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Glad you enjoyed it! I think quite a few people are finding it quite difficult in places so I don't think it's a question of your gamer skills. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah muscle memory is a hard thing to get around, it seems like quite a few people are struggling with that. I think it would probably work better with a joystick or touch controls

Ahahaha don't worry your secret is safe with us! I'm happy you noticed that the different states of the wire give you different points, I don't think many people have spotted that yet. Might need to add in some particles or feedback making it clearer how many points you get once a wire snaps. Glad you enjoyed it after going to such lengths to get it working!

Really simple and sweet puzzler! The level design and core mechanic are really strong, had fun solving all of the puzzles.

This is a really clever mechanic! It gets really frantic trying to keep track of all the different bullets and parallel versions of yourself jumping around. The art is also really nice and clean and the game is overall a really enjoyable experience. Would like to see what other levels/mechanics you'd add on top of this!

Wow such a lovely little game with a real sweet core mechanic! It gets surprisingly stressful when the zombies are all lined up and you're desperately trying to get the cart up to speed. Great job!

Real simple but nicely executed game! Congrats on your first submission!

This is a really simple, fun and addictive game! Could definitely imagine myself playing it as a mobile game. The only real feedback I have is maybe change the colour of the centre hexagon just to differentiate it from the two circles, I kept thinking that if the red triangles touched any of the shapes then it would be game over. Really nice submission! Had fun playing it

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Really nice game! Loved becoming a mecha-ant and smooshing everyone

Nice mechanic and aesthetic! Feels really polished for just 48hours of work! My only real feedback is that in some areas the rats don't stand out from the floor so it feels unfair when a bunch of them come out from off-frame and make me drop all my treats. But other than that I had a lot of fun with this one! Nice submission! Would like to see what the post-jam version looks like :)

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah difficulty is always a hard thing to get right in a jam because everyone has their own tastes. I made it so you only have to save one computer per level in order to progress so the most amount of people would be able to get to the end. The points  system is to reward players who push themselves further than that. If we make a post jam version there are a couple of things I think I'd tweak to make it just right. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah definitely, or just have a minimum number of computers you have to save depending on the level. Will give me some more freedom when it comes to level design. Just played and rated your game! Very impressive!

Holy moly a 762mb game jam game! That's gotta be the biggest game I've downloaded this jam lol. I've seen this soul tether mechanic in a couple of games this jam but this is definitely the most polished in terms of artwork, sound design and animation. Nice submission!

Ahaha you only have to save one computer from being infected to progress but I think I might add a par score or something to encourage players to try and get better scores. Thanks for playing!

Cool mechanic! Feels like playing Twister with my fingers. Had a lot of fun with this one :)

Thanks! We're glad you liked it!

Sweet and beautifully polished space shooter! The main mechanic is interesting and works with the theme nicely. Great submission!  

Cool core mechanic with the different modules! Felt a bit weird pressing down to jump up for some reason but yeah I can definitely see where you could expand on this. Art and sound effects are nice too! Cool submission!

Yeah I agree those poles can be a pain. Think I might move them closer into the buildings to make it a bit more forgiving. Thank you for the feedback! 

This is a really nicely presented game! Kind of reminds me of Loop Hero having the neighbouring tiles effect your score/bonuses. Cool submission!

Wow this is game has a really cool art style! I had the same issue with difficulty that it appears other people have had but the mechanic of choosing whether to fire ammo to stop enemies or score is very interesting. I'd be interested to see where this project goes after the jam with maybe some different enemies and obstacles

Nice frantic remix of the original! Really have to focus on a lot at once but the pace of the worms doesn't make it feel unfair. Cool game!

Wowee! This is a really polished and relaxing experience! I love the whole atmosphere and vibe, I could imagine spending a lot of time playing this on my phone! Only real piece of feedback is that it would be nice if you could undo a move instead of having to restart from the very beginning but that could be a personal preference thing. Such a wonderful submission! 

Nice puzzle game! Pretty simple and intuitive, I would be interested to see where you go from here. Congrats on your first submission! 

Really polished game! Very satisfying destroying the enemy's core module and watching all the other parts float about. Great job!

Very stressful twist on a classic! My only real feedback is that it maybe the pong paddle can only switch between the colours of the balls on screen, just so it's easier to switch when there are only two or 3. Nice game!

Unique rhythm game mechanic! I love how stressed the music makes me as it all ramps up. An idea I had while playing was that you could add in coins or something that aren't on the path to encourage players to risk breaking away before frantically rushing to rejoin. Had a lot of fun with this! 

Really fun puzzle mechanic! I think my main feedback would be the same as what others have said about maybe adding checkpoints because it is a bit tedious having to repeat the same solutions after you lose. Great art and aesthetic though! Cool that you did it all during the 48hours

Really polished and clever puzzle game with a mechanic that fits the theme nicely. Big fan of this!

Loving this Mater simulator. The art and graphics are really impressive considering it was all done in the jam. Had fun playing this one!

P.S. Please add Lightening McQueen easter egg 

Wow you made Scanner Sombre in 48 hours! Incredibly atmospheric and the silhouettes of the people make it really spooky. Amazing work! 

Really nicely polished game! I got a bit lost a few times so maybe some torches or campfires that indicate the best route would help but other than that this is a really nice short and sweet 3d platforming game! The animations and aesthetic are really nice and smooth and very impressive considering it was all done in the 48 hours. Great game! 

Very interesting movement when you're out of the water. It's hard to control but also felt quite intuitive. Would be interesting to see a local multiplayer race mode, I think it would be fun to try and frantically jump over my friends to get to the finish line

Really solid mechanic that fits the theme nicely. I like how the paddle ball can damage you as well. Means you always either have to keep moving or attacking. Cool game!

Really sweet and polished puzzle game! The level design, art and music are all really well done

Really nice puzzle platformer! The main mechanic fits the theme well and the art and music are perfect. I discovered quite quickly that you could actually beat a lot of the levels without having to move with the arrow keys, so you could lean into that a bit and add a sticky surface or something that means you can only move by using the ball and chain. Really simple and nice game!

Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it! We might add some more levels in our post jam version :)

Holy moly this is an ambitious game for a 48 hour jam! Really like the mechanic of the switching back and forth between the two perspectives. It would be interesting to see a multiplayer version of this where the two players can only interact through the terminal to give instructions to one another. Impressive submission! 

P.S. I hope Minky is set free

Really thick atmosphere! I love the idea of the player being dependent on the monster, it really adds to the stress of the player being forced to engage with it on way or another. You could expand on this by having certain objects or obstacles that only the monster can reveal to really emphasise the mechanic. Really cool submission!

Ahahaha yeah this jam was a fun one. I hadn't thought about adding explosions and stuff! I think that's a great idea to make it all a bit more wacky! Definitely going to add some particles and stuff in our post-jam version to give it a bit of extra polish. Thanks for playing!