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Putting in your own numbers is kinda broken haha. Even though I've never played DnD I appreciate someone trying to make a game similar to it. Keep going with it!

Genuinely one of my favorite games I have played this jam. Love how the SFX are in key with the music. Nice looking pixel art. Level 3 was very difficult. Could totally see this being fleshed out into a full puzzle game.

I see the makings on an interesting platformer here! didn't hear any music but I'll assume that was on my end. Good job!

I found each dice's face very cute. The abilities were a bit hard to keep track of, but I still found it a fun concept!

I genuinely love the silly art in this game. Didn't really understand the dice element until I read the description. Nice platformer!

dude same 😭

Instructions unclear... I don't wanna talk about it.

Jokes aside the art + aesthetic is really nice!!!!

Great work! Nice to see another Celeste homie. The animations are great and I think the physics feel good. Tying dash to a different button (player choice whether to use space or a different button) and adding a visual indicator I think would be nice changes. Great job! Really enjoyed this one.

Really interesting and challenging as well. Love puzzle game game where you have to think :) Although, right now it kinda hard to count tiles to plan out your next moves. Maybe check out our game to see how we did with the tiles ;)  But this definitely have potential, mostly need some ui fixes to better indicate things. Overall, a solid game. Great job with your first jam!

Oh wow, this is actually really cool. Love the retro, 8bit styles of the game. Really good use of the limitation, using coins as your life and weapons. At the moment, there is probably a way to gain more coin, but it not very apparent right now, so I have to be very conservatively with spamming coin :( Although, I think this really have potential, maybe consider for a mobile port :D

Nice take on the spin ball game :D Love the heavenly aesthetic! I really enjoyed playing the game. Although, the game definitely need more obstacles or some other mechanic to spice it up. I keep playing on forever and realized that it was really easy to cheese the game and never die. I got up to 5000+ but has to quit :'( . However, this was definitely still a great experience overall. Good job!

Really cute little game you have here! The concept is simple and straight to the point. But it did take me a bit to understand that you suppose to time and catch the arrow, and not just hold down your button :D

Thanks for playing!

Pro Tip: if you put a sun tile and an ice tile with one space between them you might gain a bit more control of Chad 🙂

It takes a true Chad to realize the complexity 😎

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing! We actually had some bugs on release and not all the tiles had effects :) We've updated our game now to be a more complete experience if you'd like to give it another try. Thanks for playing! We'll be sure to tell our composer everyone loved his OST :D

Thanks for your feedback! We took it to heart and updated our UI (per GameJam rules of course). To be completely honest, there were some bugs upon the initial submission that made tiles not really having effects :) We've fixed up everything now and the experience is much more complete if you'd like to give another try. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for your feedback and for playing! We took your advice, actually (per GameJam rules), and put the ability to place tiles while the game is paused. We've updated a lot more tile effects / interactions and would love for you to give another try to see how it feels. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing! We've actually updated the game quite a bit (per GameJam rules) so that there is more functionality with the other tile types. We'd love for you to play again for a more complete experience!

Hmm, thanks for looking out, but I think this is legit. I've scanned my entire computer with both Windows Defender and Malwarebytes (including a rootkit scan). This dev has also published other games before, seems very unlikely that this would be a virus. I think you got a false positive or something else gave you the virus. Again, appreciate you looking out though, I do think this is legit however.

Super retro which I love. Fantastic art and it's addicting to cut plants. Well done!

Aw man, I really wish the game wouldn't rebind the keys to F1-F12. It basically a death sentence for me because i couldn't control the player with those keys :(  I was also praying that Alt + F4 as a combination, that would have been hilarious. Otherwise the platforming actually felt fine for me. I actually really like the aesthetic, plus the character is cute! There are also some minor issues that other comments other mentioned, like the small fonts or weird UI on the screen. Other than that, I think this is a solid entry to the jam. Enjoyed my time playing it. Great job!

Wow, honestly hard to believe it's even a game jam game, that is some incredible polish. All the art was beautiful and the world really felt alive. The premise was super creative and everything just felt like it was executed perfectly. The game is a bit hard but it had me trying over and over again since it was a ton of fun. I love the model for the monster and honestly really sympathize with him. Awesome work!!

From hopeful to anxious, down to depressing. This game present you with a story from parents' perspective trying to save their kid from being slaughter by the ocean of sharks. While it didn't have much gameplay, I still enjoyed(probably wrong use of word here lol) the experience this game presented. The aesthetic and musics of this game are awesome. It really did create the feeling of deep ocean. Overall, this is a short but solid entry to the jam. I'm glad I played it. Great job! 

Great job! That one jump in the 3rd level drove me nuts lmao, hard game. The icons for the different actions were really good, made it clear what buttons did what. Well put together, good job!

Such an underrated game with a simple yet fantastic puzzles game play. I enjoyed this game very much. The simple mechanic + puzzles are also great as a tool to introduce kids into CS/Game Dev. And also, did I mention this game also have very cute arts too!  Overall, I really enjoy my time with this game. A solid entry, with great potential!

Good job! Very unique premise and some of your levels were super neat. Well designed game!

Level design was nice! Did a great job with the checkpoints and keeping the level moving all the time. Never felt frustrated when dying, just wanted to approach it again. Great job!

Aw man, Unity physic is so wacky sometime, it made this game incredibly fun to play. The art is very cute and charming. The musics were great too. It gave the game so much personality. One speed run strat I found was at the gravity section where I could just smack the character to the end with the platform, instead of use the platform to protect the character. 

While i know the wacky physic is what added to the charm of this game, there were few bugs i found during my play that broke the game, and had to restarted a few time :(  However,  this is a 48hrs jam, bugs are bound to happen. 

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. Definitely one of my favorite so far. Great job!

Really fun game, your powers are incredibly inventive. They all felt super unique and kept me coming back to the game. Really liked the blood splatters on the ground too. Great job!

Really great concept and I had a lot of fun with it! The zoom at the end is perfect. Great job!

Yooooo I love this game. I think this is the best polish I've seen. Game juice is absolutely nuts. The dash and slowmo are sooo cool. Great job! Had a ton of fun with this one.

Simple concept but it was fun to play. Drifting through space was a very calm experience until those asteroids appear and screw thing up. The maneuvering in this game is wild. Definitely out of control! I managed to get up to 120k points, but it was too hard to get anything above it :( 

Overall, it a well executed game. Great job on the jam! 

That was incredibly polished! Really liked the premise and it felt like a complete game. The animations were really nice as were the sounds and general ambiance. I liked being able to break through glass with the sneeze, super creative! Music changing while you're caught is also excellent. You can tell that you guys have a lot of experience with this, great job! 😀

Simple mechanic, but honestly that's all you need for a great game! Good level design with a lot of varieties. I wish there were a bit more juice to the game like some sfx and particle effect. Overall, this is a solid entry and fun to play. Great job!

Good job! The presentation is really cool, the vibe and aesthetic is very nice. Music was very fitting and contributed to the vibe as well. Overall very polished and I had a lot of fun with it. Great work!

That was a lot of fun! The concept is great and I liked a lot of the modifiers. The painting looked really good! Great job 😀

Wow, I enjoyed playing this game a lot. Very relaxing and innovative! The music and the aesthetic made for a calming experience. I haven't seen a lot of game about tree related, but this game definitely risen above all. The only gripe I have is that the tree didn't match with the drawing sometime and I still past; minor issue. Other than that, this is a solid entry and deserved a high rating. Great job!

I really enjoyed that! The player feels really good to control, gravity is really nice in this game and I felt like I had good control at all times. Never felt unfair and the level design is very good 😀

I dig the momentum concept, really cool stuff. It's fun and challenging just pressing one way and then letting yourself glide. I thought the shooting was really interesting too because I had to balance between which direction I wanted to go and which direction I wanted to shoot, and doing both at the same time was hard since pressing a direction to shoot influences your movement. Good job!