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Thank you! Sorry about the sound!

Thanks! This is great! :D

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Would love fan art, but only if you're still feeling up for it! -- no worries if you want to skip me

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Once you beat the three arcade games, did you also beat each Arcade King at their game? If so, examine the lock in the corner afterwards to see the ending.

There’s a bug in the game right now that occasionally causes a softlock, which you might have run into. Sorry about that :( You can avoid the softlock with these two steps:

- Beat the Rhythm King (blue slug) before the Sorting King (octopus in cup)

- Don’t talk to the Sorting King after beating him

Sorry again — we didn’t really have enough time to polish that part enough. Thanks for playing our game though! :)

Everything's great! Loved the music in particular, a lot of great tunes! Just the right amount of content in the game too, really impressive for just one person (though I wouldn't have minded seeing some more of the roller skates :P).

Great game with a well-executed idea! I've seen a couple other "tower defense, but with one tower" idea and I like this one the best because it really leans hard into what's cool about tower defenses (comboing tower types, juggling lots of threats at once, things that bend the rules, etc.) I felt the first few levels worked great as teaching tools, I played 3-4 levels then restarted and got to level 12. Assuming level 12 is the last, that's a perfect length.

Someone else mentioned this but I felt kinda cheated on the last level because taking out the mortar enemy had no effect other than wasting my time. Might be just better to make him invincible to better communicate that you should focus on the actual laning units. Still, mortars were my favorite part of the game because they forced me to micro and made me feel cool for dodging their attacks.

As an incredibly small pedantic ask, I feel like it would be nice for the tower to fire immediately upon being built rather than having a delay, which would reward the player for being able to switch quickly.

There's a ton more potential here (the game is already great!), would love to see this expanded on with more levels, upgrades, tower types, etc.

Great puzzle game! The random spawns of the enemies are a really smart choice, as otherwise you could do some really exploitative things to get virtually infinite score. It feels great, there's a lot of strategy and it feels really rewarding to look ahead several steps and have your plan work out. One thing I didn't like at first was the idea of "parity": for example, if a ghost is 2 squares away from you, then there isn't a good way to kill them. But after a couple tries I figured out how to deal with that by placing "throwaway" blocks and running into the blocks I had just created and the parity became a really interesting obstacle to deal with.

One missing thing I'd personally like to see is the means to "go infinite", since currently walls trap you in more and more and you'll always eventually lose. Since it's a turn-based puzzle game, I'd also consider including an "undo" feature in case players mistype something.

The sound is way too loud (and scared me) when the candle enemy killed me, though, so would be nice to turn that down.

These are small complaints though and this is awesome work, esp. for high school students! In terms of design, this is probably in the top 10% of games I've played.

this game is hilarious.

my one complaint is that there's an audio spike when the song for the final battle loops...but maybe it's part of the Atmosphere...

best wishes to poor thomas

Fun game that feels great to play, with an absurd amount of polish for 48 hours. I wish there had been some other mechanic to expand on the (really cool!) mechanics that were already there though! My strategy was, whenever I received an order, I would just put the appropriate number of ores in the furnace and process them as a batch. I never needed to worry about ore burning and got up to 1200 really comfortably before I got bored and quit. Would have made for a more interesting push/pull if the game ever threw some wrenches in my plan.

I feel like there's a ton of potential here, hope you all continue to work on it.

(p.s. my left hand hurts right now, so thanks for making a game I could comfortably play with just my right ^^)

Awesome game, all the buttons feel great to mash :D One of my favorite games of the jam!

(Loved the secret code as well!)

A lot of fun! Love the puzzle design and sound FX!

Solid and creative rhythm game! The chart is clever and matches the song really well!

I was able to easily get a lot of the 3s and 4s by hammering the 'down' arrow key really fast on one track -- might be worth adding something in to disallow that, but not a big deal.

Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Thanks very much for the kind words, and glad you enjoyed it!

You’re right, there’s a glitch where completing the squid’s quest will incorrectly mark the rhythm game quest as completed instead. Sorry about that! :( For now, you can avoid the glitch by completing the rhythm game quest first, if you still want to play. We’ll upload a fixed version after the jam is over.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

You're right, there's a small bug right now that causes you to always win the Rhythm Tappo fight regardless of your score. (It might be a blessing in disguise, since the fight is probably too hard as is.) We'll upload a fixed version after the jam's over.

Fun game and neat idea! Couldn't really understand the instructions but managed to figure out how it worked.

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Awesome game, super original idea, great puzzle design, and relaxing music! One of my favorites so far!

(my one wish is to see where the exit will spawn though, it would help a lot with planning)

Great game! Everything was snappy and fun and the platforming felt great. Feels like you pushed such a simple concept to its absolute limit.

Love the art style! The slime getting big and ransacking everything was satisfying too :D

This game is super addicting! It really feels like playing footsies in other fighting games!

Awesome game, super impressive and polished for one made in 48 hours! Voice chat was hilarious and everything felt great!

Thank you, glad you liked it!

There are four shrines in (roughly) the four corners of the map. In addition, there are four shrines fairly close to where you start: east, north, northwest (by the lake), and southwest (by the village) from the cat statue.