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awesome game!! having to baby the flow bar is super clever and adds a nice dash of strategy

great game!

solution to lv9:

route the input to an output that's farther away

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(that's intentional! -- you're supposed to think you lost since it's impossibly hard, but then you win)

Nothing, unfortunately :( We had some more dialogue ideas but ran out of time.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

This game is super cute :) Perfectly captures the mundanity of a day full of errands

That's the end of the game unfortunately!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing and for the comments! We'll try to fix up the hitboxes after the jam. You can actually exit the camera view by pressing ESCAPE (though it's not communicated anywhere and it's not reasonable to expect players to know that). And yes, we use a database to store people's comments -- specifically SQLite.

The game feels great, legitimately feels like a dungeon that could appear in Zelda or something. I loved seeing what each different animal did, and I loved all the little animations on each one.

At first, I wished that the game was less harsh when you died -- but I played one more time, and I found that it actually added to the Game Boy-ish old-school hard feel of the game. I found myself taking the controls more seriously and playing more carefully.

Amazing game! The concept didn't immediately pull me in as much as Edna did, but it had a surprising amount of depth and the mechanics you chose to explore were really well chosen and made for some great levels. The puzzle design was excellent, as usual. Might be nice if there was an "undo" button, but the level design often allows you to undo your mistake anyway, and I figure this would be something you would definitely add with more time.

It's also one of the most complete and polished packages I've seen! Everything from smoke particles to dynamic block expressions makes the game feel like a finished, professional product. It's unreal how good the music and sound design is, easily professional-level IMO, and perfect for the game. It seems like a perfect fit for a mobile game if you ever wanted to go that route.

Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. This comment made our day :)

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Thanks for the kind words and thanks for playing!

You're right -- there isn't much of a gameplay point to posting to Doodlebug. We do hope that players will use it as a way to track down the last bug or two (looking at others' posts for hints), or maybe as a quick break from hunting -- but we can't predict what players will use it for, so we didn't want to lean too hard into that because every player will have a different experience. Those ideas you mentioned are great though, and using Doodlebug more for gameplay is definitely something we talked about, and we'd probably have given it a go with another 24 hours.

This game was super fun! The "reveal" that you were going to be making words was a great moment -- I almost couldn't believe it at first -- and I liked how the difficulty smoothly escalated by having to make parts of speech that you know less and less of. Cute dialog and art style, and made me laugh. Awesome work, incredibly original and tight :)

Love the concept, love the mechanics, loved exploring the underworld and finding new obstacles on my way to drop off the souls. At first I thought the soul was super annoying, and I had to stop and focus on dodging every once in a while, but as I got used to the warning sound, I was able to dodge it more and more easily and it ended up being hardly an impediment at all.  Gameplay depth!

The art and dialogue is really cute and fits the theming well. The  "fly back to the start" effect is so speedy and satisfying. I'm so glad it wasn't just a teleport even though that would've been much easier. Great game, probably my favorite thing I've played so far!

This game is a blast -- awesome job! The mechanics seemed weird at first, but I quickly got used to them and they paid off -- the puzzle design was excellent and made great use of the mechanics. Each level made me feel really smart. Nice take on the theme too, it's neat seeing a kind of "join" that isn't quite as literal.

Awesome job!

Make sure you have hardware acceleration turned on in your browser too! (

Great score! Unfortunately there's nothing else for now -- we didn't have much spare time, and wanted to focus on making people's jam experience (the first 5 minutes) as good as we could! Maybe someday we'll continue the story though 😃

The dinosaur is too precious for this world ;-; Love the facial expressions and the way his tail swings around and destroys stuff despite your best efforts. The modeling and colors are really nice too.

Being careful not to destroy things (especially with the interesting tail physics) is a really interesting and original idea! Awesome work!

This is amazing!! Thank you so much, I love it!

Difficult game, but very satisfying once you figure it out. Had to start over a couple of times (cause I didn't know what the levers did -- might be good to have more instruction on that) but got the hang of it soon. Really nails the theme, I just couldn't deal with everything at the end, especially when the Ziggy machine broke! Got to 30 seconds left on the clock and passed out from oxygen deprivation.

Superb presentation, definitely the best I've seen this jam. Love the voice acting, love the sound, love the blobby Ziggies, love the attention to detail -- I couldn't believe there were three or four distinct lines for status and death reports. Loved the escape pod for my inner OCD. I honestly can't believe this was made in 48 hours, it's really, really polished. Awesome job!

Really creative idea, one of the best games with this concept I’ve seen! Super original, and great artwork and sound too. Great work!

This game is hilarious! The bird's horrified expression when I (mistakenly) entered that I loved murdering people made me laugh out loud

Thanks for playing and for the thoughtful feedback on stream!

Neat multitasking game! The "record a pattern for another player" feature is complete brilliance, I got one or two pretty crazy ones!

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This is probably the most polished game I've seen in the jam so far -- everything oozed with detail and felt amazing, from player movement to the animated background to the level transitions. Everything flowed smoothly. Nothing wasted my time, which I appreciate a lot.

The 'glide' mechanic is a brilliant way to give the player a little something to think about,  but not really enough to feel "in control". Clever choice of mechanics too -- timers were kinda overwhelming at first, but I got used to them and they ended up reinforcing the theme well. The level design was excellent and pushed the mechanics to their limits, then the game ended at just the right time. I had a lot of trouble with the last few.

 One of my favorites so far. Incredible work for just 48 hours, props!

Absolutely incredible game, really distills and captures the feeling of hacking in the way that the best Zachtronics scenarios do. The no-handholding approach seemed intimidating at first (I didn't figure out how to line break for a while) but I got the hang of it and think it was more satisfying as a result.

Major props. I really hope to see more levels, it feels like I was just getting started and then it ended!

This is an amazing idea, perfect for the theme! It captured the same kind of feeling of watching a good Let's Play. I feel like you could make a really cool drinking / gambling game out of this kinda thing :D

Really love the doodle effect too -- I didn't expect it to be a shader, that's clever!

This game is so much fun, I love the twist on the TD genre. Awesome job, will definitely come back to this one :)

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Fun game, feels really good to play and has some depth too! I managed to score 112 points :D

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Thank you! Sorry about the sound, I've reduced the volume!

Thanks! This is great! :D

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Would love fan art, but only if you're still feeling up for it! -- no worries if you want to skip me

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Once you beat the three arcade games, did you also beat each Arcade King at their game? If so, examine the lock in the corner afterwards to see the ending.

There’s a bug in the game right now that occasionally causes a softlock, which you might have run into. Sorry about that :( You can avoid the softlock with these two steps:

- Beat the Rhythm King (blue slug) before the Sorting King (octopus in cup)

- Don’t talk to the Sorting King after beating him

Sorry again — we didn’t really have enough time to polish that part enough. Thanks for playing our game though! :)

Everything's great! Loved the music in particular, a lot of great tunes! Just the right amount of content in the game too, really impressive for just one person (though I wouldn't have minded seeing some more of the roller skates :P).

Great game with a well-executed idea! I've seen a couple other "tower defense, but with one tower" idea and I like this one the best because it really leans hard into what's cool about tower defenses (comboing tower types, juggling lots of threats at once, things that bend the rules, etc.) I felt the first few levels worked great as teaching tools, I played 3-4 levels then restarted and got to level 12. Assuming level 12 is the last, that's a perfect length.

Someone else mentioned this but I felt kinda cheated on the last level because taking out the mortar enemy had no effect other than wasting my time. Might be just better to make him invincible to better communicate that you should focus on the actual laning units. Still, mortars were my favorite part of the game because they forced me to micro and made me feel cool for dodging their attacks.

As an incredibly small pedantic ask, I feel like it would be nice for the tower to fire immediately upon being built rather than having a delay, which would reward the player for being able to switch quickly.

There's a ton more potential here (the game is already great!), would love to see this expanded on with more levels, upgrades, tower types, etc.

Great puzzle game! The random spawns of the enemies are a really smart choice, as otherwise you could do some really exploitative things to get virtually infinite score. It feels great, there's a lot of strategy and it feels really rewarding to look ahead several steps and have your plan work out. One thing I didn't like at first was the idea of "parity": for example, if a ghost is 2 squares away from you, then there isn't a good way to kill them. But after a couple tries I figured out how to deal with that by placing "throwaway" blocks and running into the blocks I had just created and the parity became a really interesting obstacle to deal with.

One missing thing I'd personally like to see is the means to "go infinite", since currently walls trap you in more and more and you'll always eventually lose. Since it's a turn-based puzzle game, I'd also consider including an "undo" feature in case players mistype something.

The sound is way too loud (and scared me) when the candle enemy killed me, though, so would be nice to turn that down.

These are small complaints though and this is awesome work, esp. for high school students! In terms of design, this is probably in the top 10% of games I've played.

this game is hilarious.

my one complaint is that there's an audio spike when the song for the final battle loops...but maybe it's part of the Atmosphere...

best wishes to poor thomas