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First, this event is programmed on player touch.

Overall nice first game. Some tips I would give is: remember horror game isn't about the monster-catching you. It is about those close calls. The other advice is with your items and such you need some signposting. Such as sparkle effect if it is interactable or some mention on what specifically are you looking for. A few key components I had to be very lucky to just come across. Like the entrance that used the void key.

Again, it is a very good first game

Unsure how come you couldn't play in Chrome. But thank you for liking the puzzles :)

Sorry, it took me so long to rate your game. But still so good!

Thank you

This is a place to report bugs and features for me to look into how to fix them.

SirL_Math community · Created a new topic FAQ

This is a place to read up on any commonly asked questions.

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This is open area to leave comments

This is open area to leave comments

This is a place to read up on any commonly asked questions.

This is a place to report bugs and features for me to look into how to fix them.

Awesome! Glad to hear

Strange. I will definitely look into that once the jam period is don

Sadly currently in Jam. Did you try to play it on the browser or through the itch application

It does in turn have a limit to how many pushes on the brown box you can do per level.  I want to say it is 8 pushes without a coin before the box breaks in turn the curse killing you.

Oh yeah, I had a playground level and basically it was like what happens when I push this box into that object... oh that was unexpected. How do I make that a puzzle and then limit the scope so that is the only answer to the level.

Thank you. Yeah, there were a few more mechanics I wanted to get in, but couldn't get them working consistently. 

Sorry for the feeling of off-theme. But I am glad you enjoyed it!

This is a place to report bugs and features for me to look into how to fix them.

This is a place to read up on any commonly asked questions.

This is open area to leave comments

Yeah this latest iteration was focusing on the learning curve. Hopefully we can fine tune it, the issue is due to the lack of control without battles it hard to slow the pace down. If you have any suggest I would love to hear them.

That good, I honestly got really scared that there was a bug

Yeah, I cannot reproduce it so if you show me the console it might help me understand what script is breaking. 

I know you most likely are board of my game but could you post a screenshot after your attempt at open the menu including the console, which you can open by pressing F12 when the webpage is focused.

Well, if you want to continue. I would love to play it again.

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Strange... What system were you playing on?

Very polished! I honestly could see paying money for this in a humble bundle! Great Job! 

Really nice implementation of the concept. I think the only thing that would've been nice to explain better is that your moves are reverse. If you plan to expand this further, it would be really cool to have a move log and when you enter the the reverse portals it flips the arrows on the move log.

I cannot get past jumping tutorial. I end up about halfway over the edge and then fall back down. A game design tip, is if the player should be able to do something like push a bolder or jump over something, make it where they are more likely to do it by accident than pixel perfect. I could just be having issues... but from my perspective it seems like it is relatively impossible.

Also, another bug that might not been mentioned. At least on my machine and keyboard the space bar didn't work so I had to use the Z key.

I love the change from other record than move by having you record by actual time and not by frames. There are a few issues as highlighted in other comments, but if cleaned up I could see this being a nice twist to those games.

I see a high amount of potential. I love the concept. The only issue I found is it would be nice if you used a mouse and click for aiming as it hard to align the ball at the end to shoot straight, at least for me. And I guess you gain points by wrapping completely around?

So to move your characters you use the menu -> Use Morale -> Character -> Movement.
Could you open the menu prior to the first battle?

You move within the menu or move your character only through the menu?

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