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Here's ours!

I'll play yours in a bit.

This is a really sweet and simple game! I've played a couple of submissions during the jam where you have to switch between different realities but I think this one had the smoothest transition. The different music tracks for the normal world and virtual world was a nice touch that I enjoyed a lot. Cool submission!

Really beautiful artwork in this game! Amazing that you did it all in the jam! I was only able to play the web version which was quite laggy but I enjoyed the heavy atmosphere and was impressed with the level of polish. Keep it up!

Here is ours:

I'll play yours later when I'm back at my computer

Here's our game! I'll play yours a bit later when I'm back at my computer.

Wait... Santa's not real?? At least I found out through this nice little puzzle game! Haven't seen anything like this in the jam so far and the artwork is really good. Nice submission!

Here is ours!

Played and rated yours

God damn this game has the funniest audio I've seen in the jam so far. The whole experience definitely feels like I'm traversing a weird dreamscape so if that was your goal then you absolutely nailed it. Congrats on the first jam submission! I hope you're encouraged to participate in more because this was excellent.

Really cool art style! I loved the mix between the hand drawn backgrounds and more cartoony character. The audio also really made it feel like I was traversing through a weird dreamscape. Congrats on the first gamejam submission!

Sweet game! I like how it fits the theme and it was fairly simple learning the core mechanics. Keep up the good work!

Here is ours!

We'll give yours a go in a minute!

Wow this game looks and feels so beautiful! I loved the style and feel of moving the sub around as well as the use of the FTL style power distribution mechanic but I felt it was difficult to maneuver the sub and change it at the same time. Really polished submission! I had a lot of fun with it!

Cool mechanic! This game feels very polished and the camera effect was really neat. My main suggestions would be to do with quality of life things like maybe adding coyote time to make jumping a bit easier but yeah. I had a lot of fun with this game! Keep up the good work!

Really interesting puzzle game! I picked up the main mechanic pretty quickly and was impressed with the variety of puzzles you could make with this system. I hope you continue to polish this game up and add more levels!

I liked the simplicity of the main mechanic of this game! It was really easy to just pickup and start playing. I didn't get that far but I enjoyed zipping about and dodging missiles. Nice game! 

Thank you for playing! You can disconnect the string by moving the evidence that's connected to somewhere else on the board. After the jam I'm going to make it so you can just click on the string to remove it.

Really fun and quirky game! I liked the sense of humour, the simple aesthetic was cute and the whole experience felt very polished. Cool submission!

Damn the movement feels really nice in this game! Gonna have to come back to this later to see if I can beat it. I came so close a couple of times but I think I need a break. Hope you keep working on this! Could definitely see this as a boss rush game where you have to try and get through as many as possible.

I really love the aesthetic of this game! Reminds me of old Amiga demos and the desert colours are giving me a TempleOS vibe. That's probably because you're using your own game engine which is incredible! I hope you continue working on stuff like this, keep it up! 

Wow this game feels so polished and has a really cool concept! It takes a fairly common platforming mechanic but keeps adding complexity to it as you play in a way you might not expect at first. Great submission! I hope you keep working on it and add more levels!

Wow what a brilliant entry! The atmosphere was really good and I loved how much I didn't expect the end section! You have a lot of room here to keep building off this by adding more minigames and applications on the computer. Hope you keep working on this project after the jam!

I really enjoyed playing this! It was like a first person Among Us but the large quantity of robots made it feel really chaotic rushing around trying to catch someone. My main suggestions would be around quality of life stuff like maybe being able to mark people from the camera so you know who you have to chase down? I would usually see a robot get murdered and then immediately lose track of the impostor. Still a really fun entry and I hope you continue working on it after the jam!

Thank you for the feedback! I'm definitely going to take another crack at some of the levels now that I have more time to focus on the writing and mysteries. Should have another version up after the jam is ended.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Impressive number of features for a jam game! Feels like pretty solid foundations for a proper dungeon crawler. I hope you keep working on this!

Wow the art and sound design is incredible and it's amazing you made it all during the jam! Keep it up!

This game reminds me of Carlson by Dani and wow! The movement feels really solid! Impressive you made this movement controller in a week! Hope you keep working on this and add some more levels!

Amazing you made all the assets and animations! We did that for our game too so I know how stressful and time consuming it can be. I really liked the concept overall of having to use the clues given by the equipment to find the monsters. Most of my suggestions would just be around polishing up the movement and controls a bit but yeah! Really solid submission I had a lot of fun with!

Yay I managed to escape! Really simple and sweet with a nice use of dialogue to help guide the player along. Cool submission!

Thanks for the feedback! I've got a couple of interesting ideas on how to make the gameplay a bit more interesting and force players to really think about what they're submitting but  for the jam I thought this would be a bit more accessible for people who just wanted to get a feel for it. Hopefully I'll have time to implement it at a later date if I return to the project.

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah the last level is kinda scuffed, I'm going to edit it so it's a bit less wack before the end of the jam hopefully.

Yeah the last one is quite scuffed and convoluted because I made it at like 4am. Going to have it fixed by the end of the rating period. Will give your game a go in the morning!

Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed playing! I'll give your game a go tomorrow when I'm back at my computer.

Yeah so by the end of the rating period I'm gonna have a version that's a bit more cleaned up with the last level balanced to be a bit less convoluted. After that I might make more levels, add an overarching plot and maybe even smoosh it together with our other game Backmask if people are interested.

Thanks for playing! I'll give your game a go when I'm back at my computer

Really cool art! It feels incredibly polished considering the time frame and the scope of making an RPG from scratch. Hope you keep working on this!

Thanks for your suggestion! We made a game a while ago called Backmask where you had to sift through cassette tapes to find hidden messages. I was thinking that we could smoosh the two games together so players would have to listen to the tapes and rely more on the evidence itself than just the description. Hope you enjoyed playing!

This is a very ambitious project for a week long game jam and it's impressive that you made everything from scratch! I got a bit confused that the water didn't replenish my thirst meter but when it ran out I couldn't really tell what was different. Still I had a fun time exploring the different biomes and structures hidden throughout the game. Amazing work!

Interesting concept! The puzzles had a nice difficulty curve and I enjoyed the core mechanic of crossing off different physics laws. You could expand on that by having paper items that once collected would add a new physics law to the list meaning the player will gradually build up a whole notebook of different things they can turn on and off. Really cool submission!

Cool core mechanic with the mirror! The movement felt a bit slow at times but that meant I had to consider how to move much more carefully which I liked. Nice game!