

The web version clearly states that there are framerate issues.
If they make the game unplayable you could just download the windows version that to my knowledge has only minor fps issues.

As you may or may not have noticed this is a gamejam game. I do not want to spend time on optimizing (which could easily take multiple days) if it already works.

At the moment my priority is content, not optimizing for web (I don't even know if that is possible).

Also, have you tried the Level Editor? It should run well in the web version. And while you're at it try changing the occlusion mode to Keep_Lit. That should make for a smoother experience. If it's still bad switch the occlusion completely off.

I'm looking forward to your response.

I don't know how but it is still fun if you play alone.

You play the game with the mouse but you need to press r to restart.
After death 50 that becomes annoying.

The jam started a few hours ago and the page still says:Theme will be announced soon

What is the Theme?

And I just noticed that you can see the green lines on the left going offscreen.

The sound of these green lines sounds like picking up coins.

I hate Installers. That is such a simple game why can't you export it as exe?
The level quality varies a lot. But you should be able to fix that.
Other than that it's a solid base to build upon.

I just realised you had to fly up to assemble the rock.  Oops.

No. As I said there were not enough rocks.

Nice little game.
Reminds me of this old game, Motherload or something like that.
Unfortunately there either didn't spawn enough rocks or It didn't register when I dug one up. I didn't keep track.
Also, it didn't seem like the shovel shop worked.

Maybe something with our OS?

It is a solid base to build on.
But the movement feels bad.
I think you should make it faster, scrap the stamina meter and make the jumps higher. I think that would make for a way better Platformer.

That happens sometimes.
Try reloading the page, sometimes itch just doesn't like my game.

you did an amazing job

Did I win or die? Im not sure.

levels are randomly generated and the generator is very bad.
You probably got an impossible level. That happens sometimes.

A solid platformer. I can't complain.

Viruses are very frustrating. I found myself mashing buttons as fast as I could but I still couldn't buy the next upgrade before the next virus stole all of my money.

I like the movement. It's fun to move around.

I like the quirky movement.

Cool idea. I like it.

I know I am supposed to get to the portal.
But how do I do that?

I don´t know what that is but it is cool.

You're welcome.

You may need to make that a little more obvious for people like me who don't read the item description.

So that's what that is for.

It's fun. Consider making this a bigger game.

How can I play anything else than the 1st level?

You send it on the feedback channel on Jonas server. I told you to reduce the physics fps may help the input lag of 1-2s. I don't think I spoke to you since.

I don't know what that was but it was cool.

pew pew pew
I really like that sound.

Already wanted to play your game but haven't had time yet.