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This game could use more levels and some coyote time. Then it would be even better.

I think this game could be really good.
I just have no idea what the goal is sometimes and the controls are thrash.
If you just made the extending of arms on buttons instead of the sticks it would be so much better already.

You can easily cheat by going on the left wall in the first room and walking to the end that way.
It is only slightly annoying.

Great "voice acting" very demonic sounding. Fits perfectly.
The hoe as the multitool could have been more pronounced.
And the day/night cycle was nice.
Only thing I missed was an alternate ending if you break into Jeff's shed when he is in your house.

Well if it was on the game page it would already be playable in the next 33h.

But I do understand not wanting to do this twice.

Maybe put pictures with labels on the game page?
That would make the game playable and I really want to play without having to trial & error my way through all the components.

I like how some stuff looks like other categories at first glance.
Makes you have to think twice sometimes.

The art style is perfect. Nothing fits but somehow everything does.
The gameplay outside of the minigames could be improved. Once I fixed a fridge 4 times and it was still broken.
With the setting it would make more sense if everything stayed fixed and you get a small fine for not fixing something when you go away.

Great gameplay but I have no idea how I'm supposed to get more than 1 star in the levels 6-10

It was very fun to figure out how the main mechanic worked.
I wish there had been more levels. They wouldn't need to be hard I'd just like to play around with every way to use force more than once or twice.

The controls are a little inconsistent.
Half the time when I wanted to shoot I threw a bomb.
I didn't even know I could shoot until I did it on accident.
Now that's about all the negatives.
I think with the sliding this would make for a good speedrun game.

Some hitboxes could be more generous but other than that it is great.
The checkpoints were placed at the right distance. I like how exploding the jetpack is your best weapon but also makes you very vulnerable.

It's a nice touch that you can use the gun to somewhat hover in the air.
I don't know where to go after I killed the hero. I went in the door but as far as I can see there is nothing there.

Oh I didn't notice that.
I just reloaded the page. It was almost at the start anyway.

I found a bug. If you die after killing all enemies you get to the next level anyway.
This game would be great for speedruns I think.

I softblocked myself in the boom room. :o

I did it. I saved 38 People!
(Everyone else is to disturbed to eat because of the mountain of corpses I cut open and never sewed back up so they would bleed to death after having their insides scooped out)
No need to thank me.

I got to the end. A bossfight would have been nice but it isn't that important.
The textboxes made it hard sometimes when they would popup on top of enemies or spikes I was just dodging.

There is no level 7 yet but the button is already there.

You could move into the cave.

Who doesn't love arbitrary and unnecessarily long fetch quests?

Great concept. The start could have used a "press e to continue" prompt.
The level layout was confusing but I liked the monster.

I'd like to have a level selector here but other than that it's really great

It's very enjoyable to punch my way through people to get pints.
But the game did crash twice and I don't know why.

The enemies are just damage sponges and there are so many of them that I wonder if you are even supposed to kill them. And as soon as the dogs show up it's basically impossible to hit anything since I'm always running away to not die which makes me shoot in the exact wrong direction.

The main problem is the tunnel. (Can't post a picture because of size limit but Just go right near the floor and you'll find it)

It is also a little annoying that you can't tell which walls you can go through and wich ones you can't.
From what I can tell the red ones are passable and the black ones are sometimes. That doesn't help the issue.

Not really a difficulty curve as far as I can tell but otherwise great.

Ah. I didn't see that. I thought the left to use, right to drag thing was all of the help since there was no indication there was more I just started.

The unbuild shadows thing is a little annoying but otherwise I like the changing of the games rules

Using the pump is pretty tedious but the Idea is good I'd say.

I think the camera is not supposed to be in first person I think.
Going into the battle station an out again fixed it for me.

"Klick through everything fast" and "Here is a lot of text to read" don't mix that well

There are a few dead ends that aren't obvious so I flew into them a few times.

Very polished game. Sadly 3 things at once is too much for my brain so no win for me.

I like the movement. It makes the sub feel heavy.
And a mine spawned basically inside my sub once so that wasn't great.

The physics makes it unplayable but I can see what you were going for and it is a good concept.
I could see this being a casual game.

An explanation which tools fix what damage would be nice. And maybe making all of them hold instead of click to spare my mouse.

It was very close but I did it.

Dragging materials around is really hard with how buggy it is and some would be dropped behind the box instead of put in. Other than that it's great.

Thank you. And yes I know about the visuals. Finding an artist friend to help me with gamejams is on my todo list.
The water mechanics definitely have missed potential, but I have no what to do with them right now.