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The death sound from the liquid is loud and annoying. Other than that it is a nice game.

Eben nicht.
Wie viele haben das gedownloaded ohne dass du sie genötigt hast?

Du teilst schon wieder ein Kommentar auf. Gewön dir das ab. Das ist nervig.

Eher würde ich ein screenshotloses game downloaden bevor ich einen installer benutz.

screenshots? Eine exe statt ein installer?

Thanks, I guess balancing was more off than I expected.

But that is cut off when you aren't in fullscreen so that is something to look out for.

I just now realised it shows at the bottom what each button does.

The Simon says game is a bit confusing because you have no indication if the game picked up a button press.
There is a reason the buttons light up and make a sound when you press them.

I like that you need to change the speed to get over anything.

You should explain the controls better at all.
If a 5 means another number you should write that in the description.

The controls work only sometimes.
Except 8, that never works.

A hard mode where you have to type fast but not too fast.

A little Teddy friend to motivate you

Stanleys Numbers is now finished. Can you beat the game? Your little friend thinks so.

I didn't know where else to say this.
Your Jam page is pretty inconsistent sometimes.
Sometimes it says web version is encouraged then it is a must and then it is not required.
And in the section additional missions, it says they will be ranked but won't  "incur a deduction in judging".
But in the Judging section, it is listed and said that it is included in the overall ranking.
It's not that bad but can be a bit confusing.

I just added sound to my game. No music because that didn't feel right.
Just ambiance and some random noise to mix it up.
Also a the nice sounds of my mechanical keyboard every time you press a button.

Here is the link if you want.
It still needs balancing and a bit more variety but in the end, it might actually be fun.

I think the "Based on a true story" part of my game is finished.

WW2 is near the end. And you sit right in Hitler's bunker. Your job is to relay his commands, or you could send the wrong ones. Can you sabotage him enough before someone exposes you?

Also, I made a War-Meter to show how close Hitler is to winning/losing and a sus-Meter to show if you are close to getting exposed.

You are Stanley. You get orders on the screen. Input the right code to complete the orders.
And that is all for now.

I had a pretty interesting game in my head but I'm not sure how it will fit the theme.
But I'll make it fit because that is what Game Jams are about.
Being challenged!

A secrete mind control facility below Area51 would still qualify because Area51 really exists, right?

This has potential. But the boxes are way to hard to push around and the buttons should show when they are pressed. Also, one box took so long to push into place that I couldn't rewind back out of the hole again.

The "Thanks for playing" text at the end has way to little contrast. The Bossfight at the end felt a little out of place. But it is still a nice little puzzle game.

It would be cool if you could stop rewinding by pressing space again. But it is still a fun game as it is.

Looks and sounds nice. Would be good if you could also shoot up, down and maybe diagonally.
Would be nice if you'd check out my game.

This could be a mobile game.

I really enjoyed this one. The game looks and sounds nice. You could have put the how to play stuff right before the things were first used instead of putting everything in the beginning. And I couldn't tell if buttons were toggle or push so that is a problem.
Would like to see more levels after the jam. The story could use some polish too.
Glad I played this one.

The shaking camera makes me go crazy.  And I have no idea what the radio in the first room is saying.
If the computer is supposed to do something then it didn't work for me.
I whish I was better at those games so I could get past the first room.

Oh, I completely missed the controls button. My bad.

 Maybe make it coop and write the controls down somewhere.
But still a great game. You three did a good job.

The hitboxes could be more generous and the background music gets annoying but other than that it is a good little platformer

No, it never ends. I wanted to make a day system with 3-4 items every day to give you some feeling of progression but I had a severe lack of motivation so I didn't do that. There were a lot of things I could have done to make the game better. I just wasn't feeling it.

Like many games this starts way to hard. And the music hurt my ears a bit.
Other than that you did a great job.

You are a man of focus.

You have a few issues with hitboxes and the render order.
But other than that it is a nice game.

Nice little puzzle platformer. Good job.

I like that bullets also rewind. nice game.