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No Worries! and thanks for the reply


I'm not too familiar with  using itch's community feature but I love this app so I just had to know.

Any plans to use a "gregorian chant" styled soundfont? or at least a "voice" soundfont that changes syllables based on which key it's in?

yoo. directly from the dev. Nice and thanks!

Been enjoying the tool so far ^ _ ^

Hiya, hope this is the right place to ask this but I bought this during the summer sale and am now learning the ins and outs.

I was hoping to find some examples of other people's tracks using the choir and strings instruments but I'm not having some luck.

If you have some tracks that make heavy/good use of either one of those 2 types of instruments please leave them down below to help me get some inspiration, thanks! : D

Oh, wow. Thank you! That honestly means a lot.

Just $18 away from the first goal being reached. The interior asset pack should come soon after that ^ _ ^

yes, that does help alleviate my worries a lot. Thanks a lot leafo!

It says I am subject to treaty benefits when I fill up the form, yet on my account settings it still says this.


Updated with new sprites to coincide with Halloween sale!

Thank you for the suggestion, I will try to get some good screenshots out by the 31st first.

Also, I just realized you are the one behind the absolutely gorgeous-looking tileset packs with the peach-haired girl mascot. 

I love your work. So an extra thank you for taking the time to comment on mine ^ _ ^

Thank you very much! 

and I do have a few screenshots but they were made while I was still making the tileset so I'm not sure if they are the best indicator, but here you go:

Hello, hello!

I've been working on my own games for quite while but right now, I just released my first ever game asset pack for top-down RPGs or action-adventure games.

And in order to celebrate the release, I am giving a discount for the first 2 days.

So, please do consider checking it out if you're looking for some extra sprites to add to your library. The assets should be compatible with any other 16x16, 32x32 or 48x48 sprites and with just about every engine.

I hope you find this pack useful and feel free to make suggestions on what you might want to see in the future, if this is successful I will eventually make an asset pack containing all of the most requested sprites!

Congrats everyone!

Great to hear.

I've been thinking about it, and yep this is definitely my personal most favorite in this jam.

Ah, good luck to you then! Always good to have more passionate game devs in the industry ^ _ ^

I absolutely loooooooove the particle effects.

There once was a llama fairy

in a world that was so scary

he went to space

to return to his race

I hope you enjoyed what I wrote

because your game gets my vote

This game has sooo much depth for a jam game, my most favorite one so far!

As a small note though, if you plan to edit it in anyway I'd add a warning if I want to return to the homescreen when pressing "esc". I accidentally pressed it once thinking it would pause the game and my heart sank at the progress lost : P

Haha, I couldn't tell which direction I had to take without looking at the other cars. I love the car designs and lighting btw!

Really like the aesthetics here. And the decision to make the rooms rotatable is certainly interesting, I haven't seen top-down games do that before!

Though the premise didn't really interest me at first, that was clearly a mistake because your game's production values are off the charts for a jam game!

Veeeeery impressive from a technical standpoint and I feel it's almost therapeutical.

I also really like how you can select the quality of the visuals. I enjoy playing it lowered, since it gives the game that sort of retro neon style.

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Despite you claiming it's an unfinished prototype I had my fun with it.

I always wanted to see what a reimagining of those old-school snes/gba-era racing games would look like so I'd love to see where this goes!

I'm glad you think so ^ _ ^

I wanted people to like their little robot in the game's small playtime, hence the character creator.

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Thank you very much! ^ _ ^

Indeed, for this game, the walk cycle was decidedly kept slow. Though I am starting work on a more action-oriented game, so the walk speed is definitely something to keep in mind.

As for when I started making games. Hmm, I messed around with rpg maker as early as in 2012. After 2016 I got GMS 1 and started trying to make my own assets and program my own games more seriously. As someone who's self-taught through mediums like youtube, I'd say I'm still learning everyday though and this was my first time using gms 2 ^ _ ^

And yes! I did make the concept and game assets by myself. Though there are a few public domain sound effects in the game and the colors are adapted from mortmort's pixel pallet. Everything else I made myself.

haha, I guess I should've mentioned the battery somewhere.

So much polish on this one. The game feel is just peeeeerfect.

The gimmick certainly adds more depth to an already well-made platformer.

As a side note, my younger brother is really good at your game.

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heeeeeeeeeecc ya. can never have too many fun bullet hells!

5s all around

A fun, short, effective tower defense. Good job ^ _ ^

Ahhhh, now this gets the whole "neon future" aesthetic just right!

Ah, I think it's very fitting that the most rated game for a jam about neon, is the one that celebrates is history in a fun way. I love the sprite work as well, btw. ^ _ ^

From the games that I've played so far. This one definitely my favorite on the fun factor. This is especially thanks to the wonderfully animated enemies and main character.

Thank you very much! The robot was the first thing I made for the jam so I'm glad you like it.

The production quality in this as a jam game is insane. I love how you have to make your own lighting for the sake of navigation. Congrats on making this!

Ah, I remember the first time I joined a jam I tried making a side-scroller as well. It did not go very well so I can totally respect the effort put in here.

thank you!

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Wow, thanks a lot. I honestly should have mentioned that one puzzle is supposed to be a difficult challenge as a test of all of the puzzles before honestly, along with making it a bit more lenient.

Well, good luck with your gamedev endeavors as well! ^ _ ^


The production quality in this is insane for a jam game, even down to the neon 80s-esque post-processing.

I think the game deserves celebrating just for the ambition alone. I would love to see the game be fleshed out after the jam ^ _ ^

One time I got lucky and just got a bunch of rocket launcher upgrade. The sheer sense of power : D