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Well my game had a lot of bugs that I knew were there but couldn't fix because of time constraints, so I understand your reasoning completely.

Still a pretty cool game by all means.

I like how you used A link between world's idea and made an entire game out of it.

A bit of indication would have been nice though, like sound effects for when you kill enemies or get gems. Also I found a small glitch where the main character gets stuck in his diving animation.

You seem to have a positive outlook on my game. So thanks a lot ! I actually wanted to have more puzzles where you use the clones as platforms but unfortunately because of the wonky controls I had to skip that. In any case, consider following my account for news on full version.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I'm actually trying to fix a lot of the problems you mentioned like the jump and how stretched the game looks for a full release. You didn't mention the main menu screens selection icon being a few pixels off. I wanted to fix that and the jump before the jam release but oh well. If you're interested in the full version of the game please consider following me for updates. And again thanks a lot you're my first commenter.