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Oh, neat! It's cool that you're continuing development


With some polish this could be something really neat!

Aha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And indeed I spent a lot of the last moments on game feel so I'm also glad you noticed that.

Thanks and to you too!

A really fun stealth game. The explosion noise is a really nice touch.

Very polished top down shooter, And the difficulty settings are funny too. I'm not too fond of the wall hugging mechanic though.

The amount of detail in this game is immediately noticeable. Your team even managed to have the time to do little things like have voice acting and character sliders. That's so cool!

Aha, the premise itself makes for interesting puzzles. With some animations to take it up a notch this can definitely be a full fun experience.

The production value in this one is so high. It almost makes me feel nostalgic in a way. I really like this one.

I was curious as to why this game was the most rated and most popular throughout the jam for a while now. Now that I've tried it out I can finally see why. My younger brother is way better at it than I am though.

Simple yet addictive! Very nice

I really like the artstyle and general vibe. The red on black/white really gives it it's own distinct look along with all the post-processing stuff. But I think this game could be amazing without the out of control functions, if you decide to work on this further I think you can make something really cool with a bit of polish.

I love the visuals and the concept is super nice too. 5s all around for this one!

Ah yes, I did initially intend to do that. But ultimate decided that the players health and which buttons they're on need to be very quickly and easily readable. Will definitely keep this in mind though, thank you!

Aww, thanks a lot! I really do appreciate it. I never noticed an issue with the sound before that's definitely something I need to check out. Also, I have seen some great games really making use of the 1 bit aesthetic. But sure if you want to share some examples I'd be happy to learn from them > w <

Godzilla was just trying to go home all along! I think you deserve props for the emotional range on the monster alone. Really cool.

haha. So you're literally backseat gaming. this is smart. really enjoyed playing this one 

The physics is good which is the most important part of this type of game! I like the use of GB colors too. But just as a suggestion, maybe make it so that you win just by hitting the other platform? Otherwise the difficulty is a bit too high.

Really dig the artstyle. Also I like the focus is on carefully planning your barricade!

Certainly a much more relaxing experience. With some nice chill music this could become a meditative experience!

Really smart game btw. Can't emphasize that enough > w <

Haha. There aren't that many levels actually

You need to be on the browser for that to work. But I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!

The voices are great! Honestly, with some customization and a quest/progression based structure this could be a full fun game.

Definitely the most unique take on the theme so far and super fun and frantic too! Small note though: The game doesn't seem to work if you lose and then restart without closing the entire game and turning it on again.

Ah, with the theme "out of control" you wouldn't expect a super chill game. This is a nice change of pace and you went for 2 jams at the same time too. Good job!

Ah, having shmup mechanics along with tower defence does give greater insentive to participate in the game more! That's interesting.

I have never tried pico8 extensively myself, but this like super impressive. You have essentially made a full game with deep gameplay in a span of 2 day O . O

The controls definitely require some conscious thought if I don't wanna crash headfirst into those nice looking pixel-art buildings. In a word, I'd say this game is "Juicy" > w <

oh ya. I knew that exploit existed. It was indeed left there intentionally

Hmm I'm not actually sure if I have. Also great idea for the trailer X w X

Ooh this was very interesting. A small gripe would be that the screen doesn't fit in my monitor. But it has nothing to do with the monitor and can be fixed with good ol' ctrl+mouse wheel up. Just something to keep in mind for accessibility > w O

But anyways. Good job!

Wow. This is like a combination of solid concept with flawless execution. Great job, I can't really find any good feedback to give. You can only go up from here > w <

10/10 Goose noises. Would goose again.

As a small note though, you can kind of jump infinitely and leave the screen.

The screenshots really don't do the game justice. It looks nice and is fun to play! A little gripe would be that the stess mechanic is a little too forgiving. But otherwise really cool stuff!

Ah I was thinking it had to be that : D

Ah, to survive an entire asteroid field with both weapons and shields turned off because I didn't figure out how to turn them back on, only to be defeated for being unromantic. Such is life XD. Very cool and polished game btw, all it's lacking is a tutorial.

Haha! I really like how you're handling your bugs in the jam version. Also really cool that the puzzles have a bit of physics element to it. Overall really fun. But one thing though, I didn't see you mention this bug, so if your robot goes under a platform and you push the platform down on it the robot actually disappears.

The dialog in the start of the game was really smart. Haha. There's a nice risk reward system to it since sometimes placing an item means the dude is going to go directly under enemy fire.