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Very smooth animations and good feedback when kicking down the doors! The combat could be expanded a bit with more weapons and attack types but overall this was an enjoyable game to play. Great work!

This game is dripping with atmosphere! The audio is very well done and really builds up a strong tension. Great for a weeks worth of work!

Very atmospheric and unique art style! I struggled quite a bit to hear when the lock clicked but was still able to open the door after 2 attempts. Nice submission!

I enjoyed this point and click game a lot! Reminded me of the old flash games I used to play on Miniclip. The art and music were a perfect fit and it's equally impressive that you made it all during the jam! Great work!

Really polished! The music and art were really well done and it's impressive that you made it all during the jam. Nice game!

Highly polished and very enjoyable to play! The art and sound design match the overall vibe of the early 2000s perfectly and having PAL pop up every now and then with a funny quip was very entertaining. Cool game!

Wow what an incredibly thick atmosphere! As I was playing my neighbour banged on the wall and I nearly jumped out of my skin! Great work!

This is a very beautiful looking game! It took me a little while to get used to using the number keys to select items in my inventory instead of dragging and dropping them into the world but overall it felt very polished and immersive. Great job!

This is a really nice puzzle platformer with a great use of the theme! The short pause after interacting with each of the doors built up a nice sense of suspense and made me keep wandering what was going to be behind the next one. The portal-like effect you use on the doors that teleport you is so seamless and very cool. Also you can pet the cat at the end so that's a 10/10 from me! 

Such a lovely game! It felt very satisfying clicking on the different tiles every time a carrot had been produced. I can see how you could expand on this in the future by adding more tile and settler types. Cool project! 

Simple but very engaging and effective game. It's impressive how you made the locked vault feel so ominous in such a short space of time. Great job!

I really enjoyed the listening and peaking mechanic! It fits the theme really well and isn't something I've seen in a lot of the other submissions. Cool game!

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What an entertaining game! We made our game about a game show too! It's always very interesting seeing how people have similar ideas but branch off in different directions. When I was playing your game sometimes I forgot what I was supposed to be listening out for but the overall use of audio as your core mechanic is very unique and worked really nicely.  Great submission!

Whoop whoop! Another fishing game where you play as the fish! It's always fun in these jams seeing how people take a similar idea and take it in very different directions. Very fun trying to corral all the little fish to attack the bigger ships. Great job!

This is a really fun puzzle game! I like how some of the enemy placement means that you have to act quickly and the variation in enemy types and guns makes it feel very engaging. I could definitely see you expanding it to add different weapons and enemy types. Cool game!

Making it so you control the towers is a simple but very cool change to the tower defence formula! Nice job! 

Really cool idea! I got a bit confused at the beginning because I thought I had to guide the little robot to the exit but I soon figured it out. Nice job!

Oh nah it's Sisyphus by George Prosser:

Really simple twist on a classic game! Nice job!

Wow this game looks incredible! The core mechanic is readable and very effective leaving lots of room for different puzzles where you have to search the map or follow a path to continue. Really solid game especially for 48 hours!

This game has really good movement mechanics! It was a lot of fun chaining turtle stomping with the glide mechanic to travel far without toughing the ground. Some music and audio would be nice but for 48 hours this is very solid. Cool game!

Really simple but effective little game. I liked how the pace slowly ramped up as the timer got closer to running out. Cool game!

Really high quality animations and overall presentation! It's very satisfying when you finally catch up to Shrimpy and smoosh him into the pavement. Like others I got stuck trying to do the slide but still a very cool game!

Very cathartic breaking code after I've spent the rest of my programming career trying to fix it :'D. Cool concept! I had quite a bit of fun with this one, good job!

Very interesting concept! The overall presentation and sound design felt very polished for 48 hours and the core gameplay loop is very solid. I think I found a bug where I dodged right as the timer ran out and my little spirit just kinda disappeared off the screen but I'm sure that can be fixed in a post-jam update. Cool submission!

This has such an addictive gameplay loop! Really satisfying running around and gobbling up all the grass. It was also interesting having the choice to trade xp for health and overall the whole experience felt really balanced. Art style was also really sweet! I loved the pixelated 3D model for the slime. Really cool game!

Simple but very fun mechanic! The voice acting was very entertaining too! My highscore was 4:31 

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It's interesting seeing a game with a concept similar to ours but with a very different goal :'D. The camera was a bit disorienting but the vibes are very much on point. Very cool and relaxing. Nice game!

The mouse swinging up for jump is a really interesting idea! Really made it feel quite hectic but in a way that felt fair. Cool game!

It was very satisfying watching the rocks bounce from soldier to soldier. Felt like I could get some fun chains going! Nice game!

Thanks! Ahaha yeah it seems to be a pretty popular take on the theme :'D

Nice level design! It was really easy to tell where to go and I liked the dietetic tutorial. Cool game!

Really interesting core mechanic! I can definitely imagine how you could expand on this by having the ghost be able to pass through materials that the man cannot. Cool game!

Wow this has an incredibly polished art style! Amazing that you managed to do it all in a week. Great job!

Managed to oof the big bad goblin boss! Didn't really find myself using the dodge all that much because I found it was just as effective scampering away but the main attacks of the goblin boss were choreographed nicely and his move set was cool. Nice submission!

Voice acting is excellent and the unintentional sopranos cut to black at the end was superb. Very nice.

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Thank you! Your suggestions are very prophetic because I've just finished adding pirates to the update we're going to release after the rating period has ended :'D 

We were hoping to add pirates and storms in the game jam version but I had to cut it them out because we ran out of time. The crew was sort of a left over of those mechanics so in this current build it kinda just functions as your health. 

Anyway thank you for your feedback and kind words! Your game was really fun!

I really had a lot of fun with this game! It has such a lovely and simple art style which really reminds me of old flash games I used to find on Newgrounds. 

The core game loop of going into the dungeon and then leaving again is very simple but very effective and has lots of room for expansion in terms of traps and enemies. I did come across what I think was a bug where I could leave the level without collecting the treasure on the 3rd level, but I thought you might have kept that in as a feature just for the jam so you can skip levels. I could definitely imagine other later levels in the style of different ancient civilisations like egyptian pyramids or Inca tombs. I also think the boulder from Indiana Jones would make for a fun trap. 

Really cool game! 

This is a very interesting game and not like any that I've played so far during this jam. I got stuck quite a few times after forgetting the different combinations but I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the environment and I thought the music was very effective at creating the feeling of uncovering ancient knowledge. A very cool and unique experience. Nice submission!

Ah yeah fair enough. There were a bunch of features that we half developed but weren't able to add to our game  so I know how you feel.