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I seem to be having trouble finding it. When I go to the earslap page. It just says you need flash player but not exactly how I'm supposed to turn it on.

oh ok, I'll test it out and see now. Thanks for that info

The music so good. Like whoa dude.

Also the MC was inspired by cloud strife wasn't he ?

Really neat visuals. Interesting take on the theme too.

I'm guessing the game is zoomed in so much to make you feel further sandwiched.

Hi, what kind of sound glitches did you encounter ? And what do you mean by endless ?

Also thank you for trying out my game

Great visuals and sfx. 5/5

Visuals and music is neat. And so's the story.

Overall good fun

Aggroing all of the enemies together and then bashing them all is one of the most satisfying things ever.

The hit sound is a bit loud though. Minor issue.

An interesting take on a classic game.

I also really like the visuals.

I really like the color choice for your game.

I actually made code words for each of the toppings to remember the sequence it was fun XD

Someone who had the same basic idea yay~

I really enjoyed yours though. And you definitely win in the gameboy sound department

The monocromatic visuals really give the game an eerie atmosphere. Almost reminds of Limbo a bit if that makes. In any case, good going.

Also I remember you from gmtk jam 2017

Amazing what you did with the rgb pallet. Really nice overall gamefeel.

Also if you add a turn counter I think that'll give people the incentive to pull of some crazy moves.

This was really fun. Actually made me want to play more after all the levels were done

I just face dived into every sammich that appeared. (Do black holes have faces though ?)

Also kudos for the music. Really encapsulates the feeling of the vastness of space quite well

Really nice concept. Kinda reminds me the world ends with you believe it or not.

Also regarding Otomata, is it ios only ?

For whatever reason the title screen of the game was giving me The House of The Dead kinda vibes.

Evil zombie gramaaassss

Winner winner sandwich dinner ?

thanks a lot mate

Thas not a regular dog, thas a hot dog

Finally gotten around to rating your game and honestly the amount of details you managed to into the game in such a short time is pretty amazing

screen shake needs to be toned down a bit.

Other than that nice game

Thanks a lot for trying it out.

The idea for the main story is to try it out multiple times like how nintendo hard side-scrollers used to work. You're not expected to beat the final boss at your first try since how many fireballs you have for the final boss depends on how many hearts you manage to not lose in each level.

Those are some tight controls dude. Also great on visuals.

Dude I love the voice acting that you decided to do.

Also found a way to cheese the game, m'bad XD

the aesthetics, music and visuals are really nice.

Too bad I'm so bad at it I can't finish the tutorial though XD

My interior decorator warned me about this

My experience with the game

-aight this seems simple enough

-wait what how does this even work

-ahah so that's how the jump works I can beat this game now

-wait huh isn't this line of jump kinda ...hard

-tries again and again until screen breaks

-You've one this time game but I'll be back

so ya, great game. 5/5 on fun factor

Now I know butterfly FACTS

omg Adam Coster noticed me. Well thanks a lot~

It's more of a problem became a mechanic kinda situation. I didn't decide on how much I wanted to scale up the game so I didn't draw it as a UI and realized it became a nice indication for the level ending

Well you can't dodge bullets. You burn the bullets down. You just hold the left mouse button and when the icon changes on the witch to shoot the fireball.

Also thanks for trying it out. Cheers~

Your game wins at aesthetics so far. Add some more game feel and consider releasing it on phone and I can see people spending a lot of time on it.

Well my game had a lot of bugs that I knew were there but couldn't fix because of time constraints, so I understand your reasoning completely.

Still a pretty cool game by all means.

I like how you used A link between world's idea and made an entire game out of it.

A bit of indication would have been nice though, like sound effects for when you kill enemies or get gems. Also I found a small glitch where the main character gets stuck in his diving animation.

You seem to have a positive outlook on my game. So thanks a lot ! I actually wanted to have more puzzles where you use the clones as platforms but unfortunately because of the wonky controls I had to skip that. In any case, consider following my account for news on full version.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I'm actually trying to fix a lot of the problems you mentioned like the jump and how stretched the game looks for a full release. You didn't mention the main menu screens selection icon being a few pixels off. I wanted to fix that and the jump before the jam release but oh well. If you're interested in the full version of the game please consider following me for updates. And again thanks a lot you're my first commenter.